CB Cash Code Review: Scam or Legit?

CB Cash Code is another ClickBank product that claims to help any newbie make money with affiliate marketing. Read the truth about this program before you buy.
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Welcome To My CB Cash Code Review

CB Cash Code is yet another ClickBank product that claims to help anyone make money online including complete newbies who have no experience in this business.

I've reviewed so many products sold on ClickBank that promises quick and easy money with little work involved where almost 90% are scams.

Is CB Cash Code another scam or a legit program that can really provide you all the necessary training, system and resources that enable you to achieve time and financial freedom?

To help you make the right investment, here's my honest CB Cash Code review.

What is CB Cash Code?
A Look Inside CB Cash Code
Can You Trust The User's Testimonials?
The Truth About Affiliate Marketing
Is CB Cash Code A Scam?
How I Make 5 Figure Income Online


Product Name: CB Cash Code www.thecbcashcode.com

Creator/Owner: George Patterson

Product Type: An online program to selling affiliate products

Price: $37 with Upsell $197 or $147

Best For: Only the marketer promoting this low quality program

Summary: It's a “non-clarity” product which make hyped up promises of helping anyone make up to $80,000 a month by only working for a mere 10 minutes a day.

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No, too suspicious!

What Is CB Cash Code?

CB Cash Code claims to help anyone earn up to $80,000 per month whereby you are only require to put in 10 minutes of “hard work” a day.

How fantastic to have such a wonderful program in the market.

According to George Patterson, who seems like the creator of CB Cash Code (unverified), a look into its sales video indicates that this is a training program that teaches you how to make easy money online, promoting ClickBank products.

For those of you who have never heard of ClickBank, it's actually an affiliate marketplace that allow marketers from around the world to promote ClickBank listed products (mainly information products) to earn a commission.

The CB Cash Code sales video tells you nothing except the story of George Patterson, struggling financially with his pathetic life in order to pay for his mother’s medical bills and all these sufferings ended when his cousin introduced him to ClickBank.

His life’s changes when he started to earn huge amount of money from selling CB Cash Code. The whole content of this video is only about how good CB cash code is, in terms of money making.

Again, similar to many low quality ClickBank program that I've reviewed previously, there are many income proof shared inside this video but as usual no concrete information about how it really works.

Here are typical claims shown inside sales video of most scam or low quality products which you can find inside CB Cash Code too. If you find these inside any program, then you need to really raise your alert.

  • Hyped-up sales video that shows high income statement;
  • Deliver quick and easy income without technical skills required;
  • Only little time and effort required a day;
  • System is a secret that's never revealed before; 
  • Some pathetic story of the spokesperson with his turnaround success story
  • Just copy the success formula and you can be successful too
  • Emotional trigger to to give you hope
  • Limited time offer;
  • Low upfront price strategy; and
  • Identity of product owner is never disclosed

With three FIVERR spokespersons’ testimonials, it looks pretty convincing that CB Cash Code is the ONE program that is going to create miracle.

Although CB Cash Code shows a very convincing sales video that only requires you to invest a low initial sum of $37, for people who are mindful of possible scam will definitely do some research about this program.

EARNING UP TO $240 per sale – Does it makes sense??

Inside ClickBank marketplace, I found out that a marketer who promote CB Cash Code is able to earn up to $240 per sale.

How on earth can any marketer earned such an amount when the selling price is only $37 one-time? True enough, you'll be “pushed” to buy more upsells when you are inside member's dashboard.

A Look Inside CB Cash Code

What CB Cash Code offers you is a stack of PDF files, introducing to you all about affiliate marketing and how you can make money from this business. But what they didn't tell you is the time and money you need to invest further in order to make the $80,000 as claimed.

The training content inside CB Cash Code consist of mainly basic information about affiliate marketing that you can easily find online for free. None of the so-called tactics is new or innovative enough to impress me.

There are increasingly more online marketing techniques being introduced each day. And keeping up to with the industry is critical to stay competitive.

CB Cash Code is not even close enough to compete, not to mention having the capacity to deliver its promises of making quick and easy money for anyone who buy the product.

If you pay $37, you only have access to the first pdf called CB Cash Code whereas to access for the other 4 pdfs, ou need to pay more. Here're the offerings inside member dashboard.

CB Cash Code Main Guide – $37: This is the summary or rather a basic information about using ClickBank. It teaches you how to sign up and choose the right product to promote, study the statistics, processing refunds, etc.

It also explain about what is affiliate marketing, SEO and paid advertising. Those are all basic introduction to newbies about how affiliate marketing works. I can safely guarantee you that any newbie can never make money by just reading this piece of information.

ClickBank Cash Pro – $197: This upsell teaches you ways to draw traffic with email marketing, PPC (Pay per click) and PPV (Pay-Per-View advertising) and others. Seriously, PPV is already an absolete method where reputable marketers are no longer using. Even this term is gradually losing traction in e-marketing industry.

If you really want to learn email marketing, I suggest you to sign up for AWeber, an proven email marketing tool that provides up-to-date training in this aspect.

ClickBank Book Plus – $147: This product is all about Social media. It mainly focuses on leveraging on Facebook to drive traffic to your product landing page. Some training include setting up of Facebook page, fundamental of naming the page, post scheduling, etc.

Ok, look, you can easily learn these from Facebook Blueprint, an online academy created by Facebook to help anyone run a business with their platform. It's FREE! All you need to gain access is just to sign up for a Facebook account.

ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method: Not much information can be found about this product but it seems about creating personal brand through social media, sort of how to become social media influencer.

It does teaches you real, step-by-step action to be taken in order to make money from affiliate marketing. CB Cash Code didn't teach you about how to start, implement and monitor results of this business.

These two questions are cruel enough to get users going round the circle, figuring out on what to do next. Action plan, step by step guide??

NOTHING at all!!

Can You Trust User Testimonials?

I have exposed many FAKE Testimonials shown inside sales video of most ClickBank products. As much as this is already part of the usual marketing gimmick for physical products, there're some difference in the case of make-money program.

Let’s take a look at the people giving testimonials inside CB Cash Code sales video. The so call “users’ testimonial” come from paid spokespersons. If the money making through CB Cash Code is as promised as quick and easy, why can they show testimonials from real users?

If CB Cash Code is really making money, I am sure there are tonnes of people willing to testify on it. But where are they?

Using Fiverr Actress on its’ testimonial. How true can that be? Of course that is FAKE Testimonials!!

SUSPICIOUS Disclaimer Page or not UPDATED??

One low quality program that I've reviewed previously called eCom Profit Sniper seems related to CB Cash Code as the word “wrongfully” appear inside its Disclaimer page of CB Cash Code.

I suspect both programs share the same owner despite the name of owners in both are not the same. This means even the real owner might be using fake identity.

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

So, is it really that easy to quickly make money from affiliate marketing?

Being a c-level executive who only managed to quit 9 to 5 job after started affiliate marketing for 3 years, I would like to let you know that affiliate commission is never as quick & easy as claimed inside CB Cash Code.

To become successful, you need to put in lots of hard work, persistence and patience. Constantly learn and keep updated with latest marketing trend, tools and tactics are important .

I believe the real owner of CB Cash Code did the same. Just that the way he's promoting this product is way too misleading. This get-rich quick scheme would only benefit himself at the expenses of people who signed up.

If you really want to learn how affiliate marketing works, here's a free guide on how I managed to make money online.

Is CB Cash Code A Scam?

Well, of all the evidence as shown, I would rate CB Cash Code as excessively exxagerate with its claims. Affiliate marketing can never sound as simple as that.

The use of fake testimonials and untraceable owner, I am quite certain that the real owner is trying to make quick money from innocence newbies who will not ask for refund of $37 after finding out the program doesn't work.

Whether CB Cash Code is a scam or isn't is no longer important. From the low quality content, buyer will never make money with this program.

I strongly advise anyone to stay away from this hyped up product. DO not be tempted to buy such product, as you may end up paying more than what you get but at the end earn nothing.

How I Make 5 Figure Income

I never believe making money can be quick and easy. Any program that promises quick results without much work needed are mostly over hyped and can't help anyone build a real, profitable and long-term business.

Like you, I too have been searching everywhere to find a legitimate business opportunity. Luckily I found one that has helped me quit my C-level job and achieve time and financial freedom to do things that I truly want.

If you are serious to build a long-term online business yet not afraid of hard work, then I suggest you to sign up for my top recommended program which is legitimate yet proven to help many people earn 5 to 6 figure income by working at home, including me.

Inside this program, you will learn step-by-step on how to build an affiliate marketing business with training listed below.

1. Create authority blog;
2. Find profitable niche;
3. Select profitable affiliate products;
4. Paid (Facebook, Google & Bing Ads) & free traffic strategies (SEO);
5. Sales funnel & email marketing;
6. Dropshipping & ecommerce;
7. YouTube marketing;
8. Google analytics; and many more

The good news is anyone can start for free, and that includes YOU! There're free marketing tools for members too!

I hope you enjoy reading my CB Cash Code review. If you find this post valuable, please share on Facebook and Twitter.

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