Global Affiliate Zone Review: Legit Affiliate System or A Hidden Pyramid Scheme?

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Welcome to my Global Affiliate Zone Review

Affiliate marketing is the most common method for digital nomads to earn money online. Rather than creating own products and sell online, it’s so much easier to promote products created by other people and earn a commission. That’s what affiliate marketing is all about.

Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) is a program that claims to provide you with all the necessary coaching, training, tools and resources so you could become an affiliate marketer and start to earn money online.

Is there a truth to this or it’s just another sleazy sales video that promises the sky with no real value?

What is Global Affiliate Zone?
Inside Global Affiliate Zone
Who is Global Affiliate Zone For?
The Truth About Global Affiliate Zone
Things I Like About Global Affiliate Zone
Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Before I continue, I would like to let you know that I am in no way affiliated with GAZ and neither am I promoting this program as an affiliate.

I am just going to give you my honest review on GAZ, particularly on whether this program can really support your affiliate marketing journey.

If you are tired of scam and want to learn from a legit program, I suggest you download my free guide to start a small business online. At least this is a proven method used by many marketers, and that's including me.

Whatever I am going to share here is from my own research done through the web.

I guarantee you that this is the most comprehensive review you can ever found on the web about Global Affiliate Zone.


Product Name: Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ)

Founder/Owner: Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang

Product Type: Automated sales funnel system to earn affiliate commission

Price:  $99 a month, Upsells of $495 and $2,475

Best For: People who do not mind to pay extra to learn stuffs already available online for free

Summary: Global Affiliate Zone is an automated affiliate marketing sales funnel system that provides members with pre-designed sales funnel to earn affiliate commission. However, it’s probably also a pyramid scheme masked under affiliate marketing system.

Rating: 2/10

Recommendation: No, it’s not worth your money paid

What Is Global Affiliate Zone?

Global Affiliate Zone is an automated affiliate marketing sales funnel system that provides members with pre-designed sales funnel to earn affiliate commission. It’s developed by Mathieu Jang and Julian Sherman in 2015.

This program claims to help you automate 90% of your job at $99 a month, so you are only required to put in 10% effort and the money is all yours. Can you really believe this?

If you are new to the term sales funnel, it’s a marketing term explaining the process a customer went through with a brand to finally make the purchase. It normally starts from brand awareness, followed by becoming a lead, then prospecting and finally become a customer just like the image shown below.

This means, as GAZ member, you are only required to drive sales to the specified landing page prepared for you and the rest will be taken care by GAZ to convert them to become customer.

No doubt there’s some basic training inside member dashboard and this system seems to provide easier access for a complete beginner to earn a full time income, however this is not really the case, which I am going to explain later.

Now, let’s look into inside of GAZ to find out how it really works so you can judge for yourself whether this is the right program for you.

Inside Global Affiliate Zone

Once you are inside member dashboard, apart from the greeting videos from both owners, there’s a 4-step process (in 2018 it’s upgraded to 6-step process but the content is still very much the same) that you’ve to unlock before you can start the training.

Step 1: Coaching Session

Module 1 of this coaching session is all about motivation and inspirational survey. It literally ask you some questions to reaffirm that you’re serious to start this business.

The video will ask you to set your goal, and prep your mind to continue with the journey. The peak is at the last session of this module whereby you’re required to schedule a 1-on-1 coaching session with your personal coach, who is also the person who sponsored you into this program.

It’s a real shame on GAZ that apparently, the 1-on-1 coaching is not meant to guide you on affiliate marketing but rather is to convince you to join a MLM company called Enagic, a company that manufactures alkaline water filtration system and ionizers.

Step 2: Submit Product Form

Here’s where you fill in the form to become member of Enagic. This means you are led to promote products of this company to earn MLM-affiliate income with more over-riding commission.

Despite this is not compulsory, however, using 1-on-1 coaching to convince you into joining a MLM after you have invested $99/month is really unprofessional.

Step 3: Complete Your Profile

In this step, you’ll need to provide your details such as name, email, payment method and social profile.

Most importantly, as this business model adopts the funnel system, therefore you’re required to setup your email integration and thank you page (the page you want to send your subscribers to after they opt-in to your offer).

Some of the products this system is going to promote for you other than Enagic is LeadPages, HostGator, Click Magick, GoDaddy, etc. Most of these affiliate products are legit and have a good reputation.

Step 4: Complete GAZ Basic Training

After you are presented with the marketing talk and more upsells, you are finally able to access to the basic training and affiliate materials to start your work.

To tell you the truth, the training is really basic.

They “talk” to you about business process and teach you how to setup Facebook ads campaign so you are able to drive traffic to your landing pages.

Seriously, Facebook Blueprint can do this better and their course are free for advertisers.

On top of that, GAZ even incorporate Enagic as part of their training course in their latest upgrades to member dashboard.

This means, they want you to focus on promoting this MLM product to earn over-riding commission, that's why giving you training on how to recruit more people.

Why would you want to pay $99/month just to spend more money on ads to promote another product? What’s the value behind the money you have invested?

As part of their training course, they too recommend you some readings and again, you’ll need to pay more to buy the books.

As part of funnel strategy, GAZ let you use their promotional videos, video ads copy and various landing pages so you could use to capture your leads. Everything is done for you and there’s nothing unique about this program at all.

Ok, now GAZ has changed their member dashboard from 4 steps to 6 steps. However, there’s not much changes on its content except they re-brand Facebook marketing as FB Ads Mastery Course at the forefront and hide Enagic in Step 5.

It’s the same tactic used in other high ticket program like Legendary Marketer System and The Super Affiliate Network.

Paying $99/month is too expensive just to gain access to their marketing tools, some basic training and forced to promote Enagic.

I am sure you can even get better training, resources and tools at ¼ of the price in this program that can produce the same result.

Other than trying to get you to join Enagic, if you want to earn more money quicker, you’ll be convinced to buy into more upsells that can cost from $495 to $2,475 on top of the $99/month membership fee that you’re paying.

Who is Global Affiliate Zone For?

Global Affiliate Zone is best for people who do not mind to pay $99/month in order to gain access to a done-for-you sales funnel that promotes reputable programs such as Enagic, LeadPages, Hostgator, etc. He/She must also have extra budget and willing to spend more money on Facebook ads

If you are a complete beginner and has only limited budget to start your first online business, then GAZ is definitely one program you must avoid.

The training inside this program is just too basic and can’t help you earn a decent income. If you're looking for one training that can do the trick, I suggest you learn from my favorite internet marketing course.

The Truth About Global Affiliate Zone

After I’ve done all the research on this program including its affiliates, this is what I found out.

Truth #1: Probably Pyramid Scheme Masked Under Affiliate System

Let me explain a little about pyramid scheme before we decide whether GAZ is one.

A company is defined as using pyramid scheme when the objective to earn money is to bring in people underneath you and not by selling a product. This is also how Federal Trade Commission viewed pyramid scheme.

By looking at the “About” section of Global Affiliate Zone, it’s very clear that this company is selling “EDUCATION” with the tagline “Education Mentorship Results”.

But when we look into the inside of this program, the training provided is not even conducive enough to help anyone acquire advanced knowledge.

What they did is to convince you to promote their main MLM program called Enagic so they can earn over-riding commission.

Don’t you think $99/month is just an entry fee to a business opportunity called Enagic that you simply can join for free?

I truly feel this Global Affiliate Zone is highly possible a pyramid scheme company masked under affiliate scheme. It’s basically selling business opportunities rather than its so-called education program.

Truth #2: Not As Easy and More Money Involved

Every experienced marketer knows that the most challenging part in earning affiliate commission is to drive highly targeted traffic.

This is a skill that sometimes even advanced marketers feel overwhelmed, let alone a complete beginner who knows nothing about traffic strategy.

In fact, creating a sales funnel is so much easier and cheaper than driving traffic. This is because there’re already many conversion tools such as Thrive Architect, Lander App and Unbounce that can help you ease technical part of the job.

The most you need is to engage good writer with simple graphic skills to create content for landing pages, email swipe and ad banners.. That won’t even cost you 12 months of GAZ subscription.

On the contrary, to successfully drive targeted traffic, you need to invest a lot of time and money to do A/B testing on each ad campaign before you can finally find one to maximize your return. This takes time and more money!

Therefore, joining GAZ is not going to cost you only $99/month but there’re more hidden cost involved, particularly the money to invest into buying Facebook ads.

On top of that, you might even required to invest more into traffic generation education since the training provided inside this program is only the basic.

Truth #3: Not Value For Money

As I mentioned just now, paying $99/month to get basic training and done-for-you sales funnel is just not worth your investment. That’s too expensive.

Furthermore, since everything is done for you, this means you won’t learn everything about affiliate marketing, thus has to depend completely on GAZ.

If you really serious to make affiliate marketing your full time income, then I suggest you to learn A to Z from my #1 Recommendation which cost only ¼ of what GAZ is charging.

The training inside is much more valuable and the best is you won’t even need to pay a single cent on advertisement!

Things I Like About Global Affiliate Zone

Seriously, there’s nothing I like about Global Affiliate Zone at all. It’s a total waste of time and money if you subscribe to their membership.

But if I really need to choose something that I like, then most probably is their done-for you system. At least it can save me some time from creating the sales funnel myself. However, it’s still not worth the investment paid, when you can engage someone to do it for a small fraction of your yearly membership.

If you really want to try, then I suggest you to get their 14-days free trial and cancel your subscription thereafter.

Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

Global Affiliate Zone is not a scam, however the fact that their business model is similar to pyramid scheme turns me off completely. The value provided inside member dashboard is just way below the price you paid for.

Furthermore, you won’t learn entirely on how affiliate marketing truly work as everything is done-for-you at a premium price. They just want you to use additional money to drive paid traffic to promote their system.

I won’t recommend Global Affiliate Zone to anyone.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I've personally came across many scams and sleazy programs in my quest to find legitimate ways to earn money online. That’s the reason why at one glance, I’m able to raise questions and spot the incompleteness in GAZ.

When I first started affiliate marketing, I too joined many done-for-you funnel systems. However none is as expensive as Global Affiliate Zone. I suggest you to try CB Passive Income if you really prefer such system – at least it’s cheaper and can generate results.

It’s really important to understand that there’s no short cut to success at all. You’ll need to work hard and put in consistent effort to see results.

I’ve followed through a proven system that enable me to quit my c-level job and still earn a full time income at home. If you want to learn how I managed to do it, here’s a free guide you can download.

It was not an overnight job though. Took me quite a while to get it right. That’s why I’ve put up a guide so you won’t have to go through the mistakes I made throughout the journey.

I hope you enjoy reading my review on Global Affiliate Zone. If you find this valuable, pls share so more people can make informed decision.

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  1. AnnetteCristina | July 26, 2019 at 12:07 am | Reply

    Unfortunately, this type of program based on your review does little to help people who honestly want to start an online affiliate marketing business. Seems to be just another bait and switch scheme. $99/mo is crazy expensive! I tried MLM long ago and it’s just a scheme to get you to pay into it more and more. Unless you already have a very large group of friends and family who are willing to help you out, you won’t succeed in MLM. High pressure to sign others up too! Another great review!

    • You are right. I tried MLM too. The idea of recruiting new people and not focusing to sell the products turn me off completely. That’s why I rather promote MLM as another affiliate products just to earn commission. Getting overriding income requires the sponsor to continuously recruit, manage, motivate and lead the team. That’s just too troublesome. Affiliate marketing is still the best!

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