5 Cleverly Designed Email Marketing Campaign

Successful email marketing campaign

How Effective is Email Marketing Campaign 

I’ve been receiving many emails everyday and many hardly get my attention to open them which ended up in thrash. If you are reading this, I presume that you have been sending and receiving emails for years.

In fact email marketing has proven its effectiveness for many years. But why is the open rate decreasing over the years? In fact many marketers failed to update their marketing strategy and many still stick to the strategies since its inception.

To let you understand better on email marketing strategies, I’ve done some research to show you some 5 cleverly designed email marketing campaigns that may inspire your next campaign.

1. Harpoon Brewery

Sometimes, sending Happy Birthday wishes to your customers do not need to come with a birthday cake or a big “happy birthday” text. This gives the impression that your company is no different with others.

So what does every human being on earth wants in life? We want friends, isn’t it? Harpoon Brewery cleverly personalized birthday e-card to their clients by inserting the phrase “From Your Friends At Harpoon”. This timely email can make your clients feel like it’s coming from a friend rather than a supplier! And it definitely feel human.

Harpoon Brewery

2. Loft

Being attentive and aware of what bother your recipients is very important. This email from Loft shows that they understand your frustration in the mixed-value inbox. In order to only provide information that matters, Loft asks their recipients to update their info preferences in order to deliver a more personalized experience.


3. Zipcar

You really need to observe your site visitors behaviour. If your site visitors are abandoning the form (eg: without updating profile), shopping carts or landing pages, then it will be the time to send emails directing them back to the site. However, you need to provide a reason that is acceptable to them and can make them feel good after reading.

Zipcar sent an excellent email to call their visitors back to the website with some lighthearted copy that nudges effectively, reminding them of their ability to help the planet.


To start an email marketing campaign, you can consider using AWeber, an internationally recognized tool used by many successful internet marketers.

4. JetBlue

Creating value to your visitors does not necessary mean providing information that is relevant to their preference. Sometimes, humorous emails work 10 times better.

JetBlue is one company that continuously engage their subscribers with humorous and cheeky email campaign. Every element from header to content leading to actionable “Call To Action” create lovable content without being pushy. You may want to consider adopting this image from the start.


5. Focus Pointe Global

It is really important to provide critical information in a short and simple manner especially requesting for survey participation. You must emphasize these type of critical information in your campaign materials order for recipients to decide whether to participate or not such as the clear, bold and extremely short explanatory copy by Focus Pointe Global.

Focus Pointe

There are many other cleverly designed email marketing campaign out there which you may want to share with us in the comment. We would love to hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “5 Cleverly Designed Email Marketing Campaign”

  1. Hi, Florence!

    This is an interesting read on how other big companies are doing their email marketing campaign.

    Much to learn from their unique and friendly style to engage their subscribed customers. I will pick up a few pointers from here to apply in my email marketing campaign.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Florence, I’m new to WA and don’t have my websites up yet, but I’m learning by looking at yours! I really like the colourful layout with a good mixture of text and images. I also like the way that you immediately engage the reader with your personal story, and warn people about the many scammer ‘gurus’ that can cost you a lot of money and provide very little. You are also very honest about the fact that you are actively promoting products that will earn you affiliate income. Please don’t be offended, but I suspect that English is not your first language? Your English is very good, and I understand all the points you make. However, there are some grammatical errors, and your style does not seem ‘natural’ to a native English speaker like me. I am not sure where you live (Hong Kong, Singapore?) but if you have any friends from UK, USA, NZ, Oz or Canada, maybe they could help you make some small changes to your text? I wish you success! Colin.

    1. Thanks Colin for the thoughtful comment. Yes, I am not from English speaking country. In fact I am from Malaysia. LoL…. grammatical mistakes is my forte! (just joking).

      Will definitely look into this. TQTQ.

  3. Boring email campaigns are the worst! It’s much better to be cheeky, funny, and different to make your brand stand out. These are great examples of companies who are doing it right!
    I just may steal the anniversary idea, that one is clever!
    Thanks for compiling the examples of good email marketing campaigns Florence! This will be helpful to many!

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