Enagic Review: Is It The Most Profitable MLM business?

Welcome to My Enagic Review

As you landed on this page, I believe you’re either trying to find out more about the MLM opportunities offered by Enagic or looking for the best MLM companies to join.

Well, Enagic is indeed one awesome MLM company that is getting a lot of hype for its impressive water purifying products and multi-tier income opportunities.

However, whether this business opportunity is suitable for you is highly subjective.

My aim for this review is to give you a deeper analysis into the Enagic business model so you could decide whether this MLM company can give you better income opportunities and the complete freedom to manage your time.

I’ve joined a few MLM businesses such as Jeunesse and Young Living, but none seems to work well for me.

I guess it’s due to the face-to-face selling that I dread of, and the complicated compensation plan that has confused me completely.

What is Enagic?
Enagic Most Popular Product
How to Make Money with Enagic?
Who is Enagic For?
The Truth About Enagic
Things I Like About Enagic
Is Enagic the Most Profitable MLM Business?
How I Start A Small Business Online

That’s why I decided to stick with one simple yet proven business model that I discovered while embarking on my entrepreneurial journey – one that has allowed me to quit my c-level job and still earn a decent income at home.

If you want to learn how I managed to do this without any complicated compensation plan nor the need to meet anyone, do check out My Top Recommended Business Model.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not saying MLM is not a viable business, just that there are more things you need to consider before making a decision to invest.

Now, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get straight to Enagic Review and find out whether this MLM business should be considered as part of your plan to achieve total financial freedom.


Product Name: Enagic Kangen Water

Founder: Hironari Oshiro

Business Opportunity: MLM Business selling Water Filtration Machines

Price: No joining fee

Best For: Highly persistent individuals who have incredible sales talent and passion in recruiting downline

Summary:  Enagic is a legit MLM business that sells water filtration machines. Although it offers a simple and lucrative commission system, its products are very expensive, posing some challenge to promote this product. It is best that you read through this review and learn more things about Enagic before deciding to invest.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended: Yes if you don’t mind the struggles of MLM business

What is Enagic?

Founded by Hironari Oshiro in 1974, Enagic is a Japan-based health and wellness company that manufactures and sells alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines. This company operates on a multi-level marketing (MLM) model that offers income opportunities to members who promote its products.

MLM, also called network marketing or referral marketing, is a legit marketing model that relies on the non-salaried workforce, normally called members or distributors to develop and expand the company’s sales networks by recruiting new members.

Many people often misunderstood MLM as a pyramid scheme because it leverages the traditional member recruitment method by convincing distributors to rank higher through the continuous sponsoring of new members into the company.

A legit MLM company will not only focuses to recruit members but at the same time ensure value is delivered to customers in the form of products or services.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, focuses on recruiting new members with the sole intention to receive cash incentives, many times at the expense of other members.

In most cases, it’s hard to differentiate a pyramid scheme from a legitimate MLM business as there’s only a thin fine line in between both – the former with no real value delivered and the latter will ensure value is delivered to consumers.

If you want to learn more about what is a pyramid scheme, here’s an FDC explanation about pyramid scheme.

Enagic Most Popular Product

The most popular or saleable product of Enagic is the Leveluk R, a cheaper, entry-level portable water purifying machine that produces Kangen Water, a term that refers to alkaline or ionized water.

The alkaline water produced is not only used for drinking but also for cleaning, cooking, and maintaining beauty.

Despite Leveluk R is not the latest model in its product line, it is still the best seller and a real bargain as it is able to produce 3 levels of alkaline drinking waters and Beauty Water and made up of 3 platinum-coated 99.97% pure titanium electrode plates.

The Leveluk R is priced at around $1,980 which is best for people who are new to drinking Klagan water.

You can easily install this machine yourself by connecting the machine to your faucet, plug it on and the machine is ready to function with or without adjusting the Ph level, depending on your needs.

It’s very simple to set up and that's the reason why it’s so popular among users. Other Enagic Water Filtration machine models include…

  • Leveluk K8
  • Leveluk SD501 Platinum
  • Leveluk SD501
  • Leveluk Super 501
  • Leveluk JRII

Enagic offers high-quality water filtration machines and I won’t be explaining in-depth about its products but rather will focus to give you a deeper look into its money-making opportunities.

Does Enagic excel among other MLM businesses and can this company help you to achieve financial freedom that you dream of?

How To Make Money With Enagic?

Similar to other MLM business, to earn money from Enagic, you need to first invest to join as a distributor, then promote products, recruits new members, and finally build multiple teams as part of your ultimate business strategy.

To become distributor, there's no joining fee. You just need to buy any of its water purifying machines from another existing distributor by placing an order through their personalized online platform.

Once you have done that, you’ll be given your own Enagic Distributor ID, a personalized online platform or product website and start to earn commissions when you successfully make a sale through the same platform.

As Enagic is a highly reputable MLM company, you can be assured that if someone places an order from your site, commissions are paid correctly to you.

Overall there are 6 distributor’s rankings in Enagix whereby the higher you rank, the more commissions and benefits you will receive from this company. The ranking is named as simple as 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A.

Of course, in order to advance in rank, you will need to achieve monthly targeted sales and/or recruit a minimum number of new members.

The higher rank you go, the higher the number of new recruits and sales volume you must deliver, which also means you’ll need to continuously take action in order to continuously profit from this business model.

Do take note that the commission distributors earn differs from country to country and what I’m presenting here will be based on U.S. distributors.

To qualify for its multi-tier commission, you must first recruit at least 2 direct sales. This means, before you can start earning its first-tier commission, the company will require you to prove that you’re serious with this business.

When you purchase any Enagic product you don’t earn a rank yet. You will only reach rank 1A if you have 2 direct sales or you can jump directly to 6A if the total unit sold by your team is 100.

The Basic 8-Point Structure

Enagic uses an 8-Point Structure to calculate commissions for all the members within these 6 levels ranking.

In general, as you rank higher, the commission per point increases with some exceptions which I’ll explain later. The number of points that you achieve depend on the types of filtration system that you sell.

In order to make the maximum commission, you’ll be convinced to promote Kangen8 or K8 model as a benchmark, which is also the most advanced and expensive product available, costing $4,980.00 per unit.

A unit of K8 will give you one point.

When you ranked at level 1A, you’ll earn a commission of $340 per point regardless of whether you or your recruits make the sale. And if you ranked 2A, you’ll receive $680 per point. The point-based commission rate of each rank is illustrated below.

However, if you are ranked 3A or higher and you managed to accumulate more than 6 points, the commission rate you earned when reached 7 or 8 points will be greatly reduced by a minimum of 30% or a maximum of 70%.

A distributor will truly start to unlock more benefits and bonuses when reaching the rank of 6A and beyond.

Bigger Bonuses When Become 6A Distributor

A distributor will only advance to rank 6A when successfully sell more than 50 to 100 units of the water filtration system.

The number of qualifying units will depend on the type of system that you successfully promote with the rule of thumb – the higher $$ value the system cost, the lesser units you need to sell.

When you reached level 6A and beyond, you’ll enjoy more bonuses, perks and benefits as below.

Educational Allowance: You will be given $200 for each unit sold below the 8 points.

Development Bonus: You'll make $40 on every sale in your entire downline until you reach the next 6A2 rep.

Leadership Bonus: You'll make an additional $40 per unit sold until you hit the next 6A2-2.

International Bonus Pool: The company shares 3% of gross sales with all 6A+ ranked affiliates once they meet certain criteria.

Group Sales Incentive Bonus: You can earn between 1-2.4% volume bonus on all sales in your downline according to which 6A rank you've achieved.

I would say that Enagic does offer a pretty simple to understand compensation plan.

However, just like other MLM companies, there is massive effort a person needs to contribute in order to make such an enormous income.

The question to ask yourself is, “can you take the challenge?”.

Who is Enagic For?

Despite Enagic has a simple compensation plan, I believe you would agree with me that MLM business is not for everyone.

To the bare minimum, it’s not one that I would invest, not because it’s can’t be profitable but because it requires too much selling and recruiting to become successful.

Enagic is best for people who are not afraid of face-to-face selling and do not mind to continuously recruit new members. They are highly persistent, result-oriented and possess the ability to motivate and influence other people to join this business.

It would be better if this person has an existing connection with a network of mid to high-income earners. This is because Enagic water filtration system is not cheap and is not affordable to everyone.  

Just like other health and wellness MLM businesses such as IsagenixJuice Plus and Usana, Enagic is not the easiest route to earn a full-time income to replace your regular job.

While Enagic offers lucrative commissions and straightforward compensation plan, there’s just too much effort and time required to progress through this career path.

Unless you are ready to invest a lot of time and money into this business, otherwise just stay away.

The Truth About Enagic

As promised earlier, here are a few things about Enagic that you must know before making any decision to invest.

Truth #1: Expensive Products

While clean water is indispensable for optimum health, Enagic products are admittedly expensive. It is not the most economical option for households looking to save on cost.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to spend more than $1000 for a filtration system when I can just buy purified water at a lesser cost.

Truth #2:  Hyped-Up Health Claims

In order to generate sales, many distributors have advertised Enagic’s Kangen Water as some sort of supplement that can increase energy, reduce weight, control blood pressure, clean the colon, or even treat cancer.

I believe drinking alkaline or ionized water has its own benefit but it is not a magical solution to treat rare diseases and other health problems.

There’s no scientific evidence that verifies these claims. Some hints also show that drinking alkaline water can potentially cause impaired growth and damage to cardiac muscle.

Despite there are good and bad claims about drinking alkaline water until now there’s no solid evidence to prove on any side.

Truth #3: Face-to-Face Recruiting

Since more lucrative bonuses only activate when you reach the highest rank, you will be convinced to fall into the vicious cycle of face-to-face recruitment in order to make more money.

As you go deeper into any MLM business, you’ll realize that making passive income is almost impossible. The moment you stop doing recruiting and building teams, you’ll drop down the rank and started to earn lesser.

And when this happens, you’re once again forced to start all over again and begin to face a lot of rejections along the way, which can be de-motivating.

Wealthy Affiliate Login

Things I Like About Enagic

Even though I am not a fan of MLM business opportunity, I can’t deny that Enagic has already been in the business for 40 years and is very reputable in terms of business stability.

While many MLM companies require a membership fee, Enagic only requires you to purchase at least one unit in order to become a distributor.

This can be an attractive feature of Enagic if you happen to need a water filtration system and interested to take up this business opportunity.

But like I’ve said, each unit can be very expensive as the cheapest on the list is already costing $1,980 per unit.

Enagic is a viable business for anyone who is determined to become a millionaire, but this MLM business remains a costly investment, not to mention the fact that you will need to exert a massive amount of time and effort to grow the business before you can earn a decent income.

Is Enagic The Most Profitable MLM Business?

Although Enagic gives the most lucrative commission and almost requires nothing for you to get started, I cannot safely say that it is the most profitable MLM business.

Whether this business can become profitable is entirely dependent on you and also the support you get from your upline.

Enagic requires you to have an open-mind and outgoing personality to continue pursuing customers amidst the many rejections you may have to face because of the nature of this business.

To accelerate growth with Enagic, I suggest you leverage affiliate marketing strategies in addition to your existing face-to-face recruiting tactics to earn a commission.

This way you can have both sources of income – one from direct online sales and another through face-to-face recruiting.

Below is the comparison between an MLM versus an Affiliate Marketing business to show that the latter might be a more sustainable business model for anyone who just wants to earn a decent income – not aiming to become a millionaire.

 MLM Affiliate Marketing
Restricted to products from a single company Sell multiple products from many companies
High product investment No product investment
Complex commission system Simple commission system
Face-to-face rejection No rejection
Team effort required No team is required
Endless member recruitment No member recruitment
Active income Passive income

By looking at the comparison, there’s no doubt that affiliate marketing is a simpler business model that only requires a basic effort to earn a decent full-time income.

Of course, if your intention is to become a millionaire, then MLM will be a better choice, and that comes with tremendous stress and effort to convince people to do the same.

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How I Start A Small Business Online

I used to do MLM for a short while but the endless cycle of recruiting made and hurtful rejections made me quit.

That is how I ended up starting a small business online doing affiliate marketing, which is a much direct and simpler way to earn a decent income.

Unlike MLM, affiliate marketing doesn’t restrict you to a single brand. It lets you promote multiple products from different MLM businesses via your own website, therefore allowing you to earn a passive commission without having to personally face a lot of rejections.

If you too prefer such a way, I suggest you get a copy of my free guide to start a small business online and follow through the process that I took to make this work for me.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my Enagic Review. If you find this information useful, feel free to share it on any of your social media channels.

However, should you decided to join Enagic or you’re already in this business, do share with us your experience by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Hey there Florence, thanks for the review on Enagic.

    I met someone that is working with them and decided to make some research. 

    My opinions are very close related to yours, the products are very expensive even though the company is long time in the market and can be considered “stable”.

    Well MLM is tricky, always tricky, coz well, for sure some people do make tons of money in it. But I believe that is not true for 90% or more of people involved in the business, would you agree?

    Well, read you again soon! 

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