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Have you found the right guide to Google keyword research?

Very often, people ask me how I managed to ranked my site in such a short period of time. Well, what you need is to find the right guide to Google keyword research. In this article, I will show you how to search for the right keyword and get your website ranked on Google.

Keyword research is the most important and valuable aspect to any marketer who uses search marketing to drive traffic. It is about researching for your niche market's keyword demand and present what is required by your target market. If it is done correctly, it will bring you not only massive traffic but most importantly, the right kind of visitors.

Evaluate The Value of Each Keyword

Have you ever thought of how much your selected keyword is worth to your website? Imagine if you own a jewelry shop, would your visitor search for the keyword of diamond ring or gold ring? Which keywords actually give you more clicks to your website? The answer can be easily found using keyword research tools but this cannot show you how valuable it is to receive traffic from those searches.

To really assess the value of a keyword, you need to understand your website, make some assumption, test and repeat the entire process again until you found the answer. Here is a basic process to assess value of a keyword.

1. Role Play

You need to put yourself in the shoes of your visitor. Think – Is the keyword relevant to your niche? Will searchers use this keyword to find something that they need? Does your website offer them the solution? Will they be satisfied with the findings? Can this result leads you to achieve your goal such as gain financial rewards? If all the answers to these questions is “Yes!”, then this is the right keyword to target.

Sqribble Review & demo2. Know Your Competitor

To understand better who is your competitor and what they are offering, it is important to type in the keyword onto Google search engine. For those keyword result that shows paid advertisement on the top and right-hand side, it literally means this keyword is sought after and highly lucrative.

3. Test Your Keyword With Paid Ads

In order to quickly test effectiveness of your keyword, you can consider to buy test traffic and see how it converts. This will place your site on 1st page on Google. From Google Adwords, buy the exact keyword phrase and link it to relevant page in your website. Then track the impression and clicks over the course of around 150 to 250 clicks.

4. Analyse Your Data To Determine Exact Value

For example, a paid search ad generated 7,000 impression a day and it managed to bring 350 visitors to visit your site that generated 10 sales with a total profit of $700. This means profit or value of each visitor to you is $2 ($700 profit/350 visitors). Theoretically, in a year this keyword will generate a total profit of $255,500 if you managed to rank #1 on Google search.

Imagine if you can rank a keyword with 3,000 visits a day at $2 profit each, you will be earning $2 million a year! No wonder so many people love search marketing.

Long Tail Keyword Converts Better

Refer to the jewelry shop as a example, it would definitely be good to rank #1 for keyword such as “jewelry” that has thousands of searches everyday right?

However, this type of keyword normally would not convert better than long tail keyword such as “cheapest 1 carat D colour diamond ring”.

Let's analyse consumer behaviour here. How many times will you type “different keywords” to search for something? I personally will refine my search using at least 5 different keywords before getting to what I really search for.

For example, if I am looking to buy a diamond ring, this may be the sequence of my search

ring – diamond ring – 1 carat diamond ring – 1 carat D colour diamond ring – cheapest 1 carat D colour diamond ring

A person searching for “ring” is probably browsing with no intention to buy. But if someone is searching for something more specific such as “cheapest 1 carat D colour diamond ring”, probability is he already knew what he is searching for and ready to make the purchase. Got it?

Where To Find Keyword Research Tool

Many marketer will start their keyword research by using free tool such as Google Keyword Planner. Other than suggesting relevant keywords and provide estimated number of searches, it also predicts cost of running ads with these terms. However it is not able to predict the number of clicks to your website, number of website competing for the same keywords nor availability of domain with this keyword.

Many marketers who are serious in search marketing will normally choose more advance keyword research tool to target their keyword accurately and save time. One that I use and find very effective and time-saving is Jaaxy.

It accurately show you how many websites are competing for your selected keywords and at the same time enable you to check your Google rank with one simple click (you can read my Jaaxy Review here).

Jaaxy jewelry build a business online

To get a better understanding on how to search for keyword, you can try out 30 free keyword searches right here.

In order to successfully ranked on Google, you not only need to understand the demand but also the difficulty to get your keyword ranked. You can find more information about how to search for keyword and get ranked on Google here.

If you have any tips or guide to Google keyword research that you would like to share here, please leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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18 thoughts on “Guide To Google Keyword Research”

  1. Great post!! Speaking from experience, it sucks to but so much effort into a well written/designed post only to have it languish out in the world wide web because of poor keywords.

    I have used Jaaxy’s free 30 search trial and must agree it is a fine tool. The best I have used. I’m certain I will be purchasing it in the future.

    Question, do you think you can be successful without utilizing paid search?

  2. Another really great article. You are definitely an expert in keyword tools! I had no idea about Google Keyword Planner. I have subscribed to Jaaxy in the past but it’s so much money I just can’t afford to keep it up, it’s a shame they don’t offer a fee for you to access it for 2-3 hours a month! Do you know of any other keyword tools? Sammi

  3. Thank you for a very informative article on google keyword research. I know the basics on how to search for keywords but I never knew how to evaluate the effectiveness of each keyword. This will certainly help me to make my websites more profitable!
    I’ll certainly be browsing more of your website to see what other great tips you have to offer.

  4. Hi Florence, I like what you write and how you write. But 3000 number which you mentioned looks something impossible to achieve. And then $2 profit each, this must be very dependent on niche, again does not look achievable. But perhaps I am just too pessimistic.

    On the other hand, your statement that long tail keywords convert better, in view of the explanation you give in the text, sounds really logical. In a way this is an eye-opening for me. Many thanks.

  5. Low competition keywords can be really easy to rank for. I have ranked number 1 on Google for a whole bunch of really low competition keywords. If you can get a quoted search result of less than 50 that is great. If you can get it below 10 then you are almost guaranteed to get on page 1. The trick is to keep targeting low competition keywords over and over again, and over time you will get lots of targeted traffic.

  6. I love your website. I cannot stop on clicking all your post. The content is too much and fascinating and educational. I wish I could also do the same kind of website. I hope you could help many of our members earned a leaving in this medium. Wishing you the best of everything in your career and your son.

  7. You definitely have some good stuff here. Brilliant post on keyword research. As an affiliate marketer, I too agree with you that keywords determine your success in generating revenue.

    It is a comprehensive guide to those who are new in the world of affiliate marketing. I guess the traffic varies with the niche you have on your website. It is true that if you hit the right keywords, traffic and revenue can be enormous. In my experience, long tail keywords do convert better.

    I have never used Jaaxy before and it looks like a great keyword research tool! I think I am going to take a look into it and see if it is worth investing for my online business.

    Thanks for this post! Great article!

  8. Great article and I have to admit it’s actually been a bit of an eye opener for me.

    I’ve always thought, if I could just get on page one for that search term that has thousands of searches I’d be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Thinking about it now after reading the section on “Long tail keywords”, that approach makes much more sense.

    Someone searching for something very specific is much more likely to buy than someone searching for something generic.

    It makes perfect sense but It’s never even crossed my mind until know.

    I assume targeting phrases of this type will also be alot easier to get ranked for, is that correct?

  9. I totally agree with you. The most important part of online marketing is keyword researching. The key factors within keyword research are competitions and long tail keywords. With high competition, it’s hard to rank high. With long tail keywords, you are ranking several keywords on google with just one keyword.
    I would like to know more about Jaaxy. What does the “Traffic” mean in the Jaaxy search result box?

    1. Hi Cyril, “traffic” means the estimated number of people who will visit your website when your site rank on 1st page. Hope this answer your questions.

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