Home Income System Reviews by Wealthy Affiliate Members (Are They Real?)

Home Income System Reviews by Wealthy Affiliate Members
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Is Home Income System Reviews Real?

Home Income System claims you can learn how to make real money working at home in less than 5 minutes with their simple and legitimate system.

Despite this system doesn't come with hyped up claims that most scam program has, but the video of its lead capture page that doesn't share anything about the system after you spent minutes watching is frustrating.

Like other low quality tactics, this introduction page also comes with the claims below.

1. No Prior Experience Or Skills Required
2. Be Your Own Boss & Choose Your Own Hours
3. Limited Positions – Claim Your Spot Now!
4. 60 Day Money-Back -Or-It's Free Guarantee!
5. Complete The Form To Check For Availability

Many reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate members are advising people to stay away from Home Income System as there's no way anyone can make money.

It's just another scam system that's trying to suck the money out from you or maybe your referrals (if there's any) without giving you real actionable value on how to make money online.

If you become part of the system, you too will be profiting from others the same unethical way.

Before I continue, I would like to let you know upfront that I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

I was recently disturbed with the claim made by James Scholes saying Wealthy Affiliate members are scammers who call other program a scam.

Despite this is not entirely true, but to let you have a better understanding of Home Income System, I decided go inside this system so I am able to prove to you validity of Wealthy Affiliate members' review.

Look, I've seen so many such system where the training inside are mostly low quality where you can easily find on YouTube.

However, to give this system benefit of doubts, let's find out whether Home Income System Reviews done by most Wealthy Affiliate members are truly a scam as to what they claim to be.

What is Home Income System?
How Does Home Income System Works?
Are Wealthy Affiliate Members' Reviews Truthful?
What I Like About Home Income System?
What I Don't Like About Home Income System?
Is Home Income System A Scam?
A Genuine Method To Make Money Online


Product Name: Home Income System

Owner: Kevin as per sales video (Real owner unknown)

Product Type: Low quality online marketing training

Price: Published Price: $97, First Discounted Price: $77, Second Discounted Price: $47 (final)

Summary: Very low quality online marketing training that's not going to make you any money. Total SCAM!

Best For: Nobody

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No

What is Home Income System?

Home Income System aims to tell you that this is a simple proven system that can quickly help you make $400 per day if you start now.

There is no skills nor prior experience needed and you can easily do it during your spare time to achieve this amount.

Ok, up to this point what I have in mind is this might be a basic sales funnel with Done-for-You landing pages and some online marketing training that you can use to promote Home Income System as an affiliate.

It seems like the same exact system CB Passive Income applies, but maybe not as quality as what Patric Chan (owner of CB Passive Income) offers.

To find out the truth, I purchased the system at a very low discounted price of $47.

How did I managed to get such cheap price?

There are 3 tier pricing for Home Income System – $97, $77 and finally $47.

To get the cheapest price, you just need to move your cursor away from the “buy now button” or “attempt to close your browser”, then you'll be offered cheaper price each time.

Hmmn… I don't think any high value product will attempt such old marketing tactic.

How Does Home Income System Works?

Is Home Income System a Done-For-You funnel system with some basic online marketing training for beginners?

NO, not even close!

When I login into member's area, there are only 6 training programs available as listed below.

1. Ad Link Posting Training a.k.a. Affiliate Marketing
2. eBay Training
3. Facebook Training
4. YouTube Training
5. DropShipping Training
6. Medical Coding Training

I've spent my precious time watching almost all the training videos only to find out is a total waste of my time.

They are all low quality training that's not going to help you make $400 a day!

Sadly, no Done-for-You system either.

The Facebook training with the name “Facebook Marketing Made Easy 3.0” is actually a private label rights material.

On the left side of the picture below is the Home Income System Facebook training found inside a PLR website and on the right is the same training sold for $39 on another person's site.

Low quality private label rights training inside Home Income System

I knew this because I am a Gold Member of IDPLR.com, a website where you can find thousands of training content of all niches to giveaway or sell to make money online.

And it only cost you $89 for a Lifetime Gold Membership. Most marketers subscribe to PLR website to get content for …

1. Giveaways in exchange for leads
2. Sell as independent training to complete newbies
3. Re-package as a new training system

If you want to gain access to any PLR training material, do leave me a comment below so I can share with you those that're shareable.

However, do not expect the training to be of high quality. Most are general information about various niche training you can easily find online.

If you want to learn real proven strategy to start an online business, I suggest you to get my FREE GUIDE below.

In this guide, you will find the exact system I used to start my small business online.

Are Wealthy Affiliate Members' Reviews Truthful?

Here comes the truth.

Wealthy Affiliate members indeed have the skills to determine scam at one glance. We don't even need to buy into any of the scam product to know it's a scam.

That's the skills we have and that's the reason why we can review a product without buying any of them, thanks to the training inside this program.

Tactics used by low quality program owners are the same with some kind of similarity yet some systematic approach too.

  • Fake Owner, Fake Testimonials, Hyped Up Claims
  • Professionally Looking Lead Capture Page
  • Access to Preview of Convincing Content
  • Few Tiers Offer Price so You Will Definitely Buy (or Get Scammed)
  • Timer on Sales Page to Create Urgency
  • Limited Availability of Products
  • Immediate Upsell After You Buy
  • Permission to Sell Your Email inside their Privacy Policy That You Have No Choice But To Abide
  • Finally, You Will Receive Tons of Offers from Strangers in Your Inbox

Arghh…. Home Income System is a real scam.

Here are some proof found by Wealthy Affiliate Members.

Fake Actors From Fiverr: This guy who appears at the sales video of Home Income System also appears on My Dream Biz and he's a paid spokesperson who's making a living though Fiverr.

Fake actors from Fiverr inside Home Income System

Doesn't Share The Real Details of The System: Most of these low quality systems will not let you know the real content until you buy.

It's very annoying spending so much time watching the entire video but at the end you still don't know what they are trying to sell.

This is a typical tactic from scammers.

In fact there are more proof from Wealthy Affiliate members but I really don't want to waste my time continue reviewing this useless piece of crap system.

What I Like About Home Income System?

Clear Refund Policy & Terms of Usage: Unlike program like American Online Jobs where you can't find any terms of usage or privacy policy, Home Income System clearly shows this on its sales page.

It comes with a clear 60 Days Money Back Guarantee and you can claim this by simply send an email to them (I've asked for a refund, but there's no respond yet).

Their terms & conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Cyprus.

Other than this, I can't find anything that I like about this program.

What I Don't Like About Home Income System?

Confusing Domain Name: Despite this system is called Home Income System, the lead capture page is theinternetsuppport.com which is definitely confusing.

My guess is that this exact system is sold to various people with different unique domains (but same content) so they too can promote this product to make money but you can't sell on ClickBank, a reputable marketplace for digital products.

And I was right. My Dream Biz also use the exact same sales video as Home Income System.

I knew about this tactic because when I was a newbie, I too was scammed into buying such system at a price of $500 so I can sell to as many people as I want.

This is a real scam!

Of course, I didn't make a single cent at all and lost all my investment when I stop promoting it because the content is really not that good.

Anonymous Owner: From the sales page, you will only know that the owner is called Kevin. There's no way you can find his details on the web.

If Home Income System is a real proven system that delivers high quality value to customers, why would this person remain anonymous?

Fake Actors: Hahahah…. this is an old tactic used in advertising industry long long time ago, before internet became a big thing.

It was pretty convincing during those time when I was still in this industry.

But now, consumer are getting smarter and will immediately know whether the testimonials are real.

Because there are too many fake testimonial, it opens up a new marketing method called influencer marketing – real person marketing.

Unfortunately, there are still many people, especially from third world countries believe in such fake actors testimonials and they fell prey mainly due to not doing any search on the web.

Hidden Discounts: I am not sure about you but I like everything lay out on clearly when I buy something, especially after being scammed for so many times.

Home Income System tends to hide the additional discount of $20 + $30 that you can get once you move your cursor away.

Discount pop-up like the one below will appear. Real Scam!

Discount pop-ups on sales page of Home Income System with $20 and $30 off

Only 6 Months Access: Once you pay for the one-time-fee (either $97, $77 or $47), you can only be given full access for 6 months. I guess most sites will be taken down in 6 months time. No longevity for scams.

This is clearly stated in their Terms & Condition

Your Personal Data Will Be Sold: By giving your email to Home Income System, they will have the right to share and/or sell your information to third party that gives them the right to call you and send more offers to make you buy.

You can find this in their Privacy Policy.

Upsells: Whether you are outside or inside this system, there are upsells offered to you.

Immediately after I purchased Home Income System at $47, I was presented with a special bonus upsell to buy Google VIP at $84.

Anyone who is new to online marketing industry might be coaxed to buy this, but not me ANYMORE.

Is Home Income System A Scam?

YES, YES, YES!!!!!

Home Income System is a BIG SCAM!

If any system that has unidentified owner, fake testimonials and privacy policy that tell you upfront that they are going to SELL your personal data, it must be a SCAM!

A Genuine Method To Make Money Online

After reading and seeing proof about Home Income System, do you still believe the so-called QUICK & EASY make money system can really generate long-term sustainable income for you?

If you are still so naive and think there's quick & easy way to make money online, then there's nothing I can help you.

But if you want to build a real online business by putting in your time and effort to learn the trade about online marketing, then here's something I would like to recommend you.

Yes, it's none other than Wealthy Affiliate (read how I make money with Wealthy Affiliate).

This program has been around for 14 years and teach proven strategies used by influential affiliate marketers from around the world to make money online.

You can check out their training here.

You can get my FREE GUIDE to start a small business online and learn the exact method taught inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Or if you want to start learning now, you can register for a Free STARTER Account below. Absolutely free to try without credit card required.


Head over to Wealthy Affiliate now and register for a FREE Starter Membership where you will receive 2 free websites, 10 free training lessons and 7 days free access to learn from SUPER AFFILIATES.

Wealthy Affiliate Signup for Free Starter Member


I believe by now you are convinced that Home Income System Reviews by Wealthy Affiliate members are real.

If you have any question about Wealthy Affiliate or Home Income System, do leave me a comment below.

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4 Comments on "Home Income System Reviews by Wealthy Affiliate Members (Are They Real?)"

  1. This is such a good review of a shitty product. I am glad you said it. Scam scam scam! I feel so bad for people who fall for these. Before I joined WA I almost joined a different program that was supposed to be free and great. It was neither free nor was it great when I started reading more about it. They were using the same tactics, lowering the price but also threatened me by saying that some one else is going to get my spot if I don’t take it now bla bla bla. Needless to say I didn’t join but by accident when looking for review on that I stumbled across WA and I am also a member of the program and they do teach you how to build your business from home but they are honest and they say there is no easy way and you will need to work for it. 

    I am also really interested in the training you were talking about. Sound great. 

    • Which training you are referring to? 

      In fact, I spend the whole day to find out the truth about Home Income System just to prove that Wealthy Affiliate members won’t simply call other program scam unless it really is. 

      Let’s see whether I can really get my refund as I’ve already sent the email to request. Seriously, I don’t think is possible. 

      But being able to prove that Wealthy Affiliate really produce high quality training and proven strategies are already worth the $47 that I paid to Home Income System. 

  2. Hey Florence,

    Thank you for bringing another scam program – Home Income System – to awareness. It’s awful to see some many scam programs surfaced on the net latterly. I am glad that Wealthy Affiliate Members are quick in detecting these scams and alerting the public.

    For those interested to start an online business, l strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as l was taught by WA too.

    Best wishes.

    • Yes, without Wealthy Affiliate teaching members systematic method to review products, I guess there will be so many scams that will escaped the eyes of consumer.

      Despite there are some people who disagree with us providing product review without trying out the product, no one can deny Wealthy Affiliate members do give their truthful and ethical review on each case. 

      Many times, reviews are very subjective.Some people do not mind to pay $47 to buy into some really basic information anyone can find on the web because the amount paid  save them time from researching. 

      But most people do mind paying $47 where you don’t get any additional value if those training can be found on the web, provided you spend some time researching. 

      That’s why before you buy anything, make sure read at least 5 reviews so you can make really really good decision.

      Regardless, any program that attempt to sell your personal data to a third party is a scam to me. 

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