7 Tips To Effectively Grow Your Local Business With Twitter

There are many small business owners who use Facebook to promote their business. Very often, most people overlook the importance of Twitter as another tool that can help grow your business.

As per current research by Statista (Q4, 2018), there are over 321 million monthly active users worldwide on Twitter and Asia has become Twitter most important market overtaking U.S.

So what's so great about Twitter?

Twitter is like an elevator pitch for your brand. It's a way to get your point across quickly, connect yourself to important news topics, discover new content and see what’s trending in their social world. 

This way, it opens up huge opportunities to promote your local business.

To start leveraging Twitter for local small businesses, here are some steps you can take immediately after you created your first business Twitter account.

1. Twitter Bio

Twitter Bio is the first potential thing your follower will look for. It must be able to directly show visitors of what your business is all about.

ClickWebSuccess Twitter Bio

Your bio can be humorous, one that shares your belief or dream, shares your company establishment, highlights your accomplishment or any other ideas that can directly associate your business.

Being genuine, truthful and authentic in your bio is crucial. Never stuff your bio with too many hashtags or keywords as it will make your business looks bad.

2. Profile Photo

Image says a thousand words. A good Profile Photo will definitely attract potential followers to know more. In fact, your face is part of the community as people like to interact with “real human”.

Therefore, having a face on your profile is very applicable to small local businesses that has only one or two owners who are hands-on running the business. Such small businesses include restaurants, beauty salons, fashion boutique, etc.

3. Cover Photo
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Once you've decided on your Profile Photo, I would suggest you show image related to your business or your community as Cover Photo.

For example, you can show group photo of all your employees wearing uniform taken in from of your shop.

Or you can show the various products of your company provided the photo is taken “artistically”.

Never try to sell your products or services in your Cover Photo.

I use canva.com to create most of my social media Cover Photo. It is so easy to use as it has the exact dimension of all major images allowed by these social media sites.

My cover photo (above) with the words “To Make A Difference in some's life, you just need to SHARE” was created using Canva.

4. Show Your Location, Website & Phone Contact

What is more important than to let your potential follower know your business location? In fact, other than this, there are few reasons why you should do this.

First is to enable Twitter to show your account and come out in search result to people searching in your area.

Next, you can type your location on Twitter search box and look for activities happening around your area. This feature provides great opportunity for you as local business owner to participate in relevant discussion. 

For example, if you are running a fashion boutique and see people discussing about what to wear for Christmas, you can join the discussion by offering dresses available in your shop.

Once you already set your location, you should also include your website and contact information below your Bio.

5. Pinned Tweet

When people visit your profile, they will tend to see your latest tweet on top. In order to let them notice your preferred tweet, you can pin it on your profile.

For instant, you can pin a free coupon or giveaway tweet so that your followers can grab the promotion and visit your store.

To pin a tweet, decide on the tweet, find the 3 dots or arrow down button and finally select “pin to your profile page” tab. That's how easy to pin a tweet.

I use my Twitter to help people to earn money online (here are 50 ways to make money online) with the right tools and training.

That's why I often give out free training or guide on how to start a small business online and earn affiliate commission.

Here're a few FREE resources I provide for my followers, which you can get for free below.

6. Tweet Image

Tweets with Image receive more retweets than tweets without one. The perfect image size is 1024 x 512 to show great in timeline. Here are some photos you should include in your tweet to promote small local business.

  • Picture of you creating the product with some fun element
  • Behind the scene shots
  • Customer’s photos in your store or events
  • Local event shots that relevant to your business
  • Shots that portray employees’ or business successes

It is important to make sure that your tweets consist variety of content so it stays fresh and will not be boring.

7. Tweet Video

As mentioned earlier, variety is important. It is the same as having a video rather than only image at all times.

There is no need to link your video with url. You can upload videos up to 512MB, however you will be prompted to edit videos to 2 minutes and 20 seconds or less in length.

Again, you can consider sharing behind the scene video or some humorous ones or even sent personalized message to your prospects, new followers or existing customers.

Whatever I've shared here are only basic strategy to start your local business via Twitter.

If you have multiple social networks, I suggest you to use Hootsuite to schedule content sharing. This tools allow you to efficiently manage all your social accounts from one single dashboard.

It's free to use on 3 social accounts but if you want more and access to social analytics, then there's a paid subscription too.

I hope this article can help small local business starts leveraging on Twitter as one of its growth strategy.

If you have any idea on how to promote your local business, do share with us so that we can learn from you too.

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