AWeber Review: The Most Affordable Email Autoresponder For Beginners in 2020

Welcome to My AWeber Review

I bet if you’ve landed on this page, you might want to find out more about AWeber and how it can help you grow your business.

AWeber is an email marketing tool that is used by more than 1,000,000 small business owners all over the world.

Regardless of whether you’re in a B2C or B2B business, AWeber can help you build relationship and garner trust from your subscribers using its powerful email autoresponder feature.

This company has been in the business for more than 20 years and claims its pioneer status in introducing email autoresponder functions, helping small businesses get more subscribers, sales, and build customer loyalty.

Before I continue, I would like to let you know that I’m also using AWeber and currently earning a commission from promoting this product.

What is AWeber?
How Does AWeber Work?
Who is AWeber For?
The Truth About AWeber
Things I Like About AWeber
Is AWeber An Affordable Autoresponder?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Here’s how I earn money from my small online business promoting AWeber and other affiliate products.

However, you can be assured that I’ll only give you my honest and unbiased review whereby in this review you will also find out some of the drawbacks of this tool.

Yes, there are some features lacking in AWeber compared to its competitors which I’ll explain in detail later.

Now, here’s what you must know about AWeber before making the decision whether this is the right email marketing tool that you should invest into.


Product Name: AWeber

Founder/Owner: Tom Kulzer

Product Type: Email marketing tool

Price: Starts from $19/month (0-500 subscribers) up to $149/month (10,001-25,000 subscribers), depending on the number of subscribers inside the list. 

Best For: Marketers, small businesses, and bloggers who want simple to use tool that offers basic marketing automation.

Summary: AWeber is an email marketing tool used by more than 1,000,000 marketers, small businesses and bloggers worldwide. It provides features that can help users get new subscribers and build relationship with their current customers as well as their prospective clients through email. The most unique feature of AWeber is its simple to use autoresponder and neat dashboard.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Yes

What Is AWeber?

Created by Tom Kulzer, AWeber is one of the oldest email marketing tool for marketers, small businesses and bloggers to build list, grow their business and build relationship with existing and potential customers.

Users create email once and can choose to broadcast to all or some selected subscribers immediately or setup autoresponder to deliver the emails to their inbox at pre-determined time.

Because of its credibility, you can almost be assured that your email will not end up in your subscriber spam mailbox.

Some features include subscriber management, autoresponder, message broadcasting, analytics & reports, form template, integration with 3rd party app, and many more.

Typically, if you are just starting your business site, then most often your site visitors might not buy your product or service when first landed on your website.

It’s also common that they will leave your site and would never come back again. I am sure you wouldn’t want this to happen.

That’s why you need a good email marketing tool to get them to subscribe to your list, and slowly build trust with them using email as one of the communication channels.  

To let you have a better understanding of how AWeber works, here’s a video you should watch.

Price of AWeber

You must be wondering how much does AWeber cost. In fact, its price is set based on the number of subscribers and I would say it’s quite reasonable for a start. Unlike other similar providers, regardless of which plan you subscribed to, you'll get the same features. In AWeber, everybody gets the same.

The starting price is $19 per month where you can store up to 500 subscribers, thereafter gradually increase according to the number of subscribers you have.

Below is the latest AWeber price plan whereby all plans come with 30 days free trial with the option to pay for yearly, quarterly or monthly subscription with some discounts.

If up to this point, you find AWeber affordable, then continue reading to find out what exactly you’ll get after subscribing as a paid member.

How Does AWeber Work?

As mentioned earlier, the credibility of AWeber can almost 100% guarantee that your messages can be successfully delivered to your recipient's inbox. It's very unlikely for your email to end up in any spam folder.

For people who prefer simple features, AWeber truly lives up to its name.

This tool is easy to learn, easy to use and comes with a variety of professionally-designed email templates for you to choose from to create follow-up messages.

Here are some of the key features inside AWeber.

Sign-up Forms and List Management

You can choose to design your sign-up form from scratch or use existing AWeber form template.

For me, I use a landing page builder called Elementor Pro to build forms and host my subscribers data inside AWeber, thereafter send follow-up messages to them.

The reasons I am using third party platform is because these platforms gave me more choices on form designs and features that can yield higher conversion.  

Inside AWeber, one of the many options to show your sign up form is via pop-up whereby you set the time this pop-up form will appear after your site visitors landed on your page.

Another way is to embed the form directly onto your page, normally on sidebar or inside your content.

The final way is using lightbox to make your form pop-up when site visitors take action on your page such as clicking on your call-to-action button or link.

If you do not have a website yet, AWeber can host your sign-up form and provide you with the link so you could share this link with your potential audience, just like more advanced email marketing platforms such as Unbounce, Wishpond, ClickFunnels and LeadPages.

Via this way, you can quickly start to build subscriber list. All your subscriber data will be sorted and stored to specific list according to your subscriber management setting.


AWeber claims that they are the first autoresponder provider back in 1998. So, we can expect that they perform well on this, but surprisingly it’s not that awesome.

With autoresponders, you can send a sequence of emails automatically to your subscribers depending on the time settings and user actions that trigger this automated process.

For example, you can instantly send a welcome email to your subscribers right after they sign up or set up follow up emails according to the time interval that you have chosen.

AWeber's autoresponder can only be triggered in two ways – one is when someone subscribes to their list and the other is when a tag is assigned to a subscriber.

However, some competitors offer more trigger options such as when someone makes a purchase, responds to an email or changes to their information.

This makes AWeber not the best choice for marketers who need more advanced automation.

E-Newsletter Templates & Webfonts

With AWeber, you don’t need any skills in designing nor coding as all you need to do is drag, drop and edit to create your very own opt-in form designs, email, and e-newsletter, choosing from more than 700 free templates.

AWeber gives you over 6,000 royalty-free stock photos so you could use on your designs with additional options to upload your own images and gifs.

Unlike its competitors such as GetResponse, you can use rich webfonts in AWeber so you are assured that your content will look more appealing and can consistently reflect your brand image.

Blog Broadcast

With blog broadcast features, subscribers will automatically receive your most updated blog content.

However, you won’t be able to use the standard e-newsletter template designs as there’s no customization option made available for blog broadcast.

The good news is there’s still a lot of standard, non-customizable blog broadcast templates to choose from despite it might not look appealing compared to its competitors.

Marketing Automation Using Tag Feature

Users can easily automate their email marketing process with its tag feature. This means the follow-up email copy or e-newsletters that your audience will receive depend on which prior content they open up to read.

For instance, if one of your subscribers clicks a particular link, then AWeber can apply a tag to that subscriber, and the system will decide based on your pre-determined settings on what email copy to be sent to the same subscriber later on.

Similarly, you can also choose when they will receive your follow-up emails.

A/B or Split Testing

AWeber A/B test lets you test individual subject line, sending time, message content and design to find out which email or e-newsletter gives you the highest open rate or engagement.

For example, to test which is the best time to send out your email in order to get high open rate, you can schedule sending the same email at different intervals of the day to run the test. Results for split testing can be seen right away.

AWeber allows you to test different emails and even choose segments whereby some of its competitors only allows you to test on the lesser variant, more commonly on only one subject lines.

AWeber Integration

It’s definitely beneficial to link your AWeber account to landing page platforms such as Instapage, LanderApp or OptimizePress; your social media networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn and even CRM platform such as Zendesk or Salesforce, so you could optimize your email campaigns.

As mentioned earlier, I use Elementor Pro to build pop up forms and when I first started, integrating with AWeber is quite a task. Thanks to the continuos improvement, seamless integration is already possible starting May 2020.

AWeber also provides integration with CMS, eCommerce, lead generation, membership, productivity tools, survey, video and webinar platforms. Here’s the full list of AWeber integration options.

With more than 100 types of third-party app integrations, you can be assured that your list can be fully optimized to grow your business.

Superb Support Team

One of the best features of AWeber is its awesome support team which is not commonly found in most of its competitors.

In 2016, AWeber won the gold award for the US National Customer Association’s Stevie Awards with bronze and silver in 2017 & 2018 respectively.

This indicates that they provide the best support to their customers, and that’s also the reason why AWeber is superb for people who are new to autoresponder tool.

Support is what a new marketer needed most.

AWeber’s email and live chat support is available 24/7 while its phone support team is available from 8am-8pm ET Monday to Friday.

Who Is AWeber For?

AWeber is best for people who want an affordable tool that can securely store their subscribers’ data and sufficiently provide basic email automation functions to help them send follow up messages to subscribers.

Due to its simplicity and superb technical support, new marketers should use this tool as a start.

The Truth About AWeber

Despite AWeber is a great email marketing tool, there are still some drawbacks you must know. Here are 2 which I think AWeber might need to improve.

Truth #1: Slightly More Expensive

AWeber is slightly more expensive compared with GetResponse. This is because AWeber charges $19/month and GetResponse charges $15/month to access basic features. However, if your subscriber list grows bigger, then AWeber is definitely more affordable compared to GetResponse.

For marketers whose intention is only to create opt-in forms to build list, then MailChimp free account that allows you to host up to 2,000 subscribers will be a real bargain, despite not having A/B testing, 24/7 support & literally no autoresponder functions as well.

If you do not mind that your content will be branded with MailChimp footer and have no intention to nurture your list, then there’s no harm trying.

Mind you, it might be a hassle to later export your data to another provider if you wish to get more features.  

This is because MailChimp paid account is way more expensive compared to AWeber and GetResponse if your number of subscribers reached more than 500.  

Truth #2: Lack of Advanced Automation Functions

AWeber autoresponder & automation feature is the easiest to use compared with other providers.

However, this also means there’s a lack of advanced automation features such as the ability to create workflows using drag and drop builder.

This feature is offered inside GetResponse and can transform each page into an automated funnel with simple clicks, making creating funnels easier.

Unfortunately, AWeber did not provide such an option for subscribers who are willing to pay more in order to gain access to advanced automation.

Things I Like About AWeber

One of the things that I like about AWeber is the fact that it comes with great support and it’s extremely easy to use, making it great for beginners.

If you are just starting out your email campaign, then you should try using AWeber as it recently introduced a revolutionary technology called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), not provided by any email marketing providers in the market.

With AMP, your subscribers will be able to sign up for your newsletter, leave product review, book an appointment and rsvp to an event directly from inside your email, without the need to open a new browser.

This competitive edge technology enhances user experience and therefore make them more willing to read your content. Here’s how AMP works.

All new marketers should grab hold of AWeber 30 days free trial to access the complete features and check out whether this is the right tool for you.

Is AWeber An Affordable Autoresponder?

AWeber is indeed a reasonably priced autoresponder. However, not all marketers are suited for this tool, definitely not for marketers eyeing for advanced automation features.

I choose AWeber because it's affordable, simple to use and comes with an extremely neat dashboard. Furthermore, this email marketing tool offers superb 24/7 support.

For people who are not tech-savvy like me, customer support is very important especially when you’re new to the tool.

Therefore, I suggest only marketers, small businesses or bloggers who require simple automation should use AWeber.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I started my small business online without having any email automation tool.

The method I use is called niche marketing, one legit and proven method that has allowed me to quit my c-level job and still earn a decent income.

However, to grow my business further, email is undeniable one very important channel to reach out to more potential customers. That’s the reason why I subscribed to AWeber.

If you are interested to learn how I started this business step-by-step, then I suggest you try My #1 Recommendation.

Keep in mind that there’s no short cut to success. The key to success is hard work, consistently taking action as well as perseverance.

I hope you enjoy reading my AWeber review. If you find this article valuable, please share in your social networks to help more people make an informed decision. 

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7 thoughts on “AWeber Review: The Most Affordable Email Autoresponder For Beginners in 2020”

  1. This is something that we’re just starting to look into: building an email list. We’ve tried out MailChimp’s free features and to be honest are not all the impressed so we’re looking at other options. AWeber is one we have under consideration. Thank you for such a detailed and helpful review that will help us make a decision.

  2. This post is exactly what I have been looking for because I have been building my own online affiliate marketing business for a while now and though I am fairly satisfied with my progress and with what I have achieved so far, I am yet to start using email marketing, I keep meaning to get started with building my email list etc, but it seems to always end up on the back burner while I am being busy doing something else, but all that can change now I have found your post here, I am going to sign up to Aweber and make a start today, thank you so much for sharing.   

  3. Great review of AWeber, Florence. I am also an AWeber user. From my experience, their customer service is superior. I had problems with their form templates not displaying the way I wanted. When I told customer service of my problem, they designed a form to meet my needs and gave me the HTML/script to use on my site. While AWeber has lots of form templates, many are old designs. They need to provide more modern ones. 

    1. True… I don’t normally use forms provided by AWeber, rather I use another landing page creator so can have more option to show my forms. You might want to try out Profit Builder which I use to create landing pages and forms. 

  4. Thank you for giving all the details on what AWeber is and how it can benefit my small business. 

    When I first began researching auto-responders AWeber was the first service I checked out. I was happy to see they offered a 30 day trial, but put off they had no free option for those like me who are just starting out. I saw other services that offer a free option for those just beginning, such as MailChimp, which of course does not have as many options built in but can be a more cost effective way of starting to build a list. 

    Since MailChimp’s free version allows 2000 subscribers, what drawbacks do you see with starting out with another auto-responder service like this one and then switching to AWeber once my business is bringing in more income and likewise more subscribers? I appreciate your input and advice. Thanks so much!

    1. In fact, MailChimp free account is only meant to help you get subscribers without the option to nurture your list by sending an automated email to your list. And should you one day need autoresponder feature, MailChimp is more expensive compared to AWeber in the long run as its price strategy is based on the features made available to you. That’s the reason I choose AWeber from the start with complete features I need to effectively build a relationship with my list. Hope this answer your question. 

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