8 Ways To Drive Traffic Without Google SEO

Many are searching for ways to drive traffic without Google SEO as extra work is needed to keep up with their algorithm updates. For those who are choosing to stray from Google, here are 8 ways to drive traffic without Google SEO.

1. Google+ Communities

To be very frank, you can’t fully ignore the authority of Google in search advertising. Google is just too massive. But, if you’re trying to involve less with Google on SEO level, then you should take advantage of Google+. Being a social media platform developed by Google, it literally drives larger amount of traffic to websites. What you need is just to find relevant communities in Google+ to directly engage and connect with users who want to visit your website. Do not just post your website link there as you want to actively position yourself as a recognized and trusted sources. Engagement with communities is the key here.

2. YouTube Marketing

YouTube shouldn’t be underestimated as it processes more than 3 billion searches monthly. It is bigger than Bing, Ask, AOL and Yahoo combined! Utilize YouTube by creating niche videos are proven to drive traffic. You’ll drive traffic to your website with quality videos that encourage people to like, comment, and share.

In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Google also ranked YouTube video on their search engine. If used correctly, your keywords can rank on Google easier than article posting. To increase the number of video views, use optimized titles, descriptions and tags.

3. Social Media Marketing

Many marketers who avoid Google choose social media to drive traffic. The selection of the relevant social media sites depends on your niche audience. For example, personal development niche can opt to drive traffic from LinkedIn. Again, your intention must not only to drive traffic back to your site – you need to provide valuable content. If you stop trying so hard to sell your product or service and focus on delivering what your followers want, you’ll drive more traffic to your website and improve conversion.

4. Social Bookmarking Sites

Building links can generate traffic very quickly. Very few fully take advantage of social bookmarking site like SumbleUpon and Reddit. The sites are not known to many new marketers despite it is great for link building. The key to successful backlink is to attract well established authority site to click on “do follow” links. To achieve this, you need to post content that can add value to members.

5. Guest Blogging

Even though Google’s Matt Cutts says “If you are using guest blogging as a way to gain links, you should probably stop”, it is still possible to capitalize on guest blogging. Again, it is all about quality of your content. Make sure your purpose is not solely to drop links but also to provide high quality and unique content. You want to create guest content that establishes you as an authority and not a spammer.

6. Leverage on Authority

Look out for authority in your niche and interview them. By associating with these authorities, you indirectly become one. This improves your credibility and you get the pot stirred to drive people to your site. As a result, they will share your website with others, thus increasing your traffic even more.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is highly relevant if you want to achieve higher conversion. When done correctly, it can produce a conversion rate of over 5%, definitely higher than general conversion rates for social media. However many avoid email marketing with the misconception that it is cumbersome and consume more time. For those who promote affiliate products listed on ClickBank, ShareASale or Commission Junction, find products that come with email swipe so that you do not have to write your own email copy. Alternatively you can engage ghost writers from Fiverr which only cost as low as $5 per copy.

If you have large fans and followers on Facebook, make sure you can convert Facebook likes into email subscribers then integrate with AWeber to make email marketing automated. The trick is to create a headline that attract readers to open the email.

8. Paid Advertisement

If you do not want to spend too much time driving traffic, choose paid advertisement. You can place banner ads on some high traffic websites, run Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ads, buy solo ads from established sellers or invest in pay-per-click advertising on Google Adwords or Bing. For me personally, I find solo ads more effective compared to other means of paid advertisement. Regardless of which type you choose, make sure you research it well before spending tons of money.

Despite the many ways not to involve Google SEO, we still need to face the reality that Google is king and here to stay. I do use Google SEO to drive traffic other than methods listed here. Below is the keyword research tool I use to rank my keywords on Google. You just need to key in keywords to start your research whereby the first 30 searches are free.

To help you do well in Google keyword research, here are some proven techniques that get your keywords ranked on #1 page of Google.

If you are interested to know more on How To Drive Traffic Without Google, or you have any ideas to share with us, do leave a comment below. We love to hear your stories.

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Florence Ki
An ordinary person who chose Affiliate Marketing as retirement career! Hi, I am Florence, a learning blogger who loves marketing tools. I share proven strategies, techniques and tools to earn money online, particularly through affiliate marketing. I am a person who feeds on knowledge. Also believe that by sharing I can learn more. That's the reason I started ClickWebSuccess.com. Feel free to leave me a comment here if there's any topic you would like me to share.

20 Comments on "8 Ways To Drive Traffic Without Google SEO"

  1. conformancefugitive.com | November 15, 2015 at 10:07 am | Reply

    Interesting read… some of these methods I already use, however others are things I can’t say I’ve really considered, but will be sure to look into now.
    …Is there a reason behind Matt Cutts’ hatred for guest blogs do you know? Can these things reduce SEO?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Zoe, I believe what Matt Cutt does not agree is to simply create low quality guest blogging content for the sole purpose to create back link. If the content that you created is of high quality, I don’t think there should be any problem. Hope this answer your question.

  2. Great piece of content loaded article! Yes I agree especially with regard to Youtube marketing. Most of us underestimate the SEO power behind Youtube. I guess most of us miss that as it takes too much work but definitely not something to be miss 🙂 Do you have any further tips when you mentioned optimized titles, description and tags?

  3. Greeting.

    These are really good way to get traffic and easy way to pay for traffic yet we still must consider google seo to drive traffic. Social Media Marketing is really powerful to get traffic and posting on facebook groups that would really help.

    Anyway thanks for writing interesting content and I really enjoy reading your article. I wish you best of luck.

  4. Great article I have been using a few of these methods already and have had some success. But I’ve been wanting to try to get into youtube marketing for a while now. It sounds like great fun and a good way to increase traffic to my website. Do you have any ideas on how I should get started?


    • Hi Merceadez,

      I have yet to start YouTube marketing. But bought a Yeti Microphone and Camtasia software already. My son told me both are very useful. In fact he started using these to create his own Minecraft YouTube video. Hope this helps.

  5. What an informative website! The 8 ways to drive traffic without Google SEO are all well explained and they make perfect sense.

    I believe that number 5 can be very effective if the person is knowledgeable and experience about the topic they are talking about. Since the purpose is to provide high quality and unique content the person must have a passion for the topic as well. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi Florence,

    I definitely enjoyed reading about the different ways to drive traffic to my website without solely relying on Google’s SEO.

    Some of these I have already connected with, but the social media stuff is a learning curve for me because I am not that person! It is going to take me a minute to learn them all.

    I am leaning to using the YouTube videos. Can you tell me what it takes to make a video on YouTube? What tools and equipment do I need to make a good video?

    Thanks for sharing such good ideas on ways to drive traffic to my site. I plan to check the off the list one by one as I get them implemented!


    • Hi,

      I’ve yet to start any YouTube video. But my son did. He uses Camtasia, Snagit, Yeti Snowball Microphone, pop filter and microphone stand, teaching people how to play MineCraft. You can easily find these items online at a total around $400. Hope the information helps.

  7. Hi Florence,

    I have to say : I never cared to delve into Google Plus……….until I came across your website 🙂

    I simply wasn’t interested in Google+ as a social medium. Your website, however, put it into perspective for me — in an easily readable, and understandable way

    Nicely done 🙂

    Best regards


  8. Very valuable post.
    There are countless ways to rank in Google, and sometimes it can very overwhelming to choose which one.
    I definitely follow up your tip about youtube.
    As well the diversification of the way t get traffic will benefit the site in various form.
    let’s no forget to focus also on quality and consistency of articles.
    Thanks a lot for the nice post

  9. Great article! I believe I’m SEO’d out! Lol I need to make YouTube videos! I am slowly receiving more traffic, but it is thanks to the efforts of my readers, who often share my posts. I want my channel and everything to be right and I’m just not technical. Would you know of any sites that could show me how to create my videos?

  10. Well to be honest with you – I’m not the best at search engine optimization so this article was a big help! My little Star Wars blog has suffered over the months due to lack of organic traffic – I really need to get more people there! Do you feel that social media is the way to go with a geek niche like mine?

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