Earn Money Online Writing (Write Once, Get Paid Many Times)

Earn Money Online Writing _ Write Once Get Paid Many Times

How to Earn Money Online Writing?

If you are a writer, I bet you will agree with me that earning money online writing is not really that difficult.

As long as you write, you will get paid. Of course, how much you get paid depend on the quality of your writing.

This is a widely known truth.

But the second part of the truth is often not told or should I say not widely discussed.

It is about writing once and get paid many times.

We call this passive income.

It is not easy but sweetest if you ever made it.

There are so many choices to earn money online writing. But ultimately it still comes down to your decision to either

  1. Write once, “get paid once” OR;
  2. Write once, “get paid many times”.

Here, I am going to share with you both ways and I’ll start with the first one, a path where most writers choose – write once and get paid once.

And I only share with you legitimate and real ways to earning money online writing.

But before I start, you must promise me one thing. It is to get organized at home.

This is one important thing you must do to successfully earn money online, working at home.

Otherwise it will be very challenging if you want to land youself in this “dream job”.


Write Once, “Get Paid Once” (Active Income)

earn money online work at homeWhen I say “write once, get paid once” it literally means you trade your time (aka skill) for money.

You only earn when you actively create something of value to the person who is paying you.

It is commonly known as active income.

Here I am going to share with you 4 ways you can earn active income by writing for others.

1. Write Listicle for Content Website

Listicle is an article made of a list. You can write subject about anything.

It is most suitable for use when you need to present complicated content to make it easier to understand.

Some examples are as follows:

3 Time-Wasting Habits That Make Most Bloggers Fail

8 Ways To Drive Traffic Without Google SEO

5 Ways to Turn Facebook Likes Into Email Subscribers

7 Tips To Effectively Grow Your Local Business With Twitter

The format of a listicle is simple and mostly includes a title, few sub-headings or list (preferably an image for each list) and will end with a solid conclusion.

Many companies such as Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and Bustle published thousands of listicles every year.

Listicles are so popular because it is easy to read and skimp for important information.

It is also easier to write listicles compared with lengthy, complicated traditional articles.

Such writing style is suitable for writers who are just starting out freelancing.

Both TopTenz (temporarily put on hold) and Listverse pays from $50 to $100 per listicles of 1,500 words.

Some content sites that pay for listicles (including traditional articles) are International Living, iWriter, and some others can be found in this list consisting ways to earn money online writing.

2. Transcription

Transcription is a typing work that turn recorded audio files or clips into written text. It requires you to type out audio files into words, either word for word or just write down important notes.

The three main types of transcription jobs are legal, medical, and general transcription.

Many professionals such as doctors, lawyers and researchers engage transcription firms for this service.

SpeakWrite is an online transcription company focusing on government & law enforcement transcription whereas FastChart offers medical transcription jobs.

Both pay up to $15 per hour transcribe information.

General transcription (you can find many jobs here) involves transcribing meetings, academic lectures and interviews.

If you want become a transcriber, then you must have good listening skills, great command of English and fast in typing.

3. Write for Freelancing Marketplaces

Many businesses understand the importance of having good content to improve their brand image and drive sales.

With more and more businesses demand for high quality articles, white papers and research writings, this opens up opportunities for the best writers.

If you are new to writing, you may need to compete for attention with thousands of other experienced writers in freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Textbroker (here's Textbroker review that I wrote recently) or Fiverr.

Once you managed to establish good track record, you could be on your way to earn decent income from writing online.

To give you some idea, an experienced writer can earn an average of 7.5 cents  (or more) per word. Of course, some writers earn way beyond this rate.

4. Pitch to Guest Post

Despite there is global content exhaustion, major publications can’t stop publishing new content in order to compete for more readers.

This means popular blogs, magazines and newspapers will have to pay for more to get high quality content.

Despite many popular publications or blogs do not pay for guest blogging (as most writers trade for content exposure), there are still some who pay.

You will be surprise to find the long list of blogs who pay for guest-blogging listed on Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing.

However, you need to pitch for your post to be published. When accepted you will be paid in the range of $50 to $200 per article.


Write Once and “Get Paid Many Times” (Passive Income)

Earlier, I’ve shared with you how you can write once and get paid after every job is completed and accepted by client.

To many writers, these are great “jobs”.

But not for me.

I prefer not to trade time for money working as a content machine for the rest of my life.

Therefore, I will only write for others when I have free time or want to earn quick buck.

What I really want is something that can let me earn passive income. Those type of income where you earn while you sleep.

It must allow me to enjoy my life without having to feel like working at all.

If you too are like me, my advice to you is to start earning money online writing for yourself and not for others.

So, how to earn money online writing for yourself?

Other than self-publishing own book, blogging is proven again and again as a profitable business to earn passive income.

Look at how much Pat Flynn is earning a year. He is earning a revenue of $2 million just by profiting from his blog.

He really inspires me to start this blog.

Like others, you must be thinking blog writing is no longer relevant as many has diverted to earn money on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

This is really a big misconception.

Let’s look at the latest search statistics from Google Trend.

Start A Blog _ Earning Money Online Writing

The search term “blogging” may have decreased tremendously over the years, but the term “start a blog” is still gaining traction.

People are still looking for information to start a blog.

Why would you think famous American Instagram influencer and beauty blogger Huda Kattan continuously write on her blog despite reaching almost 28 million of followers on her Instagram account?

(find out how you can become Instagram influencer)

Won’t it be sufficient just for her to continuously share her makeup tips on Instagram with such huge followers?

Now, let’s look at the famous American entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster Pat Flynn that I mentioned earlier.

Why is he consistently write on his blog smartpassiveincome.com when he already has 143,000 subscribers on his YouTube and 47 million downloads of his podcast?

If he really wants to, he could just focus to write on LinkedIn, since it is a social platform for professionals.

The only reason I can explain is because both of them understand the importance of blog writing to deliver complex topics.

Some topics just need more sentences to fully deliver its meaning.

Looking at the Google Trend statistics and following what most successful influencers do, blog writing is definitely not dead and is still very much ALIVE.


Beginners Guide to Blogging Success Free eBook

Download Free eBook on “Beginner's Guide to Blogging Success”

Starting a blog is definitely my No. #1 choice to earn money online writing.

I would say only the landscape of blogging change.

Readers are more demanding nowadays.

They want to see rich content presented in a vibrant way.

One that has combination of written text, appealing images, explainer videos or infographic.

Even Google has to give way and rank pages based on these combination.

But text is still the ANCHOR to these content.

Social platforms are great but not for hosting long-form content.

It is rather more effective for posting visually appealing content that can bring traffic to your blog.

I am sure readers who click on your post link on social platforms are expecting lengthier content.

They want to learn about the topic you shared and that’s the reason why they click.

Therefore, you need a dedicated place to post your content, a place where you can call a home … and that’s your blog.

Who Can Start A Blog?

Anyone can start a blog.

But in order to earn money blogging (read how you can earn money blogging promoting affiliate products), you need to first count the cost of starting a blog.

Unlike writing for others where there is no cost involved (only your time needed), writing a blog is different.

You need to buy domain name, buy hosting and invest in tools that can make you work faster.

Here’s is one of the cheapest way to start a blog if you really want to try on your own.

I tried too but can't bring me any sale.

Starting a blog is easy, but not earning money from it.

Just like any 9-5 job where you pay for good education in exchange for opportunity to land you in a high paying job.

Blogging is the same. You need good education to accelerate success.

You got to know how to find a profitable niche, select good domain, get reputable hosting, select keywords, learn how to drive traffic to your blog and ultimately knowing the many sales techniques you can make money blogging.

But one good news is, you won't have to pay hefty sum of what mainstream university is charging.

Maybe 1/10 of what you are paying to them is good enough for you to start a blog and accelerate success.

I am not saying knowledge about blogging can’t be found on the internet, but if you can find one that’s good and consistently follow through, it can shorten your learning curve and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

I started this blog learning from a community of internet marketers that I accidently found while searching for real ways to earn money writing online.

You can connect with them too, if you want to. It’s free for starter.

Of course, as you go along, there is a small fee to pay.

Before I continue further, I will need to let you know upfront that I promote this program and earn affiliate commission, when you make a purchase.

But there is no additional cost to you.

So it is up to you how you want to start.

Just have to decide and start somewhere.

Blogging is Hard Work

Another thing that I feel important to let you know is the need to have full support from your family and friends before you start a blog.

This is something often neglected by many new bloggers.

It is highly possible you only see good results after 6 months.

Your family and friends might not be able to understand the reason you wrote for months receiving little or no income.

Their unintentional words of discouragement can easily demotivate you if your mind is not strong enough.

This is in fact one potential killer that can make you quit.

You really need take into consideration all things that I mentioned earlier before starting a blog.

Should you give up half-way for whatever reasons, all your effort will go down the drain.

Consistence, perseverance and patience is the key to success.

Are you ready for this?


It’s Your Choice

If you are serious about earning money online writing on your blog, then I suggest you to start with Wealthy Affiliate, the community that helped me start mine.

Here you can learn how to earn money online promoting affiliate products. They provide tools, hosting and training that are necessary for you to build a profitable blog.

Please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review if you are not sure this program works.

But one word of caution is to avoid starting with the niche of “make money online” if you are very new to affiliate marketing.

This is a highly challenging niche.

Other niches like health, dating, beauty, home design or outdoor sports are easier to achieve results.

The more targeted your niche is, the higher possibilities you can earn money quicker.

Therefore you must really spend more time researching for a niche that you are passionate about and also profitable.

Once you managed to successfully run your first blog, then “make money online” niche should be your next choice as it can be highly profitable.

It is entirely up to you.

If you do not mind the tough competition, you too can start with “make money online” niche, just like me.

To tell you the truth, I never pay a single cent out of my pocket since starting my training with Wealthy Affiliate.

All my yearly subscriptions are paid for from my affiliate commissions.

This is because I started to earn affiliate commission 2 months after joining.

I believe this is made possible because I have some blogging experience prior joining the community.

Wealthy Affiliate Florence First Month Commission

But if you prefer to earn money writing for others, then I suggest you to focus fully on the 4 recommendations that I shared earlier – Write Listicle for Content Website, Transcription, Write for Freelancing Marketplace and Pitch to Guest Blogging.

It can indeed earn you decent income, if you focus.

Alternatively, while offering your writing services to get paid, you too can build your own blog at the same time, doing parallel so you will also be on your way to earn passive income, just like me.

If you too are determined to earn money online starting a blog, this is what you should do next.


Your Next Step

To help you get started with Your First Blog, head over to
Wealthy Affiliate
now where you'll get:

  • Step-by-step guidance
  • 2 Free websites
  • Training on Affiliate Marketing to help you monetize your website

Wealthy Affiliate


I hope whatever is covered here can add value to you. If you have any experience on how to earn money online writing, it would be great if you could share too.

Or if there’s anything you want to ask about earning money online writing, do leave me a comment below and I will try to answer as much as I can.

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6 Comments on "Earn Money Online Writing (Write Once, Get Paid Many Times)"

  1. Thanks for sharing tips on making money online writing. While I write for others, I too join Wealthy Affiliate to build my blog and promote affiliate products. Being new with WA, I already feel the hospitality of members there. Their success stories are so inspiring. What’s your profile in WA? Hope to connect with you inside. 

  2. Lauren Kinghorn | October 9, 2018 at 4:06 am | Reply

    Hi Florence, wow, Thank You for this inspirational post. You have given me a lot of food for thought. 

    I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m earning money from my blogs but I’ve gone a bit off track – most of my earnings are from sponsored posts – people paying me to publish posts on my 3 sites.  I haven’t completed Affiliate Bootcamp yet so my Affiliate earnings are still low.   Do you think I can build an Affiliate site when most of the posts on my site are not written by me? Or would you rather recommend that I start again with an entirely new site?

    I just downloaded your free ebook so I can learn more from you. Thanks a mill.

  3. I have earned some money as a freelance writer on sites like Fiverr, but I didn’t get enough work to be able to do it full time. I’m now looking into blogging, but I’m not thrilled about putting in 6 months of work or more before seeing any success.

    Maybe I could do both at the same time, do freelance gigs to earn some extra money, but do the blogging thing as a long term plan. Seems like the latter has much more income potential in the long run, but you’ll have to put in much more work initially. How much time did you spent blogging before you made any money?

    • Hi Kent, for me I didn’t start with writing for Fiverr but did some freelance writing jobs in my country. Yes the money is good but as you stop, you won’t get paid. I too blog while I was still earning other income at the same time. For me, I spend around 30 hours a week to blog. This include time to learn the trade and promote my content too. Started to see money after 2 months of continuous work. Here’s my story if you want to know more. 

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