How To Drive Traffic Your Website Needs To Improve Conversion

When it comes to driving traffic, the first few things that come to our mind is using SEO, social media or even paid advertisement.

No doubt these methods are proven to work, however, there are still many methods that are equally good or even better.

Here are some ways on how to drive traffic your website needs to improve your conversion other than those that we've always think of.

1. Find And Pull Method

This is a method where you find popular blogs of your niche and drive their traffic back to your website. Sounds easy right? But how do you find popular blogs out of so many millions out there on the internet?

One very effective way is to use Google Alerts, which is a free Google service that sends you an email on new contents across the web.

What you need to do is just to sign up for Google Alerts and set up your queries. (I'll show you how to setup later)

Once you receive an email alert about a new post published by an authoritative site of your niche, then head over to that post and write a relevant and helpful comment, then link to your own post of related content.

So when someone reads your comment and finds it useful, they might click on your link to get more information.

Via this way, you are already an authority in their mind.

To sign up for Google Alerts, first you will need to have a gmail account. Assume that you already have the account, what you need is just login and enter the niche that you want to receive alert. For example, if your niche is “skin eczema for babies and infant”, then just type in the query as shown below.

Google Alert is the real ways to earn money online

Set Sources to “Blogs”, Region to “Any Region” and How Many to “Only the best results”. These will ensure that you only receive relevant posts from popular blogs. There's no limit on the numbers of alerts you want to set up. However, it is advisable to just setup a few for a start so that you won't feel overwhelmed with too many emails.

2. Use The New Thread Method On Forum To Get Massive Traffic

We've always hear many marketers saying that using forum to drive traffic is very effective but how are we actually doing this? Well, you can always start a new thread in the forum of your niche. If you frequent forum, I am sure you have encounter some thread to a link that interest you to click on right? Below is how you can start a new thread on a forum by including your website link too.

forum thread

To drive traffic this way, the title of your introduction must be catchy enough to get attention. The example above shows that this guy may be able to attract very niche market of people who has already tried the “old formula” but curious on how the “new formula” works.

However, some forums have rules to something like this. If this is the case, you may want to start your thread by writing part of your post and link it to your site with the word. For example …. “for more tips on how to find real ways to succeed online, click here“.

If anybody like the post, they will most probably want to know more and click the link. Similarly, you can also try this technique on Facebook pages or groups. It really works. One thing to bear in mind is, the link must not be affiliate link as many forums forbid this type of hard selling on their site.

3. Viral Content Buzz Community is a a web-based platform that uses “crowd sourcing” model to share quality content around web. The use of Viral Content Buzz is based on credit. It is just like a credit exchange system among members whereby you earn credit by sharing other people's content. Then you sacrifice your credits to people with established social media accounts when you want them to share your content.

This gives your content real social signals with more chances to go viral.

This platform is very strict when it comes to quality of both your content and social media accounts. It will ban any social media account that is only sharing content from one site with no intention to interact with readers.

Whereas for content, it will not allow any content that directly promote an affiliate product such as product review content (here are more restrictions to ensure high quality content). In short, content shared on this platform are only high quality content and nothing else.

VCB supports four social networks.

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Stumble-Upon
  • Facebook

You can sign up for VCB here. After signing up, remember to go to your Setting to setup your social accounts and profile. When all these are done, you can then go back to the Dashboard to share content that you like and start earning credit.

VCB is the real ways to earn money online

When you have earned a decent amount of credits, you can start submitting your posts. Just need to click Add Project at the top menu and follow the simple process shown here. Then you are well on your way to make your post viral.

VCB Add Project is the real ways to earn money online

4. Be The Testimonial

There are many product owners out there who need testimonials from people who has tried their products.

Therefore, if you are able to become their testimonials, the chances of others clicking on your affiliate link to purchase the product is higher.


I hope you gain some knowledge on how to drive traffic your website.

If you want to learn other free traffic methods,  I would suggest that you learn from the community that helped me start my blog. It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Here's a review I've written on Wealthy Affiliate so you can have better understanding on how it works.

Thank you very much for reading my post and do leave me a comment below if you want to know anything … yes, anything about genuine and real ways to earn money online.

I will reply as soon as available.

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48 thoughts on “How To Drive Traffic Your Website Needs To Improve Conversion”

  1. Author: Sharon May

    My first impression to this post was ‘oh dear not another’, but hey this is very good and I love it. The thing that stood out for me is the Viral Content Buzz, I haven’t ever heard off this and to say the least, it looks pretty interesting. So much so that I’m going to sign up. I love your work and I love your blog.

  2. That’s an interesting method of using Google Alerts to find content that is ranking for key terms and then funnel the traffic to your own website. I hadn’t thought of doing that. I mean, I used Google Alerts but I don’t use it for that i just use it for blogging ideas.

    I have used Viral Content Buzz before but I don’t use it anymore. Do they allow make money online sites that promote things like Wealthy Affiliate? I’m not sure whether it is allowed in their guidelines. Also, I used to find that I would spend a lot of time promoting other peoples content to get credits, but when I got my stuff promoted I’m not sure whether it led to any more traffic or views from genuine people.

    1. Marcus, they do have strict rules if you want to use their site. Normally they will not allow product review.

      Yes, you really need to spent a lot of time promoting. In IM, it is either you spent lots of time getting free traffics or buy ads to drive traffic fast.

      For beginner, I would advise 30% paid traffic and 70% free traffics.

  3. Florence,
    Different approach to getting free traffic. The Google Alerts has been a great source on what to write, I have never used it to drive traffic from other articles.
    Never heard of VCB before. I use Reddit and other social networks. Use Buffer to set up my schedule of post on social networks.
    Forums are a great way to get free traffic, you just have to follow the rules and post each time you post on your site and people will start to follow your site for information on the product or service that you are promoting.

  4. cutepackagingbeautyproducts

    Hi Florence! A informative post which no doubt I will find it useful. As a beginner internet marketer myself, I find driving traffic to my site a constant challenge and struggle, thus I am always searching and exploring ways drive traffic too. I’m particular interested in looking for free traffic. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Florence, a very interesting topic and thanks for sharing. I think that for methods number one and two you can also use ehow, wikihow, and answers to find blog threads and blogs about your niche. Is that correct? I am sure there must be more methods like e-mail marketing? Cheers, Jerry

  6. i stumbled onto your site and found it interesting not sure about massive traffic as i have been doing this now for a long time but i hear very good things aboutWA and what do you think about this scheme is it what it says it is is there really free training free websites you know what they say once bitten twice shy so i am a little worried about joining yet another schems that just takes money and offers nothing in return

    1. Jimmi, before I started to learn from WA, I absolutely know nothing about earning money online, let alone having my own website. But this learning platform is indeed amazing. It literally became my “walking dictionary” where I can all legitimate answers on how to build a sustainable business online. Here’s one review I have written on WA for your additional info. Hope it helps.

  7. Hello FlorenceKi

    Great article. A lot of useful information I had never heard about such as ViralContentBuzz sounds like a very interesting website. Driving traffic to your website is the key to success, so I will definitely take all these things into consideration when I continue working on my website.

    Best Regards

  8. Hi FlorenceKi. I really liked your “Find and Pull” method and the Viral Content Buzz for the same reason, they rely on quality of content. You see, I came to believe in content as the most solid method to get traffic, every hour I spend trying to give quality to my content makes me feel like placing a new brick in my blog foundation. Thanks for sharing

  9. You have presented some really good ideas for increasing traffic. As a new website owner I am forever search for ways to increase my traffic. I will most definitely bookmark this page for future reference as I continue to expand my website. There is really no need to pay for traffic when there are so many free options. Thank you for the valuable information.

  10. Great idea that of the buzz community, and the forum one, driving traffic is the tough aspect of online marketing. It is said that when google trust you enough it opens the door and sends you that traffic but that it could take time, around several months, thank you for the tips

  11. What an awesome article on the ways to drag in more traffic and get your blog more popular! I especially like the way you have covered the use of google alerts! I was told about these alerts a few months back but I had no real idea on how they worked properly and how good they actually were. Will be implementing a few of these tips later today – thanks

  12. Hi Florence,

    I really like your tips as they are very helpful. I agree that many people are thinking about SEO or even PPC when it comes to driving traffic, but there are others as well 🙂

    All for options are rather good ones and I like the idea of commenting forums which will certainly help you to increase traffic.

    What about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc? Would they help you to increase traffic as well?


  13. Hi Florence,

    I have recently just started writing blogs. I have difficulty to drive traffic to my site. I am not keen to go for paid traffic as I have read many articles that it is not feasible for a long run.

    I saw you recommended forum. I wonder if you could share any forum that you have used? I have used a few before and I got kicked out when I added links.

    Mind to share with us?


    1. Hi Alex,

      I am currently not active on forum yet as I’ve other projects on hand. So far, many internet marketers will join Warrior forum and it seems effective. You may want to check it out.

  14. Hi, Florance
    Thanks for sharing such valuable and interesting post, there are many ways to drive traffic to your sites, I like most using Google Alert tools, It can be of a great help.
    I admire your honesty, you are committed yourself to only write reviews after testing and trying out the product.
    Always keep your INTEGRITY, wish you success.

  15. Hi Florence, you give some truly useful advises here. This idea about starting new threads in forums looks really great. I do not participate in any forums at all and this is clearly a mistake. Simply no time, too busy producing content in the sites. Though I am not completely sure how such traffic can add to your affiliate conversions. The audience attracted that way seems to come for some other reasons, unrelated to your affiliate issues. So perhaps people would not be interested to eventually click on your affiliate links. Thank you in any case.

    1. You are welcome Jovo. I believe when participating in forum, we need to have the mentality to help solve other people’s problem. Not solely on promoting our products. If can start with the intention to help more people, this type of success will be more sustainable. Here’s one article I’ve written about success which may interest you.

  16. Hi Florence,

    I just bumped into your site and I must say these are some great tips on driving traffic to a website.

    I believe marketers are going to love your site, as you offer very accurrate information that’s bound to help a lot of people in their endeavours.

    Good job!

  17. Your website does a great job on breaking down improving traffic conversion. I am in the process of creating my first website and it can be confusing on what are the best ways to promote my business. Are you able to share with me your experience? Like how you started and what makes you so engrossed with blogging.

    1. Blogging is in fact one of my retirement plan. Should I decided to retire from employment earlier, at least I still have something to work on to sustain my living or maybe to kill time… lol. I promote my blog by consistently sharing new post of FB or Twitter and via EDM. 

  18. Hey Florence,

    This was a really good post and I’ve never thought about using forums to drive traffic to my website. This has given me a lot of great ideas to find forums within my niche.

    As for VCB, I’ve never used the site but i confused is to what type of site it is. Is it like a social media platform where you just share articles you find interesting? similar to stumble upon?

  19. Traffic is a strange, strange beast. I run 5 websites and they all vary in how the traffic comes in. 2 of those websites are geek sites – UFO’s, Paranormal and all that. I’ve never built any backlinks to them or concentrated that much on SEO…thousands of visitors a day without even trying! Other sites I own need constant updating etc to get traffic – I feel that every site is different – every site has its own way of evolving with traffic!

  20. Some really interesting options here on increasing website traffic. I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t have to know a lot about internet marketing to generate traffic or sales. Simple moves like SEO polish ups can make the world of difference to your stats – what do you think?

  21. You offer some great tips here, many of which I plan to implement in my efforts to increase website traffic. I really like the idea of content going viral, and that’s something I will definitely work on.

    As far as commenting on other blogs, I’m just wondering how many other bloggers will allow you to place a link back to your own website in a comment? Will they approve a comment with a link in it, taking readers away from their site?

    1. Well Darren, it really depends. If you have a community of bloggers then you are able to do the barter trade or even asking them for this favour. Regardless, end of the day it is all about providing quality value in your link.

  22. Thanks for getting me thinking again about Google Alerts. I knew about this, but let it slip from my mind. Sometimes my head spins with all the things I could be doing to promote my website. I have to remember to be consistent and to give quality content. Your post on how to drive traffic to my website is very helpful.

  23. Truly great article! I didn’t even know some of these ways to drive traffic to my website.
    Very helpful, I am sure that I will use these methods to help my site to drive traffic. I see that I have more to learn so thanks for these tips, because they are truly useful.

  24. Lauren Kinghorn

    Hi Florence, these are fabulous ideas, thanks! I’ve just started writing a series of blogs to specifically use what you called the find and pull method. I’m featuring top bloggers in my niche and then letting them know in thei comments section that they are featured on my site. Also hoping they agree to an interview with me which will add huge credibility to my posts.

  25. Thanks for explaining the find and pull method. I have created an alert for my narrow niche to deliver an email to my gmail account when a related web post is published.

    You mention writing an informative helpful comment which represents no problem but how do I link my related post? The last thing I want to appear as is spam however it sure would be helpful gaining traffic especially if you’re linked to a popular blog.

    The only thing I have found to increase traffic in my early days of blogging regards sharing other people’s posts on Google+. I am finding when they reciprocate the favour with mine, Google places the Google+ link onto the first page of Search Results when you write the post title into the search bar, pretty powerful stuff,

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