5 Ways To Promote Content You Create

There are many way to promote content you create. In late 90’s and early 2000’s there were fewer people building or visiting websites. Therefore if you did create a website it was almost a given that people interested in you would find you. You built and they come. Below is how you can create a website in 30 seconds for free by just simply enter your desired domain.

Today, that is no longer the case. You are now in a super competitive online environment competing with not only people who offer similar content but organizations with huge human and capital resources. You knew that it is difficult to stand out. The only way is to figure out creative and unique ways to reach your core audience.

Ask yourself. How would you spent your time between creating valuable content versus promoting them? For me, I spent 20% of my time creating and 80% promoting these content to reach my core audience. This is because I want each and every content I created to reach as many people as possible so that more can benefit.

However, if you are new to internet marketing, applying this strategy can mean that you are underserving your existing audience. You need to have at least 300 unique articles to effectively provide maximum value to your readers and thus build reader loyalty. Without this number, spending four times more in self-promotion versus value creation may build traffic spikes but probably not reader loyalty. Remember, your core audience or returning readers can convert better than new readers, therefore readers’ loyalty is important.

So how can you grow your audience while still focusing on creating massive value for your existing readers and followers? For me I choose the right tools and use them regularly.

Method #1 Sent to Your Email List

Your email subscribers are the ones who are mostly likely to read your content as they comprise of people who trust and want to hear from you. These are the people who most likely will read and share your content.

The way you do this sharing will come down to what kind of updates your subscribers have come to expect. Some people will full posts to their subscribers via email and some choose to send a weekly or monthly newsletter with links to the blog post published during the period. You need to experiment with these methods to see which works best for your subscribers. I use both AWeber and GetResponse as my email marketing tool to deliver value to my subscribers.

Method #2 Email People Mentioned in Your Post

A fantastic way to share your content is to leverage on other people in the industry especially those with authority. You can mention them in your blog posts and then let them know when you’ve done so, hopefully they share with their readers if they decided to do so. You can inform them via their social media account or email them directly. However, I find that emailing is more personal and effective.

To find someone’s email address, you can check for “Contact Me” or “About” page in their website, try LinkedIn or do a search in combinations of their name with “@websitedomain.com” (in quotes). Example [Florence Ki “@clickwebsuccess.com”] if you want to find my email.

Method #3 Schedule a Social Media

Managing multiple social media accounts is always time consuming. It needs a lot of time management to ensure effectiveness. When you publish a piece of content, one thing you should do is to schedule postings to social media over a period of time using tool like HootSuite.

With HootSuite, you can easily schedule your post to be promoted on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook the moment it goes live whereby this can be repeated daily, weekly or even monthly. You can do this for all your social media profiles. I use Hootsuite everyday!

By automating this process, you will be getting the maximum possible potential reach for your content while minimizing the time it takes to do so.

Method #4 Create Graphics to Share on Social Media Quick and Easy

I created this transparent logo using Pixlr.com

I believe you understand how important images are on social media. If you’re sharing your posts, a quick way is to share the headline along with an image. Alternatively if sharing short quote, then Canva may be the right tool you should use. I literally use Canva together with Pixlr for image editing almost everyday! This leaderboard is created using both tools.

I use Pixlr.com and Canva.com to create this banner advertisement. It's free.

Learn how to create transparent logo. Click here to watch video.

After creating my image, I will share them on social media using Post Planner, a scheduling tool that can increase organic reach on Facebook. It allows you to easily find and post photos that have been proven viral.

Method #5 Syndicate Your Content

Syndicating your content refers to build partnerships with larger media organizations in way of content sharing opportunities. This normally will take time and effort, especially with bigger partnerships. Despite this, you can still utilize free networks like LinkedIn that offers similar opportunities to reach newer audiences.

I do not recommend you to syndicate each and every content. You just need to select a few that get high engagement and resonate with those unique audiences of your partners. I will not normally syndicate new content but rather go a bit later.

Try to keep your syndicated posts unique. If you’re in the fantastic position to be syndicating your content and having it republished on several websites, you want to be strategic and try and avoid sending them the same posts each time, so that they can have unique content to share with these audiences.

I am a big believer in spending 20% time creating great content and 80% time promoting them. With the many ways to promote content to our readers, I would love to hear what you have in mind. What’s more important—creation or promotion? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Promote Content You Create”

  1. conformancefugitive.com

    Great post here… I tried emailing a company I included in my post once – just to see if they’d share my blog, but they never responded so I just figured it probably doesn’t work… I guess that can be what happens with much larger companies though, maybe it gets lost in the mass of other requests!!
    I had no idea a thing like Hootsuite even existed, sounds like that could be fairly useful and I like your 80/20 approach to content creation and sharing… I wonder if I maybe pay too much attention to creation and hence put to much pressure on myself to deliver fresh stuff!
    Thanks again – Very useful!

    1. I used to focus more on content creation but gradually learn that marketing the content should be placed with more weight. After implementing this strategy, my conversion improve a lot. Hope it will be the same case for you too. Cheers!

  2. Hi Florence,

    This was really interesting to read. I’m trying my best to educate myself on all things connected to generating traffic. I understand that content creation is the foundation of traffic but is it really necessary to have more than 300 articles to generate a passive income or can it be done with less?

    1. Hi Xander. If you are really focusing on generating free traffic via SEO, then 300 is some magic figure I would say. Of course, you can choose to promote your offer via social media, solo ad, or adwords. It can be very effective too. For me, I focus on free traffic via SEO and Twitter. Do check out my post 7 Tips to effectively grow your local business with Twitter if you are interested to start Twitter marketing. http://clickwebsuccess.com/7-tips-to-effectively-grow-your-local-business-with-twitter

  3. Hey Florence,

    Very useful tips here. Just bookmarked your page for future reference.

    I use Canva and Pixlr but never thought about using them that way. Will have to check that out.

    Also, I’ll have to look into using something like Hootsuite. I am currently building my presence on different social media sites, and I see how difficult it can get to manage all profiles. Cool info, I’ll be sure to stay tuned.


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