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NO gimmick, NO hassle and NOTHING to lose!

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Hello, I am florence Ki!

A C-level Executive turned Digital Marketer who produces hundreds of analysis driven product review articles every year. I understand how hard it's to make the right choices when building your online business. That's why I review digital marketing tools, online training programs, and various affiliate marketing opportunities, to assist you make well-informed decisions. This blog is meant for people who want to start a small business online or businesses looking for marketing tips to continuously grow. Apart from managing this blog, I am also a brand strategist who provides branding and marketing consultancy to small businesses in Malaysia. 

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There's absolutely no doubt that Florence is one experienced marketer to work with. She never hesitates to share. Always willing to elaborate all details to meet our marketing needs. I would say she's one awesome marketer every business must have!
I was truly amazed with the bold move made by Florence to quit her high paying job. That's the reason why I decided to follow through her recommendations to learn how to earn money online. Although I haven't really got into any affiliate business, but I've managed to build my aesthetic business site with her guidance. This has saved me from spending thousand of dollars to engage a web designer. Now, I can even create websites for small businesses to earn additional income. If you want to learn online marketing, follow her recommendations and you'll never go wrong.
Initially when I first came across her blog, I was quite sceptical on why a COO who earns a big paycheck would want to quit her job. But now, I can fully embrace the freedom she's enjoying. Florence has make me realise the importance of having an online income. Thanks Flo. You're truly an AWESOME coach!
Florence is a very experienced product reviewer. I've learned so much from her on how to write an analysis-driven product review. My writing has improved with more clients seeking my service. My next plan is to start an affiliate blog. Seriously, if there's anyone thinking to start an online business, Florence is the most ideal coach.
Florence gives me a lot of ideas on how I can run an online business. She also suggests some great tools to build a WordPress site so I don't have to spend too much time researching. Unlike other online marketers, Florence never boasts of achieving quick success. That's why I decided to join her program. A very genuine and the most generous mentor I've ever met!
Learn My Relaxing Way To Start An Online Business
NO gimmick, NO hassle and NOTHING to lose!
Learn My Relaxing Way To Start An Online Business
a lady in black holding a white coffee cup sitting at a outdoor cafe
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