Elementor Pro Review: The Best Website Design Software with Unlimited Popup

Welcome To My Elementor Pro Review

If you’re looking for a tool to create professionally-designed WordPress pages, you’ve probably come across the name Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro is one of the best WordPress design software that’s used by marketers and agencies from around the world.

Like other page creators, this cloud-based tool does not require anyone to have prior coding nor designing knowledge to create highly converting pages.

What is Elementor Pro?
How Does Elementor Pro Work?
Who is Elementor Pro For?
The Truth about Elementor Pro
Things I Like About Elementor Pro
Is Elementor Pro The Best Website Design Software?
How I Start a Small Business Online

That’s why it’s so popular with marketers that use WordPress to build websites.

Despite I earn a commission from promoting affiliate products, I would like to let you know upfront that I am not promoting this tool to earn any commission.

You can be assured to only received the most updated, honest and unbiased review from me.

If you want to know how I earn a full-time living at home, here’s a free guide to start a small business online you can consider reading.

Now, let’s find out what I’ve discovered out about Elementor Pro, its pros and cons including my recommendation on who is best suited for this WordPress website design software.


Product Name:
Elementor Pro

Founder/Owner: Yoni Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein

Product Type: WordPress Website Design Software

Price: Free and Paid Version. Yearly subscription of Personal plan $49/year, Plus plan $99/year and Expert Plan $199/year.

Best For: Marketers and web designers who use WordPress to build multiple websites

Summary: Elementor Pro is an affordable yet powerful WordPress website design software that offers easy and fast website construction without the need of coding. It offers a free version for those who want to build basic pages, and a premium version that is excellent if you are using on multiple websites.

With more than 300 professionally designed web templates and more than 100 highly converting popup templates, you can be assured to only build websites that can help grow any business.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Yes, if you don't mind the steep learning curve.

What Is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is an affordable and powerful advanced WordPress website design software for marketers and web designers to quickly build multiple websites without the need for any code.

Founded by entrepreneurs Yoni Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein in 2016, this software is created primarily to counter the slow and tiring processes of designing WordPress websites.

All you need is to drag and drop any of the 50 types of widgets such as image, text, link, button, or etc to create your web page. This front-end editor enables users to see changes made on the spot without any delay.

While creating a WordPress site from scratch can take a long time and can be very daunting, Elementor Pro relieves you of these problems.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor comes with two versions – the Free and the Pro version.

The free version of which comes with basic 30 types of widgets which can be a great option if your need is just to create some simple pages.

However, if you’re trying to achieve conversion goals, then it’s a must to subscribe for its Pro version that is packed with a super powerful visual editor and pixel perfect popup builder.

With Elementor Pro, you get access to more advanced features such as the theme builder, WooCommerce builder, animation effects, 24/7 premium support and many more.

Elementor Pro works extremely well with most of the WordPress themes where users can choose from more than 300 design templates to build pages and more than 100 popup templates that can deliver higher conversion.

These are some significant added advantage, better than other popular brands such as LeadPages, WishPond and OptimizePress that offer lesser design and popup templates.

There are three paid Elementor Pro plans to choose from which is the Personal plan at $49/year, Plus plan at $99/year and Expert plan at $199/year.

All plans come with the same features and the only difference between these plans is the number of sites you can install Elementor Pro plugin to build pages.

This means if you decided to start Elementor Pro, you can be well assured to only receive the best features to build marketing-focused websites. Unless you plan to grow your business, otherwise Personal plan should be good enough.

For digital marketing agency that focuses to build websites for clients, then Expert plan would be an excellent choice with a commitment of only $199/year which is highly affordable for any small marketing agency.

Regardless of which plan you opt for, Elementor Pro comes with a 30-day money back guarantee for new purchaser.

For paid members who want to upgrade to Plus and Expert plan to avail more features, they are qualified for a 25% renewal discount.

Here’s a short introduction to what Elementor Pro is:

How Does Elementor Pro Work?

As mentioned earlier, Elementor Pro is an advanced WordPress website builder, thanks to the features offered inside this platform. Here are some of the main features you should know.

Intuitive Front-End Website Builder Interface

Elementor Pro is a front-end but not a back-end website builder. This means you can immediately see changes on your page as you do the editing. Back-end website builder doesn’t allow you to do this.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a Revision History option that lets you revert to the previously saved version of your updates.

This option becomes really helpful when you want to trace back previous work.

Combined with the drag-and-drop function, building the ideal website becomes seamless and impressively fast.

Professional Designer Templates and Blocks

Templates are ready-made themes that enable the construction of a website or page within short periods.

Regardless of which Pro plan you subscribe, you’ll get access to more than 300 professional templates along with 50 Pro widgets and loads of pre-designed blocks.

Each template is fully editable if you need to make any personalization such as changes on to background, font, text, images, sections and many others.

This website builder also comes with ready-made blocks to allow for easier construction of your pages.

Some good examples of block include the customer reviews, FAQs and blog roll.

Having a block that is ready to use any time when building a website can greatly reduce work time.

Responsive Mobile Editing

While more and more people using their mobile gadget to access the internet, it’s already a pre-requisite for any software to ensure that it offers mobile compatible features.

Unlike pages for desktops, pages for mobile devices should be simpler and straight to the point.

The best thing about using Elementor Pro for building mobile-responsive pages is that you could design your unique mobile pages separate from those shown in desktop.

Some useful mobile editing features include a separate margin, padding, font sizes, column widths, many more.

WooCommerce Builder

Elementor Pro is not only great for individual pages or websites but is also excellent for building online stores because of its WooCommerce builder.

The WooCommerce builder plugin for Elementor Pro enables you to build professionally designed product layouts in various categories.

This tool allows you to incorporate details to your products such as descriptions, available sizes and color, images, cost, reviews, and so much more.

Popup Builder

Popup can effectively draw the attention of your site visitors towards your offerings. It’s particularly important to gather the details their details so you could continue to deliver values to them via email or any means of contact.

Elementor Pro comes with pixel perfect popup builder which allows you to create pages and multiple sections of your website without being restricted to column placement.

You can show popup to your site visitors via timed page load; while scrolling; when visitors took action on your site such as clicking a button, link or image; after inactivity for certain period of time and when visitor intends to exit your page.

Also, compared to its competitions such as Divi, and Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro is the only page builder with design-oriented popup builder that comes with more than 100 amazing popup templates to suit your business needs.

You can also add widgets to your popup so to create richer content. No wonder Elementor Pro is the leading choice when it comes to its popup builder.

Wide Integration Capability

Elementor Pro is also preferred by many WordPress website builder because of its wide integration capability.

It works perfectly well with a ton of social sites, CRM, autoresponder and SEO tools which include AWeber, MailChimp, Hubspot, GetResponse, Yoast, Facebook, YouTube, and many others.

While Elementor Pro allows any third-party integrations, you can also add your own integration options on the platform.

This can be done through the Elementor PRO APIs that requires users to have some technical knowledge.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base & Support

Compared to other website builders, Elementor Pro probably has the biggest knowledge base with new blog content published almost every few days.

You get as much information about anything you need when working with the platform. You get tips, videos, articles and blogs on getting started, on its software features, conversion techniques, and so much more.

Likewise, if you’re a web developer and have some inquiries outside the knowledge base then you can access the developer resources.

It comes with all the technical information, coding, scripts, and other essentials for a professional designer.

For immediate assistance and support, you can always access the premium support services that are available for Pro users.

This support is available 24/7 with a staff that is technically equipped to walk you through any design issues with the platform.

Who Is Elementor Pro For?

Elementor Pro is designed primarily for WordPress users, particularly marketers and website developers who need advanced features to build marketing-focused websites.

It’s highly suitable for small marketing agencies that constantly need to create WordPress template-based websites as part of their business growth strategy.

Definitely not for people using other content management system such as Drupal, Joomla or Magento to build websites.

Although this platform comes equipped with a user-friendly interface, powerful visual editor and smashing popup builders there’s still some prior knowledge required to truly embrace the many advanced features.

Unless, you are a person who already has some web development knowledge or willing to take some time to learn, otherwise it might not feasible to subscribe for its Pro plan.

The Truth About Elementor Pro

Elementor no doubt is one of the best WordPress website builders in the market, however, to truly embrace the many advanced features inside Elementor Pro, you might need to endure a steep learning curve.

This is particularly true for a complete beginner to website building.

The various functions inside Elementor Pro can make you feel overwhelmed as each function gets more complicated along with more customization.

Nevertheless, getting familiar with using the platform can greatly enhance your designing knowledge and experience.

Things I Like About Elementor Pro

I like Elementor Pro because of its advanced editing features, the varieties of templates and amazing popup builder. The fact that users can create own WordPress theme and store for future use is an added advantage.

More importantly, the platform has a comprehensive knowledge base resources to provide users with all the necessary information to build a profitable online business.

This is exceptionally useful for beginners who may lose their way around when building a website for the first time.

The free plan and 30-day money back guarantee are value puller to any people who want to give this software a try.

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Is Elementor Pro The Best Website Design Software?

Despite Elementor Pro is one of the younger page builders, it has quickly racked up over 1,000,000 active installs at WordPres.org, making it one of the most popular WordPress page builders in the market.

I would say it’s one of the best website design software that comes with more glitch-free widgets compared to competitors in the market, flexible styling options, and affordable pricing.

The best is if you ever deactivate Elementor, you can rest assured that your site won’t be cluttered with a bunch of shortcodes in your content.

Elementor leaves behind 100% clean code with the proper HTML formatting.

This means if you had a <h2> header with Elementor, you'll still have a <h2> header. That’s the awesomeness of using Elementor Pro.

Although I find Elementor Pro among the best tools in the market, I’m not very keen into using it for my business as for now.

This is because I am already using Thrive Architect to build my pages that only cost a one-time fee of $97 for 5 license pack.

If you are keen to find out how this tool works, do check out my Thrive Architect review.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I started to promote affiliate products by creating a niche website that offers an honest, reliable and unbiased review on online business opportunities and marketing tools.

This includes providing tips and useful resources to help people start a small business online.

If you are keen to make a full-time income by promoting affiliate products, then I suggest you get a copy of my free guide and follow through the process.

Inside this guide, you’ll learn the step-by-step action I took to help me quit my c-level job and still earn a decent income at home.

I hope after reading my Elementor Pro review, you already have a better idea of how this website design software works.

Do share your thoughts about this awesome tool after giving it a try. I believe your feedback will be very valuable to our readers. And if you find this article helpful, please share on your Twitter and Facebook.

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10 thoughts on “Elementor Pro Review: The Best Website Design Software with Unlimited Popup”

  1. A really nice idea. There are some  people who wants to be involved in the editing to theiir page, but as a result of coding involved in it, it becomes a barrier. I love the fact that its of WordPress and is cloud base which makes it more credible than a few I have seen, and going by that fee, its something worth it. I’m currently using a different system, but I’ll gladly recommend this as well. Nice being here.

    1. Glad to know that you find this review useful. Well, do give me some feedback if you decided to give Elementor Pro a try so I could add in more juice to this review. 

  2. Success Business Online

    I’ve heard about Elementor Pro from a web developer and he told this plugin is really lightweight. But unfortunately, there’re not many conversion tools offered by Elementor Pro. Guess it’s only suitable for people who just want to create nice-looking websites. Don’t think it can do much to convert site visitors to become customers. 

    1. I wouldn’t discredit the light-weight feature of this page builder. But true enough, there’s lack of conversion tools. So it might not be good enough for people who need to create funnels to promote their business. For funnel marketing, it’s still better to start with Thrive Architect as it has the upgrade option to subscribe for other conversion tools. 

  3. Hi Florence,

    Awesome post for Elementor Pro, it might be exactly what I need. However I see you prefer Thrive Architect for your own site. Is this mainly due to the price? Or maybe also because that is the one you started out with and you don’t want to have to rebuild all your existing work?

    Knowing what you know now, would you still be using Thrive Architect if you had to start from scratch?


    1. Actually, I checked out both Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect before making the decision to stick with Thrive. This is because I can upgrade to subscribe for monthly Thrive Theme and get more conversion features such as A/B testing, more integrations, popups and testimonials if I really want to focus on conversion. Elementor Pro does not provide conversion features as comprehensive as Thrive.  

  4. This software is great and the plans are affordable.  What I like most about it is the fact that all the plans come with the same features. I am of the opinion that Thrive architect might be more popular than elementor pro, but I will check both of them to see which one is better.

    Also, if we compare elementor pro with site content, which is also used for building WordPress websites, which one would you prefer, or I’m not too sure they work different ways.

    1. I choose to use Thrive Architect because if I need more conversion features such as A/B testing, testimonials, or more powerful forms I can easily upgrade to become a monthly subscriber to Thrive Theme whereby Elementor Pro features might not be that useful. 

  5. Hi Florence, This page builder  Elementor pro review is absolutely impressive ones and got me thinking: better off give a new shape to my website.It appears that Elementor is a fantastic Cloud-based tool and offers tons of useful features to the website owners. However, since I have read your other review in respect to Thrive page builder, I am a bit hesitant to whether choosing Elementor or Thrive tools down the track. I personally love to work with Thrive theme, but there will be a big issue here; because once you deactivate the thrive theme, you might be facing a big mess-up resulting in losing your all hard works. Whereas, in therms of Elementor, like you have stated above there would not be the same issue along the way.

    I am truly debating between the fence now and wonder which ones doing a better job for my designing jobs!. Do you have any idea about the matter? I would be much appreciated if you give me an insight. Thank you


    1. Yes, using both Elementor and Thrive Architect both will have some sort of content login. However, that’s only minimal distortion to the content design if you deactivate any plugin. Therefore it’s not that serious compared to other page builder. So it’s still pretty safe to use both. But I personally prefer Thrive because if you need more features, you can upgrade to Thrive Theme whereby they offer many types of conversion features such as popup, A/B testing, integration and many others. 

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