App Coiner Review: Here’s The Truth How You Can Make Money Writing Reviews

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Welcome to My App Coiner Review

I am sure you’ve seen many work at home program with promises to create a full time income for people like you and me. Well, App Coiner seems like a legit business opportunity as it pays app reviewers to test & write reviews for mobile apps and games.

What is App Coiner?
Inside App Coiner
Who is App Coiner For?
The Truth About App Coiner
Things I Like About App Coiner
Is App Coiner A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

At one glance, I would say this is a great business opportunity as we’re all using mobile phones everyday. It won’t create any stress just by spending idle time writing reviews to make additional bucks.

In any case, you want to know if App Coiner is legit as what it seems to show, you surely must read my review to help you decide for yourself.

Here’s my honest App Coiner Review.


Product Name: App Coiner (

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Automated Affiliate Marketing system masked under app and games testing

Price: $27, downsell $17

Best For: Nobody

Summary: App Coiner promises to help you find mobile apps or games to test so you can write honest reviews to earn a few cents. However, after sign up, you’re told to earn commission from affiliate marketing and not from writing reviews.

App Coiner is just another automated affiliate marketing system, stuffed with your affiliate links that can’t help you make a full time income. No visitors will go to your site, unless you promote it with either paid ads or SEO which is not taught inside this system.

Recommendation: No, it’s a total waste of time.

What is App Coiner?

App Coiner promises to help anyone with a smartphone make cash by reviewing phone apps and games. What you need to do is select the digital products, test and write an honest review to get some cash.

The weird thing about this program is you can’t find the real owner, just like Paid Online Writing Jobs and Paid Social Media Jobs. But one thing I am pretty sure is these 3 programs are inter-related.

Before you even decide to buy, you must first register with them your name and email prior being directed to a page with a “buy now” button. This means, whether you’re buying or not, App Coiner will get hold of your data and I bet they’ll try to send you follow-up emails to promote other products.

The registration will cost you $27, meant for site hosting, support and guidance. But if you clicked away from the cart, you’ll be offered a discounted price at $17.

After joining, as usual, you’ll be given access to their member dashboard to start selecting either Android or ios app and write review.

Simple right? But can you really make money writing reviews for these app developers knowing very well that this can get the apps removed by the apps platform just like how Google has deleted millions of fake play store ratings in a week.

Inside App Coiner

It’s no brainer to say that anyone good with writing review will be offered more reviews to write and therefore legitimately will earn more money.

Sounds right?

But this is not the real case in App Coiner. Before you even start to earn money writing reviews, you’ll be offered some upsells that promise to make your work easier, of course to make money quicker too.

Upsell # 1 Pre-Written Reviews

This upsell offers to give you 50 pre-written reviews with pictures at only $27 (as of this writing). It's interesting to note that a business is willing to write 50 reviews for you at such a cheap price. That's a huge deal, right?

As I continue my research, it was found that these reviews are duplicated. This means, you get the same 50 review content other members of App Coiner received.

Ok, for that price, I think it's fair deal but sadly to say, these reviews can’t help to rank your review site on Google. In short, your site won’t get free traffic and you must pay for advertisement to get traffics.  

Upsell #2 Launch A Digital Product Business

If you don't like the first upsell, there's a second upsell. This time the program is offered at $47! This has nothing to do with reviewing apps, but just provides other ways to make money online which you can easily find some here for free!

Member's Area – Your Website Admin Dashboard

After you’re “forced” to view the two upsells, App Coiner will inform you that your “free app review website” is ready with a subdomain of that looks like

Basically, “your name” is used as a subdomain and hosted on App Coiner website

Just like any website, you can access to your site admin dashboard using the given unique login and password to start testing apps and writing reviews.

Bear in mind, this is not a uniquely designed website and what you get is only a couple of demo pages to show how your reviews should look like with a list of recommended apps to review.

Despite there’s a simple analytics to show the number of visitors that landed on your site, that’s only some basic information made possible with inserting some code provided by a free tool called Google Analytics.

I would say there’s nothing great about this mobile app review website as you can easily create one for free here

Affiliate Set-up

Before you can even start writing reviews, you are asked to join Clickbank, the largest affiliate marketplace selling digital products. This means you must get your affiliate ID before you can start making money. But why is writing reviews turning into promoting affiliate products?

Composing App Reviews

Finally after completing all the steps, you can now select an app from the App Coiner database, download it to your phone and start testing so you can write review and publish onto your site. The instruction says, in order to make more money, you must get ranked on Google by writing at least 500 words of app review.

Again, didn’t App Coiner indicated in its sales video that you will get paid by writing review? How come there’s a need to create affiliate ID and get ranked on Google?

Seriously, by looking at the kind of brief content provided inside member’s dashboard, there’s no way you can rank your page on Google to get free site visitors.

To effectively learn this, I suggest you try My #1 Recommendation that has helped me ranked many of my site pages on first page of Google.

Ways To Make Money

Placing Banner Ads With Your Affiliate Link On Your Site. This means when someone click and buy, you’ll earn an affiliate commission.

Build Your Email List. Use the given free report “How To Get The Hottest Apps For Free” as giveaway to your site visitors in exchange for their email address, thereafter send promotion emails to them with your affiliate links.

App Download Button. Ok, this one is frustrating. After your site visitors read your review, if they find the apps good, they’re shown an “App Download” button so they could click and download the app on their mobile. Unfortunately, this button can’t download any app for you but rather linked to another page promoting other affiliate products!

Hey, aren’t these common strategies used in affiliate marketing. Frankly speaking, the money making method is not about writing reviews to get paid, but rather promoting affiliate products to earn commission!

Who is App Coiner For?

I think App Coiner is just meant for those people who only want to make money and do not mind to apply black hat marketing strategy. They do not care whether their customers can make money as long as they do.

Yes, I can’t deny the fact that you can make money from App Coiner if you already have experiences in driving site traffics. However, do you want to make this kind of money knowing very well that other people, particularly complete newbies will end up losing money?

The Truth About App Coiner

What the program promises in their sales page is totally misleading. This is not about getting paid by doing reviews. It’s about someone clicking on your affiliate links, buy something and you earn an affiliate commission. Here are some truth about App Coiner that raise questions on efficacy of its business model.

Truth #1 You Need Site Traffic

Here’s the real deal, affiliate marketing is not as easy as it sounds. It's not like you'll get paid as soon as you finish writing the review. Before you managed to sell anything, you need to get people to your site. There’s no way someone without experience in driving traffic will be able to do this.

Truth #2 Lack of Training

In any business, you need relevant skills to make it successful. This is the same for online business. Inside App Coiner, there’s no training on how to drive traffic using free traffic strategies like SEO, neither is there any paid traffic strategies by placing Google advertisement. If there’s no such training, I can’t see how anyone can get traffic to their site.

Truth #3 Unknown Owner & Misleading Sales Page

Until now, nobody knows who’s the real owner behind App Coiner. The fact that this program tries to use “writing review to make money” statement to lure you into parting with your money is already a big red flag. No legit program will ever do this type of misleading selling.

Truth #4 Lack of Control

You do not have control over appearance of your site. Unlike other reputable website builder like SiteRubix that allows plugins, App Coiner doesn’t.

This means, you have no flexibility to create an entirely different page design using popular page builder like Profit Builder and Thrive Architect that can help maximize your earnings.

Truth #5 Complaints from Members

There are complaints from members for not receiving payment from App Coiner. Some feel cheated because their reviews were never shown on apps marketplace like Android Play Store including the complaint that there’re too little apps for review.

Truth #6 Income Disclaimer

If App Coiner can really help you make hundreds of dollars a month, why is there a small income disclaimer that indicates otherwise?

Things I Like About App Coiner

Well, to certain extent, affiliate marketing is a legit business model if you want to start a small business online. However, there’re much work to do than merely creating many 500 words review text.

You need to learn how to drive free traffic, paid traffic, use email tools to send newsletter, create opt-in pages, and many  more. It’s never so easy as claimed by App Coiner.

Since this product is sold on ClickBank, the good news is you can get your money back within 60 days if you are not satisfied with the product. But mind you, it can be a lengthy process getting refund. Trust me, I’ve tried that.

Is App Coiner A Scam?

Whether this program is consider a scam is no longer important. The fact about App Coiner sales page is misleading and no guidance on how to drive traffic to your website, are already sufficient for anyone to say NO to this program. There are just too many red flags I found in this program.

Most of the tactics used in its sales page are black hat marketing tactics used by many low quality program with the sole intention to make you buy. None of such program can help anyone make a full time living online and I believe App Coiner is no exception.

If you’re a complete newbie and really interested to know more about making money with affiliate marketing, then you should check out this article on Affiliate Marketing for A Complete Beginner. In this article, you can get better understanding on how it works and proven tools I use to make it happen.

I do not recommend anyone to join App Coiner.

How I Start A Small Business Online

Please bear in mind that making money online can never be as simple as it sounds like those claims inside App Coiner sales page. There's just no secret formula except the commitment to consistently learn and take action.

It took some time transiting from a c-level executive to become a full time online marketer and I have come a long way after attending numerous courses, workshops and seminars.

If you're looking for ways to quit your job so you could start a small business online and earn a decent amount of full time income, then I invite you to check out My #1 Recommendation.

This program will guide you step-by-step, from starting an affiliate marketing site to getting your first affiliate commission. It’s so comprehensive that there’s no reason you can’t succeed if you follow through the steps.

I hope you enjoy reading my App Coiner Review. If you have any questions or views, please let me a comment below.

Also, don’t forget to share this page so people who are looking for helpful information on starting an online business can make a wise decision.

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5 thoughts on “App Coiner Review: Here’s The Truth How You Can Make Money Writing Reviews”

  1. I don’t know anything about making money online. Someone told me about App Coiner a couple of days ago and I wanted to try it out but if it doesn’t offer any training for beginners like me, why bother?

    Plus, I don’t really trust that I could get my money back if needed.

    Anyway, I’ll take a look at your free recommendation since I am here!

  2. Hi

    This seems like so many quick online money makers. Sadly so many people like this kind of opportunities because they feel like building websites the right way is too much work. Well I say, you have to work hard to earn legitimate online income. That’s just the truth. 

    Thanks for the review

  3. Hi, your research is very helpful regarding app coiner, there are bulks of method like app coiner that will give hope to online but when you give it a try, at the end it will be a waste of time, with the way wealthy affiliate and other #1 recommendations list in your program cares about their user I don’t think for now I can go beyond wealthy affiliate, I have never regretted being a premium member in your recommendations.

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