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Automated Sales Funnel System Simplify Your Online Business

Many people failed to make money online because they spend too much time figuring out the technical aspect of an online business.

Some include building a landing page, creating & testing campaign, find profitable affiliate products to promote and many others that can make you feel overwhelmed.

To tell you the truth, unless you are a fast learner or you have ample time at your disposal, otherwise having a Done-for-You automated sales funnel system can help you make money simpler.

With proven funnel system, what you need to do is just focus on mastering free and paid traffic strategies, then drive traffic to these ready-made funnel landing pages to automatically generate income for you.

One of a very impressive Done-for-You automated sales funnel system that is completely free I found inside CB Passive Income is The 5 Minutes Funnel.

In this article, I will share with you fundamental of an automated sales funnel system, how you can get The 5 Minutes Funnel for free and the benefits and downside of using one.

What is An Automated Sales Funnel System?
What is The 5 Minutes Funnel?
What I Like About The 5 Minutes Funnel?
What I Don't Like About The 5 Minutes Funnel?
Should You Upgrade to CB Passive Income?
My Suggestion For You to Make Money Online.

What is An Automated Sales Funnel System?

Before I explain about The 5 Minutes Funnel, let me first share with you what is an automated sales funnel system.

I am sure you've heard of the word funnel if you have any marketer friend.

It is about how to attract the right audience or cold traffic to become your customers and repeatedly buy from you. It is a series of automated steps designed to guide visitors toward a buying decision.

For example, when you managed to get hold of your subscriber's email, you can start to send automated emails to them for as long as you want until they unsubscribe.

These emails if strategically crafted, will then help you promote your offers to them so when they buy you earn a commission.

Below is a video explaining about automated sales funnel system.


Creating sales funnel is not easy and requires experience and understanding of your prospects and customers.

It gets even more complicated if creating online sales funnels as you need to learn the technicality of digital marketing tools. This can be overwhelmed for a complete beginner in online marketing industry.

Therefore, to make it simpler for complete newbies to start making money online, many experienced marketers are producing their own proven automated sales funnel system and offer to these newbies.

As I mentioned earlier, one such program is CB Passive Income, an automated sales funnel system created by Patric Chan, a well-known internet marketer who's top the chart of many affiliate leaderboards.

What is The 5 Minutes Funnel?

The 5 Minutes Funnel forms part of CB Passive Income but it's also one of the most powerful free funnel system created by Patric.

Inside The 5 Minutes Funnel, you can access to …

Your Unique Affiliate Link: You will be given an unique affiliate link when you sign up for this funnel system. When you promote this link and someone buys, you will make a commission in your Clickbank account.

Solo Ads Training: This is a high quality and comprehensive pdf that shows you how is the best way to buy solo ads.

Basic Automated Sales Funnel System: Once you managed to get someone to give you his/her email address, they will continuously received valuable content and offers by Patric Chan on your behalf. And when they buy, you will earn a commission in your Clickbank account.

Email Ads and Banner: These are ready-to-go promotional materials for you to get leads into this automated sales funnel.

You do not have to pay anything to get access to The 5 Minutes Funnel. Just click the ads below and you are ready to monetize from Patric's Chan Done-for-You funnel.

With this free automated funnel system, you can start an online business immediately.

What I Like About The 5 Minutes Funnel?

Despite this is a free system given by Patric Chan, you will be surprised that things provided inside member dashboard are good enough for anyone to make money online, provided he/she can master traffic strategies.

Here are things that I like about The 5 Minutes Funnel.

Solo Ads Traffic Strategy: Solo Ads is one of the most important traffic strategy to make funnel marketing a success. However there are tricks to really find reputable solo ads seller so you can convert each of your email swipe to sales and be spared from being cheated too. All these are systematically lay out by Patric inside member's dashboard.

Ready made Promotional Materials: There are as many as 20 types of ads banner and 4 types of email swipes that you can use to get leads.

Your Own The Leads: All email leads that you collected can be accessed through The 5 Minutes Funnel member dashboard and exported as csv file to any excel sheet. This means, despite not paying anything to get this system, you too will have the rights to the emails collected.

As a beginner, these are sufficient for you to start making money online. But as you continue to learn, then maybe you need more tools to scale your business.

What I Don't Like About The 5 Minutes Funnel?

Free Traffic Strategy Training is Not Available: Since this automated sales funnel system is given out for free, I already expected that the training will be minimal.

Despite solo ads training inside The 5 Minutes Funnel can help you make money from this business, however buying solo ads can be very expensive if you are a complete newbie.

You still need to invest money to find the best solo ads seller by testing their leads according to the training provided. There's definitely risk involved.

Unfortunately there's no free traffic strategy training provided inside this system. If you want to drive free traffic, then you might need to upgrade to CB Passive Income.

Little Control Over Your Leads: As you are getting your subscribers to optin to a system created by Patric and not yourself, this means you are also sharing your subscribers details with him.

You literally have no control over what Patric is going to send to your subscribers. To really make money from this funnel system, the only way is to trust Patric and his system.

Upsell: There are 2 upsells inside The 5 Minutes Funnel, one is called L1nk and another one is none other than CB Passive Income.

L1nk is a software to help you shorten your URL, track clicks and split-test different landing pages.

CB Passive Income on the other hand is a very powerful enhancement to The 5 Minutes Funnel with additional traffic training, extra tools and more funnels to help you get more leads.

I'll explain about CB Passive Income in the next section so you can decide whether making this upgrade is your best decision.

Should You Upgrade To CB Passive Income?

As mentioned earlier, CB Passive Income is an upgrade from The 5 Minutes Funnel system that gives you more funnel landing pages to get leads, more training on traffic strategies (free & paid strategies) and extra tools to scale your business.

Members who choose to upgrade their existing free system will be provided access of additional 6 landing pages that can help you generate more income.

Below are the 6 additional landing pages with a few great training you can access for free, when you choose to opt-in.

All funnel pages will lead your subscribers to receive more free content and offers from Patric Chan on your behalf.

And when they buy any of these offers, you will earn a commission.

Unless you are ready to leverage on Patric's expertise on funnel marketing and willing to share your leads with him, otherwise I won't recommend you to upgrade.

Here's the latest version of CB Passive Income.

My Suggestion For You to Make Money Online

There are many ways to earn money online.

Other than funnel marketing like how the model of CB Passive Income is based on, you can also make money online by selling on Facebook, leverage on SEO-optimized content through blogging, buy pay-per-click advertisement or by offering live webinar training.

However, there is no simple and quick way to achieve success.

Anything that is sustainable comes with continuous hard work and anything that promises quick results are mostly scam.

Despite CB Passive Income is a great system where most of the complex technical stuffs were done for you, but you won't be able to make any money if you do not have the skills to drive traffic.

You still need to learn and continuously test each campaign to optimize results.

For me, I concentrate on only one traffic strategy, that's to create SEO-optimized content and get ranked on Google to promote CB Passive Income.

That's why I've yet to really look into solo ads strategy and other paid traffic strategies.

But if you are ready to buy solo ads, I suggest you to start by promoting The 5 Minutes Funnel.

It's indeed a great automated sales funnel system you should leverage on.

And when you are ready, you should upgrade to CB Passive Income and scale your business.

That's how you can make a lot more money, leveraging on Patric's expertise.

I hope from here, you already know more about what is automated sales funnel system and how CB Passive Income can help.

If you have any question or suggestion, do leave me a comment below.

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4 Comments on "Automated Sales Funnel System Inside CB Passive Income"

  1. I keep hearing a lot about sales funnels and I’m still learning about them. Your article has given me a bit more insight, and the automated option sounds like it would be great for someone just starting out with little knowledge about though. Though upgrading might be better to receive additional training. 

    • Yes, if you find it troublesome to build own funnel, then I suggest you get the free 5 Minutes Funnel. But as I mentioned in my article, the downside of this is your list is shared with Patric Chan too. If you do not mind, then this is a great system to generate leads and make money. At least you are spared from the hassle of creating landing pages, email swipes, find profitable products and you don’t have to pay for any email marketing tools. 

      But this should only be your short-term strategy as ultimately your asset is your list. You wouldn’t want another person to monetize from your list for long term as they are the one building relationship with your list. In the long run, you will lose out. 

  2. jessie palaypay | January 14, 2019 at 5:01 am | Reply

    I could definitely use help with sales funnels. I have been doing my research and I saw that clickfunnels is a really popular product as far as creating sales funnels is concerned. I am wondering if you have any experience with it and can tell me how automated sales funnels stacks up? 

    • Hi Jessie, 

      I do not have any experience with ClickFunnels. It’s too expensive for me. Currently, I used another funnel builder tool called WP Profit Builder. It only cost a one time fee of around $67 so is very affordable. This tool is already good for anyone to start building own funnel. 

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