Digital Payday Review: The Scam Exposed

Digital Payday Review

Welcome to My Digital Payday Review

Digital Payday is a program that claims to help anyone make $5,000 in the next 24 hours.

I came across this program as there's someone promoting it through email marketing and landed in my mailbox.

Before I give you details about Digital Payday, I would like to let you know upfront that I am in no way associated with this product.

What I am trying to do here is to give you an honest Digital Payday Review so you can make decision whether this internet business opportunity is suitable for you.

After finish reading this review, it's entirely up to you whether to start a small online business with Digital Payday or any other program that you want. The decision is entirely up to you.

Here's my honest Digital Payday review.

What is Digital Payday?
How Does Digital Payday Works?
The Ugly Truth About Digital Payday
Is Digital Payday A Scam?
How I Start My Small Business Online


Product Name:
Digital Payday (

Founder/Owner: Daniel Bluth (unknown)

Product Type: Not the same as claimed inside sales video

Price: $0, but there's more cost inside member's area

Best For: The owner and black hat affiliate marketer

Summary: This is a total scam. It's not an automated ads banner system but rathar is a forex/cryto trading platform which can't help anyone make money online.

Rating: 1/100

Recommendation: No

What Is Digital Payday About?

First of all I would like to commend the nicely done website of that looks professional and decent for anyone to have confidence to start a small business online with this program.

But please do not get me wrong, this doesn't mean I agree that Digital Payday can really deliver $5,000 income for you in just 24 hours.

Despite there are proofs showing one member is earning $36,492.94 in just one month and another is earning $33,191.70 that helped quit her day job, there're still many things I feel curious about this program.

So is there really a secret that enables Digital Payday to help so many people achieve financial freedom?

Before we go into this, let's find out how this program really works.

How Does Digital Payday Works?

Digital Payday is owned by a person called Daniel Bluth and the reason he's creating this program is to show you how easy it's to make money online so you'll never have to work for someone else again.

This program connects users to a little known, secret website that automate the entire digital advertisement process for you. In short, this also means you are not required to do any work to make money after joining this program.

To get started, you just need to sign up for a free account, login to member area then choose banner ads from brand companies such as Amazon, NIKE, Apple, PayPal or other well-known brands and Digital Payday will handle the rest while you watch the money roll in.

Ok, these are the information from Digital Payday sales video. But the truth is after I login, I was directed to a page that's not related to banner advertisement at all which I'll explain later.

I can't find any advertisement banners, neither is there any advertisement business model of Facebook and Google as mentioned inside the sales video.

Now, let me expose to you the ugly truth about Digital Payday.

The Ugly Truth About Digital Payday

Falsely Associated With Facebook & Google Business Model: Inside Digital Payday sales video, the owner claims that the secret business model used by this company is also used by both Facebook & Google to make money online for years.

But the truth is Digital Payday is neither Facebook nor Google. If you or anyone subscribe to Digital Payday, they are not big brand advertisers either!

Furthermore, Digital Payday does not have billions of website visitors from members like these two internet giants. If this is the case, how are they going to help you generate $5,000 in the next 24 hours?

Don't forget you will need to pay for banner slots inside Digital Payday before you are entitled to generate income. If you really think deep, it's you who have become advertiser like NIKE, PayPal, Apple and Amazon.

Why would you advertise for big brands in order to make money when you don't even know how Digital Payday can help you make automated income?

I suspect Digital Payday is just another pyramid scheme with no real product to sell at all.

What Digital Payday did is to intentionally associate itself with Facebook and Google to “confuse” you into believing that anyone can make money by following their business model.

But the truth is, there's no real advertisers, no real buyers and only has an unethical seller that's Digital Payday.

Furthermore, the image showing Mark Zuckerberg giving a talk about Digital Payday is fake. It was a modified image and here's the proof after I did a Google Image Search.

And now, here comes the truth.

After signing up, I was automatically login to a forex and crypto trading platform called Arotrade, .

Didn't Daniel Bluth says that Digital Payday isn't forex nor crypto trading program? But why was I brought to this platform?

Up to this point, I strongly feel that Digital Payday is a total scam.

False Claim: Let's be logical. Do you believe anyone can make money online just by signing up for a free program without the need to invest more? Very unlikely right?

The sales video is highly misleading and I bet even after watching the entire video, you won't even have a clear picture on how this business model works – especially if you are a complete newbie to internet marketing.

Digital Payday sales video is only meant to keep you curious about the so called “SECRET system” by telling you that only people who are willing to sign up will have the opportunity to learn the secret.

However, after I login there's no secret at all. It's only a forex and crpto trading platform.

In short, it is merely a program selling fake SECRET that promises to help you make money online provided you invest more money into Digital Payday aka the forex/crypto trading platform.

No Work Involved, Fully Automated: Again, this is a no brainer for anyone to raise their red flag. How can anyone make money without any work involved? If you too believe this is possible where you can make money by sitting comfortably on your couch without doing anything, then continue dreaming. I guarantee your bank account will never increase its balance and will become lesser each day and by the time you realized, it might be too late already.

Fake Owner: The owner of Digital Payday called Daniel Bluth is actually an image from stock photo that anyone can purchase and use for own purpose. All the claims made by this fake owner is a complete lie except that he has been using this system for many years – to scam other people's money!!!

The real person hiding behind Digital Payday knows very well that many people will be angry with him/her after they invested into this program that can't help anyone make money. That's the reason why he/she choose to remain anonymous.

Here's proof that Daniel Bluth is just another stock image used in many other websites.

Fake Testimonials: Since there's a fake owner, here're also fake testimonials from Fiverr actors.

Your Privacy is Compromised: Inside the privacy policy in Digital Payday, once you sign up as member, you literally gave them all the rights on how to use and sell your data to the third party.

Unscrupulous Low Quality Scam Tactic: The real owner of Digital Payday uses an unscrupulous low quality scam tactic on innocent people who naively believe that quick and easy way to make money online is possible.

The creator of Digital Payday obviously understand human behavior as most people do not mind to give up their personal details to sign up for something that can give them hope.

Giving false hope to people with the intention to coax them into parting with their data for something that is useless is really unethical.

I guess this is the reason why the real owner is hiding behind his/her laptop and will never reveal true identity.

Is Digital Payday A Scam?

Digital Payday is an obvious scam. The fact that this program has no real product is already enough to alert anyone to keep a distance.

If the onwer is fake, people giving testimonials are Fiverr actors and there's no real product to sell at all, it is obvious that the entire program is fake too.

Seriously, no one is going to get back their money after investing into this program. Even if anyone can get some return, that's only because he/she is the first mover, exactly like how pyramid system works – only the top people make money.

If there's any sanity in you, stop dreaming that you can make money without doing anything and please, please do stay away from Digital Payday.

If you're serious to make money online, here are 50 legitimate ways you can try.

To save you from spending unnecessary time researching useless make money program, here is a list of low quality program I've reviewed which I suggest you to avoid completely.

How I Start My Small Business Online

Like you, I always try to find real ways to make money online. Initially I too think that starting a small business online can be quick and easy, believing the claims made inside Digital Payday sales video are true.

However I was so wrong. There is no way anyone can make money online without first enrolling into a good training course and thereafter consistently take action until you achieve success.

You can't make money online without either one of these.

I started my small business online with this awesome affiliate marketing program that has not only helped me quit my c-level job but also let me realize my dream of becoming a stay-home mom and live the life that I've always dream of.

In this program, I've learned how to identify an interest area that is evergreen and profitable; build a niche website; find legitimate affiliate products to promote; drive traffic to my website; and finally make affiliate commission, that not only give me passive income but also help more people achieve financial and time freedom.

Yes, this program offers simple yet proven system that works for anyone who wants to make money by starting a small business online, but it's also one system that requires hard work, consistent action and determination to achieve success.

If you are like me who's willing to make affiliate marketing a full time work at home business and are not afraid of hard work, then I would like to invite you to get a copy of My Free Guide that shows the exact method I use to make money online.

Inside this guide, I'll share with you the training I follow, the tools I use and the community that helped me build my online business that not only generate affiliate commission for me but also income from providing internet marketing services to local businesses.

And I'll share with you how to start for FREE too!

In fact this is not a new business model at all. Many people including successful internet marketers have been using this model for years to make money online.

I hope by exploring this evergreen business model, you too can say bye bye to more scams, and achieve financial and time freedom, just like me.

After reading my Digital Payday Review, I believe you should already made the decision on whether this program is really for you.

Please do share this post with your friends if you find it valuable.

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4 thoughts on “Digital Payday Review: The Scam Exposed”

  1. Good Morning Florence,

    Thank you for this good review of Digital Payday. Reading your article I am also fully convinced this is a big scam. It has all the typical red flags which should be a warning to anybody wanting to join.

    The claim of earning $5000 in 24 hours is nonsense. You do not have to lift a finger, that will not work. The claims are false and so are the images. Worse is that the owner’s identity is not revealed, that is extremely fishy. 

    Thank you for the warning.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thanks for reading my review. I am glad that you find this useful. In fact, I’ve reviewed so many make money online program and only a handful is legit. Almost 99% are either low quality program or total scam. If you are still looking for one legit and proven program to start with, I highly suggest you to start with my top recommended program that has helped me quit my C-level job. Hope this helps. 

  2.  Thank you for this honest review

    There are lots of internet programs whose integrity cannot be ascertained and they claim to show you how to make money online easily so you’ll never have to work for someone else again. This is one of the reasons why some newbies find it difficult to trust online programs due to the fact that they have been scammed severally, just like the Digital Payday you reviewed.

    Truth is,  how can Digital Payday help you generate $5,000 in the next 24 hours when it does not have billions of website visitors from members like Facebook or Google where they can drive in adverts?

    Bottom line is, before anyone joins any online program, do a thorough research, probe and ask questions to avoid being a victim of scam. There is no where you can make money without any work involved. The only program I still find cool and straight forward is Wealthy Affiliate because they are what they say they are, and much more than that.

    1. That’s the reason I’m writing reviews too. I just hope that more people can read this post and thus be spared from investing their hard-earned money on low quality program like this one. 

      Are you also a member of Wealthy Affiliate? In fact I started my online business with this program too. It has helped me quit my C-level job and work at home. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate that I know am able to become full-time chauffeur for my son …. lol. 

      I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing to start learning from this awesome program.  

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