Insiders Cash Club Review: Can You Make $5,000 A Week?

Insiders Cash Club Review
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Welcome To My Insiders Cash Club Review

Here's another program called Insiders Cash Club that claims to provide online business opportunity to anyone who wants to make money.

To those who are skeptical about the potential or even possibility of making money online, I would like to let you know that I've recently gave up my C-level job to become a full time work at home mom, all thanks to the vast opportunity online.

Yes, starting a small business online to earn 5 to 6 figure income is possible for anyone if you follow the right training. Of course, if you want to make 7 figure income, then innovation is a must.

Now, let's get back to Insiders Cash Club that promises to help anyone make $500, $1,000, or even $5,000 a WEEK. Is this even possible?

In my Insiders Cash Club review, I am going to show you how this system works and whether it can really deliver as promised.

Here's my honest review.

What is Insiders Cash Club?
The Truth About Insiders Cash Club
Things I Like About Insiders Cash Club
Things I Don't Like About Insiders Cash Club
Is Insiders Cash Club A Scam?
How I Quit My C-Level Job And Make Money Working At Home


Product Name: Insiders Cash Club (

Owner/Creator: Jeffrey Hart (Not real owner)

Product Type: Basic training on affiliate marketing, highly possible is PLR material

Price: $37 or Downsell $27 + Upsells

Best For: Real owner & Black Hat Marketer

Summary: Basic training on affiliate marketing that can't help anyone make money as claimed inside its sales video unless you subscribe for the expensive upsells that are most probably other affiliate program promoted by the owner.

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No

What is Insiders Cash Club?

Insiders Cash Club is said to be created by Jeffrey Hart whereby this system has helped to turn him into a millionaire.

Once you go into their website, what they show you is a news report sharing about how people make money online.

However, this news report is not talking about Insiders Cash Club but merely to coax you into subscribing to know about their so-called foolproof system that claims to help anyone make extra $500, $1,000 or even $5,000 a week!

After I checked, I cannot find any of these major news channel talking about Insiders Cash Club.

The video showing newscaster reporting about work at home is merely to give anyone the false impression that Insiders Cash Club is associated with Fox News, CBS, CNN and ABC.

Furthermore many people inside the video are either paid spokesperson from Fiverr or images from stock photos like the one below.

She's Sarah, a team member of the owner who managed to make $37,000 dollars income in just 3 months after using the system.

But I later found out she's only an image from stock photos. This means, she most probably did not use the system at all.

Well, to give this system benefit of doubt, let's dig deeper to find out the truth about Insiders Cash Club.

But if you are tired of scam, I suggest you to check out my top recommended program that has helped me quit my C-level job and become full time work at home mom.

The Truth About Insiders Cash Club

Most marketers make money online by sending emails to their subscribers, promoting affiliate offers whereby when someone buy, this marketer makes a commission.

To make this happen, you must have huge email list. One way to get tons of emails list is by giving out free giveaways in the form of video content, webinar, ebook or tools & software in exchange for subscriber's email.

In the case of Insiders Cash Club, they get hold of your email by targeting your curiosity to know the “foolproof system” that has helped people make money at home.

This curiosity was “sold to you” by showing you a TV news on ABC (not sure whether this is even real) to prove to you that work at home can earn you decent income.

It seems like you have nothing to lose when exchanging your email address for “knowledge inside the webinar” to make money at home.

However, when you think deeper, by getting hold of your email address, the owner of Insiders Cash Club will continuously send you offers to promote other product to you so when you buy, they make more money.

That's how all internet marketers make money. However, whether it's worth to sacrifice your email will depend on quality of the webinar.

I've subscribed and managed to watch the webinar but sorry to say, it's nothing more than some income testimonials without any real knowledge for anyone to implement and make money.

In short, making $500, $1,000 or even $5,000 per week is not possible after you watch the free webinar.

Things I Like About Insiders Cash Club

60 Days Money Back Guarantee: Buyers will given a 60 days money back guarantee with no question asked as promised.

Unless, it's sold on ClickBank, otherwise to get refund, it may not be as straightforward as it seems to be.

Many sellers will try to offer you free upgrades so they can continue to keep your money and some unscrupulous ones might even ignore your request for refund!

But if the program is useless, I bet those upgrades will make no difference. So why waste your time learning from a program that can help you make real money online?

Things I Don't Like About Insiders Cash Club

Hyped-Up Pitch Video: In the first few minutes of the TV news, one lady claims to make huge income by just working 1-2 hours every day at home.

No doubt this is possible, but in order to reach this stage, you must be able to put in a lot of hard work and time to learn when you are still a beginner. Sometimes, you can be doing more than 10 hours work a day when starting.

People who have succeeded online will definitely know a complete newbie is not going to make enough income with merely 1-2 hours work a day.

This sales video is intentionally hiding critical information from you.

Untrue & Misleading Information: In order to let anyone make fast decision to subscribe to the webinar, the owner claims there're only 50 spots left to join his team. They even claim that this website will be taken down in 24 hours!

That's utterly nonsense. This program was launched in 2018 and until 2019, Insiders Cash Club site is still very well alive!

There's no one-on-one coaching at all in basic package. All they provide are only pre-recorded training and a system that can be used by anyone as long as the server can support.

Another point that I do not like is that this program try to associate itself with reputable TV news channels. In fact, none of the TV channel is endorsing nor promoting Insiders Cash Club at all.

Fake Owner, Fake Testimonials & Fake Success Stories: When I do an image search on the owner Jeffrey Hart, I can't find any proof to show that he's a fake owner.

But one thing I found out is the content inside both Insiders Cash Club and EZ Money Team (site is no longer available) is exactly the same including sharing the same owner.

Why would anyone wanted to create 2 different domains with the same content? The only reason I can think of is this content is sold to many people so they too could profit from this low quality program, this making more money for the real creator.

The small fee collected is definitely not meant to pay for the support team as claimed inside its sales video but rather to be kept by the many owner(s) as profit.

Both Insiders Cash Club and EZ Money Team share the same owner

Another most confusing one is who actually is the owner of Insiders Cash Club?

Look at the member area below which stated that a guy named Jeremy Scott is the creator!

Do I still need to explain more about the fake owner?

Other than Sarah who is an image from stock photos, even the people giving testimonials are paid actors from

Here's the proof that I found. Some even appear in many of the low quality program that I've reviewed previously.

Other than paying Fiverr actors to give fake testimonials, even the comment or success stories from its so-called team members are fake.

You can find the same people giving the exact same testimonials but to different program.

This validates my suspicion that the same program is packaged in different names and sold to many people.

I guess Insiders Cash Club is just a rehash of EZ Money Team because they use the same unethical sales tactics.

Useless Webinar: The webinar shown after you subscribe with your email is not revealing any information that can help you make money as claimed inside its pitch video.

The video only constantly repeat income statement of “Sarah”, the owner's bank account and his lavish lifestyle including trying to make you believe how easy this copy and paste system can make money for anyone

After you finished watching the entire video, you don't even know what this system is all about except there are thousands of training hours they will slowly release inside member area.

Look, I too can provide you tens of thousands of training hours as I already subscribe to PLR material that allow anyone to freely share video or pdf course.

But the problem is most of these courses consist only the basics that can't help anyone make real income online.

Its a total waste of time watching the webinar. Other than proudly claimed to come with tons of training videos, there are also quite a handful of upgrade options to make you spend more money.

Insiders Cash Club webinar just want to convince you into buying this so-called step-by-step copy & paste, quick & easy all-done-for-you system” that cost $37 with downsell of $27 when you try to close the window.

They try to get your money by telling you that this small fee you are going to pay will be used to cover the fee of engaging their customer support team to help you use the ICC software worth $5,000 that they are going to give you for free.

The claims made inside this webinar is exactly the same tactics used in many sales videos of low quality program I've reviewed previously as shown below.

If you watched the webinar to the end, I am sure you can at least identify more than half of the tactics used like the list below.

  • Hyped-up sales video that shows high income statement;
  • Deliver quick and easy income without technical skills required;
  • Only little time and effort required a day;
  • System is a secret that's never revealed before; 
  • Some pathetic story of the spokesperson with his turnaround success story
  • Just copy the success formula and you can be successful too
  • Emotional trigger to to give you hope
  • Limited time offer;
  • Low upfront price strategy; and
  • Identity of product owner is never disclosed

Seriously, no legit program will keep you in the dark about how it actually works.

Only low quality program or scam will try to make you buy without giving you an overall view of the business opportunity.

Here are more low quality program you should completely avoid.

Is Insiders Cash Club A Scam?

With so many red flags like fake owners, fake testimonials and fake success stories featured by Insiders Cash Club, I would say this is definitely as scam that can't help anyone make money online as claimed.

Furthermore, I also found out that the company associated with this program which is Ortiz Capital LLC were sued by someone called Clinton Strange.

I strongly advise anyone to stay away from this scam.

How I Quit My C-Level Job And Make Money Working At Home

If you are tired of scam and are really serious about making money online, I suggest you to give my Top Recommended Program a try.

This program has helped me and many others quit their 9 to 5 job and start making money by working at home.

Despite the method taught inside this program has successfully created many super affiliates throughout the years, but to achieve success you need to put in hard work and take consistent action.

The good news is there's nothing for you to pay extra to achieve success. No hidden cost at all as everything is laid out on the table so you can make the right decision for yourself.

To tell you the truth, since I joined this program few years ago, I never pay a single cent for the membership out from my own pocket. Everything is paid from the money that I earned. Here's my story you can find inside this program.

I suggest you to get the free trial for a start. There's no credit card required and it's absolutely free.

I too started as a free Starter Member before deciding to join premium to access more features & support.

Here's How I Earn A Full-Time Income Working From Home With Affiliate Marketing

From this Insiders Cash Club review, I hope you already know that this is a program you must avoid.

If you find this post valuable, please also share with your friends so the can avoid from being scammed of their hard-earned money.

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24 Comments on "Insiders Cash Club Review: Can You Make $5,000 A Week?"

  1. Aweda Olakunle | February 24, 2019 at 4:38 pm | Reply

    Insider Cash Club is definitely a scam from the evidences in this post. I am glad I came across your article because I have a friend who is interested in insider cash and after watching the sales video, I advised him that it was a scam but he didn’t agree. Showing him your review will surely be enough to convince him. Thanks a lot

    • Florence Ki | May 7, 2019 at 2:36 pm | Reply

      Great to know that my review helps. Hope you friend will be more careful in future. However, if he/she is really into finding a legitimate program to start making money online, I suggest to try out Wealthy Affiliate, a program that helps me make 5 figure income and quit my C-level job this year. 

  2. Hi Florence, I must say that this article is very informative and helpful. I heard about Insiders cash club but from the beginning I was skeptical. Making such a big money in a short period of time is simply not possible but I know there are people who would waste money on it. It is definitely something to avoid in a long range.

  3. Dear Florence,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post. 

    To be honest, nowadays because of the increased number of online scams and many products/programs which under-delivers… Helpful, genuine and unbiased review posts like this are a greater helpful. Many people are falling as a victims to many scams, for sure your review post is saving people trouble, time, effort and money.

    It is always advisable to read some genuine reviews before joining any make money online products. I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed.

    Much Success!


    • Thanks Paul for the kind words. I enjoy writing product reviews on make money niche because through these reviews, I managed to learn about all kind of tactics, strategy and business model people use to make money online. This is part of my learning curve other than learning from my top recommended program that has helped me quit my C-level job to become full time work at home mom. If anyone wanted to start a small business online, that’s definitely the first program I’ll ever introduce. 

  4. Your review on Insiders Cash Club was so precise and informative! it places the reader on a good platform to weigh his/her decisions either to go for it or not. I will also go along with you as you didn’t recommend it, because its promises to help anyone make $500, $1,000, or even $5,000 a WEEK. which is not realistic to be honest.. Also their Hyped-Up Pitch Video: is a real red flag. Also love your review on EZ Bay Payday and ClicksDealer too. Thanks so much for this informative and honest post. 

  5. Nice review! There are so many scams out there, it is great to have websites like yours helping people steer away from them. So thank you for creating articles like this that help people stay clear of money grab scams! What would you say the biggest sign of an online scam is?

    • Florence Ki | May 7, 2019 at 2:32 pm | Reply

      Thanks Kohl for reading my review on Insiders Cash Club. I will stay away from any program that promises quick money, featuring fake testimonials and those where the owner is not using his/her real name. 

  6. Thanks for this detailed review and unveiling of the true value of the product The Insiders Club’. I had been approached by a colleague who was thinking of spending some of his hard-earned cash on the tool, and he asked me what I thought. I advised him to give me a chance to do a little research.

    The best way these days to get a picture of a tool or product is to simply type in ‘reviewXXXXX’ to the Google search window and you are off to a long list of related websites that show the information you are looking for. That is how I came by your website, so you must be doing something right!

    You point out just how many red flags there are with this offer, and in reading through your review, I could not help but wonder that anyone would spend their cash on this or the many other products that are very similar. They are obviously set up to bilk people.

    But as with my friend, many just do not know what to look for, and these are the ones that such products look for and prey on. It must bring in some cash because they keep on putting such offers on the internet and drawing in people. I am sure the refund rate is high, but there is a large segment that will never do that, even if they know the product is crap.

    They are too busy looking for the next big thing that will make them rich ‘instantly’.    They go from offer to offer, spending money and never taking action, not even action to request a refund! In any case, I have the information now to inform my friend just how bad this product is, and I thank you for that.

    By the way, your wrap up included an excellent recommendation for a platform that really will teach you how to make money online in an ethical manner. That is what I already mentioned to my friend, so hopefully, he will make the right move and get started with a free trial of that platform. He will be much happier I am sure. Thanks for your work putting this review of The Insiders Club together. Clear and easy to follow, definitely this is one to stay away from!

    • Hi Dave, I am glad that you find my post helpful. Yes, doing thorough research before paying for any program is really important. For the past few months, most program that I’ve reviewed are either low quality of complete scam. I just don’t understand why there are still many people who fell prey to become victim. Guess, I just have to continue providing review on more programs so many people can escaped being scammed. 

  7. Wow. $5000 that is a huge  some of money in a week.i must thank you for the job well done on this review 

    this article will help majority who is searching for how to make money online.there are many fake programs out there that promise what may not be possible in a short time not even in months or years to come .thanks again for the article on insiders cash clubs. I will check out some of your recommendation in the article 

  8. your review is very expository. Thank you for that I will forward to my friends immediately. You not only proved why they are legitimate but you gave us clue on how to identify similar bogus program. From my experience I know that many legit program would allow you to taste the water before you put down your money. Thank for exposing Insiders cash Club 

    • You are right Paschal. Most legit program will allow you a free trial. That’s how I started with my top recommended program too. Actually, it’s not difficult to identify scams. If the program owner is fake, people giving testimonials are actors and program promises quick & easy money, then 99% are scams. 

  9. Insiders cash is not a good sight and I wouldn’t advise anyone to join it too. Any online make money program that promises that someone can make 4,5,6 or 7 figure income within a short will and with little or no efforts is a scam. Truth be told, to make money online legitimately, you must work hard as a beginner. 

    • Florence Ki | May 7, 2019 at 2:29 pm | Reply

      Absolutely right. There’s no shortcut to success at all. If there’s any, it can be long-term. I work very hard to get my site ranked on Google. Other than writing content everyday, I have to be actively create and share high quality content on my social networks too. There are tons of work involved. So if there’s any program promise short-cut, just stay away. 

  10. Polycarp Momoh | February 24, 2019 at 4:53 pm | Reply

    Its really is sad seeing people lose Money, time and efforts to all these online scammers who are bent on gaining traffic and extorting money from people. Even from the promise of 5000 dollars in a week, that probably is the biggest red flags of all but not many would see this as they manage to add other enticing features and good theme. Imagine getting testimonials from actors on fiver! Wow! 

    • Yes, those red flags are enough to make anyone stay away. For me, if the owner is not real, I will not trust the program, let alone sign up by paying. I bet if you landed on this page, you might be thinking of finding some program to start making money online. If that’s the case, I suggest you to check out my top recommended program. This program has helped me quit my C-level job to become a full time work at home mom. Hope this helps 

  11. I am very grateful I came across this amazing review it has opened my understanding at to how insider cash club operates, first of all find the fact that someone need not to do so much to make money with this system very disturbing and untrue plus it has a lot of hidden prices which made me have less interest on this platform. Thanks for this eye opening review.

    • Florence Ki | May 7, 2019 at 2:27 pm | Reply

      I never believe anyone can do nothing yet still earn decent income. It’s never going to happen. Seriously, I’ll just stay away from program that promises the sky. 

  12. I found this site very helpful in determining how to look for a site that actually does what it says it will do.  As promised, you did offer tools at the end of your post and a list of other sites that you felt were likely scams. Did you actually try this website and if so did they give you your money back or did you just go to the webinar?

    • Florence Ki | May 7, 2019 at 2:26 pm | Reply

      Hi Teri, 

      To tell you the truth, I am so used to exposing such low quality program that I can immediately tell if the program has scam characteristic. I didn’t bother to buy the Insiders Cash Club as with the so many fake actors, I can safely tell you to refrain from buying.

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