EZ Bay Payday Review: Scam or Legit?

EZ Bay Payday Review

Welcome To My EZ Bay Payday Review

EZ Bay Payday is another ClickBank product that claims to help anyone make money online including complete newbies who have no experience in this business.

I've reviewed so many products sold on ClickBank that promises quick and easy money with little work involved where almost 90% are scams.

Is EZ Bay Payday another scam or a legit program that can really help anyone achieve time and financial freedom?

To help you make the right investment, here's my honest EZ Bay Payday review.

What Is EZ Bay Payday?
nside EZ Bay Payday
The Real Work To Sell On eBay
The Ugly Truth About EZ Bay Payday
Is EZ Bay Payday A Scam?
Legitimate Online Business Opportunity


Product Name: EZ Bay Payday (http://ezbaypayday.com)

Creator/Owner: Steve Richards (duo identity)

Product Type: Sell on eBay with dropshipping business model

Price: $37, downsell $17 + Upsells

Best For: Owner and black hat affiliate marketer

Summary: It's a basic training program that teaches you how to sell on eBay via dropshipping business model. There are many upsells inside member area that include offers to buy John Crestani's program and a hosting service.

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No

What is EZ Bay Payday?

The sales video of EZ Bay Payday claims that you could be making up to $500 a day by showing you with many income proof of its members.

The owner Steve Richards says this system is a secret cash machine website and you can easily siphon profits off into your own pocket if you use his system.

After continuing watching the video, it was later revealed that the secret website is none other than eBay.

But is eBay still a secret when it's already a well-known eCommerce website with billions of people buying and selling products?

If this is the case, what's so special about EZ Bay Payday system and how does it works to help you make money online without much work needed?

A Look Inside EZ Bay Payday

I've purchased many legitimate program throughout my journey in building affiliate marketing business.

Once you make a purchase, it's common that you will be directed to member area where you can immediately start learning and build your first online business.

Like other legitimate ClickBank program such as CB Passive Income and WP Profit Builder, when you login to EZ Bay Payday, an introductory video is shown.

However, unlike those legitimate ones that will give you overview of your purchase, the introductory video of EZ Bay Payday tries to immediately persuade you to buy upsell that promises “quicker” result compared to the basic deal that you have already purchased.

The first upsell you're asked to buy inside member area is John's Crestani's Super Affiliate System after being directed to watch a webinar as Step 2 of this EZ Bay Payday program. … ok, Step 1 is to watch the sales-like introductory video.

The question is why does EZ Bay Payday promotes other program without getting member to first start with the basic program they already paid for?

After watching the webinar that promotes Super Affiliate System, you will then go into step 3 and be offered a FREE website to start your dropshipping business.

You must be thinking it's a great deal but hold on… there's a catch.

To get the free website, you must pay for domain and hosting that will cost over $140! Is there even free a website in the very first place?

Isn't it obvious that the owner is just trying hard to make sure you buy some other products before you can even start to explore what EZ Bay Payday is all about?

Well, if you really want to try creating a website, here's on free website builder which I think is good for a beginner.

The 2 immediate upsells were also promoted in the same way inside another low quality dropshipping program called The AZ Code. I wonder whether both program share the same owner.

It's not the end yet. To complete everything before you can access to all training videos inside EZ Bay Payday, the last thing you're asked to do is to buy CB Cash Code, another program that promises quicker results.

After going through all the 4 steps you'll then be able to gain access to the 11 modules training videos inside EZ Bay Payday.

To my horror, these videos were taken from YouTube and PLR material just like the same tactic used in low quality program that I've reviewed previously namely Home Income System.

Look, if the training is good, at least you save time researching for good training videos but this is not the case in EZ Bay Payday.

These videos only teach you basic stuff about dropshipping that can't help anyone make money without putting in enough research work.

There's no strategy taught inside these videos at all and definitely not worth $47, neither is it worth $17 even after the downsell.

The most frustrating is you can still find more links to other YouTube videos about how to make money with survey apps, do website testing or become virtual assistant.

All these information can be found online for free.

The owner of EZ Bay Payday just try to pack everything inside this program to make it looks complete.

Before I even go further to address the red flags found, let me first share with you the real work you need to do before deciding whether dropshipping is the best business model to sell on eBay.

The Real Work To Sell On eBay?

If you have no plan to invest into buying products upfront, dropshipping is indeed one of the best business model to start selling on eBay.

However, it is definitely not easy as claimed inside EZ Bay Payday. In order to find reliable supplier and identify products with high demand yet low competition, you need to do a lot of research.

Furthermore you have to set best selling price of each product so you can out beat your competitors and deal with customers issues such as sale return & refund, wrong stock delivered, broken items, discontinued product and many more.

Below is how you can set your price on eBay.

You even need to constantly update product status and it gets bad when your dropshipper didn't inform you if there's anything out-of-stock.

That's why you'll need to deal with more than 1 dropshipper as not all of them have the products that you want. At least if one is out-of-stock, you can still have other options.

Things will become more challenging if you are a complete newbie.

Competition is tough on eBay and to penetrate this market when your brand is not known by anyone, you will need to sell your products at lower price.

Once you managed to get more credible reviews, only then you can gradually increase your price.

So, be prepared to lose some money in the beginning for a few months. What EZ Bay Payday try to tell you is utterly rubbish.

There's no such thing as easy income from eBay. There're just tons of work you have to do.

The Ugly Truth About EZ Bay Payday

Fake Owner: Every time when I find any product suspicious, the first thing I'll do is to do a search on the owner as most are fake too. Without doubt, the owner with the name Steve Richards is only another pen name.

Steve has another identity called Stace Parlen
Source: https://www.bravespacellc.com/staceparlen

This is one of the most common tactics used in scams and low-quality products.

By remaining anonymous, the real owner hiding behind your screen will not lose his/her credibility when people found out their product is a total scam.

This allows them to continue creating more of such rubbish program by changing the name to suck the money out from you.

Fake Testimonials: All testimonials inside EZ Bay Payday were provided by paid actors from Fiverr for a mere $5.

I found 2 actors who are also paid to give fake testimonials inside Million Dollar Replicator, which is another low quality program that I've reviewed.

Fake Testimonials inside EZ Bay Payday is same as Million Dollar Replicator

Hyped-up Sales Video With Vague Explanation: I am sure after finish watching the entire sales video, you definitely won't be able to understand how this system works.

EZ Bay Payday only shows you tons of income statement which I doubt is even real.

The fact that this video tells you the system is a secret is utterly nonsense. Dropshipping business model is already practiced everywhere. There's no secret at all.

Only naive people will believe that you can achieve time and financial freedom without doing much work, effort or money spent.

No ethical business opportunity will keep buyers in the dark about how its program works and constantly giving false hope to buyers.

If you ever find another program trying to sell you something that seems viable but there's no way you can understand the entire system, I advise you to stay away as it's most probably a scam.

Absurd Promises To Make Money Quick & Easy Without Much Work: In this world there is no such thing as quick and easy money that has no catch.

Even if you are investing in stock market, you still need to learn the fundamental of trading and have some money to invest.

The claim that anyone can make $500 a day online with only 20 minutes of work is totally absurd. It's the biggest yet lousiest lie ever.

If you ever ask any super affiliates (here's how you can become super affiliates), I bet they would tell you that making money online requires hard work and there's no way anyone can do nothing to earn income.

Disclaimer That Run Away From Responsibility: There's a small print below the video that the owner is trying to push the responsibility or liability to another program called Easy Insta Profits.

From the screenshot shown above, it is said that testimonials inside EZ Bay Payday are from users of Easy Insta Profits.

Why would the owner include these testimonials into its sales video when it doesn't even refer to his/her own program? Anyway, this is not that relevant as even the testimonials are from Fiverr actors!

More Upsells: There are just too many upsells inside EZ Bay Payday. Below is screenshot I found inside EZ Bay Payday Affiliate page that clearly indicates any marketer promoting this program will be able to earn over $450+ per sale.

This means you'll be stuffed with more upsells if you ever buy EZ Bay Payday!

I know upsells are common in any program, but promoting the upsells before even allowing members to use basic program they've purchased is really absurd.

I don't think any legit program will ever do this.

Is EZ Bay Payday A Scam?

To call another program a scam is really subjective. I don't think it's important to label EZ Bay Payday a scam anymore.

The fact is this program is just another basic yet low quality & cheap front-end product to make you buy into more upsells.

There's nothing real inside EZ Bay Payday.

Starting from the hyped-up sales video, this owner is already trying his best to make you believe that making money online can be quick and easy which is utterly nonsense.

Furthermore, if even the owner has 2 identities, how real can this program be? The so-called “Steve Richards” is just another naive puppet who is used by the unscrupulous real owner to make profit out of innocent people.

I don't believe any program that's good and can help anyone make money online is able to be priced as cheap as $17 at downsell.

If this is possible, I guess other legitimate program like Wealthy Affiliate, Elite Marketing Pro, My Lead System Pro and Power Lead System will have to close shop.

I advise anyone to stay away from this low quality and dishonest EZ Bay Payday program.

However, if you still want to try, thanks to ClickBank, you are still able to get your 60 day money back guarantee should you ask for a refund.

But mind you, getting a refund might not be as easy as you seem to be.

Legitimate Online Business Opportunity

I never believe making money can be quick and easy.

Any program that promises quick results without much work needed are mostly over hyped and can't help anyone build a real, profitable and long-term business.

Like you, I too have been searching everywhere to find a legitimate business opportunity.

Luckily I found one that has helped me quit my C-level job and achieve real financial & time freedom to live the life that I really want.

If you are serious to build a long-term online business yet not afraid of hard work, then I suggest you to sign up for my top recommended program which is legitimate and proven to help many people earn 5 to 6 figure income by working at home.

Inside this program, you will learn step-by-step on how to build an affiliate marketing business with training listed below.

1. Create authority blog;
2. Find profitable niche;
3. Select profitable affiliate products;
4. Paid (Facebook, Google & Bing Ads) & free traffic strategies (SEO);
5. Sales funnel & email marketing;
6. Dropshipping & ecommerce;
7. YouTube marketing;
8. Google analytics; and many more

The good news is anyone can start for free, and that includes YOU! There're free marketing tools for members too!

I hope you enjoy reading my EZ Bay Payday review. If you find this post valuable, please share on Facebook and Twitter.

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14 thoughts on “EZ Bay Payday Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. Thanks for this insightful piece of information on ez bay payday. Before registering for any program, I first check out who the owner is and since ez bay payday owner is sketchy, that’s a big red flag. 

    Secondly, hiring actors to give fake testimonial is a sure proof that this program doesn’t offer all that it claims to offer. If it was so good, it wouldn’t have to pay actors to lie about income earned on ez bay payday.

    I will also advise every internet entrepreneur to avoid such scams online. Thanks for helping out stop this online scams.

    1. Glad to know there are still people out there who’s good in identify low quality scam program. Hope you are able to share this review with your friends to prevent them from getting scammed. 

  2. Making money on the internet has become so hard these days because of the rampant scams available like the Ez Bay payday. When I decided to join the online business, I fell for some scams until I learnt to always check for other peoples review before joining any platform. Thanks to sites like clickwebsuccess that help to expose this scams. Thanks fro the review

    1. Hi Aweda, I hope by now you already found one great program to start online business. If you are still looking around, I suggest you explore Wealthy Affiliate. At least this is one program that has helped me quit my C-level job and start working at home. 

  3. Hi! I really don’t know what happens with ClickBank. I know they are not 100% responsible for these scams. But they have some responsibility because these scams are offered through their platform. I believe they should tighten the requirements so these scams can not measure up to their standards.

    It’s a pity that these scams continue to spring up. I have learned to identify them thanks to your warnings through your posts. But I know many people continue to fall. Ez Bay Payday once again uses the words “secret” and that’s an over used word in scams. Thank you very much once again for unmasking this one.

  4. First of all, I want to mention that this is a very brilliant review.

    I see more and more of these online scams coming up nowadays made by people who want to make a quick buck off other peoples bad luck. After reading your review, I will never touch Ezbay because I have fallen for too many of these scams. Thanks for your review.

    Btw, do you know any done-for-you funnels that’s proven to convert well? Am thinking of paying for advertisement and promote these type of affiliate program. That’ why better to get one that has good conversion rate. 

  5. Hi Florence,

    This is a great informative product review with all specific information about EZ Bay Payday. After reading this review, I have understood that this program is not scam but this is not also suitable for beginners who want to earn a consistent money while learn all related knowledge. I personally dislike the activity which use fake reviews and hide so many up sells initially. I am going to share this important reviews with others. Thanks for writing this helpful review.

  6. Thank you for this review about EZ Bay Payday,  Exposing the scams is so important for those people trying to do legitimate business and sell real courses that actually help people. It’s the fact that making money is not as easy. Even scammers do not make their money so easy, because there are so many other competing systems in the internet. About the program you recommend, is there any live webinar to keep members updated about current marketing trend? 

    1. Yes, in fact the thing that I like most about this program is the weekly live webinar by Jay, who is our main coach. There are more than thousands of training hours inside this program. But in order to start as a beginner, I suggest you to start with its famous Online Entrepreneur Certification course. Here’s the complete training provided by my top recommended program. 

  7. Great post and good info.

    The things you’ve been explaining, already raise red flags to me, they try to sell you something, even before you already have insights. 

    I pass for that, I did it once and it was a miserable platform, so I stay away from it. 

    Im using Wealthy Affiliate, and for me, that is the best you can have. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us! 

    1. Great to know another Wealthy Affiliate member. I’ve managed to quit my C-level job and work at home thanks to this awesome program. Do check out my profile inside Wealthy Affiliate when you are free. 

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