ClicksDealer Review: Is This Business Opportunity Real?

ClicksDealer Review

Welcome to My ClicksDealer Review

If you've been searching for real ways to earn money online, you definitely have come across program that claims to help anyone make money in an easy and quick way without you having to do much. Sounds familiar?

One such program that I found is called ClicksDealer that claims to help anyone earn money with advertising banners.

From the website, the business model to make money is by buying ad banners on their platform that run on third party websites. Another way is by referring people to invest into ClicksDealer to make affiliate commission.

Is ClicksDealer another scam or a legit opportunity opportunity that can be build up as a real online business so you could work at home?

Continue reading to explore whether ClicksDealer is one program that you should invest.

What Is ClicksDealer About?
How Does ClicksDealer Works?
Cost of ClicksDealer
Red Flags of ClicksDealer
Is ClicksDealer A Scam?
A Legitimate Business Opportunity


Product Name: ClicksDealer (

Owner/Creator: Unknown

Product Type: Advertising Banner Marketplace

Price: From $250 Basic Membership + Upgrades + Banner Cost ($25 up to $1,500)

Best For: Nobody

Summary: ClicksDealer is an advertising banner marketplace that offer members the opportunity to make money by trading ad banners, get referral and get paid when anyone clicks on a banner. However, its business model is dubious with no real product/services. Anyone should stay away from this dubious business opportunity.

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

What's ClicksDealer About?

According to, it's an Advertising Banner Marketplace that allows people to trade ad banners of big brands inside the platform to make money online.

Similar to stocks or bitcoin trading, it's said that the price of ad banners fluctuate depending on supply and demand forces.

Stocks or Bitcoin trading companies earn revenue by charging brokerage fees but what is the source of revenue for ClicksDealer?

Is ClicksDealer getting their revenue from big brands like Canon, Nikon, BMW, Mercedez, Apple and other brands that place advertisements through this platform?

If yes, why would these big brands advertise with ClicksDealer but not with reputable advertising marketplace like Facebook or Google that has the best audience targeting system and huge network of publishers (website owners)?

Or is ClicksDealer revenue solely come from membership package fees paid by people who want to make money through this platform?

We all know that advertising cost (or cost per click) in big advertising marketplace like Google & Facebook fluctuates due to daily supply and demand for ads. But this is possible because they have huge publisher networks and offer a “service to the public” that gain them huge web traffics.

What about ClicksDealer? Do they also offer a service and have huge publisher network that make big brands wanting to place their advertising banners through ClicksDealer?

Seriously, I've never heard of this company before and that's why it raises my curiosity on how ClicksDealer actually works when it seems that this company is not providing any product/service at all.

How Does ClicksDealer Works?

If you ask me, this website did a very poor job in explaining the overall business model on how it works.

There are many information not clearly spelled out before asking anyone to invest their hard-earned money into this “vague” business opportunity.

I believe this is done intentionally to take advantage of people who will not think much before parting with their money into a business opportunity that promises quick and easy return.

However, one thing I can be sure is when you choose to invest in ClicksDealer, you have these 3 options to earn money with this business opportunity.

1. Get paid when someone clicks on the ad banner that you invested (pay-per-click)
2. Buy and sell ad banners inside ClicksDealer platform (trading)
3. Refer new people to invest in ClicksDealer (affiliate marketing)

Cost of ClicksDealer

In order to get started, you just need to activate your account by filling up your payment details and pay for membership package you select inside the platform.

Only after activation, you will be able to start buying and trading ad banners including referring people to the platform and earn affiliate commission.

There are 5 membership packages in total and here's a quick breakdown on the benefit of each package whereby each comes with more of a “matching bonus” and gives you longer access to an Account Manager.

1. Bronze – 20% matching bonus
2. Silver – 50% matching bonus and account manager for 1 month
3. Gold – 75% matching bonus and account manager for 3 months
4. Platinum – 100% matching bonus and account manager for life
5. Diamond – 200% matching bonus and VIP mentoring

In fact, there's no way you can find out how much each package cost. However, after doing some research I found this T&C on their website which stated:

“To apply for the Issuance of Banners, a User must, at a minimum, purchase a basic package for $250” – source: conditions.pdf

So, I presume the minimum package cost $250 and price on the rest of the packages will only be revealed to you when your Account Manager contact you.

This is a similar tactic used by Elite Marketing Pro, Legendary Marketer and The Super Affiliate Network whereby each member will be assigned a dedicated manager/coach who will try to convince you into buying more expensive membership package.

Once you pay for a package, next is to start investing in or buy the ad banners (cost ranging from $25 to over $1,500 each) to start making money from the three methods I shared earlier

Once you hit buy, there's only 7 seconds before the system automatically deduct credit or money from your ClicksDealer account.

So, make sure you know exactly which ad banner to buy before hitting the buy button as you only have less than 7 seconds to change your mind.

If you hit “bid” then the system will just put you into the bidding mode where you'll win or lose at expiry, similar to eBay.

Red Flags of ClicksDealer

If you understand how advertising banner marketplace works, you definitely know that media companies like Google or Facebook gets their revenue from big brand advertisers and pay publisher for their website space through Google Adsense program.

But the problem with ClicksDealer is they are neither well-known like Google or Facebook with massive web traffics, nor they able to prove that they have huge publisher networks.

All we know is they are recruiting members to purchase their membership packages and buy ad banners.

So, who's the one placing the ads, who's the one viewing the ads and why would big brands advertise with ClicksDealer?

All these raise question on whether ClicksDealer is really a legitimate business opportunity or just another bogus opportunity.

Now let's look at all the red flags I found from this dubious business opportunity.

Low Quality Ad Banner Design: Do you think big brands like Samsung or Nikon will do not bother about their brand image? Look at the ad banner design sold inside ClicksDealer, it's just so unprofessionally designed.


I've run advertising agency for 10 years and there's strict brand identity big brands need to follow. Such low quality ad design will never be approved for publishing.

Complaints From Members: From my research, I've found complaints about ClicksDealer from members who call this program lies, despicable, devious, dishonest, manipulative and unprofessional scam artists.

When member is not able to achieve a certain level of transactions, as a penalty, ClicksDealer will charge hefty fee to be deducted from their capital amount.

Apparently the “Account Manager” was meant to con you into believing that this investment is capital guaranteed but in fact it's not!

Unknown Owner: Until now, I don't even know who is the owner of ClicksDealer. There's no information about the owner at all.

This is one of the biggest red flag found in low quality scam program. Here's the list of program I've reviewed with unknown or fake owner, that I suggest you to avoid.

Even the address that ClicksDealer posted on their website is shared by 41 different companies.

With this, do you still think ClicksDealer is a real business opportunity that can help you make money and quit your day job?

**now they already removed the address on their site but owner is still unknown.


Suspicious Business Model: I believe up to this stage, none of us are clear about what product or services ClicksDealer is trying to offer. In every legitimate business, there's some product or services to offer that can solve the problem of each buyer.

But in the case of ClicksDealer, I can't find any product or service at all. It's simply an advertising banner marketplace that's trying to make money from people who want to find business opportunity online.

In short, what they are selling is only ” fake hope” and “fake business opportunity” that never exist in the very first place.

There's no real product nor service at all because big brands will never advertise through a platform that has no prior record for fear of losing their brand image.

Is ClicksDealer A Scam?

Whether ClicksDealer is a scam or not is no longer important. The issue now is legitimacy of this business model is highly questionable right from the beginning.

Questions like will big brands advertise on Clicks Dealer or what product/services does ClicksDealer sells can already raise the alarm for anyone who's considering this “dubious opportunity”.

With so many negative reviews, complaints and red flags raised, I would strongly advise anyone to stay away from this program.

A Legitimate Business Opportunity

I never believe making money can be quick and easy.

Any program that promises quick results without much work needed are mostly over hyped and can't help anyone build a real, profitable and long-term business.

Like you, I too have been searching everywhere to find a legitimate business opportunity.

Luckily I found one that has helped me quit my C-level job and achieve real financial & time freedom to live the life that I really want.

If you are serious to build a long-term online business yet not afraid of hard work, then I suggest you to sign up for my top recommended program which is legitimate and proven to help many people earn 5 to 6 figure income by working at home.

Inside this program, you will learn step-by-step on how to build an affiliate marketing business with training listed below.

1. Create authority blog;
2. Find profitable niche;
3. Select profitable affiliate products;
4. Paid (Facebook, Google & Bing Ads) & free traffic strategies (SEO);
5. Sales funnel & email marketing;
6. Dropshipping & ecommerce;
7. YouTube marketing;
8. Google analytics; and many more

The good news is anyone can start for free, and that includes YOU! There're free marketing tools for members too!

With this ClicksDealer Review, I hope you already know how this business opportunity really is.

Please share this post with your friends so they too can be spared from investing into such dubious program.

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20 thoughts on “ClicksDealer Review: Is This Business Opportunity Real?”

  1. Hi Florence, I couldn’t help but smile at the your question if I have come across programs that claims to help one make money quick. The programs are uncountable and if one doesn’t seat down to do proper research, he/she may end up being scammed. I hate programs that their creators/owners are unknown, I also don’t like programs that mandate people to do referral programs before they can earn. Thanks for your review. 

    1. Yes, I too hate those program where the owner is suspicious. From my experience, almost 99% are scam. So, better to stay away.

  2. A bullet dodge. Thanks for this honest review. I would have joined clicksdealer few days ago, but I opted to make some research before making a move, and I’m glad I landed here. There are so many red flags. One need to be careful on the quest of making money online. Thanks again for the review.

    1. Glad that I managed to prevent another person from falling into this scam. If you are really into finding a way to start an online business, I suggest you read this, one program that helped me make 5 figure income and quit my C-level job. 

  3. Clicks dealer is simply one of those platforms that claims people can achieve success through them but they are a bunch of crapy products and people who invest in such platforms that promises quick return on investment with little or no work are mostly scams. My top recommend platform to earn money online is still Wealthy Affiliate. 

  4. This has been the most honest clicksdealer review that I have read so far. I’ve been looking for somewhere to put a banner of my website on for advertisment and keep falling trap to these spammy websites that totally under deliver in their promises so I’m very cautious when looking for a legitimate place so that I can invest a bit of money to help my online business.

    im glad I have found this review and will not be joining clicksdealer based on your review. Do you know of any genuine sites that I could advertise my website on that would drive targeted traffic?

    thanks if you can help

    1. I still believe Google Adwords or Facebook Ads is the best ads platform. However they do have quite stringent T&C. You might want to check it out before running your ads. 

  5. Thanks for writing a thorough review on clickdealer. I saw some YouTube videos where people claim they earn huge from this site which made me do more research and I found your site.I think these programs unfortunately exist to scam people and some people to earn commission form these sites write positive reviews. I am going to ignore this site.Thanks

  6. I am very happy i did my research by stumbling on this post, They are vermin. You just about cannot click on anything out of curiosity anymore, although I haven’t invested any amount in this website I actually smell fraud whenever I visit this website. Thanks for this informative review I’ll certainly share with my friends.

  7. Hi Florence! The idea of a marketplace for exchanging ads from well known companies sounded interesting to me. But after reading your review, it makes perfect sence that Mercedes-Benz or Nikon wouldn’t choose ClickDealer above Facebook or Google. So, the money that goes into ClickDealer must be coming out of the pockets of people wanting to make money online. That’s disgusting! Thank you very much for giving light about this scam.

    I have a question. Among these platforms you recommend is there one where we can learn how to generate revenue through ads?

    1. Of course there is. You can try to build your own blog, get traffic then place banner ads from ads networks to generate revenue. However, you must at huge traffic to your blog before you’re able to make decent income. I make money by promoting affiliate product on my blog. You might want to try the same with Wealthy Affiliate, the program that helped me make 5 figure income and quit my C-level job this year. Hope this helps. 

  8. Good afternoon Florence,

    The fact that ClicksDealer has no visible owner makes me very suspicious Then the fact that there is no real product or service, no good.

    The complaints of members are very serious and certainly does not put ClicksDealer in a good light. 

    That the “Account Manager” makes you believe your investment is capital guaranteed when it is not to then top it off with penalties? It is really unbelievable how some people try to scam and make money.

    Thanks to your review we are warned not to fall for this.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. You are welcome. I bet if you landed on my page, it might be because you’re searching for a business opportunity to start making money online. If that’s the case, I suggest you to try out my top recommended program that has helped me quit my C-level job and become a full time work at home mom. Hope this helps. 

  9. Marios Tofarides

    Hey there,Thanks for taking the time to inform us know about this  “opportunity” anyway. There are many  “opportunities” like this one, that try to woo you with fancy videos and “testimonials”, and most of them are very similar. You get to know one, you know them all! Thanks also for the resources at the bottom of the page. Precious! Thanks again!

    1. You are most welcome Marios. I’ve build my small online business using only a few resources and the most precious one is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s because of this program that I managed to quit my C-level job to become a full time work at home mom. I highly suggest you try this program if you’ve yet to find the right method to make money online. 

  10. Hey Florence 

    Thanks So much for sharing Information about Click Dealers with us. I read through your review and I still don’t understand how one who joins is going to make money while in the business. I think the tactics for most scam programs is that they make their service complicated but appealing in order to get you thrilled for the Business opportunity presented while there’s nothing really to look forward to. 

    1. You’re right. That’s the unethical strategy they use. Better stay away from such program. 

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