How To Start Beauty Blog As A Complete Newbie

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Start A Small Business Online in Beauty Niche

Being obsessed with beauty is something most girls did almost at all time in life.

If you are obsessed with beauty, maybe you should start a beauty blog as a small business at the same time share your favorite beauty products, be it makeup or skincare to people who need them.

I am creating this blog post on “How To Start Beauty Blog As A Complete Newbie” because many of my readers wanted to become beauty blogger. Like you, they too want to do something they are passionate about at the same time able to make some money online.

As a beauty blogger, other than making money, you have a duty to spread positive thoughts and make women feel good about themselves. By doing so, not only are you supporting more women, you too will be motivated to pursue your goals.

If you are determined to start a beauty blog, then please continue reading.

In this post, I will share with you step-by-step method on how to start as a complete newbie and provide you with some resources to avoid mistakes you could possibly made along the way.

But before I start, let me first share with you must-have equipment as a beauty blogger.

Equipment For Beauty Blogging

Beauty is one thing that you can’t solely depend on text to express. It needs both text and visual.

To start as beauty blogger, other than a laptop where most bloggers have, there are additional equipment you must have.

You need a basic camera that can shoot both photo and videos. With current technology, any digital camera or smartphone can do the tricks. You don’t need to invest in DSLR camera yet unless you are ready to upgrade.

As you continue your blog, you will need to create video tutorials. When that happen, you need a good set of audio equipment.

I highly recommend you to get a set of Yeti Microphone with Studio Headphones and Knox Pop Filter to start with, equipment which I am using now.

With these equipment, you are ready to start your small business online, becoming a beauty blogger.

Step 1: Identify Micro Niche in Beauty Industry

Beauty is an extremely huge niche.

If you are a newbie with no experience with starting a small business online it is never wise to start with a wholesome of beauty niche.

I would suggest you to start with unique micro niche within beauty niche.

For example, “skincare” would be classified as a big market within beauty niche. And within the “skin care market”, you can further segment into micro niches.

To find micro niche in skincare, can you can create segments based on body parts (eg: hair, face, hands or legs), skin types (eg: oily, combination, sensitive or dry), solution-based (eg: pimples, anti-aging, whitening or scars), product-based (eg: moisturizer, serum, toner or cleanser) or customer-based (eg: high, middle or low income).

You can even combine few micro niches create your unique micro niche.

For example, you can target middle income customers (customer-based) who are looking for hair care solution (solution-based).

Below is one example of a famous hair blogger, Camelia Katoozian who adopt this unique sub-niche.

Famous Hair Blogger - Camelia Katoozian

You can try to analyze the products sold in Amazon’s “beauty & personal care department” to find micro niche. Combined with results from Google search trend,  you should be able to identify your unique micro niche.

When you aim for unique micro niche there is better opportunity to attract your unique target customers. In other words, you are able to create targeted content that provide solution to your customers’ needs, thus increase value of your offering.

If you want to grow big, start small. Very small. Find a profitable and unique micro niche then conquer this niche before expand into other relevant micro niches.

Remember, take your time to determine your unique micro niche as this must not be rushed. Deciding on the right one is first step towards achieving your business success.

Once you have identify your unique sub-niche, we can then proceed to choose a domain, hosting and start building your beauty blog.

Step 2: Choose Domain and Hosting 

Choosing a right domain name is important.

It can be a unique name that your customer can easily remember and pronounce; a personal branding with your own name (my favourite beauty blogger Huda Kattan with domain is one good example); or one that can get you SEO credit (means can help you rank on search engines).

Taking time to consider a few options can help you come up with a great name for your new blog. I use to brainstorm ideas for my blog domain.

Try not to use symbols or numbers in your domain. And find domain that end with the universal “.com” as it is easier to remember.

Being new to affiliate marketing, I would advise you to purchase domain and hosting from one single platform to avoid technical complexity later on.

SiteRubix is a WordPress-based website builder with superb site support – literally less than 15 minutes waiting time! The last you ever need is a site support that is slow to respond on your request.

I highly recommend you to use this web hosting for your beauty blog.

Step 3: Create Content That Ranked On Google

It is important to decide on types of blog content so you can stay focus. From my experience, here are 10 potential content you can post on your beauty blog.

  1. Review and compare skincare or makeup products
  2. Skincare procedures (risk and benefits)
  3. Recommend skincare or makeup technology and tools
  4. List down your favourite or discontinued products
  5. Skincare and makeup tutorials
  6. Interview other niche bloggers
  7. Matching of skin type to specified product
  8. Inform your readers about great sales
  9. Reveal what products Celebrities are Using
  10. Get Your Readers to Give Ideas

Like I mentioned earlier, beauty is visual.

If you’re confident to be on camera, other than writing, I suggest to create video tutorials to review or demonstrate beauty products to your audience, like what Huda Kattan did.

If you are new to create video, here’s how you learn to can create one for your beauty blog.

In order for your content be found by your audience, it is important to include the one or two high traffic keywords onto each content. Anything more than two will confuse search engines.

I’ve done some keyword research on beauty niche using my favorite keyword research tool Jaaxy. With these high traffic but less competitive keywords, it should be enough for you to start create your first few content.

  • best foundation for aging skin
  • best hair thickening shampoo
  • nail polish and remover
  • organic skin care
  • eyeshadow palette
  • best anti aging serum
  • natural skin care products
  • hair thinning treatments
  • botox cosmetic
  • face lift without surgery
  • beauty supply stores

Step 4: Promote Your Beauty Blog

No blog can promote itself.

It is either you create highly viral content that can attract huge traffic to your blog (very unlikely for a beginner) or proactively promote via a combination of few traffic methods.

It is not advisable to apply all at the same time unless you are more experienced or have tons of resources (eg: money, people and expertise) at your disposal.

Being new, I suggest you to choose either one or two from the methods below.

YouTube Marketing

As mentioned earlier, video is very effective for beauty blog. Make sure you post video onto your YouTube channel before embed on your blog.

This way can increase visibility of both your blog and YouTube channel. You can optimize your videos by putting an affiliate link or link related to your blog on YouTube description.

Leverage on Influencer of Your Niche

Look, as a new blogger, you are small. So one good strategy you can use is to find influencer of your niche and participate in their discussion.

You can consistently post comment on their blogs, offer guest postings or even find them on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram (here’s one famous beauty influencer on Instagram and ways you can become one too!).

This way, the beauty influencer will get to know you, trust you and possibly will link traffic to your blog if they find your content useful.

SEO Focused Content Strategy

Posting regular content on your blog can help search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find you. For me, I post at least 2 content weekly (sometimes more), and continuously re-purpose my older content.

Having a content plan is important. Some blogger will create content plan 3 months in advance, whereas some will only plan one month ahead, just like me. It really depend on different individual.

For example, this month, I plan to share all about blogging and next month on search engine optimization. In every plan, you must at least identify content titles, keywords and posting schedules if you are too busy to include content structure.

Before I create any new content, I will do keyword research to find the right keywords to be included in each content. This is a very important step not to be missed if you want to get ranked on search engines.

One final advice on content strategy is to produce “long form rich content” with combination of text, videos, infographics or images.

As per findings by, long-form content with an average of 1,890 words ranks higher in Google’s search results than short-form content.

Average word count 1890 ranked on Google Page 1

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the most effective way to promote content of your blog. When you have a list of audience, you are able to send them notification, inform about your new blog content, and even promote beauty products to them.

I highly recommend you to start email marketing too such as AWeber, MailChimp or GetResponse. These are affordable yet good enough for a new blogger.

But if you’re looking to grow with more automation, then you might have to look elsewhere.

Is Beauty Blog A Profitable Business Niche?

Before I answer whether beauty blog is a profitable business online, let me ask you this question.

How many of your female friends do not use any skincare or makeup products throughout their life? I bet the answer is “no” right?

Women constantly look for ways to boost their self-esteem and want to look the best that they can. And the fastest way is to put on makeup or a more long-term way is to preserve their youth.

With this evergreen niche that is on the uptrend (refer to Google Trends below), beauty blog is therefore extremely profitable if you can identify a unique micro niche and grow from there.

Skincare products trend

If you think only women are particular with their looks, then you are wrong. Men too. The most dreadful situation a man can get into is hair loss.

Therefore, a niche blog that provides “hair advice to men” can be very profitable as it is the pain point of men in general, particularly those above 40 years old.

Yes, beauty niche is still highly profitable due to its increasing demand. Other profitable niches you can extend from beauty niche is fashion, weight-loss and health.

Being new, I would suggest that you start promoting affiliate products from Amazon, LinkShare or ShareASale, which are more beginner’s friendly.

Here are a few affiliate beauty products you can consider to promote.

BH Cosmetics

  • Signup URL:
  • Commissions: 8% + Bonuses (Rakuten Linkshare)
  • Cookies Duration: 90 day

Sally Beauty

  • Signup URL:
  • Commissions: 12% + Bonuses (ShareASale)
  • Cookies Duration: 30 days

Premier Dead Sea – USA

  • Signup URL:
  • Commissions: 20% + Bonuses (ShareASale)
  • Cookies Duration: 30 days

Premier Dead Sea for Beauty Blogger

Blogging Advice to Newbie

A lot of people think beauty blogging is the easiest way to start a small affiliate business. Well, just like any other business, it all depends on the level of commitment you are putting forward.

If you are consistent with posting fresh content, you can see increase of traffic over 2 months span, thus increase the chances of your affiliate product being found.

Another factor that highly contribute toward your success is to have patience.

Why am I saying so?

The web has no geographical boundaries and therefore competition is greater than any traditional business. To see some result, you need at least 3 months of consistent hard work. Are you ready for this?

Nevertheless, because online market is enormously huge, as long as you put in consistent effort, there’s no way one can fail online, unless you lose patience.

Here’s success story of a stay-home housewife who managed to achieve stable income after putting in a year of consistent effort.

One final advice from me is to focus, focus and focus on your audience.

Be sensitive and understand what your audience want.

I write this article because many of my readers want to become beauty blogger but most are new to online business. 

To help them, I do research on profitable micro niches, recommend affiliate products and provide some high traffic but easy to rank keywords so it's easier for them to start.

If you are really serious about becoming a beauty blogger (or in other niches), I highly recommend you to start with Wealthy Affiliate, an awesome community that helped me start my first business online.

I hope this article has given you better understanding on how to start beauty blog as a complete newbie.

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14 thoughts on “How To Start Beauty Blog As A Complete Newbie”

  1. Hey there! Thanks or this detailed guide about how to start a beauty blog. I like how you gave recommendations for equipment. When I started, I had no idea what to use and it took a long time to find quality information. Now with this guide you are giving others EXACTLY what they need so that they don’t have to waste a lot of time seeking the right answers like I did. I wish I had this back then!



  2. Thank you for this very clear and informative post, I have learnt so much from it. It all makes so much sense, many things that I have not thought of before. Like needing a camera, knowing how to use Canva, and deciding on the sub niche. 

    I’m also convinced that beauty blogs are profitable, knowing girls love to look pretty (who doesn’t?). I’m going to spend a bit of time to figure out my sub niche for now.

  3. I landed on your article as I’m interested in starting up my own blog, and it seems to me that most of this advice could be applied to any niche – would I be right in thinking so?

    I’m also really interested in the platform you have covered near the end of your article – the Wealthy Affiliate. Would they be happy enough to accept complete newcomers to blogging or do you have to have some sort of background/experience to get in there?

    1. Yes, it can be applied on any niche except there will be different in keywords, content and affiliate products. You don’t to have any marketing experience to join Wealthy Affiliate. I started as a complete newbie too. Click to sign up for free account if you are keen.

  4. Comprehensive and helpful. I guess starting blog of any niche will require necessary toolkit like Wealthy Affiliate . You must have done a lot of research on beauty niche to create this blog post. Btw, is there any alternative to promote affiliate products other than blogging? 

  5. I myself am already beautiful so I do not require a Beauty Blog (Just kidding). I do have a cousin who would probably be interested in this information though. If i am honest I prefer subtle make up or even no make up if you’re brave enough. However I have had this argument enough times to know that it is one I will probably never win.

    I think Make up is a definite art form because I have seen a lot of “made up?” faces, but not all of them hit the mark in my opinion. I think that a blog like this would definitely be helpful to spread good technique and practice as opposed to letting people wing it.

  6. Hey Florence,

    Thank you for this great tutorial post! You’ve highlighted all the essentials that needed to start a successful Beauty Blog. It all started with a proper plan, choosing the perfect niche, building your website, creating the content/review and how to doing marketing as well.

    But most importantly,  you must have the right mindset, focus, patience and hard work to succeed.

    Lastly, how does Wealthy Affiliate can helps with my business?

    Really enjoy reading your article and its provide added value.

    Best wishes.


    1. Thanks for the compliment. I started my blog with Wealthy Affiliate. It has awesome community helping each other to succeed online mainly through blogging as one of the content strategy. Here’s Wealthy Affiliate Review I’ve updated few weeks ago where you can find more information. 

  7. Hi Florence, this is a great post with huge amounts of useful information for anyone looking to break into the affiliate marketing area. This will allow people to access honest and genuine ways to get themselves on the track to financial success especially if they are in the beauty products area, you are obviously well schooled in this area yourself.

    Thanks for a great read, Shane.

    1. Thanks for your compliment Shane. One of my friend started her own blog because of this post. She always wanted to start a beauty blog but don’t have the know-how. Glad that I managed to help her.  

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