5 Common Mistakes Facebook Marketers Make

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You Will Be Shock to Find That Many Internet Marketers Continue to Make These Mistakes

Many internet marketers started Facebook Marketing with the mindset that “Facebook is a MUST” – and that’s all! There are mostly no planning nor strategy when starting.

This ended up affecting the brand negatively. I am here to share with you 5 common mistakes internet marketers make when promoting on Facebook.

Mistake #1 Fail to Open Facebook Page

The best strategy to engage in Facebook marketing is to open a Facebook Business Page. This allows marketing to a larger pool of fans compared to individual account which can only accept a maximum of 5,000 friends.

Furthermore, only with a business page, one is able run paid advertisement on Facebook which is the fastest way to increase your page likes.

Here's a mini course by Facebook influencer Kim Garst on how to create successful Facebook advertisements.

Mistake #2 Fail to Recognize the Importance of Website

Many marketers only market their products in Facebook without realizing that their business is vulnerable to Facebook sustainability.

In fact, marketing on Facebook should not be the goal for any business. Instead, they should focus on driving fans to their website and deliver the information from there. Only with a website, marketer will be less dependent on third party site for success.

This reduces possible risk associated with third party like Facebook. You can start creating your website by typing your preferred domain name for FREE below.

Mistake #3 Fail to be Responsive and Update Consistently

This is really a huge mistake if you are doing the same. No one likes to be left unheard. This is the same for your fans. Being responsive and follow up discussions with your followers can improve credibility, leading to higher engagement.

Another notable failure is not providing consistent updates. To prevent such mistakes, marketer should plan follow ups and use tool such as HootSuite to schedule your daily post. This will ensure consistency. 

Mistake #4 Fail to Invest Time and Effort

As mentioned earlier, continuous posting is important to ensure engagement with your fans. This requires investment of time and effort especially setting aside time on a daily basis.

Facebook marketing is different from search marketing where the latter only requires the understanding of customers’ keywords demand.

For Facebook marketing, you need to be creative to attract customers’ attention – be it creativity in writing headlines or graphic presentation.

Without these, your customers will not feel compelled to visit your page. Here's how to creatively write catchy headline in 5 seconds to increase your Facebook engagements.

Mistake # 5 Fail to Convert Fans to Email Subscribers

This is really a mistake many Facebook marketers make. Many of their business pagesdo not have opt-in option to turn their followers into email subscribers.

Opt-in form is where you can get your fans to provide their details to you (normally email address) in exchange for a valuable report or newsletter.

To create attractive opt-in landing page, you can try using WP Profit Builder and Aweber, an exact method I used to build my subscriber list.

You can then start to embark in using email marketing to engage with your subscribers and convert them to become your customers. This can reduce your reliance on Facebook and the need to invest more in advertisement.

Remember, your list is your biggest ASSET. For some of you who are new to internet marketing, email is in fact the most profitable way to market your product online.

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If you have any question about 5 Common Mistakes Facebook Marketers Make or there’s any idea you can share with us, please do leave me a comment below. I love to hear from you.

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10 Comments on "5 Common Mistakes Facebook Marketers Make"

  1. Great site Florence. You built it well. I will be visiting your site frequently! For businesses, Facebook is a great source for advertisement, and we can benefit from you greatly by accepting and utilizing your advice on social media. Personally, I loved the point you made that advertising on Facebook should not be about Facebook, but bringing people to your website.

  2. Hey I really liked the informative post about Facebook and why it’s important for marketing. This post is for sure going to get the internet marketing warriors motivated to open up a Facebook page for their business and put in work to manage the account. Thanks for the information and look forward to more posts!

  3. Hi Florence, It took me some months until seeing what I was doing wrong.

    At the beginning, I was very shy on the social media so I had not created a fan page or posting regularly but some of the other mistakes too.

    Do you use Facebook consistently to promote your website? If yes, does it work?

  4. Jennifer David | October 21, 2018 at 3:48 pm | Reply


    Thank you for much for this article, you have really helped me to further understand how to make FaceBook work for me.  I have not really focused on FB because I was not sure how to approach it.

    Now you have given me to tools and very useful information that will be of great help to me. The part that really stood out to me was time and effort and not just posting and leaving it but to follow up daily.  This information alone will help a lot in getting more engagement to my website.

    Thank you


  5. Hi Florence. I must admit that you are definitely right. I am one of those marketers who did not wanted to understand the importance of website. I was focused more on Facebook alone and there was no results, only short-therm success. I recommend all people who want to earn online that make their own website because without it, it is hard to success in the long-term.

    • Is true. Many Instagram influencer have their own website too. One example is Huda Kattan who had millions of followers on her Instagram but still focus on creating content on her website. Because all of them understand the power of having their own “home” – website.

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