How to Succeed Online Marketing

How to Succeed Online Marketing

How to Succeed Online Marketing

If you are selling products online, you must be probably looking for that one magic key on how to succeed online marketing. For me, I subscribe to many different videos and content to learn all about online marketing be it on how to drive traffic to Facebook fan page, select profitable products to sell, search for keywords that can rank on Google first page, how to create email auto-responders, how to create analytics that make sense to me and the list can just go on without stop.

Trust me, I've spent thousands of dollars to learn all these and I definitely have something to contribute here. You may realize after all that searching, there's no secret to succeed online marketing at all. Let me tell you, this is NOT true!

There are indeed 5 critical factors to succeed online marketing….

Factor #1 Build own website

Can a business really exists on the web by just using a social media presence without the need for own website? Well, maybe but this is definitely not a long-term solution to sustainability. Social media is indeed a powerful tool for marketing and building online presence, however they should only be used as part of any online business. No social media can ever replace a business website as the latter offers more credibility and value to a brand.

You literally have little or zero control of your page on Facebook as there are thousands of rules they will impose on you. If you ever break any rules simply due to ignorance, Facebook will never forgive you and will definitely punish you for that! Your page can just be flagged anytime without any detail explanation from this social media giant.  Things get worse if you are selling affiliate products. Facebook algorithm might prompt fans not to click on your affiliate link so you are compelled to buy ads. This might create a false bad impression about your brand and will definitely harm your brand in the long run.

By having your own website, you will always have full control on how you want to sell your products online. Therefore, start building your own website and stop depending on social media anymore. If you do not have one right now, type your preferred domain below and start one for FREE.

Factor #2 Use the right tools

In the highly competitive online environment, using tools to support your business is simply unavoidable. It is required to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the way you conduct your business so that everything is run at a cost effective manner. If you do not have the budget to recruit top-tier marketing team, then you will definitely need some great tools to bring your marketing to the next level.

For example, I use Hootsuite (get 30 days free trial here) to manage my social media accounts that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. It allows content scheduling on social media, pull powerful content of my niche then share, and also engage with my fans and followers in one single dashboard.

For email marketing tool, I use AWeber as I find it more user friendly compared to MailChimp and GetResponse. It allows automatic broadcasting of new blog content to all my subscribers every time I published a new post.  Other tools that I use to run my online marketing include LinkTrackr, SumoMe and Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. Without leveraging on good marketing tools, you literally lose key driver to profitability.

Factor #3 Identify & follow influencer of your niche

Another way to succeed online marketing is to identify influencer of you niche and create engaging relationship with them to increase credibility of your brand. Partnering with industry leaders has long been a successful marketing strategy and this apply to big brands too. When done correctly it can quickly drive tons of traffic to your blog and increase your social influence.

Google are now factoring social influence into pagerank which indicate that the more social influence you have, the better your SEO will be. In fact, influencer will not only act as your mentor but also your customer which can lead you to more targeted consumers. But how to find influencer of your niche?

You can try using social influence metrics such as Klout, PeerIndex and Kred. Alternatively if you do not want to use too many tools, you can try to follow hashtags in Twitter to determine influencers of your niche. For example, if you use #blogging, you will most probably find @JeffBullas very frequently. He is definitely an influencer in blogging niche. You can also determine influencer by the number of fans they have in their Facebook page. I follow @KimGarst as my social media influencer.

Factor #4 Promote profitable high value products

If you already learn how to create a blog and post consistently, then the next thing is to find profitable high value products of your niche to sell. People are most successful when promoting products they have passion for. So, the best products to sell online are those you are passionate about and believe that it actually works for your customers.

Of course, there are other factors to selecting the best products to sell. For me, I prefer to sell virtual products (e-books, tools, software, videos or music) compared to those physical ones (cosmetics, sports equipment, clothes, etc). But why? Well, I've nothing to ship selling virtual products and therefore no postage nor handling issues once the payment is made. My customers just need to download the products virtually. Less hassle for me and them too.

I sell virtual products from both ClickBank and ShareASale by doing extensive research on the selected products. Never choose anything that is not a high value, trusted and legitimate product. To start with, only focus to promote ONE product that can offer you 30 to 70% commission, preferably one with recurring commission. This product must be promoted by at least 30 people online. If you are new to online marketing, never choose any product that is too expensive as nobody will buy from someone new. Choose one that is between the range of $7 to $37 to start with. I promote Facebook Ads Launch Pad from @KimGarst and Wealthy Affiliate from Kyle & Carson. I find both products very valuable and low cost for people who are new to online marketing.

Factor #5 Track and analyse traffic

If you have a successful product or service or even content site, it is bound to attract an audience. However, your ability to retain and convert them into loyal customers depend on how well you optimize for the right metrics. One important metric is traffic sources consisting of direct visitors, search visitors or referral visitors. All three are important sources with varying levels of conversion, and therefore calculating how much each traffic source is converting is important for you to deal with them individually.

Another metric is unique visitor conversion. How a first-time visitor interacts with your site is very different from returning visitor. You need to determine what they see the first time interacting with the site and how you can improve user experience. This can greatly improve conversion. For returning visitors, you definitely have made them like your site and wanting to know more, despite the fact that they did not convert. In this case, ask yourself 1)Why the person return 2) did the person convert the first time around, and if they didn't why not and how to make them convert.

If you are new to online marketing, one important metric you should look at is your bounce rate. The higher your bounce rate indicates that your visitors spent very low time or no interaction on your site. This can mean several things, including irrelevant or weak sources of traffic and website that is not optimized for conversion (poorly designed website, slow load time or low usability).

What is most important to succeed online marketing

To succeed online marketing, there are some important traits you need to have – whether they are inborn or learned and honed over time. Online marketing is a large, complex puzzle especially when it comes to SEO. You must enjoy putting many pieces together (keyword research, link building, technical compliance, user experience and social media integration) to complete the puzzle. This will need lots of patience and consistent in learning throughout your online marketing journey.

You also must be a great communicator and story teller who care about your customers. A successful online marketer does not only want to make quick bucks but instead focus on meeting or exceeding the expectations of their customers and website visitors. This is the basic in building profitable and sustainable relationships.

Stay focus and don't be distracted by the ‘next big thing'.

Setting goals and stay on task up to completion stage without trying new strategies or shifting course is the key. No doubt it is important to remain flexible and adaptable, changing focus frequently is definitely not the way to achieve your goal.

Lastly, take small step a day consistently towards achieving your biggest goal. Never worry that success is slow to arrive as “Success has more patience than us“. So be patient and you will be on your way to real, meaningful success the way you define it.


If you have other better tips on how to succeed online marketing, do share with us or send me a postcard when you've reached your dream. We would love to hear from you.

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