Brizy Pro Review: An Affordable WordPress Builder For Bloggers In 2019

Welcome To My Brizy Pro Review

To efficiently grow any online business, making the right decision on the best tool to use is a must.

A well-designed website not only must be able to enhance user experience but at the same time can convert visitors to become leads, ultimately sales.

In order to effectively achieve this, you must first have the right page builder. In this regard, one that I think might be suitable is Brizy Pro.

Brizy Pro is among the youngest WordPress page builder yet most-preferred by many website builders because of its simplistic functions. It also enables people with absolutely zero coding knowledge to build an eye-catching and well-converting website.

What is Brizy Pro?
How Does Brizy Pro Work?
Who is Brizy Pro For?
The Truth about Brizy Pro 
Things I Like About Brizy Pro 
Is Brizy Pro An Affordable Website Builder for Bloggers?
How I Start a Small Business Online

Today, I am going to bring you inside Brizy Pro and share with you my findings so you can decide for yourself whether this WordPress builder is suitable to use.

Before I continue, I would like to let you know upfront that I am an affiliate marketer and do promote various tools, including page builders to earn money online.

However, I am not promoting Brizy Pro, neither am I receiving any benefits from them while writing this review.

This is just to assure you that you'll only get the most honest, impartial and unbiased review from me.

If you want to know how I start my online business to ultimately quit my c-level job, I suggest you check out my free guide which you'll be guided through step-by-step to start.

Now, let’s get right to the review and find out whether Brizy Pro is worth your time and investment.


Product Name:
 Brizy Pro

Founder/Owner: Bogdan Condurache, Sergiu Bagrin, Dimitrie Baitanciuc

Product Type: WordPress Page Builder

Price: Personal plan for $49 per year, Studio plan for $99 per year, and Lifetime plan for $299 one-time payment.

Best For: New bloggers or web designers who only focus on aesthetics of a website

Summary: Brizy Pro is a young WordPress page builder created by ThemeFusion and is among the newest yet commonly used WordPress website builder today. It has a nice intuitive interface that lets you create a website without the need for coding knowledge or skills. However, it lacks conversion functionality and therefore not suitable for marketers who build single landing pages to get leads and sales.

Rating: 7/10

Recommendation: Yes

What is Brizy Pro?

Brizy is among the youngest WordPress page builder introduced since April 2018 by ThemeFusion. Although it’s a newcomer within the page builder industry, it has proven to be one of the most competitive and user-friendly WordPress plugin.

It’s undeniable that features inside Brizy Pro are still lacking behind more established competitors, but this newcomer is constantly adapting to modern requirements and making incremental improvement over time.

That’s why its free version is ranked the top few page builders having more than 50,000 active users.

Some of its most promising features include massive choices of pre-made templates, design blocks and editable pop-ups that are ready to use anytime.

Brizy Pricing

You can download the free version of Brizy plugin that comes with limited features from inside your WordPress dashboard, or choose to subscribe for its paid Pro plans with Personal plan costing $49 per year, Studio plan at $99 per year and finally Lifetime plan at $299 one-time payment.

Below are all features offered by different plans which are self-explanatory. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Does Brizy Pro Work?

Brizy Pro actually has a lot to offer even though it was only set up last year. Here are among some of its most innovative features you can find as a Pro user.

Intuitive Real-Time Drag & Drop Editing

One thing that is always great to have out of a website builder is an intuitive interface that lets you build a website in an easy and code-free way.

Brizy Pro is designed with a real-time editing function that enables you to view your website as you do your work.

Its drag-and-drop function that comes with more than 40 elements allows you to move, arrange and resize elements such as blocks, images, fonts, buttons, and others on right from your screen.

This feature is ideally designed for people with absolutely zero coding knowledge and enables them to build a website like a pro.

Professional Pre-Made Designs

With the beginners and non-coders in mind, Brizy Pro offers more than 500 pre-made blocks, 150 premium page templates, and editable pop-ups.

Not only can these pre-made templates give you awesome ideas for designing but you can also greatly reduce the time and effort in building your page.

Some of the pre-made block designs you can get from Brizy includes pricing table, testimonials, blog roll, resource & tools, sliders, contact form, gallery author section, and many more.

I would say that with constant updates from Brizy, their pre-made designs are getting better each day – definitely more attractive with a modern look than those offered by similar competitors.

While this feature is great for non-coders, advanced users have the option to do more complex editing through the CSS.

Headers and Footers

Not many website builders come with the option to edit or even mix and match header with a footer.

While these features are certainly achievable with Brizy Pro, you can also have access to advanced features such as the creation of sticky headers, fixed headers, static headers, and many others.

The static header is the default header, while the fixed header is that one that remains even if users scroll your page. This feature is helpful to make sure visitors still can see your site menu as they scroll your page.

Having a well-designed header and footer can present a stronger brand identity to your visitors.

Wide Integration Capability

Another excellent feature to expect from Brizy Pro is its impressive 3rd party integration capability. With this feature, you can integrate various other platforms to your page to make it more capable.

Like for example if you want to make your page more attractive, you can include images from Unsplash right from your WordPress dashboard.

Also, if you to start lead generation on your site, you can store your lead data directly into email marketing tools such as AWeber, MailChimp, Zapier, and so much more.

Internal Pop-Up Builder and Massive Library of Icons

Pop-ups are excellent tools to engage your potential clients. It is proven repeatedly to generate the highest percentage of conversion on any page.

While other page builders require a third-party plugin to create pop-ups, like Elementor Pro, Brizy Pro offers various editable pop-up for you to choose from.

You can even use any of the elements inside its visual editor to create an entirely new pop-up design or edit using existing templates to suit your marketing needs.

Should you need icons to add some sparks to your designs, you’ll be spoilt with more than 4,000 types of icons inside Brizy Pro.

This way, you’ll never run out of design ideas. Each icon is editable according to your preferred size, color, borders, and even shadows to quench your thirst for the finest details.

Role Manager

The role manager feature helps in keeping your website structure and design from your clients and from other users. It allows you to put a restriction or limit to the things that your users and clients can do or edit on your page.

This feature is especially useful if you are managing a business website with many contributors, members, and users using it. Among the roles that you can assign to users include:

No access: Users are totally restricted of making any edits or changes on your Brizy Pro pages.

Limited access: User has a few restrictions on the things he or she can do to the Brizy Pro pages. This is usually the access given to content or article contributors.

Full access: Users are granted full access to make edits and changes to your Brizy Pro pages.

Brizy Cloud

Whenever you build a website using WordPress, you end up worrying and paying for hosting services, installations and other procedures and processes coming from third-party providers.

With Brizy Pro, you don’t have to worry about getting these services from other providers.

Brizy Pro comes with its very own hosting platform called the Brizy Cloud. With this feature, you get to host unlimited pages without opting for third party services.

Unfortunately, tinkering with this feature may require a bit of technical knowledge, however, the good thing is you can always get hold of Brizy tech support to help you in times of trouble.

Brizy Future Plan

With the introduction of eCommerce feature earlier this year, Brizy is still constantly upgrading its offering to existing and new clients.

Future plan of Brizy includes the ability to create subaccounts for better team management, analytics & leads integration and its collaboration tool that allow teams to comment & communicate on a project in hand.

Who is Brizy Pro For?

Brizy Pro is an excellent choice for bloggers, website developers, marketers and even a complete beginner who want to create stunning WordPress web pages.

With its intuitive user-interface equipped with a real-time drag-and-drop function, even users without any coding skill can quickly build a site from scratch.

But, if you prefer to use a WordPress theme and just want minimal editing to any specific pages, Brizy does get support from popular themes such as Astra, Neve, Ocean WP, Suki, Zita and many more.

This way, you can be assured to only use Brizy as and when needed, without depending fully on this page builder.

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The Truth About Brizy Pro 

Brizy Pro is one of the best WordPress page builders in the market that’s slowing getting traction with its constant upgrade.

However, just like other page builders, despite Brizy is not entirely shortcode based, but after deactivating there’s still some leftover codes. To make it worse, some images are broken when the plugin is disabled.

In this era, it’s no longer acceptable to still leave behind codes after deactivating. I would say Brizy still has a lot of bug fixing to match the standard of Thrive Architect, Elementor Pro and other old-timers.

Things I Like About Brizy Pro 

There are many things I like about Brizy. One notable feature that I like is the ability for users to set global styling.

For instance, Brizy gives you an option to choose from a collection of pre-made color palettes to change the entire styling of your website with one single click.

These carefully crafted color palettes ensure that your website style meets the aesthetical aspect of any design enthusiast, thus strengthen your brand image.

Users are also able to view currently editable design as desktop, tablet or mobile view. Each of these screens has its own distinct set of tools to optimize user viewing experience. This mean, Brizy support mobile responsive designs.

I love the fact that Brizy is constantly introducing new features and upgrade existing block designs to provide more value to users, especially when these upgrades are provided at no additional cost to existing Lifetime Pro users.

I would say Brizy is indeed one amazing WordPress builder, except that it's not conversion-optimized which I hope can be improved in the future.

Is Brizy Pro An Affordable Website Builder for Bloggers?

Brizy Pro is considered as one of a more affordable website builders for bloggers who build multiple niche websites to grow their business. With the starting price of only $49 for 3 sites, I believe nobody should ever reject such a great bargain.

If you are unfamiliar with the term niche website, it’s referring to a site that focuses to deliver value to a smaller group of people with specific interests within a larger market.

Niche websites offer visitors helpful content that provides a solution to specific problems when people conduct a query on search engines.

Despite Brizy is a great option for bloggers, but if you are a marketer who focuses on conversion strategy to grow your business, then Brizy might still be left behind.

Compared to ClickFunnels, Unbounce and Instapage, Brizy still lacks advance A/B testing, dynamic page rotation and multiple pop-up triggers to enable higher conversion.

If you need an affordable conversion-focused page builder for a start, I suggest you try Leadpages.

How I Start A Small Business Online

A smart WordPress page builder that helps to build pages without much effort is indeed a must-have for all bloggers.

Although Brizy Pro seems to be a good option, I’m not very keen to try it for my business as for now.

This is because I’ve already invested in Thrive Architect, another affordable WordPress theme builder that has helped me to build niche websites as part of my business strategy.

This business has generated a consistent income for me since I quit my c-level job to work at home. If you want to learn how I did it, do check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Inside this guide, you’ll learn all the methods I use to build niche websites, promote affiliate products and provide lead generation services to local businesses to earn a living at home.

I hope this Brizy Pro Review has given you an in-depth understanding on how this WordPress builder works. If you decided to give it a try, do provide me some feedback so I could add more information here.

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5 thoughts on “Brizy Pro Review: An Affordable WordPress Builder For Bloggers In 2019”

  1. Wow, i have to say that i am very impressed with Bizzy pro because i didn’t think that there will be another platform that can help with website creation in such a wonderful way. This is something i will like to give a try though. The price for joining is not so expensive as well which is very good. I can also decide to pay for a lifetime account. That’s great. Thank you!

  2. It is very good to read your review on Brizy Pro. I am relatively a newbie and I am looking to create a website. As far as I know, WordPress is one of the biggest CMS used by bloggers around the world. Brizy Pro seems like a very affordable option but what should I do if I decided to focus on conversion strategies? Will Brizy Pro still good to use? 

    1. Hi John, if you are considering to invest in a WordPress plugin that comes with conversion tools in future, then I suggest you try to start with Thrive Architect which is one of the 10 products inside Thrive Themes, the all-in-one plugin membership. At least this subscription theme comes with full conversion tools if you ever need it one day. Just opt for upgrades and everything will be good to go. Hope it helps. 

  3. Brizzy pro is surely awesome here and I have heard quite a lot of good things about the wordpress builder. The pricing is the major thing that peaked my interest because it is very cheap compared to others that I have used on my website and on this note, I will say this is  a very good one considering the benefits of the performance that it offers. Great one

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