Beaver Builder Review: Can You Start Lead Generation Services with This WordPress Plugin?

Welcome To My Beaver Builder Review

If you are considering to invest in a WordPress page builder plugin that enables novice builders to design professional-looking pages, then Beaver Builder is among one of the best choices to consider.

While it is true that an appealing page is the very first thing that draws attention from site visitors, it’s unsure whether Beaver Builder can help to convert visitors to become leads or even generate online sales.

I guess these are some common questions you might want to find out before deciding to invest in any page builder, particularly if you’re an agency that builds leads for your clients or an affiliate marketer that focuses on funnel marketing.  

Before I continue with this review, I would like to let you know upfront that I am an affiliate marketer that earns a commission by promoting online marketing tools and training program.

What is Beaver Builder?
How Does Beaver Builder Work?
Who is Beaver Builder For?
The Truth About Beaver Builder
Things I Like About Beaver Builder
Can Beaver Builder Helps You Start Providing Lead Generation Services?
How I Start a Small Business Online

However, you can rest assured to get the most honest and unbiased review from me as I’m not writing to promote Beaver Builder.

On a side note, if you want to know how I start my online business and ultimately able to quit my c-level job, I suggest you check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Meanwhile, if you are eager to find out whether Beaver Builder is the ideal page builder to help you start lead generation services, then read to find out from this review.


Product Name: Beaver Builder

Founder/Owner:  Robby McCullough, Billy Young and Justin Busa

Product Type: WordPress Page Builder & Theme Plugin

Price: Standard Plan for $99 per year, Pro Plan for $199 per year, and Agency Plan for $399 per year. All plans give access to creation of unlimited pages, premium modules and templates and high-quality support all year-round.

Best For: Marketer, blogger or agencies who build websites for multiple clients.

Summary:  Beaver Builder is both a page builder and WordPress theme with a front-end drag-and-drop visual editor with a reputation of developer friendly, clean coding, and with reliable updates.

This platform is designed specifically to help both novice users and agencies to build professionally designed websites using multiple widgets or modules.

However, it might not be suitable for building leads and generate online sales for reasons which I’m going to explain later.

Rating: 7/10

Recommendation: Yes, if you do not mind to pay more.

What is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is both a page builder and a WordPress theme with a front-end drag-and-drop visual editor. Founded by three developers namely Robby McCullough, Billy Young and Justin Busa in 2014, it has managed to gather a reputation of developer-friendly, clean coding, and reliable updates.

Currently, it’s used on more than 1 million websites with an astonishing reputation for achieving $1 million in revenue within 2 years as an entirely new player within the industry.

This plugin is designed specifically to help both novice users and agencies to build professionally designed pages using multiple website-friendly widgets. There's no coding skill required and users can view the design of the pages in progress in real-time.

Beaver Builder Pricing

However, Beaver Builder is priced higher than alternatives such as Divi Builder, Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect.

You can choose from one of the three plans to start with – Standard Plan for $99, Pro Plan for $199, and Agency Plan for $399 per annum.

All plans give the user access to creating unlimited pages, premium modules and templates, including world-class support all year-round.

One good reason to upgrade to Pro plan and Agency plan is when you need to access to its WordPress themes and manage multiple websites.

There is no free-trial to access full features of Beaver Builder but you can still try out Beaver Lite, a version that’s offering limited features. Alternatively, you can try out its demo here.

Now, let’s jump right into the inside of Beaver Builder and get to know more about this WordPress plugin.

How Does Beaver Builder Work?

Unlike other page builder plugins that do not require any additional plugins to be fully operational, Beaver Builder page editing is separated into 2 different plugins with respective features.

The first plugin which is the main one called Beaver Builder plugin is meant to let you edit only the “content section” of any page. You can’t edit “theme section” such as global header, footer, blog index and archive pages using the main plugin.

In order to edit those elements inside “theme section” and replace existing theme settings on certain pages, you’ll need to use the second plugin called Beaver Themer plugin.

The Beaver Themer is excellent for building e-commerce sites because it enables the design to display descriptions, images, layouts and all necessary information about a product.

It is also a great option for designing membership sites as it allows you to manage restrictions, capabilities and members access.

However, Beaver Themer plugin might not be compatible with all types of WordPress themes. Therefore, it’s advisable to check your theme compatibility before uploading this plugin onto your website.  

Here some other important features offered by Beaver Builder.

Multiple Page Templates

Probably the best thing that users love in Beaver Builder is its limited collection of stunning and professional-looking page templates.

With more than 30 intricately designed page templates, it becomes easy and effortless to start designing with some basic idea.

Each template is mobile responsive that makes your websites look amazing on any kind of device.

This capability greatly reduces the work involved from creating multiple pages for different screens of mobile platforms.

If you prefer to add a touch of your personal design, you can also edit the templates to make them more unique by simply hover to your templates tab and edit any of the existing template.

After completing, you can save your favorite template to be reused in the future. This greatly saves time when working on the next project.

Intuitive User-Interface

The default user-interface of the standard WordPress Gutenberg involves having to guess what your final page will look like. In order to view the final output of what you are doing, you will need to preview the page over a separate tab.

Fortunately, Beaver Builder is a front-end editor which means you can view the design of your page as you edit. This saves you from the hassle to go back-and-forth to preview your page.

Since the Beaver Builder plugin is a live visual editor, you can make changes or edits on your page within a WYSIWYG environment – meaning “What You See Is What You Get.”

In addition, the Beaver Builder platform supports widgets as well as shortcodes, thus provides convenience for developers who prefer to use shortcodes for further customization.

Modules or Widgets for Easy Editing

Another thing that makes Beaver Builder simple to use is the availability of advanced modules or widgets for easy editing.

There are more than 30 modules for users to build pages. Each of these modules is grouped into basic, media and actions category.

Some of the modules include text, video, social shares, buttons, sliders, gallery, icon and many more.

For ease of editing, you can break your page into various components and simply go into the specific component to change its module according to your preference.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Whenever you feel the need to look up or ask about things related to building your page, you can always rely on the existing knowledge base or faq to have all the answers ready for you.

The information provided in the knowledge base section can be broken down into five types of inquiries namely General, Beaver Builder Plugin, Theme, Agencies, and Beaver Themer.

The articles available in the knowledge base provide detailed solutions to practical as well as technical questions with links, images, and videos that you can help you solve any issues.

For inquiries and questions outside the knowledge base, you can always submit a ticket by logging in with your account.

The best is you can even allow their technical support to have access to your dashboard remotely so they could provide hands-on assistance to solve your technical issues.

All these will be securely monitored by you on-screen and therefore you can be assured that nothing will go wrong with your site.

Who is Beaver Builder For?

To be very frank, I think there will be 2 kinds of users that will greatly benefit from using this Beaver Builder.

First, is those who want to manage a few websites on their own without having to hire a professional designer. Second, is for agencies who build websites for their clients, especially when there’s a white label option offered under the Agency plan.

This means you can replace Beaver Builder logo with yours, treating the page building technology as your own which can greatly create a better brand image in front of your clients.

The Truth About Beaver Builder

Being among the youngest WordPress page builders, Beaver Builder has a long way to go. Here’s the truth to some of the drawbacks that you must know.

Truth #1: Lack of Conversion Features

Currently, there's no conversion feature offered by Beaver Builder. This plugin in only meant to let developers or site owners create professionally designed websites without focusing to convert site visitors to become leads.

Currently, there’s no lead generation features such as A/B testing, dynamic page rotation, funnel management and page performance analyzer.

Truth #2: Very Few Template Choices

For now, Beaver Builder offers very little selection of theme and landing page templates compared to other WordPress page building plugins.

There’s a critical need to improve in this area in order to compete with current players.

Truth #3: Expensive Fees

Another thing to bear in mind when using Beaver Builder is the fact that this plugin can be quite expensive compared to more established players like Elementor Pro and Brizy Pro that only charges $49 per year for a start.

Considering its cheapest plan package costs $99 per year, it can be unaffordable for some users who are just starting out on a tight budget.

Adding to this, if you want to get hold of advanced features, you will have to pay more for upgrades.

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Things I Like About Beaver Builder

There are a few things that I like about Beaver Builder that includes the openness of this platform to accept ideas and criticism from users.

As a user, when you voice out issues, ideas, and suggestions, this information will be updated to the platform as a basis for improvement.

That’s how it manages to quickly provide updates and rose up to fame in such a short few years.

For bloggers who have zero technical knowledge, Beaver Builder does provide remote hands-on assistance to rectify any technical issues on user’s site.

Despite there might be fear of privacy compromised, however to a certain extent this platform assured secured access to individual site.

Can You Start Lead Generation Services With Beaver Builder?

Sadly to say, if your intention is to build leads and get online sales, then Beaver Builder is not for you. As mentioned earlier, it does not provide lead generation features inside any of its plans.

The most advanced feature is only meant for agencies to provide website building services to multiple clients which are not comprehensive to ensure effective lead generation.

For lead generation, it’s still better to use LeadPages, ClickFunnels or Wishpond.

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This includes providing tips and useful resources to help people start a small business online.

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Inside this guide, you’ll learn the step-by-step action I took to help me quit my c-level job and still earn a decent income at home.

I hope after reading my Beaver Builder review, you already understand that this page builder is only meant for people who want to create stunning websites and not meant to generate leads.

If you have any experience using this plugin, do share with us your feedback on the comment box below so more readers can benefit from your sharing.

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