How To Join Wealthy Affiliate from India, Philippines and Bangladesh

Countries not supported by Wealthy Affiliate as at 21st December 2018

Why Some People Can't Join Wealthy Affiliate?

If you ever login to Wealthy Affiliate and get the pop-up message like the one shown below, I bet you must be residing in one of the countries that is not supported by this program.

I decided to write this article because there are people from India, Philippines and Bangladesh who are not able to access to member's dashboard inside Wealthy Affiliate, despite already joined as free Starter member.

For those who are not familiar with this program, Wealthy Affiliate is a reputable affiliate marketing program aiming to help people start a small business online by doing niche marketing.

Over 13 years, this program has produced many successful super affiliates who managed to quit their day job and live the lifestyle that they desire.

**I won't be explaining in detail about Wealthy Affiliate here but if you want to know more, you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

However I regret to reveal that this program is not really available for people from all countries. In fact, there is a total of 10 countries not supported by Wealthy Affiliate. 

If you have problem assessing member's dashboard or an affiliate who can't refer people from certain countries to join this program, then I suggest you to continue reading.

Here, I will share with you the list of countries not supported by Wealthy Affiliate and also reveal how you can join this awesome affiliate marketing program from any countries in the world.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Like what I've mentioned just now, Wealthy Affiliate helps people from all around the world to build a small business online. 

Members include professionals like teachers, bankers, lawyers or engineers; students, graduates or dropouts from university; stay-at-home housewife or single parents; blue collar workers like fireman, mechanics or plumbers; retirees; C-level executives and people from other profession.

All of them come into Wealthy Affiliate with only one objective, that's to start a small business online so they could achieve financial, time and geographic freedom. 

There are 2 types of membership inside Wealthy Affiliate.

One is Free Starter Membership where you can get 2 websites, 10 training lessons and enter 2 classrooms, all for free. You don't even need to provide any credit card details to join.

Another type of membership is called Premium Membership. Only people who are serious to start a small business online should pay for premium.

As premium member, you are able to access to hundreds of training inside Wealthy Affiliate, build 25 domain-registered websites, use all the tools inside member's dashboard, enjoy 24/7 support and many more. 

You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Countries That Are Not Supported By Wealthy Affiliate 

Despite Wealthy Affiliate has trained many super affiliates from countries around the world, there are still people who reside in some countries that can't join this program as free Starter member. These include people from:

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria

I've personally contacted one of the owner Kyle and was told there are many reasons why Wealthy Affiliate doesn't allow free Starter Membership from these countries. Some reasons include high rates of fraud and gaming activities.

I am so sorry if you are from these 10 countries. 

I know you are not one of them, but because of where you are residing, Wealthy Affiliate has no choice but to make such decision in order to protect the interest of other members. 

However, it doesn't mean there's no other way for you to join this awesome program. 

In fact, you can still join as Premium member by paying a monthly subscription fee of $49 per month or $359 a year. 

I guess Wealthy Affiliate allows this because they believe only genuine and serious people who want to start a real business online will pay for membership fee. 

This way, Wealthy Affiliate is able to filter out those people who are not genuine.

Again, So Sorry if You Are From Nigeria

I am so sorry if you are from Nigeria. Not sure for what reason, people from Nigeria can't even join as Premium member. 

But here comes the good news. 

Recently, I've contacted Kyle again and he told me Wealthy Affiliate is going to be lifting these bans in the near future!  I've yet to get exact details but once I have more information, I'll share here. 

In order for me to inform you on new updates via email, I suggest you to subscribe to get my free guide to start a small business online. When you subscribe, I'll be able to know your email.

Inside this free guide, you will learn the exact method I use to build my first profitable online business by following step-by-step guide from Wealthy Affiliate.

Alternatively, you can bookmark this page and come back to check for new updates as and when you are free.

If you don't come from any of these countries but you're still unable to register at Wealthy Affiliate, please let me know in the comments below.

There is Still ONE Way You Can Join TODAY

In fact there is still one way you can join Wealthy Affiliate even if you are from Nigeria. 

Is kinda of unorthodox but if you are really serious to try out this awesome program, then you should use this method.

Ever heard of VPN service?

If you are not familiar with this technology, VPN is something that allows you to send and receive data across a public network as if it were a private network that encrypts, or scrambles, your information so others cannot read it.

Despite there are more things that VPN can do for you, but one notable feature is that it allows you to access certain websites that are not supported for some locations.

This also means you are able to join as free Starter member of Wealthy Affiliate when you use VPN network.

So here, I suggest you to use VPN network to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate through my link.

I use VPN service provided by McAfee Safe Connect.

For some of the best VPN service provider, check out this post or watch the video below:

No matter where you are now, I wish you all the best. If there's any question you would like to know about how to join Wealthy Affiliate, please leave me a comment below.

I would also appreciate if you could let me know when you successfully sign up for Wealthy Affiliate using the method that I shared here.  Good Luck!

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6 thoughts on “How To Join Wealthy Affiliate from India, Philippines and Bangladesh”

  1. AWESOME! So good to know other parts of the world will soon receive support from Wealthy Affiliate. I would say Wealthy Affiliate has is the best affiliate marketing program that offers comprehensive training. The thing that I like about this program is they let you try it for free. This way you can determine if WA is a good fit for you. Did you start WA with free account too?

    1. Yes, I started free too. Procrastinate for 6 months before deciding to join premium. But never regret since then. 

  2. Hi Florence. Some of my friends from these countries do want to become a free member of Wealthy Affiliate but they are unable to do so as because they are banned because of the high fraudulent activity reported. Some of my friends have become members by going premium and believe you in me that this is a great platform. You have also shown the VPN route to try the platform which is a good gesture. Keep up the good work.

    1. I hope by sharing this VPN tactics, I won’t be causing any issues for members of Wealthy Affiliate. Personally, I believe everybody should be given equal chance to start online business. That’s the reason why I share this unorthodox way. Great to know that you are also a member. Do find me inside Wealthy Affiliate too.  

  3. Thanks for your review about those countries that are unable to access Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. I wasn’t aware of this but can fully understand the concern of the owners, it is all too easy these days for people to create accounts for fraudulent purposes. Although this is a shame a least it protects the other members and if someone from those countries is serious they can always become a premium member. If WA are going to lift the ban I do hope they make sure their security is fully robust. I’m sure it will be as I know they are a highly professional company. Thanks again for this insite.

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