How To Write SEO Content That Rank

How to Write SEO Content That Rank

Content marketing and SEO always go hand in hand in order to optimize audience reach. In fact, they are mutually dependable if you want your site to rank in search engines. Well written content that are appealing to human readers are online assets that can beef up your SEO game. If you can be mindful of SEO best practices every time you write a content, it is only a matter of time your content can be ranked favourably by search engines.

So how can writer strike a balance between both creativity and readability on one side and search engine discipline on the other? Well, it is not really that difficult. What you need is just write natural content that can create value to your human readers, then putting in one or two keyword and you will be your way there. To speed up your ranking, you may want to keep in mind these 7 quick tips and guidelines.

Write a catchy title

This is often something we have heard of over and over again. Yes, if you do not have a compelling title, then it is better not to write at all. You need to grab a reader’s attention in order to optimize your SEO. Also, it is important to include one SEO keyword in your title, but it must not be made at the expense of readability.

Write interesting and valuable content

It is a waste of time to write content that is uninteresting. Leveraging on current news stories, providing solution to your reader’s problem and provide useful tips are in fact very important in content writing. A pinch of creative approach does add a lot to your content even though content may not be the only factor to succeed online. Never publish a content that you yourself will never read.

Arrange your content readability

It is important to arrange your content so that it is pleasurable to read by your audience. Try to keep paragraphs short or use bulleted lists when you can. It is important to break up your content with sub-headings that can easily identified.

Rethink keywords

Never overdo your keywords as it can cause your content to lose its appeal due to over-optimization. Usually, one or two keyword in your content is sufficient for SEO practice. Alternatively you may want to think of topics that use your keyword naturally which can guide your writing. I use Jaaxy as a keyword research tool. If you want to start researching for keyword now, you can key into the box below.

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Initiate call to action at the bottom of your content

Your content must be able to engage your readers commenting on your article. The increase in your page activity can enable search engine to discover the activeness of your webpage, thus rank your page.

Meta description is a MUST!

It is indeed important to write engaging meta description so that readers are interested to read further – be it that you want to be found via organic search or social media traffic. It would be better if your meta description include your keyword too.

SEO takes time to yield result and success is definitely more patience than us. But if you are writing good, clear, descriptive and value adding content, then you are probably doing alright on the SEO front.

I hope these tips do add value in your journey towards content marketing success and do leave a comment if you have any experience on how to write SEO content that rank in search engines. I would love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “How To Write SEO Content That Rank”

  1. Great info. I’ve personally employed the tactics you’re recommending and know they do work. The Jaaxy tool you’ve mentioned I also use- it’s amazing! I think I need to read your ‘How to deal with content theft post next’, my content is always being downloaded. Thanks again for the good info.

  2. Interesting article. I think the advice at the end regarding the meta description and SEO title.

    Also writing content that you would want to read yourself is definitely important. There are some affiliates who get their content written for them using tools such as iWriter and post that without editing it. Such sites usually fail, and many forget that our job is to create content not to just get clicks.

    Very good article!

  3. These are wonderful tips to help with assisting in writing content that will rank. I agree with you 100% there. You can’t just write content that you wouldn’t read yourself because then you would have no audience. Keeping them engaged and interested with content is definitely a key to being successful online.

  4. Hi Florence,

    Some great tips there, I’ve been doing this for quite a while and sometimes I think we fall in to the trap of forgetting to focus on some of these things when it comes to content.

    I’ve personally made myself a checklist of things to make sure my content covers to get as much engagement as possible. I’d advise everyone does the same (especially any newbies) and this post would be a great resource to use as a checklist.

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