7 Tips To Effectively Grow Your Local Business With Twitter

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There are many local entrepreneurs who use Facebook for their marketing campaign. Most overlook the importance of Twitter to gain business from this amazing network. As per Statista, there are over 307 million monthly active users on Twitter in the 3rd quarter of 2015 and by 2018 Asia will become Twitter most important market overtaking U.S.

The best part of Twitter, is the feature of letting you follow or engage with someone that you do not know. This is not possible with other social media networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. What you need to do is to identify the person you want to engage with and start messaging them directly or add them to your list. This way, it opens up huge opportunities to promote your local business.

Here are some Twitter strategies that I would like to share with you. Please make sure that you follow the exact order.

1. Twitter Bio

Twitter Bio is the first potential thing your follower will look for. Never make your bio boring. You can be humorous, share your belief or dream, share your company establishment, highlight your accomplishment and other ideas.

It is important to be genuine and truthful in your bio. Do not stuff your bio with keywords and there is no such need to include hashtag in your bio as it will make you look bad. For our Twitter account, we share only real ways to earn money online.

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2. Profile Photo

Image says a thousand words. A good profile photo of yours will definitely attract potential followers to know more. In fact, your face is part of the community. People like to interact with “people” compared to your business logo. However this may be more applicable to local business marketing.

3. Cover Photo
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I would suggest you show image related to your business or your community as cover photo. For example, you can show group photo of all your employees wearing uniform taken in from of your shop. Or you can show the various products of your company provided the photo is taken “artistically”.

Never try to be hard sell when showing cover photo.

I use canva.com to create most of my social media cover photo. It is so easy to use as it has the exact dimension of all major cover of social media site. You can see my cover photo with the words “To Make A Difference in some's life, you just need to SHARE”.  This is the principle I've always hold strongly to. Mine is not promoting local business as I do not have one.

Twitter LocationLastly, include your business contact in the corner of the cover photo. This will make it easy for potential customers to find you.

4. Show Your Location

What is more important than to let your potential follower know your business location? In fact, other than this, there are few reasons why you should do this.

First is to enable Twitter to show your account and come out in search result to people searching in your area. Next, if you are free, you can try to type your location and search for activities going around your area.

This feature provides great opportunity for you as local business owner to participate in relevant discussion. For example, if you are running a fashion boutique and see people discussing about what to wear for Christmas, you can join the discussion by offering dresses available in your shop.

5. Pinned Tweet

When people visit your profile, they will tend to see your latest tweet on top. In order to let them see the same tweet, you can pin it on yTwitter Pin Tweetour profile.

For instant, you can pin a coupon tweet so that your followers can grab the promotion and buy from you.

To pin a tweet, look your Tweets and next to where you see how many times you’ve been retweeted and favorited are 3 dots. Click on it and select “Pin to your profile page” and that it is.

For my Twitter, I help people to earn passive income online. Therefore I give out 10 free internet marketing lessons to people who click on my link. To know more about opportunities for the unemployed youth, read here.

6. Tweet Image

Tweets with image receive more retweets than tweets without one. The perfect image size is 440 x 220 to show great in newsfeed. Here are some photos to tweet in order to promote your local business.

  • Picture of you creating the product with some fun element
  • Behind the scene shots
  • Customer’s photos in your store or events
  • Local event shots that relevant to your business
  • Shots that portray employees’ or business successes

It is important to make sure that your tweets consist variety so that it will not be boring. Here are various sources to download high quality free images.

7. Tweet Video

As mentioned earlier, variety is important. It is the same as having a video rather than only image at all times.

There is no need to link your video with url. In Twitter, you can show a 30 seconds video embedded as tweet, right from inside Twitter.

Again, you can consider sharing behind the scene video or some humorous ones or even sent personalized message to your prospects, new followers or existing customers.

These are only basic strategy to start your local business via Twitter. For me personally, I use WP Tweet Machine to automate the sharing of content in my Twitter accounts – this is most effective if you have numerous accounts to manage. So how do you promote your local business? Do share with us your ideas so that we can learn from you too.

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