3 Time-Wasting Habits That Make Most Bloggers Fail

There are more than 150 million blogs found on the Internet but sad to say, most have less than 1,000 monthly blog visitors and struggling to grow.

This creates impatience among bloggers who want to earn money by promoting affiliate products on their blog. Therefore most will quit before achieving their desired results – creating the myth of “Blogging is a Failed Business Model”.

Many bloggers think that ….

  • writing out great articles is the only factor to stimulate sales conversion;
  • ranked #1 on SERP (search engine result page) is as easy as stuffing a few keywords ,
  • putting in hard work without results for months means failure and you should quit blogging.

If you too perceived as such, I would advise you NOT TO start blogging. You are not going to achieve anything this way.

Why would I say that?

Look, simply creating articles is not going to give you sales. In order to convert, you need much more than that.

You must know how to …

  • analyse behaviour of your blog visitors,
  • determine their need,
  • create valuable content or recommend suitable product that can solve their problem,
  • create highly compelling sales page,
  • and drive traffic to the pages so they could convert to become your customers.

That's a lot of work and definitely knowledge involved.

Driving traffic alone requires lots of knowledge and strategies because it's not about driving traffic to your blog, it is about driving the RIGHT traffic that converts!

And if you solely depend on getting free traffics to generate sales, this is not going to happen overnight. It can take months if you are doing it right or even years for some.

To have a quick fix, the only way is to pay for advertisement (here's how you can learn paid traffic), and that's provided you had the right strategy and technique to advertise your products.

Now, let's explore the real reasons on why most bloggers fail or should I say give up before achieving their desired results.

Why Bloggers Fail?

While most bloggers only managed to get a small fraction of monthly blog visitors, there are still some who get sufficient visitors and successfully grow their business.

Why is there such a difference?

And what makes some people succeed and so many failed?

The Psychology Factor

Most people start blogging with the mentality that “driving traffic and get sales” is simple and can be done within a few months or even instantly.

Yes, to certain extent this is true, provided you already have prior knowledge on how the online business works, otherwise for new bloggers this is almost impossible.

There are indeed many ways you could drive highly converting traffics to your blog. But do you know how to do this?

And to most new bloggers, the answer is definitely “no”.

The real world is never easy.

This is one real fact that new bloggers must be ready to accept and implant into their mind.

Starting a business blog is just like any brick and mortar businesses. Spending time and resources to grow the business is a must.

You must have heard many bloggers successfully earn sufficient income to quit their 9 to 5 jobs 10 years ago just by building a blog (here's how you can build one for free).

Yes, it does happen. And indeed true, getting ranked on Google was easy during those time. What you need to do is just to stuff many keywords onto your article and the next day your page is ranked!

That's how easy it was.

However, it is never the same now.

There is no such story of built and get your traffic anymore.

And this makes most bloggers who naively still believe it exists will quit 3 months after not seeing any result.

That's why most bloggers fail. Most are not prepared to face the challenges ahead.

It is all about the mindset.

Most bloggers really want to succeed but fail to realize that it needs much more than just creating a few content to see results.

Real work is a MUST. Strategy is INEVITABLE. Consistence determine SUCCESS.

So, here is a question for you:

  • Do you want to blog and earn money so you could quit your 9 to 5 job?
  • Are you spending time on pointless pursuit in finding the right way to blog, yet haven't started?
  • Or worse still, perhaps while you are reading this post, you are already half way wasted energy building your blog for months without results?

If your answer to these is YES, then whatever I am sharing below is important.

You must get your mindset ready if you want to earn money through blogging so you won't waste time doing unnecessary things – especially cultivating those habits that can fail any bloggers.

So, here you are : 3 time wasting habits all bloggers should try to avoid.

Time Wasting Habit #1: Produce Massive Content

I asked bloggers, ‘how do you allocate your time in doing blog?’ They replied me and said ‘generally, I spend about 90% of them on producing contents.’This makes NO sense to me!

Here’s the deal: producing more contents won’t gain you more readerships. The equation just don’t work this way.

Let’s say if you have 100 readers. The chances of these loving readers sharing your blog with their friends are very little. Perhaps only 1 to 2% of them will do that.

The percentage is so low and with that rate, the possibility of getting loyal reader will be relatively low too.

Going from 100 to 101 readers is not how you want to build your blog readerships. You want SIGNIFICANT impact right?

To create high impact readership, you have to go from 100 readers to 300 readers. Then, from 300 readers to 1,000 and so on. How do you do the twist?

The strategy is all about your skill to promote content you already have as the chances are, at least 10,000 other online readers in the world can benefit from your content.

“You don’t have to toll day in and out to create content. You just have to bring the content you already have… on the screen of more people.”

Time Wasting Habit #2: Promote Content With A Common Strategy

There are many bloggers whom I spoke to promote their contents by sharing on Twitter, Facebook and many other existing social media networks.

The strategy is “the more social media platforms you share with, the more traffic it will generate for your blog” and the more repeated sharing means more other readers will see the content.

Some bloggers even sometimes ask their friends to share it on their personal social media platform, too.

After I continuously ask them the same question, this is when they gave up answering about “sharing” on social media platforms. And this round they continue with ….

“Well, I don’t know what else to do. So I write more content.”

Are you familiar with this phrase? If yes, then you should continue reading.

Sharing content to your social media platforms is NOT comprehensive enough for your blog, and solely implementing this common strategy can be time-wasting.

You will never build successful blogs that fuel businesses solely by following this common strategy. You have to understand what a good strategy is, and how it works to benefit your readers.

Here’s the fact about blogging….

The fastest way to increase readerships is to persuade another blog with high traffic to send readers your way.

It is just so simple.

But, how? This shall lead you to the NEXT big habit you should get rid of.

Time Wasting Habit #3: Build a “Me Too” Blog

You can build a blog that makes other bloggers crave for your content and willing to send their readers your way.

However, the upsetting truth is, most blogs out there don’t warrant it.

In fact, most blogs are what I consider “me too” blogs. They write the same thing as everyone else does and there is no uniqueness at all.

This is all about human psychology. People just do not want to read the same old stuffs over and over again. They crave for something new, special, unique and those they have never read before.

Therefore, the time you spend on building a ‘me-too’ blog is really wasted.

The problem is, “How can you stand out among the 150 million blogs on the Internet?”

Here is the secret. You must be more specific with what your blogs aim at.

For example, instead of writing about beauty, write beauty articles for female, aged 45 and above who want to defy aging (here's step-by-step guide on how to start a beauty blog).

You might go on and think, “well, that surely will bring me relatively small audience.” Of course this is bound to happen, but nobody can stop you from expanding your niche.

You just need to expand from there once you are ready!

It might seems difficult at first. But, if you compare “I am a beauty expert” or “I show people how to look young at age 45”, which of these is more memorable? The latter, for sure.

And, the reality remains: if your blog often gets ignored you might want to find out whether you also have the “me too” blogging habit. Change it before it becomes too late.

Here’s what you need to do next…

Well, I have share with you 3 time wasting habits that make most bloggers fail and now it is time you decide on your goal and get some results fast.

If continuously not seeing any result, you will definitely feel demotivate and quit. I am sure you wouldn’t want this to happen right?

Well, remember when I said:

The fastest way to increase readerships is to persuade another blog with high traffic to send readers your way.

Start now!!! But how?

First you have to decide what blogs you would like to send you traffics. To do this, list a dream website that you’d want to get link from. You can type this into the comment box below.

Second list 3 other websites that you’d want to get a link from which can be some smaller sites that you think can enhance your brand image. Then, write these sites an email to request them to sent traffic to you.

Of course, you need to create a need in these websites and make them want your content.

You then can exchange your own content for their traffic. All these require your blog to be uniquely crafted so it is different from other blogs of your niche.

I hope you can find value in this article about “What Makes Most Bloggers Fail”. Do leave me a comment if you have any experience to share with us.

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