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Welcome To My Essante Organics Review

Congratulations! You have taken the right move to read this review before taking any action.

Today, I am going to review Essante Organics, an Arizona-based health and wellness (Multi-Level Marketing) MLM Company that claims to help you earn huge income by becoming one of its distributors, working only 7-10 hours per week.

My aim for this review is to help you determine whether this company is worthy of investment.

Is it really easy to get rich by becoming an Essante Organics distributor? Will this company pave the way to your financial freedom?

What is Essante Organics?
Inside Essante Organics
Who is Essante Organics For?
The Truth About Essante Organics
Things I Like About Essante Organics
Is Essante Organics A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

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Like you, I too searched for a legitimate business opportunity until I found a proven strategy that helped me earn full time income while working remotely.

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I know you are as curious as I am in finding more about Essante Organics, the MLM company that claims to bring you the most natural, non-toxic and organic products. If you’re ready, then let’s get started.


Product Name: Essanté Organics

Founder: Michael Wenniger

Product Type: Health & Wellness MLM Company

Price: $29.95 to start plus $199 & $499 upsells

Best For: This program is best for students, moms, or anybody who just want to earn extra income by selling eco-friendly products

Summary: Essante Organics is a popular, legit health and wellness MLM company that sells eco-friendly supplements and personal care products. However, there are a lot of things that you need to know about this company aside from the fact that MLM alone is not the best option for you.

Rating: 5/10

Recommendation: No

What is Essante Organics?

Essante Organics is an Arizona-based health and wellness MLM company that sells a variety of nutritional, organic and toxic-free products .

It was first founded in 2004 by Michael Wenniger as “Essante Worldwide” but was later on rebranded in 2009 as “Essante Organics” with the mission to eliminate toxins from everyone’s life.

Like any MLM business, Essante Organics aims to help its brand partners earn a full time income more swiftly than any other company by selling its products and recruiting more people to sign up as members.

Organic seems like a big word many MLM companies are promoting. Some similar companies that brand itself as organic include Enagic, Young Living Essential Oils and Neways International.

In fact, there’s some truth about these organic-branded MLM companies you must know which I’m going to explain later.

I can guarantee that many of these companies can’t even produce 100%, toxic-free, real organic products as claimed to be.

If this is your first time to hear about MLM, it is a legitimate business opportunity that offers distributors multiple level income opportunity.

Despite pyramid scheme is similar to MLM, however there's in fact quite a distinct between these two.

In a pyramid scheme, members focus more on recruiting people than selling products. New members are often pushed to recruit more people to get a share of the income their downline makes.

Sometimes it’s hard for ordinary people to bust the pyramid scheme because some companies use products to conceal their true identity.

If you want to know more about pyramid scheme, feel free to check the FDC explanation about pyramid scheme.

Moving forward with Essante Organics, I can tell that it is sincere with its pretty impressive mission that's to “Eliminate Toxins From Everyone’s Life. One Household at a Time.”

I can’t deny this is a great vision but ultimately can they really achieve this when even the word “organic” might potentially be abused?

The company has a great variety of products ranging from toxic-free health supplements to organic body essentials.

However, there have been a lot of rumors circulating around this company that makes me want to investigate further. Hang on tight as we get to the next session.

Inside Essante Organics

Essante Organics claims as a unique health and wellness company. The combination of organic and toxic-free products is its main driving force. Here's how some of its products work.

Essante Organics Health and Wellness Products

Essante Organics has 5 product categories ranging from health supplements, personal care, essential oils, laundry liquids and a whole bunch of organic baby products.

The company’s most popular product is the Daily Digest, a dietary supplement that is known to hasten weight loss.

Daily Digest contains pro-biotic enzymes and organic ingredients which are known to help you maintain a flatter tummy.

It is sold $24.98 for two bottles with 90 capsules each bottle to be consumed regularly, which fairly affordable for business newbies.

Other popular products from Essante Organics are the natural juice drinks that are known to help you get rid of body toxins and maintain the proper PH Balance.

The cheapest one is the Super Reds Jar which is sold at $61.10 per bottle. A glass of the Super Red juice is known to help you cleans and detoxify your body from harmful toxins.

The following are the different products of Essante Organics. You may check the information of each product from Essante Organics’ product page.

Meanwhile, let’s jump into the next session to learn more about how you can make money with Essante Organics.

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Make Money with Essante Organics

In this section, I will try to explain to you how you can make money with Essante Organics.

In order to start earning money, you need to first become a “Wholesale Customer” or “Brand Partner” by paying a one-time membership fee of $29.95.

The difference between becoming a Wholesale Customer and Brand Partner is that the former can only purchase bulk quantities at a discounted price. But more opportunities are offered to Brand Partners such as tax deductions, unlimited leads, free training, and higher income opportunity.

Eventually, you will be convinced to purchase the Go-Green Packs which costs $199 or $499, in addition to the one-time fee of $29.95, to become a Brand Partner.

There are three ways to earn income with Essante Organics.

  • Earn profit by selling products
  • Get commission by enrolling new members
  • Acquire bonuses by advancing in rank

Now let’s gradually dissect each method.

Retail Sales

This is the easiest and most direct way to earn income. As per company rule, you will get 30% profit by purchasing products at their wholesale price and selling them at the suggested retail price.


You will also earn 5% for the sales made by your downline. Eventually, you will have to invite more members to sign up to Essante Organics and help them sell products so you will also earn commission from the sales they make.

Lots of Bonuses

As with any MLM company, Essante Organics also offers a lot of bonuses as you advance in rank, which I will discuss to you as simple as I can.      

Enroller Bonus – Remember the Go-Green Packs which you need to purchase to become a brand partner? You can actually sell them each at $199 and $499, and earn $50 and $100, respectively.

Express Start BonusYou will earn $500 one-time bonus if for the first 30 days you can enroll 4 downlines and help each of them to enroll 2 downlines of their own. Sounds pretty easy right?

If you are an extrovert and are good at networking, it will be very easy for you to get this bonus. But I doubt many people can even get there.

Endless Team Bonus – As your MLM structure starts to form up, you will have the opportunity to receive a bigger bonus depending on how deep your downline can go.

The bonus is given by Essante Organics on a monthly basis but each member must maintain at least 75 Easy Order or autoship.

The deeper your downline, the bigger your bonus is.

Eventually, you will be pushed to help your downlines recruit more people, sell products to reach the required autoship and get all your bonus entitlement depending on the rank you are in.

Yes, there are indeed many opportunities or ways to earn money through Essante Organics MLM system, but the problem with this business structure is that you will be forced to focus more on recruiting instead of selling products and when you’re not careful enough, you’ll end up making it more like a pyramid scheme.

100% Matching Bonus You will earn $25,000 per month in addition to all other bonuses but you need to have 5 downlines, each earning at least $5,000 worth of Endless Team Bonus.

I tell you, it’s a lot harder to earn this bonus so I consider you very successful if you’ve reached this far.

As I said, your Endless Team Bonus depends on how deep your level is so your downlines to expand their legs by recruiting more people. But to earn as much as $5,000 they need to reach Level 10. Eventually, your structure can get as big as the image below.

Expansion Rate Bonuses

Lastly, this is Essante Organics’ Global Profit Sharing.

You will have a chance to share 1% of the company’s overall profit to be paid annually but you need to generate $50k per month in sales volume for 2 of your downlines.

Honestly, it is almost impossible to get to this level. In fact, earning the Endless Team Bonus is already very tiring that distributors will just give up recruiting members.

Watch the explainer video to for more detail explanation about its compensation plan.

Who is Essante Organics For?

LIke other MLM companies such as Neways International and LifeVantage, Essante Organics is best for people who are persistent and willing to walk extra miles in building multi-tier teams.

MLM ultimately don’t have a strong incentive to entice real customers to buy because their main customers are distributors who mostly buy products to maintain the required autoship in order to earn bonuses.

In other words, if you want to succeed in MLM business like Essante Organics, you don’t just join the company because you believe their products are good but eventually you will have to focus on recruiting and nurturing new members to truly earn a full time income.

Even so, there’s no guarantee that you will get rich with MLM. There’s too much work involved with your reputation at stake, while your return of investment can be disappointingly lower than expected.

The Truth About Essante Organics

As promised earlier, here is the truth about Essante Organics you must know before deciding whether this company is the right business opportunity you should invest in.

Truth #1: Expensive Investment Due to Inventory Loading

Despite the fact that you need only $29.95 to join as member, you’ll eventually be convinced to purchase the Go-Green Pack which is $199 & $499 because the better benefits open up only when you become a brand partner than merely customer who use the product.

For people who seriously want to make money, $500 might not be very expensive for a start, but eventually as you move up the rank, you’ll be tempted to engage in “Inventory Loading” to earn more commission.

If you are new to this term, it is used to describe a scenario where distributors purchase additional products to meet personal volume requirements, in order to unlock more commission bonuses. This can be one of the sign that the company is engaging in pyramid scheme.

That’s why all distributors need to be mindful when committing such activity. Here’s a legal explanation about inventory loading if you want to understand more.

Truth #2: Hidden Information

Essante Organics has not been totally truthful because it doesn’t have an Income Disclosure. An income disclosure is normally required by the government for MLM businesses.

Seriously, after going through their policies & procedures, terms of use and privacy statement, I can’t find any income disclosure at all.

If I were you, this should count as one of the red flags of why I should be skeptical in joining such company.

Truth #3: Unrealistic Income Claim

Essante Organics claims that you can earn big income by just working 7-10 hours a week from your home or office. But this is not true especially for beginners.

Beginners need to work really hard to qualify for bonuses. In my opinion, this is just a marketing tactic to persuade MLM newbies to join the company.

The sad part is that if you become one of their distributors, you will be forced to believe this lie and use it to convince people to become your downline.

Personally, I do not agree any company using this unrealistic claim to coax people into joining this business opportunity.

It’s more frustrating when Essante Organics is not doing what it preached inside its policy.

Under section 3.6.3, Essante Organics discourage members from making income claim while recruiting new people. It also prohibits distributors from showing their income to potential recruits.

But the problem is this company failed to control members who act against its policy.

I totally lost trust with Essante Organics when I found so many videos of members making such unrealistic claims with no action taken by the company to de-list the videos.

If you want to learn how I managed to earn a full time income and make realistic passive income without MLM, then I suggest you check out My #1 Recommended Program.

To the bare minimum, this is a legit, proven system with no high income pitch.

Here's A Simpler Way To Earn A Full-Time Income Working From Home

Truth #4: Too Many Competitors

The market is already saturated with health and wellness products. Even though Essante Organics have high quality products, it will be too difficult to convince people that it is the best and most unique product in the industry.

The competition is tough and there times that you don’t make sales at all.

Instead of going down the MLM route, you can actually try affiliate marketing, which I strongly believe is a better alternative if you want to earn passive income. Passive income is the money you receive without actively working for it.

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Truth #5: Use of The Word Organics is Being Abused

This is very misleading…

A lot of people have the impression that when you see the word “organic” in any product, it implies that all the ingredients are naturally produced according to the organic standards set by the authority.

FDA does not regulate the use of the term “organic” on food labels. It’s the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that regulate the use of this term.

Any farm that complies with USDA organic regulations will receive Organic Certification which means produces from these farms are organic.

However, a product can only be called organic if more than 95% of its content are made up of organic ingredients. Those with only 70% organic ingredients, can only be labelled with “made with organic ingredients”.

Only product labelled with USDA Organic Logo is considered Organic. However not all products sold by Essante Organics have this logo.

If you read closely the fine prints inside its Manufacturing Practices document and its website, I bet you can’t even find any single phrase that say “Essante Organics sells only organic products”.

Here’s the proof I found inside its website to show that not all of its products are organic.

Truth #6: Duplicated Website That Can’t Give You Free Traffic

Once you pay the $29.95 starter fee, Essante Organics will give you a website so you could recruit members and promote its products using affiliate marketing method.

What you need to do is just to drive traffic to the website.

The truth is, driving traffic is not as easy as it seems to be. You can’t have the website and wait for people to come.

There are tons of learning curve involved in driving targeted traffic, either using paid advertisement or gaining free organic traffic from Google or social marketing.

Even with social marketing, you’ll need to buy ads to increase your followers, before you can push your products to followers. That’s a lot of money involved.

With duplicated website given by Essante Organics, there’s no way you can get free traffic. In the end, you’ll have to pay for advertisement in order to get leads.

Mind you, many people lose money paying for ads as they do not have the skill and the right strategy. I suggest you must first be ready to lose some money if your option is only paid traffic.

Things I Like About Essante Organics

I like that this company promotes green living, which is a much-needed lifestyle for everyone considering the highly toxic environment we’re living in.

The Daily Digest is undeniably very useful for individuals who want to lose weight naturally without losing vitamins and nutrients as with using laxatives.

Aside from some of its organic and toxic-free products that comes with 30-day money back guarantee, they also offer award-winning educational website and business trainings that promote organic lifestyle to all their customers.

Most importantly, Essante Organics provides ongoing support through live conferences and training calls which is very beneficial for MLM newbies.

The good customer service is also plus. From my research, I actually found that Essante Organics’ customer service representatives are pretty active in replying to comments made by their customers.

However, I still do not recommend joining Essante Organics if you’re looking for a stable income. A lot can go wrong in an MLM business, which may lose your entire life savings instead of growing it.

Personally, I hate face-to-face selling. I don’t think there are many people who like it too. If you too is not comfortable meeting people, Essante Organic is definitely not for you.

When first started, you can still earn money by promoting products online. But as your team grows, it won't be possible anymore. You need to meet face-to-face and nurture them to move up the rank.

Seriously, I can even make a full time income just by facing my laptop all day. So what’s the point of joining an MLM company where you can’t get rid of the need to face more people?

Is Essante Organics a Scam?

Essante Organics is definitely not a scam but a legitimate MLM business selling incredible products. 

However, as I always said MLM is not for everyone. Although this company sells awesome products which are recognized worldwide as organically effective, there’s too much work involved in order to earn a decent income.

You should not restrict yourself with selling products from the same company.

If you seriously want to earn a full-time income from home, without selling products face-to-face, I recommend that you to promote products from multiple companies with affiliate marketing.

Unlike MLM which requires you to recruit and manage a team, with affiliate marketing there’s no hassle dealing with people at all.

How I Start a Small Business Online

In general Essante Organics is legitimate business opportunity that is consistently growing popularity with its eco-friendly products.

However, only a few people have gotten rich with MLM because despite the growing ubiquity of highly enticing testimonials surrounding MLM, the reality of this business model is quite different than it seems.

I believe that running an affiliate marketing business is a lot easier to handle and suitable or most people who just want to earn a decent income.

I was able to experience living life to the fullest while earning a full time income with less working hours for the first time through affiliate marketing.

If you’re ready to make your dream life come true, please feel free to grab a copy of my free guide and follow through the methods that I use. My guide is free so there’s nothing to lose if you simply try.

Thank you so much for reading my Essante Organics review. If you find this review useful please feel free to share this with anyone you know and help them make the best decision.  

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6 thoughts on “Essante Organics: An Honest Review From A Non-Member”

  1. Thank you very much. Anytime I hear about multi-level marketing I immediately feel kind of worried that it’s going to be at least kind of a scam. Sometimes the products that these MLM companies try to sell are actually decent, but other times even the products are not great. Either way, the bigger problem with MLM companies is the whole multi-level marketing scheme. 

    I don’t like multi-level marketing because you have to do cold calling and pressure people on the phone and you also have to pressure people to join so you get referral bonuses. I prefer the style of wealthy affiliate because I can just make a website and put out information without having to push anybody around. People can come and go as they please. I think it’s much better than multi-level marketing.

  2. This is really insightful for investing in the right place. I never knew Essante Organics was first founded in 2004 by Michael Wenniger as Essante Worldwide. I like their packages for their partners that offer multiple level income opportunity. But ultimately in MLM, you’ll need to do face-to-face selling. That’s not something I like.

    1. That’s me too. Tried MLM but it just doesn’t work for me. That’s why I chose affiliate marketing instead. If you’ve been looking for a proven method to earn a full time living at home without having to do face-to-face selling, then I suggest you get my free guide to start a small business online. Inside this guide, I’ve explained in detail how I did that. 

  3. Hi 

    Thanks for sharing such an important article with us. By reading this post it is very clear to me that Essante Organics is a popular, legit health and wellness MLM company that sells eco-friendly supplements and personal care products. It can be a superb opportunity for students and housewife to earn extra income. But you are right, it’s just not so easy to build and nurture  team. Sometimes it can take years of effort just to get it right. Don’t think MLM is something I want. Just too troublesome. 

    1. That’s right. I tried a few MLM opportunities many years back but it just doesn’t work for me. Many times, it’s about the leadership, particularly when the direct sponsor only cares about making money, then it might not be sustainable, which is why I chose affiliate marketing instead. 

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