How To Search For Keyword And Get Ranked On Google

Many internet marketer are constantly finding ways on …

How to search for keyword

… that is good so that their website can be ranked 1st page on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. In fact, Google does provide Keyword Planner to do this. However this method is a little cumbersome if you frequently depend on keyword search when deciding what content to post on your site.

What Is A Keyword

Keyword is words or phrases people enter into search engines when searching for certain topic. For example “how to rank on google” is a keyword phrase most online marketer will search for. Keyword describes content of web pages.

How To Search For Keyword That Ranked

There are 3 main factors that I personally think is important when searching for a good keyword.

1. Low Competition

This is the first focus when I do keyword research. If a keyword has too many competitions, it will be difficult for your page to rank and without being ranked, your page will not be able to get any traffic to effectively build your email list, let alone making a sale.

I look for a specific metric namely QSR (Quote Search Results) when evaluating competition. The higher the QSR are, the more competitive is your keyword. The only tool I can find online which has QSR as a metric is Jaaxy. It literally tells you precisely on how many websites are competing on the keyword that you choose.

For example, if the QSR for a specific keyword is 300, it means there are 300 websites using the same keyword to rank on search engines. For me, I will only choose keyword with QSR of less than 200 and of course, the closer to ZERO the better

First Keyword Success Factor: Under 200 QSR

2. Able To Get Some Traffic

Many of my friends like to ask me this question “How to drive traffic your website needs to improve conversion?” as many of them failed to rank their keywords because they often use keywords that are popular and difficult to rank.

Well, for me,  I always choose a mix of keywords traffic strength for my website. Of course, it is important to get ranked with keyword that gets hundreds or even thousands of searches every month. But these keywords mostly take more time to rank. Whereas, keywords with monthly searches slightly above 50 are always easier to rank. These keywords are called “low volume keywords”.

Imagine if you have 20 low volume keywords which only have 50 searches a month for each keyword. When you managed to rank these 20 keywords, it will add up to 1,000 searches a month. The most important thing is, it is so much easier to rank these low volume keywords.

Another hidden advantage is, once a keyword is ranked on 1st page, you will be motivated to move on with another one. This boost up your confidence towards success.

Second Keyword Success Factor: Anything exceeds 50 searches per month

3. Must Make Sense

It is meaningless to intentionally include keyword phrase that doesn't make sense onto your content. This is totally awkward and your audience may find you unprofessional. Your keyword must fit naturally onto your content so that audience will find them valuable.

It is a thumb of rule to never compromise your content intentionally with keyword that you are targeting. Remember, you are writing your content with the objective to add value to your audience and not to please the search engines who are BOTS!. It's human who is buying from you and not search engines' BOTs!

Third Keyword Success Factor: It must make sense to people

Try Your Keyword Search Here

Some of you may still be confuse on how you can actually search for keyword to rank your website. Well, it is always better to experience it yourself. Just follow through my 3 recommended success factors and key in your preferred keywords here and you will get the answers.

If you still have any questions on how to search for keyword in order to rank on search engines, please do leave me comment below and I'll be more than happy to help you out. Alternatively, you may want to learn more on how to search for keyword that can rank through Wealthy Affiliate.

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7 thoughts on “How To Search For Keyword And Get Ranked On Google”

  1. Hello Florence!

    I have never used the Jaaxy because it costs money and I already have many things paying on monthly basis. I use free keyword tools. Great article about keywords. I actually seek for keywords with as many monthly searches as possible, with low competition. There are many such keywords out there and sometimes it take a while, but they are worth looking for. Well, maybe i just compensate for the lack of Jaaxy.
    Great and very informative article, thanks!

  2. Hello
    im new to online, terms like SEO still sound like a doctor trying to talk to me in doctor language.
    l did not realize the term l type into google when looking for something is a keyword, to me it was simply a search term.
    After reading your post, i feel im getting closer and closer to understanding SEO.
    You have written in a way that is easy to understand and follow.
    Thanks l have not only enjoyed reading but i have come closer to understanding keywords.

  3. Hi there Florence,

    Great breakdown on how to research keywords for a blog. I usually start mine with the Alphabet Soup Technique and also check out the Search Related column at the end of the result page for other varieties.

    Then I would plug the keyphrase into Jaaxy to find out the level of competition. I never really pay much attention to the search volume though. As long as it gets like 20 searches and above, I would still use it.

    Another thing I like about Jaaxy is the SEO power. Whenever I see a green light and if the value is like 90 and above (with all other factors being taken into consideration), I would use that particular keyword as well.

  4. My electronics blog seems to get most of it’s visitors from social media – for some reason the majority of search engines have so far ignored it’s presence. Do you feel that keywords and general search engine optimization is behind this? What could I use to improve this side of things?

    1. I believe in creating unique content that adds value to readers. Only this way can generate continuous traffic to a blog. Maybe you can try to add mix media to your post as search engines or social platform will prefer such integrated content. 

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