FeaturePoints Review: Get Paid To Download Apps in 2019

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Welcome to My FeaturePoints Review!

Thank you for dropping by for another review.

Today, I am going to review FeaturePoints, a popular get-paid-to do a survey site.

Nowadays a lot of sites are offering rewards points and cash back in exchange for short surveys. Some legit ones include Swaybucks, FusionCash, Opinion Outpost and SurveySpot.

FeaturePoints is just one of these sites. It helps you earn rewards points and cashback by doing surveys and testing free apps.

At first look, FeaturePoints seemed a promising site.

According to this site, it has paid out $7,336,000 since 2012 which is quite impressive.

But is this app legitimate?

What is FeaturePoints?
Inside FeaturePoints
Who is FeaturePoints For?
The Truth About FeaturePoints
Things I Like About FeaturePoints
Is FeaturePoints A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

We will find that out as we go through this review.

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Product Name: FeaturePoints

Founder/Owner: George Pogostin and Steven Brener

Product Type:  A platform where anybody can get paid to do a survey

Price:  It is free.

Best For: Anybody who wants to earn small cash or extra points for shopping in selected stores

Summary: FeaturePoints is a legitimate platform where you can get paid for doing a 5-minute survey or downloading an app.

Each survey or app download can give you as much as 250 to 500 points each. Although this site will give you points to earn, this is only good if you need extra income or points for shopping.

Rating: 6/10

Recommendation: No, I would not recommend this as a good substitute for your regular job.

What is FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints is a legitimate site where you can earn rewards points by doing the following things.

  • Downloading app
  • Completing a survey
  • Referring a friend
  • Earning cashback through shopping
  • Joining contests

You can turn this rewards points into cash by converting them through PayPal or Bitcoin. Or you can use them to buy gift cards which can be used in their partner stores.

The following is a list of gift cards available in FeaturePoints: Amazon ($1), Apple App Store ($2), Google Play ($10), Starbucks ($5), Xbox ($10), Steam ($20), League Of Legends ($10), Nintendo eShop ($10), Best Buy ($10), Target ($25), Bath & Body ($10), Sephora ($10).

FeaturePoints also allows you to earn a cashback when shopping at their partner stores such as BestBuy, Forever21, Walmart, Target, Nordstorm, and Macy’s.

Most of these shops are available worldwide which means that FeaturePoints would be a great site to try wherever you are.

The site was founded in 2011 and launched in 2012 by George Pogostin and Steven Brener.

I tried to search for any information about George Pogostin and Steven Brener but I didn’t find too many details about them except for their Crunchbase profile that has no photo at all.

Inside FeaturePoints

Signing up to FeaturePoints is basically FREE. All you need is a working email or your Facebook account to sign up to it. Here are some ways you can earn money from this get-to-paid site.


One way to earn points in FeaturePoints is to complete surveys where you can earn up to 250 to 1,000 points each.

Each survey can take 10 to 20 minutes depending on number of questions. On average, there are 10 to 20 questions each. The first survey, for example is about yourself, where you can earn 250 points.

Just so you know the surveys in this site are hosted by third party providers, so it’s your call whether to take or skip them.

Download Apps

Another way to earn points is to download apps. Just click on the Apps Tab on the dashboard and you will see the apps which are available for downloads.

Basically, FeaturePoints will send you a link to your email where you must download the app.

When you’ve downloaded all the apps, just refresh the page and it will show the rest of the apps that you can download.

I will have more discussion on its reward system later on this review.

Watch Videos

If you like watching videos, FeaturePoints does have something for you.

The site has a lot of videos that you can watch for about 1 to 3 minutes. Some of the videos will help you earn 1 token which you can use to join the contests.

Apparently, watching videos is not a great way to earn money from this site because the earnings are way too low compared to other methods.


This is probably the best avenue within FeaturePoints to earn a great deal. When you invite another person to sign up to FeaturePoints, you will get 50% of their earnings, so long as your friend stays active.  

For example, if your friend earns 100 points, you will also receive 50 points. Your friend will also get 50 points after signing up in return for using your referral link.

Just a friendly tip, please don’t use this option to spam your friends.

Free Contest

If you’re lucky, you can win $50 every week to $150 every month for each contest.

However, what I don’t like about this option is that you have to use a token to join the contest.

If you want to join the weekly contest, you must have 1 token while the monthly contest requires two tokens.

To earn a token, you need to convert your points.

One token is equivalent to 20 points. That means if you need two tokens, you will need 40 points.

If you think about it, this is not a good deal. Each contest have 700 to 37,000 entries. Your chance of winning is quite low.

So, it’s better to save up all the points so you can use them to buy some items in FeaturePoints partner stores or convert them to cash.

Earn Cashback from Shopping

With FeaturePoints, you can also earn points by shopping online.

FeaturePoints will pay you 1% to 2% cashback when shopping from their partner stores online. You can shop from your Desktop or Phone and earn a cashback.

Who is FeaturePoints For?

FeaturePoints is only for people who want to earn some shopping points during free time or cashback when shopping.

If you are looking to earn a full time income, then it's better don't waste your time.

The Truth About FeaturePoints

Truth #1: Suspicious Owners

As I said there is very little information about FeaturePoints’ founders or none at all.

I tried to search for information about George Pogostin and Steven Brener, and found nothing except their CrunchBase profiles.

Unfortunately, there’s not much information in their CrunchBase profile too.

Hence, there’s no way of knowing whether these people are reputable or not. In fact, I haven’t heard any news about them.

Truth #2: Low Income Potential

From what I’ve experienced with FeaturePoints, it can really help your earn points. However, I would not recommend it to replace your regular job.

It doesn’t have a lot surveys and apps that you can complete and download.

Another thing, it is very hard to win in their contest considering that there are thousands of entries.

The cash out options is quite disappointing. For PayPal, you need at least 3,000 points in order to cash out $5. The points required to cash out via PayPal is very high. I guess this site wants you to better use the points to exchange for gift card than to cash out.

Whereas for Bitcoin, the maximum amount you can cash out is only $10 and that’s the maximum!

Here’s a list of the cashout requirements for Paypal and Bitcoin I found inside FeaturePoints.

PayPal Cashout Requirement:

  • $5 – 3,000
  • $10 –  6, 000
  • $25 – 15, 000
  • $50 – 30, 000
  • $100 – 60, 000
  • $200 – 120, 000
  • $500 – 300, 000
  • $1, 000 – 600, 000

Bitcoin Requirement

  • $5 – 3,000
  • $10 – 6, 000

Truth #3: Privacy Compromised

A common disadvantage in sites like FeaturePoints is that your privacy will be greatly compromised.

On its Privacy Policy, FeaturePoints has explained that some of your data, including your email and IP Address will be shared to third party providers.

For example, if you opt-in to complete the surveys, the site will share your data to third party service providers to show you relevant surveys to complete.

Here’s a screenshot of that portion on their privacy policy.

Also, FeaturePoints has made a list of companies where your information will be shared. Once you agree with the privacy policy, you provide FeaturePoints with the consent.

The screenshot below will show you a list of sites where FeaturePoints may share your data for the purpose of operating FeaturePoints service.

In other sites, FeaturePoints will share your data for the purpose of metric tracking, re-routing traffic, answering queries and transacting payments.

To name some, they are Google, Facebook, Paypal, Zendesk and some other reputable sites.

Disclaimer: I used a mock email and personal information to sign up to this site just for the purpose of testing it out. Just a note, your true identity will be needed if you want to redeem your points soon after you’ve accumulated the minimum cash-out requirement. You may sign up to this site and use your true identity at your own risk.

Truth #4: Creepy Survey

As I said, I completed a survey in less than 10 minutes and earned my first 10 points.But to tell you the truth, their surveys are very sneaky.

The questions are very personal such as your location, birthday, gender, and many more.

I felt like this is another strategy to gather emails and personal information about a certain person to fill up a certain database.

I’m not quite sure which database they are filling up.  But one thing is for sure, I don’t have a good feeling about their surveys.

Truth #5: Points Will Expire

Another thing I don’t like about this site is that your points will expire if you haven’t been active for a while.

I think reverting the points which you earned hard to zero is too harsh for a penalty. Not to mention, there aren’t a lot of surveys and apps to download in this site.

Truth #6: Limited Rewards Options

The rewards will also depend on your geographical location. There will be some rewards that might not be accessible to your location.

That means converting your available points to rewards may not also be a wiser option.

Things I Like About FeaturePoints

The best thing I like about FeaturePoints is that you can convert your points into cash. There’s nothing wrong with getting gift cards or game credits, but cash is the best reward you can get after working hard.

I also like that it is very easy to earn points. When it says you can earn it in 10 minutes – it’s telling you the truth.

Another thing I like about FeaturePoints is the chance to earn some cashback when shopping.  Some of you may avoid shopping since it’s a waste of money.

But FeaturePoints has added something really good about shopping by helping you earn some cashback as you shop.

However, this site is only good if you want to earn some extra cash. I do not recommend this as a substitute to your regular job.

Is FeaturePoints A Scam?

FeaturePoints is not a scam. It is a legit way to earn rewards points that are convertible to cash by completing surveys and downloading apps.

Although it is a legit site, I still would not recommend this site because it has a very low income potential.

In my opinion, it’s not even worth your time and effort.  

Also, there are days when the survey tab is really empty. That means you don’t have any survey to complete in a day.

This makes the 3,000 points minimum requirement to cashout $5 on PayPal difficult to achieve.

Here is a summary of the pros and cons that I found in this site.


  • It’s free to join
  • Timely points updates
  • Easy-to-do surveys
  • Great payout methods (PayPal, Bitcoin, and many more)
  • Available in all countries


  • Some gift cards are not available in other countries
  • Earning by downloading apps is only available on Androids
  • Limited surveys and apps
  • Some surveys are privately invasive
  • Your privacy will be compromised

I do not recommend anyone to join FeaturePoints.

How I Start A Small Business Online

Trying out sites like FeaturePoints might be a good way to earn some points to exchange redeem stuffs during your spare time.

But to tell you frankly, you won’t earn a big income out of this site. It will only give you a very small amount that can’t even pay your bills, let alone to replace your day job.

If you want to earn a full time income, I suggest you check out the proven strategy I use to make my first online income using legitimate techniques.

Just a friendly tip, there’s no shortcut to success.

However, instead of wasting your time on petty websites, it’ll definitely be more rewarding if you click on the button below and take action – just like how I did.

I appreciate you reading my review for FeaturePoints.

If you find this review useful, please feel free to share this in any of your social media channel and help others make an informed decision.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve done the legwork to evaluate these programs – as there are so many of them out there today! A rating of 6/10 is not a huge vote of confidence, so I’m probably going to look into the programs that you rated higher. Suspicious owners plus low income potential are big enough red flags for me to stay away. Thanks again for taking the time to share these important insights for FeaturePoints!

    • True. But I believe there’re people who benefit from FeaturePoints too. It’s just that we all prefer something that’s more sustainable that can give us full time income. That’s why this program is never meant for us. 

  2. Thank you for your review on FeaturePoints. First off, congrats that you finally got out of the 9-5 grind, hopefully one day I can leave my job soon. Back to FeaturePoints, It is very similar to all swapbucks and other apps out there. I think it is great if you just want to make a little cash on the side and take the advantage by doubling or tripling the points from your credit card or ebates. 

    However, I am a little concerned that the owners appeared to be unknown and also my privacy is compromised. Yet again, in this era hate to say it, there is no such thing as privacy anymore. Will check the app out, thank you for the unbiased review.

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