Get Started Online with Least Investment

Start building a successful online businessIf you are struggling with your 9 to 5 job that can hardly pay your bills, then I advise you to start your business online and earn passive income, like what I am doing part-time at home.

There are so many opportunities to earn money online that I don't think it is still worthwhile to continue staying in a 9 to 5 job that only gives you so little income.

If you want to get started but struggling to find legitimate ways to start, then you should continue reading this.

Here, I will share with you everything I know about how you can start small business online, particularly one that can enable you to build a website to promote affiliate products, without the need to invest in paid advertisement.

This is called affiliate marketing, leveraging on “Search Engine Optimization” method.

Should the term “affiliate marketing” is new to you, I suggest you read the post I've recently share on “Affiliate Marketing for the Beginners”.

How to Start Small Business Online?

You can start your online business anytime you want. There are many people who succeed online and I personally know a few of them.

As this business requires only minimal investment (compared to cost of getting academic degree that can land you on a 9 to 5 job), therefore many people do not treat it seriously.

Some people on the other hand lose patient and gave up after spending too much time learning from the wrong program.

No doubt it is not easy to find the right program to start small business online, but it is definitely not impossible.

To let you have a brief understanding on how to earn money online, here are 3 steps that I would like to recommend.

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1. Find your Niche and Build Website Around It.

To be successful online, you must first determine your niche market.

Question like “what is the topic that you want to share with your audience” must be determined.

Some common niches include health & beauty, automobile, cooking, makeup tutorials or outdoor activities.

Once you determine your niche, next is to build a website around that niche. This is where you create valuable content to share with your audience consistently.

Regardless whether you start your content in the form of text (learn how you can earn money online writing), video or even podcast, you need a website.

Without a WEBSITE, your online business won't be sustainable.

I am not saying you couldn't earn money online promoting products on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram (learn how to become Instagram influencer) or YouTube.

But you just can't spam on social platforms and expect your business to grow and sustain.


If you think building a website is difficult, you are WRONG!

There is no need for you to have coding nor designing skills at all. You can create a website within minutes.

To try out, simply type your preferred website name below.

2. Get Help From A Community of Experienced Online Marketers

The worst can ever happen is when you are stuck with your online business and there is no help available for you.

This is really frustrating and most people give up trying after some time.

If you ever asked any successful entrepreneur, other than hard work, I bet getting help from others will be the next thing they will tell you to do in order to achieve success in your business.

Awesome Community in Wealthy Affiliate

Nobody can work alone.

Sometimes when you don't know what to do, you just need to get help from somewhere.

3. Learn Continuously and Take Consistent Action

Think about it.

When you were a baby, you started with crawling. But gradually as you grow, you learn how to walk from the adults.

And you never give up despite falling so many times.

The decision to walk requires you to continuously learn, take consistent action, fall and start walking again until you succeed.

And the cycle continues when you set more goals as you get older.

It is the same if you want to build a successful business online

You must continuously learn and take consistent actions so you can succeed. There are many milestones you will set in the entire journey.

To reach each milestone, learning can't stop.

Where to Get Started Online?

Wealthy Affiliate is an interactive community of small businesses helping each other to succeed.

It is a subscription based membership program whereby you can get 1 on 1 mentorship from experienced online marketers at the same time access to tools and unlimited training to support your business growth.

Whether you are new to online marketing or running existing small business, I suggest that you sign up for free Starter membership where you can immediately gain access to two free websites and start first 10 free lessons.

Here are benefit becoming Starter Member.

1. Personal Help & Support (within 7 days)

  • Help within a community of 10,000’s users
  • 24/7 Live Chat support
  • Ongoing discussions

2. Free Websites (unlimited time)

  • 2 WordPress Sites
  • Siterubix hosted domain

3. Training Galore (unlimited time)

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1: 10 video tutorials
  • 2 of the 12 Classrooms

There's really no catch here. No credit card is required to sign up too.  It is absolutely FREE.

If you are a complete newbie, then starter pack is sufficient to keep you occupied for weeks!

You may want to consider a Premium membership when you are ready to access complete features within the platform.

Success Stories of Wealthy Affiliate Community

There are many members who successfully earn money online with Wealthy Affiliate. Here are some screenshots that I've taken so I can share with you.

To learn how they succeed, simply click on the image and read their stories.

Eddy Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

Grace Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

I am sharing this with you because I've gone through tough time finding real ways to earn money online .

I do not want you to waste so much time like me.

Since I've found this awesome community, I am happy to share with you so you too can start learning from Wealthy Affiliate and build a successful online business.

It's Your Choice

I hope what I've shared here is helpful to you.

Whether you want to start your business online now with Wealthy Affiliate or prefer to find better program by doing more research, it is entirely up to you.

For me, I have confidence that Wealthy Affiliate is the one that I can successfully build my online business with.

Wealthy Affiliate Login

If you have any questions about how you can start your business online, I am always here to help.

Simply leave your comment below or find me inside Wealthy Affiliate (here is the link to my profile) and I'll reply as soon as available.

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  1. Thanks for all the Information, helped me out a great deal. Finding the right Info is so important. How long can I stay a Free member?

    • Hi J.Pena,

      Great to know you learned some thing here. You can stay as free member as long as you want. In this platform you have free 7 days access all tools and training. Thereafter you may want to consider upgrading to premium, provided if you want more. However if you decide to stay as free member, you can still enjoy 2 free websites. Hope this help. Do let me know if you need more information.

  2. Very good explanation. If I was not already with WA, you would probable convince me.

    • WA is really an awesome community. I never knew I would found this. Now I believe being persistent really pay off well. Guess, this is the reason why I can write such detailed explanation. Lol….

  3. So I get 7 days free with support and if I want to stay for free I lose the live support and get 2 websites and I can still make affiliate money? Sounds pretty good to me – I can vouch for this only I went premium because the training was so good and clear that I finished it before my 7 days was up and I couldn’t wait to learn more.

  4. Hi Florence, I like your website and your writing skills. I bookmarked your website hoping to read more articles from you in near future. You made it easier for me to understand more about online business, how it works and the steps I need to take, like having my own website, to write good contents, and offer something valuable for my readers. You are right about creating our own website as a tool of getting a passive income, all of us are getting used to work for somebody else’s business, but didn’t mind our business. Do you plan to write blogs? I think you have more to offer.

  5. I love this site it is great! You have put a lot of work into this and it truly shows! It is easy to read and get around in!

  6. Hi, I tried to signup for wealthy affiliate but the FREE is not available in Philippines 🙁 Is there another option so that i can register as FREE account? thanks

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