Cash Money Sites Review: Another Make Money Online Scam Exposed

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Welcome To My Cash Money Sites Review!

After reviewing more than hundreds of online business opportunities, there are still so many new program that claim to offer easy way to make money online.

To tell you the truth, I am really tired of doing review after review to find out more products are scam.  

Yes tired – but in order to let you make informed decision, I persist and continue to review more products so that lesser people will fell prey to unethical businesses.

Cash Money Sites is another online business opportunities that make promises to let you earn huge money with only a single button. Can you believe that?

What is Cash Money Sites?
Inside Cash Money Sites
Who is Cash Money Sites for?
The Truth About Cash Money Sites
Things I Like About Cash Money Sites
Is Cash Money Sites A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

First and foremost, I am relieved that you took the time to do research on Cash Money Site before deciding to invest. That’s the reason you landed on my site too, I guess.

Before I continue to expose the truth about this sleazy program, if you are tired of scam and serious to find one program that can help you make a full time income online, I suggest you check out my free guide to start a small business online.

This guide shows you the exact strategy I use to quit my c-level job and start working at home.

Here’s my  genuine yet in-depth review of Cash Money Sites.


Product Name: Cash Money Sites

Founder/ Owner: Jason Jordan and Mark Adams (For obvious reasons, they don’t really exist!)

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing System

Price: $47 plus further upsells after signing up

Best for: Nobody should be using it!

Summary: Cash Money Sites is basically an affiliate marketing system that generates a personal website for you. This website will be filled with random content and multiple affiliate links. All this is done with just a simple click on one button.

However, that is not how affiliate marketing system truly works – certainly not the right tactics to earn money from this proven strategy.

Cash Money Sites simply makes unrealistic income claim, use fake testimonials and intentionally hide the real owner behind this program. This is definitely one suspicious program anyone should be careful with.

Rating: 1/100

Recommendation: No, it’s a total scam!

What Is Cash Money Sites?

Here’s an important note before I begin: Cash Money Sites should not be confused with is a genuine cash advance lender in Canada. It offers cash loans, such as online loans, in store loans, loans by phone, personal loans, and payday/cash advances.

The product under reviewed which is Cash Money Sites promises to give you a system that can generate ‘rapid mass profits’ for you. It’s able to curate random content and post on the website that it generates for you. I suspect the content come from Private Label Rights platforms, which I’ll explain later.

Being a fully automated affiliate marketing system, it comes with the features to build viral traffic so you can get commissions instantly. Up to this stage,

I really feel it looks like a scam as I too earn a living through affiliate marketing. Despite this is a proven strategy to earn a full time income, it can never be as easy as claims inside Cash Money Sites.

Apparently, the site owners, Mark Adams and Jason Jordan are both spokesperson in their sales video, trying to convince you that their program is absolutely revolutionary and can generate unlimited site traffic for your affiliate site.

What they are trying to tell you is that you don’t have to do anything in order to profit from this site. Do you seriously believe it?

Here are a few sites that adopt the same promotional tactics inside their sales video, exactly the same as in Cash money Sites.

Inside Cash Money Sites

For a fee as low as $47, the site claims to give you access into an exciting affiliate marketing system that will fetch you money.

Once you complete your registration process, you’ll receive your personal niche website, stuffed with content from Private Label Rights (PLR) sites.

Niche website is a term used on website that focuses on a specific interest, topic or theme that is narrowed to a group of people within the larger market. Popular niches include health & beauty, outdoor sports, dating, and many more.

I am also making a full time living from niche website but definitely not the same method used by Cash Money Sites.

It’s a common practice in e-business industry to use PLR content to promote affiliate products. However this type of content can never get your site good credibility, thus can’t generate much traffic.

If you can make money form PLR content without modification to increase its value, then it’s probably made out of sheer luck.

PLR content can come in the form of text, video or infographics. It’s any type of content that allows you the rights to edit, change or modify it however you want.

Most PLR stores such as buy their private name products from generic manufacturers who give them the rights to put their own name on them.

Other than PLR content, your site will have a unique theme and few affiliate links so you can start promoting it to drive traffic.

Cash Money Sites is sold via ClickBank, a reputable online marketplace that’s well-known with abundance of digital products such as ebooks, digital training, tools and software.

However, in recent years, they seems to allow many sleazy products to be listed and thus even low quality program like this can end up in ClickBank.

Who Is Cash Money Sites For?

I believe Cash Money Sites is only meant to help unethical people like the owner himself make dishonest income.

There’s no training inside this system that can help you generate site traffic. The most you can get after paying $47 is a site that is stuffed with useless PLR content that can be the same content with other people who choose the same niche after buying Cash Money Sites.

There’s nothing inside this system it's a total lie which I am going to expose now!

The Truth About Cash Money Sites

As promised, here's the truth I found about Cash Money Sites which you might be grateful to me for exposing the ugly side of this program.

Truth #1 Fake Creators

The owners of Cash Money Sites, Mark, and Jason cannot be found anywhere. I’ve searched through Google, Facebook and other forums but there’s not a single information I could find except they are associated with Cash Money Sites.

Don't you think if the company really managed to help people make money, wouldn’t they be famous by now?

However, they aren't, and there is a reason for that. You can search on the Internet for them if you wish to. I doubt you can find any.

Truth #2: Fake Testimonials

The actors in the video are just paid to speak a certain way. Yes, the testimonials they have on their website are completely fake and made up.

It is not hard at all for one to get these videos done. On freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, you can get these videos done for quite cheap, say in less than $10!

When you know that they have lied about the owners, won’t it be a little obvious that the testimonials and other promises can be fake too?

It is literally just the hype of it and nothing else.

Truth #3: Push Button Can’t Help You Make Money Online

Be attentive when you watch videos and publicity of site using similar tactics like Cash Money Sites. All the videos of Cash Money Sites have a common pitch which just hypes up or publicizes the product.

No where in the video actually explains how the system really works.

Cash Money Sites simply tell you that their program will generate a website for you. They didn’t explain what you are supposed to do with your site.

To put it simply, there is no such thing as a ‘Push button’ to earn money without doing anything! It is completely misleading.

I personally have a small business online, and I have built several websites myself. Speaking as an experienced marketer, the first sale itself can take a few months to happen!

Cash Money Sites is just another site that make false claims & gives you unrealistic expectation.

Truth #4: Unrealistic Income Potential

Think logically for a second. Is it really possible to earn more than a thousand dollars by just pushing a button?

If it was that easy to earn a thousand dollars, don’t you think every student, freelancer, worker, retiree and those working 9 to 5 would be doing this!

Cash Money Sites is simply a scam you are being lured into with empty promises.

Truth #5: No Training Inside Cash Money Sites  

Cash money Sites does not come with any form of training.

A look inside its member dashboard only shows “builder tab” that can create a website for you. That’s all, and nothing else.

So this means, you are left to drive traffic to your website on you own!

I wonder how you’re going to do this if you have zero experience in promoting affiliate products online.

If you are serious to learn affiliate marketing, then you should check out my best training program that has trained me to become who I am today.

Things I Like About Cash Money Sites

There is nothing I like about this site.

Speaking from real experience, sites created using Cash Money Sites are useless. Hence, it won't do anything to help you earn a single cent.

Ok, if you want to give this site a try, there’s a 60 days money-back guarantee offered by ClickBank. So even if you’ve paid in full, you still get full refund.  

However, getting a refund from ClickBank can be a tedious process – something you wouldn’t want to get into!

Is Cash Money Sites A Scam?

Without a doubt, Cash Money Sites is a total scam! Despite affiliate marketing is a legitimate model to earn a full time income online, however it’s never as easy as having a done-for-you website.

Having a website stuffed with the same content other people have can’t attract organic traffic. Google will never list your website on their search engine and your site can be penalized by this giant search engine. This means, nobody can find your site.

Even if you use paid advertisement to drive traffic, the low quality content is not going to influcence buying.

I would not recommend anyone to fall for this scam and put any money in it.

How I Start A Small Business Online?

It can take a while for one to understand that moneymaking online is not as easy as these scam sites make it look like!

It is important to understand that to achieve online success; you need to work hard and be consistent with your effort.

I’ve followed through a proven system that has helped me quit the job that I was totally unsatisfied with, allowing me to finally work at home.

Not only did I managed to start a small business online with this system, now I can earn some quality time for myself and work based on my time flexibility.

It was not an overnight job though. It took me a while to set up this business and finally managed to earn a full time income.

You can follow the steps-by-steps method in the free guide that I’ve put together – of course, that is provided you’re determined to achieve online success.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Cash Money Sites review and found something valuable out of it. Share this post with your friends and let us know in comments how you feel about it.

And yes, feel free to ask any questions you might have. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Emmanuel Buysse | July 24, 2019 at 11:15 pm | Reply

    Another article, another scam exposed. Seriously, they should stop some time to do it, but I can imagine they will not and the reason is simple. You find stupid people very here, and you will find them, no matter what. I see it good enough, you just have to open a forum, and you already see it. Thanks for sharing it, I will never try it. 

    • That’s why I have to continue writing reviews. Otherwise, more people might become victims of such scam. Pls share this post with your friends so they could make informed decision too. 

  2. Jeff Klinger | July 25, 2019 at 12:27 am | Reply

    I love when things like this get exposed. I am fairly new to the make money online space, and have been trying to find my way. Most sites like this, even the scammy one’s offer some kind of training. I appreciate what you are doing and it has truly helped me avoid yet another scam. I will take your advice and steer clear of this program. 

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