Florence Ki: Small Business Marketer

Hi, I am Florence, a small business marketer. I started ClickWebSuccess.com to share online marketing strategies, tools and resources to help people start small business online.

Florence Ki | Small Business Marketer

Start Small Business Online

Hi, my name is Florence, a small business marketer.

While I was working in an organisation helping small business owners start and grow their business, I too run a small business online doing blog marketing and providing marketing services to local businesses during free time.

With my extensive experience with small businesses (which I'll be sharing later), I therefore started this blog to help more people start theirs.

This blog will mainly consist of reviews of various online business opportunities, small business marketing strategies and key marketing tools & resources for newbies or business owners to start implementing…

  • blog content marketing;
  • search marketing;
  • email marketing;
  • social media marketing;
  • affiliate marketing;
  • chat marketing
  • and many more.

My Personal Belief

Before I share with you my experience with small businesses, I would like to share a little about my personal beliefs – lifelong learning, sharing and keeping a work-life balance.

From here, you will understand why I love to encourage and help people start a small business online.

Lifelong Learning. I believe in lifelong learning and to tell you the truth, I literally feed on knowledge. Making incremental improvement over time energizes my mind and shield me from negativity.

Seriously, I can't live without learning new things. That's why I consistently connect with marketers from around the world to keep myself updated with latest marketing trends and practices.

I also believe connecting with community of small businesses can enrich my knowledge through learning about the various businesses they engaged with including possible challenges that are present.

To understand more about managing businesses, I got myself a MBA certification from Cardiff Metropolitan University, make myself a Certified Innovation Master to facilitate small business innovation and currently continue my DBA to further my study on leadership, business strategies & value creation.

Sharing. Well, I believe in sharing too. That's the reason why I joined NGO to contribute socially.

With the opportunity given by Junior Chamber International Malaysia, an NGO with mostly young entrepreneurs as members, I managed to motivate 200,000 people via creation of the inspiring video “Creativity Starts from a Belief” that won me the title of “Most Creative Individual 2010”.

To share more, I became frequent donor of World Vision and National Kidney Foundation including consistently provide assistance to those in need via Kiva.com.

I believe if you have more, you should also give more. And by sharing I can learn more too.

That's the reason why I involved myself in helping others and also to start this blog.

Keeping Work-Life Balance. Maintaining work-life-balance is really what I feel is important now. That's the only way you can continue your journey for long term without feeling tired or wanting to give up.

But I wasn't like this before. I was very focus with building my brick & mortar business during younger days. And I indeed missed out a lot of important things in life therefore decided to end my businesses to start afresh.

Florence Ki loves travellingNow, I am devoted to live a more balanced life so I can have sufficient time for my family, friends, work and myself.

I love travelling to explore different culture, food, amazing nature, and of course visit various shopping destinations!

Throughout the years, I have traveled to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan and South Africa.

Oh, the recent trip I went last month was to Tokyo. That's the second time I visited this city but for the very first time travelling free & easy with my son to a place I am not familiar with.

In order for me to have time to do things that I enjoy, therefore I decided to start my small business online with the intention to quit my c-level 9 to 5 job soon – and I did it recently (updated on 26th Feb 2019)!

I believe with blogging, I am able to learn the unknown, share my knowledge with more people who think alike and travel around the world without the need to take leave from work!

My Entrepreneurial Experience in Small Business

I was a small business owner running marketing services agency, manicure spa and some other small businesses for 10 years prior joining my last employment.

Starting out with my own savings, I had to keep my business lean and therefore only employed a few employees.

I literally worked seven (7) days a week when first started.

Not only do I need to develop marketing strategies and designing marketing plans for my clients including my other small businesses, I was also the one implementing, monitoring and running all aspects of my business operation with a few employees.

I believe investing in marketing activities is important to grow any business.

Therefore I invested most of my time developing various channels mix that include offline and online channels starting as early as 2007. Some examples are direct mailer, point-of-sale, white papers, emails, mobile, and search marketing.

My most commonly used strategies are SEO content blogging, emails, direct mailers, white papers and mobile marketing. During that time, online marketing was pretty straightforward and easy to implement. Nothing complex at all.

However, these tasks took up too much of time and affected the quality of my life.

After spending 10 years focusing on my career without having work-life balance, I finally decided to end these and join employment so I could swap for more time.

My Employment Experience with Small Business

Starting 2011, I was attached with a company that was setup to help people or local small businesses produce and market innovative products.

These people mostly have little or no experience setting up a business and lack skills and resources in developing effective marketing strategies for implementation.

Therefore, my task involves advise and train small business owners to do market research, develop simple marketing strategies, design business implementation plan and facilitate the application of their business grant.

Throughout my career with this company, I've learned more about managing small businesses.

To further strengthen and keep myself updated of the current marketing trend, I joined  Wealthy Affiliate to learn about online marketing for small businesses.

And this helps to set clear my direction in life.

Why Do I Start This Blog

Owning to my experience with small businesses, I understand the limitation and challenges faced by them. In fact, there are still people who lack marketing knowledge, resources and need help to grow their business.

Other than wanting to grow my own small business online, the reason why I started this blog is also to reach out to more people so I can share various types of marketing strategies, tools and resources to help them.

If you are also thinking to start a small business online, then I highly recommend you to start one with Wealthy Affiliate. It is very friendly for complete newbie and small business owners.

Whether you want to start small business online, learn about online marketing for small business or share your experience as online marketer, please drop me a comment below.

I would love to hear from you and also share more with you.

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23 thoughts on “Florence Ki: Small Business Marketer”

  1. Hi Florence, a good review off yourself on this internet marketing. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015 and now I have my own website called mysteps.co.It’s still under development with some content you can view it.
    Wealthy Affiliate is truly an University for Internet Marketer. They have all the tools to be successful online.It’s been wonderful journey for me with Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Saiful, you are right. WA has been a great learning platform where many left very good review online. That’s why I’ve been telling my IM friends about WA all the time. I hope more people will be able to gain from WA.

  2. The internet truly opens the world to our message. It is up to us to find a niche we can serve and to build and audience of people who want to hear what we can offer.

    Internet Marketing (IM) is growing and changing. Direct sales is the fast growing industry and the internet. It is up to us to learn to be professional in this industry. The more people we help, the greater our success will be. We don’t have to be experts. We just have to know where to get the answers.

  3. Hey Florence, Wow amazing stuff. You certainly can help us the unemployed youth to learn more how we can make some kind of income online from what you learned… thank you very much…Awesome

  4. I agree with you how amazing WA is, the community is amazing and the training is better than anything you can find elsewhere! your site looks really good! 🙂

  5. Hello Florence!

    I like your domain name – clickwebsuccess.com – it’s very easy to remember and it’s definitely a name that can be scaled into a famous blog in future. I also like the simple, clean, uncluttered theme you are using.

    Love your story about how you wanted to utilize your web business to “I want the WORLD to be Happy”,
    I look forward to witnessing that vision slowly turned into reality! All the best 🙂

    1. Thank you for liking the name that I chose. I actually choose it spontaneously when I register for this entity. Guess many times we just need to make impromptu decisions. Yes, I hope one day my dream will come true.

  6. Hi Florence
    Your site is a great help. I’ve been trying to find legit work at home for a while. I’ve heard of Internet Marketing before, but never found how to really do it. Thanks for the idea about setting up my own site!

  7. Dear Florence,

    This is a great Introduction about who you are, where you came from, and where you intend to go next. I hope in time my own family will begin to appreciate and admire me for who I am when I run a website too, not just to gain an income, but that is also targeted to helping people out more. 🙂


  8. That’s a great approach to helping others especially thos who need to learn more to enter the workplace. Keep at it and you will be successful.


  9. You seem like your actually want to help other people, which is very good. I don’t see many people actually try to help someone else unless they are getting something in return.

  10. Hi Florence,

    As a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I had to take the time to drop you a line on your page today. First of all, you come across as very genuine with your short bio here, and it flows throughout your site. In a word, refreshing!

    You have a wonderfully useful site as well and in perusing the plentiful useful and relevant material I could not help but be impressed with the professionalism I see and read in the posts and etc…

    There is NO doubt in my mind that you will achieve many of your dreams, even that secret one would be nice and is worth striving for…Each of us does our part to that end, and it starts with one…Yourself!

    That you live what you say you stand for is enough to give inspiration to many others, I know I certainly am impressed!

    So, I wanted to wish the best of luck to you as you progress down your path, and I am honored to have met you on Wealthy Affiliate, truly a community where people such as your self are the norm, not the exception, and where one can truly learn the basics and advanced tools, tips, and how-to to get their own online marketing program together!

    Dave : )

  11. hi florence! long time no see! i was doing my internet homework when your blogspot came across my mind. so i decided to read your blogspot and make it as my assignment, you dont mind it right? hahahahaha. i think you got a point and i like the statement when you said you wanted to make the world happy. me myself is a shy guy and i often feel lonely and um i really wish that you could make this world happy but im happy that you are working in an inovation company, it looks great, very very fun according to me. PS: i really like inovations hahahaha especially when i go to like inovations store im very happy to see new and strange inovations. hope that i could go to visit ur company. hope that i can see you guys and ur sisters soon.

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