Content Is Not The #1 Factor To Succeed Online

We've always heard many internet marketing experts telling us that content is the #1 factor to succeed online.

No doubt I do agree with this to a certain extent, but somehow or rather I think there are more to it to successfully build a sustainable business online.

Well, this myth has indeed attracted many to start online business with the hope that they can earn more money by merely building a website and share  high quality content.

However with powerful search engine like Google, don't you think high quality content is already available widely?

You can simple search for these content, curate them with your personal opinion the share one your website. Easy right?

I would say if high quality content can be easily produced by anyone. Personally I think there are too factors involved if you want to succeed online.

Content is simply one small part of it.

The Right Customer Database

Whether you are doing online or offline business, reaching out to the right customers is important so you can effectively promote your products to them.

The right audience are people who are more likely to be interested in your offers.

For example, if you are working on a home gardening niche, your “right audience” are people who always post photos of gardening on social media sites.

Many marketers focus too much on getting new customers but neglected the importance of retaining existing customers which is proven to convert better.

Satisfied customers will be more receptive to your offers compared to new customers.

This is because they have previous good experience and believe the following purchases will be equally good.

Therefore it is important to take care of your existing customers while looking for new prospects.

Irresistible offer

Many online marketers offer free e-book to attract new subscribers to their list.

However, most free e-books consist of very general information and could not win the heart of subscribers which led to many subscribers opt-out after a while.

So how does “irresistible offer” look like?

If you are offering free e-books, make sure its content is able to genuinely solve the major problems faced by most of your niche customers.

Whereas if you are offering a product which require them to made a purchase, then your price strategy must be developed with the intention to help more people rather than focusing solely on profit.

This is because, selling online is already without boundaries where you can reach massive buyers to generate more profits.

Online consumer can be well aware of the price offered by similar products.

Therefore, marketers should work on value innovation to let your customers “Pay Less for More Value”.

Compelling Title

A content without an effective title is not able to attract people to continue reading.

If you are driving traffics to your website by applying search engine optimization method, then your title should consist keyword phrases with high searches.

For example, if many people are searching for “How to make money online?” then you can write an article based on this topic.

However, there are too many competition on this keyword phrase and it may be very difficult for your content to rank on Google.

Therefore creating a compelling title is important if you plan to proactively sending traffics to your website, particularly via social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram (read how to become Instagram influencer), Twitter or YouTube.

A title which is controversial attracts more people to click on your posts.

For example, the title in this article “Content Is Not The #1 Factor To Succeed Online” is controversial as most people think content is the key success factor to engage your site visitors.

Another example is “Innovation Cannot Ensure Success” or “Innovate or Die”.

Something daring and challenging can also engage your readers.

Alternatively, you may want to try this formula on how to creatively write catchy headline in less than 5 seconds.

Copywriting and image

If you still think content is extremely important to succeed online, then you should continue reading this.

“Complex copywriting” is not effective to engage readers anymore.

With the increase of speed brought by technology, many will prefer to read valuable content in a straight forward manner.

This is because there are just too many content to read online.  Not many people will have the time to read one paragraph just to get a single piece of information that can be presented in one sentence.

Image is also one factor that should be taken seriously if you want to succeed online.

It is one of the key success factor to attract visitors to read your content.

Again, it is too “noisy” online and therefore you should show only images that are unique to most people.

I am not able to directly tell you what images will attract readers but you will definitely know if you ever see one.

Here are some sources of free images that can be helpful.

There are just too many factors involved to successfully build a sustainable business online.

If there are other factor you think is important to succeed online or if you want to know more about how to create a sustainable business online, please do leave me a comment below and I will reply as soon as available.


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4 thoughts on “Content Is Not The #1 Factor To Succeed Online”

  1. Hi Florence,

    I enjoyed reading your post its somehow very informative but I found it abit lengthy.

    If you can make more summarised it will be better.

    Anyway well done!

  2. syed sallehuddin

    Good points. Especially the noisy internet nowadays. I think a good combination of picture and content help. Videos too.

    1. You are right. I personally feel that social media is the noisiest among all platforms. It is just so distracting. Btw, thanks for liking my post. Hope you will come back for more.

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