Divi Builder Review: The Best Website Builder for WordPress in 2019

Welcome To My Divi Builder Review

WordPress is one of the most commonly used content management systems to build websites. With the rapid growth of WordPress users, many developers leverage this trend to build themes and site builder plugins to make money.

Divi, a more popular WordPress theme that comes with a short-code based website builder is one that can be installed as a plugin on the website.

Other than the tons of website themes users can access, its Divi Builder that comes together with the theme also allows you to create customized page designs on top of your existing site theme, by simply drag and drop elements onto a page.

What is Divi Builder?
How Does Divi Builder Work?
Who is Divi Builder For?
The Truth About Divi Builder
Things I Like About Divi Builder
Is Divi Builder The Best WordPress Website Builder?
How I Start A Small Business Online

To let you know upfront, I do earn a living by promoting marketing tools online.

However, I am not promoting Divi and neither am I receiving any benefits from them.

Whatever I am sharing here is only my most honest and unbiased review based on the research I do online.

On a side note, if you want to know how I start my online business and ultimately able to quit my c-level job, I suggest you check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Without wasting any more of your time, in this article, I will focus on sharing with you how Divi Builder works, including its pros and cons so you can decide for yourself whether this is the best WordPress plugin to cater for your marketing needs.


Product Name: Divi Builder

Founder/Owner: Nick Roach, owner and founder of Elegant Themes

Product Type: WordPress Website Builder Plugin

Price:  Premium plan for $89 per year and Lifetime Access plan at $249 one-time fee.

Best For: Divi Builder is for everyone who wants to build a website with ease and efficiency.

Summary: Divi Builder is a technology-backed new website building plugin that’s equipped with a superior visual editor to replace the standard post editor in WordPress so you could create superior designs with ease.

It’s highly affordable and comes with more than 800 designs, 40 elements, a comprehensive knowledge base and 24/7 support services.

Rating: 7/10

Recommendation: Yes, if you do not mind the messy short code should you decided not to use the plugin anymore.

What Is Divi Builder?

Divi Builder is a technology-backed new website building plugin that’s equipped with a superior visual editor to replace the standard post editor in WordPress so you could create superior designs with ease.

The Divi Theme and Divi Builder are products of Elegant Themes, a brand founded by Nick Roach since 2008. This company has built various WordPress plugins which include Monarch Social Media plugin, Bloom Email Optin plugin and Extra Magazine theme to meet basic lead generation needs.

Today, Divi is one of the leading WordPress plugin used by more than 600,000 marketers and website designers from around the world.  

Other than being highly affordable, it comes with more than 800 selections of pre-made designs and more than 100 WordPress themes.

Divi Builder Pricing

Currently, Elegant Themes offers 2 pricing plans – one comes with yearly subscription whereas another plan is a one-time payment for lifetime access.

The annual subscription cost $89 per year and lifetime access cost $249. Both plans come with access to Divi, Extra, Bloom and Monarch; hundreds of website packs; can be used on unlimited websites and a 30 day money back guarantees.

Lifetime Access plan will let customers enjoy lifetime support and updates.

For a quick peak on the Divi Builder and what it can do for you, check out this short video below.

How Does Divi Builder Work?

The Divi Builder is designed with beginners in mind, thanks to its affordable pricing and multiple design templates. Among its best features include:

Multiple Elements Inside its Visual Editor

Among the best features of Divi that is loved by its users is its drag-and-drop feature which allows visual editing. This means you’ll see the progress of your work in real-time as you go along with your designing process.

Unlike Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect whereby its elements are shown as the sidebar, Divi Builder uses floating elements so users can have a preference on how to show these elements for convenience.

Some of the 40 elements included in this visual editor are the common ones such as text, heading, image, video, social shares buttons, or the more advanced ones like testimonial, form, call-to-action, accordion and many more.

While it offers easy front-end editing features suitable for even a complete beginner, it also provides an option for experienced developers to customize each design via CSS option through back-end editing.

All designs created using Divi Builder are mobile responsive, giving you full control over how your website looks like on mobile devices.

Advanced Column Editing

Divi Builder also has its way of providing ease and convenience in editing columns for any design of a website. It is easy to add, rearrange, delete, resize and make changes to any columns.

Columns are key components in a website, especially when creating pricing lists, product lists and whenever creating multiple sections on a page.

With columns, users are able to emphasize the important parts of your page and it actually makes your page look tidier.

Quick Action Feature

Whenever you want to find a subject or topic when using Divi, you can always use the search and navigation tool thanks to the quick action feature.

With this feature, you can find any elements, sections, rows and any details of your page.

The Quick Action feature enables you to find what you are looking for and get right into the page that you want to edit.

It’s especially useful for advanced users who want to work on the back-end of the platform and has challenges finding a specific code or label in the series of codes.

The quick action feature allows navigation and location of subjects not only on a single page but through the whole website itself.

This means, if you search for something, it will scan through all the pages of the website, not just on a single page.

Superior Transformation Controls

If you are more of an artist and want to do more with your site design, you can also take advantage of the Superior Transformation Controls which Divi has to offer.

While you can conveniently move elements around, you can also perform complex maneuvers and controls such as scale, rotate, skew, transform origin, create hover effects, and many others.

The transformation control feature provides you the freedom to do more than the average drag-and-drop function when putting together the elements of your page.

User Role & Control

If you are running an agency business or managing a team of website developers, Divi allows you to limit user access to certain features within the builder.

This means, if you want to limit your team’s access, you are able to do so with Role Editor. This lets you have better control of the site you’re working on.

Reliable Support Center

Elegant Themes has a reliable 24/7 Support Center whereby customers can easily access site-related assistance in order to fix design issues while using the platform.

With this feature, you can check and monitor the system status of your website and check out any possible issues to immediately fix them before they occur.

It comes with a remote access function that lets Divi's in-house experts solve your site problem remotely.

Should you need advice from other Divi users, you can opt to join their Facebook page or local Meetup events to network with the others.

Impressive Knowledge Base

For any information that you want whenever using the platform, you can be assured that the knowledge base of Divi has what you are looking for.

You can access more useful marketing tips, resources, news about product updates and training via their blog that is updated frequently.

Furthermore, they have a wide network of active users in their social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube who shares informative content with fellow users.

Who is Divi Builder For?

Beginners, particularly will take benefits from using this platform because all the hard work in building a website has been pretty much laid out in a simple drag and drop system. Furthermore, its pricing plans are highly affordable for anyone to start with.

One thing to take note, however, is the constant improvements and updates of the platform indicate that a steep learning curve is required.

This poses a greater challenge for people who has no previous experience using any of the website builders in the market. The tons of elements and features can make it more complicated.  

I like Divi Builder as it lets you run A/B tests on different elements to discover which design can better convert. This can help you optimize the content that you build with Divi Builder.

While Divi Builder provides a great advantage for beginners, experienced users will also find this platform beneficial as it offers a back-end editing to do more complex customization.

In short, I would say Divi Builder is for all marketers, bloggers and website developers.

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The Truth About Divi Builder

Divi Builder is indeed an all-rounder page builder that can be used with most WordPress themes. However, there’s a need for you to be aware of some limitations that can cause design complications. Here’re things you must know.

Truth #1: Short Codes Can Create a Mess

One thing that you need to know about Divi Builder is the fact that it makes use of shortcodes. One known shortcoming of using this type of codes is that your website will look messy if you decided to discontinue the use of this plugin.

Unless you have experience with coding to rectify this problem, otherwise I would not recommend you to use Divi Builder.

Truth #2: Unable To Create Customized Template

Many page builders such as OptimizePress and Profit Builder offer the feature to build a customized template. For example, you can build the customized header, footer or template parts to be used in your theme.

However, this full theme building is not available in Divi Builder despite there’s plan to introduce in October 17th this year, the new feature called Theme Builder.

Things I Like About Divi Builder

The thing that I like most about Divi Builder is its price affordability. While other page builder does not offer one-time payment, this plugin does offer such price option that comes with unlimited product updates and support.

Furthermore, it comes with basic A/B testing on various conversion elements such as call-to-action, subscribe and login form which is a good start to do lead generation campaigns.

However, if you focus on conversion strategy and need more advanced A/B testing and other dynamic features, then I suggest you try Unbounce, Instapage or Wishpond.

Is Divi Builder The Best Plugin For WordPress Users?

The Divi Builder plugin has indeed earned praises as one of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers, website developers and small businesses.

Despite the steep learning curve, there’s still an option to choose from tons of pre-designed elements or templates if you do not require unique site designs.

How I Start A Small Business Online

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This includes providing tips and useful resources to help people start a small business online.

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Inside this guide, you’ll learn the step-by-step action I took to help me quit my c-level job and still earn a decent income at home.

I hope after reading my Divi Builder Review, you already have a better idea of how this WordPress site builder works. If you find this article helpful, please share it on your Twitter and Facebook.

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4 thoughts on “Divi Builder Review: The Best Website Builder for WordPress in 2019”

  1. Hi! I had heard about Divi builder making a mess of short codes. But after reading your post I have understood it’s really a platform I need. I can take advantage of this builder despite the limitations you mentioned. I also like that it’s specifically crafted for WordPress sites. 

    Have you compared Divi builder with Thrive Themes? Difference and similarities.

    1. If you are a small business and require more advanced conversion tools, then I think Thrive Theme will be a better option. However, if you just need a website that offer basic A/B testing, Divi should be good enough. 

  2. Thanks for such an in-depth review of Divi Builder. I’ve read your Elementor Pro review as well and now I can finally differentiate between shortcodes and other types of codes. Guess Divi might not be the one that I’m looking for as I am concern that if one day I decided to discontinue this plugin, my pages will look awful. Thanks for the head up. 

    1. You are welcome. if you decided to get any of the page builder, do give me some feedback so I could include those into my reviews. thanks ya. 

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