Florence Ki: A Learning Blogger Who Loves Marketing Tools

Hi, my name is Florence.

I started this blog not only to learn how to become an affiliate marketer but also to share about real ways to earn money online.

This includes proven marketing tools, techniques & strategies used by marketers around the world to effectively build their online business.

I am a dynamic person and believe in continuous learning.

Making incremental improvement over time energises my mind and shield me from negativity.

Literally I feed on knowledge.

To fulfill my desire for more knowledge, I learn affiliate marketing to strengthen my digital marketing competency.

I too obtain my MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University to improve my strategic planning skill, make myself a Certified Innovation Master to facilitate SMEs in leading innovation and currently continue my DBA to further gain knowledge on leadership & business value creation.

Other than that, I also enjoy enrolling myself in short courses over the weekend to keep me busy. These are all my “knowledge feeding” activities for the past 5 years.

Dynamic huh???

Well, I am pretty creative too.

I motivated 200,000 people via creation of the inspiring video “Creativity Starts from a Belief” that won me the title of “Most Creative Individual 2010”.

No doubt there are some grammatical error (this video was posted before green light was given), it is still widely share by people around the world.

Oh, I am also a little charitable.

I donate frequently to World Vision, National Kidney Foundation, lend money to those in need via Kiva.com and volunteer through Rotary Club.

Of course other than this blog, I occasionally share my thoughts via www.florenceki.com and had authored a 55-pages eBook on “Beginner’s Guide to Blogging Success”.

Having work-life-balance is really what I feel is important.

Therefore I always make sure I have sufficient time for my family, friends, work and myself.

I love travelling.

Been travelled to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan and South Africa and really enjoy travelling to the max.

Oh, the recent country that I visited was Philippine.


I was an entrepreneur in marketing and retail business for 10 years prior joining my current employment.

It was very time consuming taking care of the businesses whereby I literally worked seven (7) days a week. Being in retail is really no fun!

With the need to trade for more time so I can take care of my family, I decided to end my businesses and join employment in year 2011.

Deep down in my heart, I understand the entrepreneurial spirits in me never die.

Therefore I decided to start my small affiliate marketing business to quench my thirst, of course also to create a second source of income to prepare for my retirement career.

Internet marketing was never new to me.

I started internet marketing since year 2007 when I was still an entrepreneur.

It was a friend who just started her online journey guided me to create a blog for my business, hosted on blogspot.com.

I didn't bother to explore further any earn money online opportunities and just focused on leveraging internet to bring clients to my businesses.

The only two tactics I used to get my blog ranked first page on Google were to produce SEO content and list my businesses on online directories.

It was pretty easy to rank my blog for years.

It was in 2015 that I got really interested in affiliate marketing.

Paid so many “marketing gurus” and attended expensive classes to learn how to earn money online – almost $5,000 in a year equivalent to 4 months of my salary back then!

No doubt these courses provided me with much insights about affiliate marketing, but after-class support is almost none.

The fact that I was supplied with tons of information within few days of each classes overwhelmed me. It really demotivated me and I almost gave up.

Of course I didn't managed to make any money.

When I was on the brink to give up learning affiliate marketing, I came across Wealthy Affiliate (here's my honest review) while searching for tips to earn money online.

I subscribed for free, watch “half” of the first video and never really spend time to explore further. After six (6) months, I recall this platform and decided to run through the videos. 

The free affiliate marketing training are robust, structured but yet not overwhelmed.

This hooked me on completely and the rest is history.

This is how I became an affiliate marketer. (Here is one article I share about how affiliate marketing for the beginners work).


WA is a community of marketers from different background, culture, countries and professions, coming together with one common objective – that is to earn money online (check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate).

People are helpful, joyful, dynamic and fast in providing support and guidance.

Most start their affiliate marketing career here by interacting and learning from each other.

The community apply proven marketing tools (provided by the platform), techniques and strategies to build their blogs.

However, the available training lessons focus too much on content marketing and lacks on social media marketing nor paid marketing.

If you want to earn money online starting with social media marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate should be your later choice (when you are ready to expand your traffic by building a blog).

To let you get started with Instagram, one of the upcoming social media platform, here is one article I've written on how you can become Instagram influencer and earn money online.


There are so many other simpler niches such as health and beauty, sports equipment or organic living that I can choose to start my blog.

But rather starting with those sure win niches, I chose to start with “earn money online” niche,  despite the fact that I was not even close to be called a marketer.

In fact, my intention is very simple.

I just want to share proven marketing tools, techniques and strategies with people who struggle to find real ways to earn money online.

At least I've gone through the toughest way and I hope by sharing, I can lead you to a simpler and proven method to start your online business.

Of course, I too believe by sharing, “I can learn more”.

Learn blogging to make a difference in your life

Learn blogging to make a difference in your life


Wealthy Affiliate offers free starter course, free hosting and free domain (limited).

If you are really serious to explore, you can start to build your first blog by clicking the button below. You will be directed to a page asking you to key in your preferred blog name.

Just follow through the instruction and you will soon be on your way to create your very first blog. *No credit card required.

I am always around to share real ways to earn money online.

If you are interested to build your personal brand or need to know more about affiliate marketing, please drop me a comment below or you can find me inside Wealthy Affiliate (here is the link to my profile). 

I will try to reply as soon as available.

For those who know me personally, just give me call and we should be able to catch up for a cup of coffee to discuss more.

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20 Comments on "Florence Ki: A Learning Blogger Who Loves Marketing Tools"

  1. Hi Florence, a good review off yourself on this internet marketing. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015 and now I have my own website called mysteps.co.It’s still under development with some content you can view it.
    Wealthy Affiliate is truly an University for Internet Marketer. They have all the tools to be successful online.It’s been wonderful journey for me with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Saiful, you are right. WA has been a great learning platform where many left very good review online. That’s why I’ve been telling my IM friends about WA all the time. I hope more people will be able to gain from WA.

  2. The internet truly opens the world to our message. It is up to us to find a niche we can serve and to build and audience of people who want to hear what we can offer.

    Internet Marketing (IM) is growing and changing. Direct sales is the fast growing industry and the internet. It is up to us to learn to be professional in this industry. The more people we help, the greater our success will be. We don’t have to be experts. We just have to know where to get the answers.

  3. Hey Florence, Wow amazing stuff. You certainly can help us the unemployed youth to learn more how we can make some kind of income online from what you learned… thank you very much…Awesome

  4. I agree with you how amazing WA is, the community is amazing and the training is better than anything you can find elsewhere! your site looks really good! 🙂

  5. Hello Florence!

    I like your domain name – clickwebsuccess.com – it’s very easy to remember and it’s definitely a name that can be scaled into a famous blog in future. I also like the simple, clean, uncluttered theme you are using.

    Love your story about how you wanted to utilize your web business to “I want the WORLD to be Happy”,
    I look forward to witnessing that vision slowly turned into reality! All the best 🙂

    • Thank you for liking the name that I chose. I actually choose it spontaneously when I register for this entity. Guess many times we just need to make impromptu decisions. Yes, I hope one day my dream will come true.

  6. Hi Florence
    Your site is a great help. I’ve been trying to find legit work at home for a while. I’ve heard of Internet Marketing before, but never found how to really do it. Thanks for the idea about setting up my own site!

  7. Dear Florence,

    This is a great Introduction about who you are, where you came from, and where you intend to go next. I hope in time my own family will begin to appreciate and admire me for who I am when I run a website too, not just to gain an income, but that is also targeted to helping people out more. 🙂


  8. That’s a great approach to helping others especially thos who need to learn more to enter the workplace. Keep at it and you will be successful.


  9. You seem like your actually want to help other people, which is very good. I don’t see many people actually try to help someone else unless they are getting something in return.

  10. Hi Florence,

    As a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I had to take the time to drop you a line on your page today. First of all, you come across as very genuine with your short bio here, and it flows throughout your site. In a word, refreshing!

    You have a wonderfully useful site as well and in perusing the plentiful useful and relevant material I could not help but be impressed with the professionalism I see and read in the posts and etc…

    There is NO doubt in my mind that you will achieve many of your dreams, even that secret one would be nice and is worth striving for…Each of us does our part to that end, and it starts with one…Yourself!

    That you live what you say you stand for is enough to give inspiration to many others, I know I certainly am impressed!

    So, I wanted to wish the best of luck to you as you progress down your path, and I am honored to have met you on Wealthy Affiliate, truly a community where people such as your self are the norm, not the exception, and where one can truly learn the basics and advanced tools, tips, and how-to to get their own online marketing program together!

    Dave : )

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