Instapage Review: A Conversion Tool That Produces Excellent Results

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Welcome to My Instapage Review

Landing page is very important for every business to get leads and sales. However, many procrastinate to create one due to the lack of skills, can’t find the right tool yet refuse to pay for web developer as it can be very expensive.

If you are unfamiliar with the term landing page, it’s the page where visitors landed after clicking on your link either from inside a website, search engine result page, social platform or anywhere from the web.

Some of the most popular type of landing pages used by local businesses are site homepage, opt-in page, sales page, webinar page and tutorial page.

What is Instapage?
Inside Instapage
Who is Instapage For?
The Truth About Instapage
Things I Like About Instapage
Is Instapage A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Creating landing pages no longer requires coding skill. There are so many good landing page builder in the market such as LeadPages, Unbounce  and LanderApp.

Today, another landing page builder that I am going to review is called Instapage, which is one of the most expensive conversion tool among the others.

In this Instapage review, we’ll go into detail on how it works, the available features, and does it provides more value compared to other available options.

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Now let’s get into Instapage and find out more details.


Product Name:

Founder/Owner: Tyson Quick

Product Type: Landing Page Builder and Conversion Platform

Price:  Core plan $69/month, Optimizer plan $99/month, Team & Agency plan $179/month and Customized Enterprise plan.

Best For: Best for marketing teams and medium to large businesses who will not hesitate to pay more in exchange for exceptional value

Summary: Instapage is among the top landing page builders having more than 200 customized templates to choose from. The starting price is much more expensive compare to its competitors, however the value and features offered are way more advanced.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Yes, if excellence is what you are looking for.

What is Instapage?

Instapage is a landing page builder that allows users to create high conversion landing pages for your web marketing and promotion campaign. This conversion platform offers features such as A/B testing, high converting templates, multiple campaign management, easy drag & drop visual editor and many more. 

Founded in 2012 by Tyson Quick, an entrepreneur dedicated to creating strategies and tools to effective marketing, it’s priced far more than what its competitors are offering.

If you only want basic tools and features, you can opt for the Core Plan at $69/month.

To do more with advanced features, just upgrade to the Optimizer Plan at $99/month. Lastly, if you’re managing an agency or a team, Team & Agency Plan costs $179/month will sufficiently cater for your marketing needs.

This conversion platform also offers customized plan according to customer’s needs. Below is the published plans of Instapage

If you can’t decide which plan to take, you can always test them out with their 14-day free trial. Here’s a brief video on how you can create landing pages using Instapage.

Inside Instapage

I’ve done some research and get inside of Instapage. Here are 4 main features offered by this conversion platform.

Lead Capture

I would say this is one of the best feature inside Instapage. You can find everything you need to build a landing page that can meet your conversion goals. Here’re some of the functions inside this tool.

  • Form builder – As the name suggest, you can create online forms to get data such as name, email, mobile number, address, etc from people who landed on your page.
  • Multi-Step Forms – Break down long forms into short forms so your site visitors won’t feel overwhelmed with the tons of information they need to fill up on one single page.
  • Lead Notifications – You will receive immediate notifications every time you get a new lead. These notifications pop up right through your desktop.Lead Nurturing – With the many options for integration, you can decide what to do with your leads using the existing CRM tools you have.
  • Lead Backup – Easily back up your lead information or export to your existing database tool.
  • Customizable Confirmation Message – You have the option to customize the confirmed message (more commonly known as thank you message) to people who have signed up a you subscriber).
  • Digital Asset Delivery – Similar to email marketing tools like Aweber, GetReponse and MailChimps, this function will automatically deliver your selected content such as software, ebook, plugins, etc to your leads.
  • Two-Step Opt-in – This type of opt-in has proven to increase conversion. For example, pop up form will only appear when someone clicked on your call-to-action button.
  • Exit Intent Popups – As the name implies, when someone wants to exit your page, a pop-up will appear to try and make them stay longer on your site. At this point, you can offer them some upgrades or valuable content.

There are more functions available inside Instapage with a quick walkthrough on how to create a capture lead page in the video below.


Instapage has specifically design tools that help to help achieve your conversion goals and here are some of them.

  • Advertising Attribution Solution – Directly integrate with Google analytics and Adwords for easy traffic monitoring
  • Unlimited A/B Testing – This function allows you to compare performance of two or more pages to choose one with better performance.

  • Heatmaps – It shows you how your visitors interact with your page such as which part of the page they spend the most time, which call-to-action button they normally click and many more. Works well with A/B testing tool.
  • Drop-in Pixel Tracking – Retarget site visitors who have yet to convert as per your goals.
  • DTR or Dynamic Text Replacement – DTR allows you to personalize text messages according to the selected keywords visitor use to find your page.  This enables a more personal approach to your interaction with site visitors, thus creates trust.
  • Tag manager –You can control all your tags, tracking pixels, Google analytics and Adwords conveniently from your dashboard.
  • Page Grouping for Campaign Management – This function allows you to create multiple ad groups of different products, features, and channels in so you can better manage various campaign in one single dashboard.
  • Real-Time Reports – It’s all real-time so you can present the most accurate data to the management or your clients anytime and anywhere..

Publishing and Integration Feature

Instapage also lets you easily integrate with many third-party marketing platforms and CRMs such as Hubspot, Zapier, GetResponse, Convert Kit and many more.  Here’s a few functions you can find inside this feature.

  • Publish to Unlimited Domains – Unlike Leadpages where you can only publish to certain number of domains depending on your plan, Instapage allows you to publish to unlimited domains with no restriction..
  • Publish to WordPress, or Custom domains – You have the freedom to print on WordPress or Drupal.

Team and Agency Management

Instapage provides you the convenience to manage your team and agency from your personal dashboard. Among the cool functions which this feature includes are the following:

  • Collaboration Solution – You can collaborate with your teammates and clients in one subscription – create, review, edit and publish all in real time.
  • Private and Secure Subaccounts – You can keep private data and maintain sub-accounts whereby only authorized users are given access to the data.
  • Advanced Sub Account Permissions – Manage different level of access for your team members by assigning roles. This way you can manage team interaction and ensure client’s privacy.

Other Features

Just like other conversion platforms, Instapage provides 24/7 customer support, chat and email support, fast page loading, and uses cloud service from reputable provider Dual Amazon, Google cloud, etc.

Who is Instapage For?

Instapage is ideal for marketers who focuses on conversion strategy particularly the post-click optimization to grow their business.

This is because unlike their competitor, Instapage’s value proposition is more about providing in-depth statistical features so users are able to accurately determine areas of improvement to increase conversion rate.

It works perfectly well for marketers who recognize that having simple and professionally design landing page templates is sufficient to create conversion.

This type of marketers do not believe in spending unnecessary time to design unique pages yet yield the same conversion rate as using those existing templates.

In short, Instapage is best for busy marketers who want to complete their work efficiently and still deliver optimal results.

Definitely not for a complete beginners who can’t even differentiate the various features inside common landing page builders.

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The Truth About Instapage

Although Instapage may seem flawless when it comes to their features, there are actually some things that you must know before investing your money.

Truth #1: Hefty Price!

Instapage starts off their basic package at $99 per month – not the most friendly-priced landing page builder I’ve heard. Compared to its competitions, Instapage actually holds the reign as one of the most expensive conversion tool in the market.

While it may be costly to sign up, you are guaranteed with multiple advanced features which are not commonly provided by other similar platform. To name some, they are Heatmaps, full-feature A/B testing, Dynamic Text Replacement, and Branded Lead Notifications.

Truth# 2: Fewer Numbers of Widgets

Having more features or widgets does not equate to higher value provided to users. Unfortunately, this concept is not usually accepted by the public.

Widgets are important to ease the work of creating beautifully designed pages. Compared to its competitors, Instapage offers fewer numbers of widgets which makes it less competitive on the outside.

While this certainly reduces the number of differentiation on the landing pages created, but it does not in any way affects the conversion ability of this awesome tool.

Therefore it’s baseless for users to make such complaints, as ultimately it’s the conversion rate that matters most but not attractiveness of the page.

Truth# 3: Too Complex for Beginners

While some of the features may be easy to learn, there are also other features such as Heatmap, Pixel Tracking and A/B Testing that require a good level of understanding about sales funnel, conversion rate and test designs, to fully use.

If you are new to the term sales funnel, it’s the process a person went through from learning about your brand to getting interested in your offerings, then finally convert to become your customer, just like the image below.

To create an effective sales funnel, it requires advanced understanding of customer behavior and lots of testing.

A complete beginner to marketing might find it difficult to grasp the fundamental of sales funnel, not to even mention the ability to utilize some of the optimization features inside Instapage.

Things I Like About Instapage

One thing that I personally like about Instapage is the fact that this highly priced conversion platform is designed with the main objective to increase conversions.

With this focus in mind, Instapage therefore offers more than 200 templates that cater for almost all industries to match your specific niche.

There are tons of functions you can choose from to test your pages. I would say the value offered by Instapage is way more than what their competitors are offering, particularly in terms of testing and recommending areas of improvement.

Of course, the 14-day free trial is surely another great deal so you can decide which plan works best for you.

Is Instapage A Scam?

Instapage is a legit, highly valuable and effective conversion platform that can help marketers yield great conversion to get leads and sales. It’s a powerful marketing tool that gives you more value than the price you pay for.

As what Darren Lepke the marketing director of Verizon that said

“Instapage has truly maximized our digital advertising performance by enabling us to offer matching, personalized post-click experiences for every ad and audience.”

The credibility of Instapage is affirmed by leading brands such as eBay, HelloFresh, Vimeo, SoundCloud, SurveyMonkey, and Udacity.

If you are an advanced marketer who pay much attention to conversion strategy, Instapage is a must have.

However, for new marketers who have no experience in building landing pages, I suggest you to first start with Thrive Architect, a simpler and more affordable option.

How I Start A Small Business Online

Nobody can deny the importance of landing pages. Whether you are creating a sales page, or a homepage for your blog, a good landing page builder can help to grow your business.

However, I did not start my business blog with any landing page builder. When I first started , I didn’t even bother to create landing pages as all I need is to produce more content that can create value to my readers.

As I went along building this business, I followed through a proven affiliate program and learned about the importance of having a good landing page to get leads. That’s how I started to create opt-in page with Thrive Architect. 

The reason I didn't choose Instapage is due to the unaffordable price and complex features which I do not need to use many of them to grow my business.

That's why I choose simple page builder like Thrive Architect that helps to create professional design landing page at only a small fraction of price charged by Instapage.

Just by doing that, I already managed to quit my c-level job and start working at home.

If you want to learn the strategy I use to earn a full time income working at home, I suggest you to get my free guide to start a small business online. This guide will walk you through all the things you need to know to earn your first affiliate commission.

I hope you enjoy reading my Instapage review. If you find this content valuable, please share with your friends so they too can make well-informed decision.

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4 thoughts on “Instapage Review: A Conversion Tool That Produces Excellent Results”

  1. Nice review! Instapage looks like great software. My question is, how can I associate that with my email software? To create opt-in forms and build an email list.

    Or maybe Instapag offers also the possibility to host an email list and create an email promotion campaign. If that is the case then I would really understand the high price and consider switching because I like the design that I see and the fact that I can customize them to my liking.


    1. In general, Instapage will store all your leads inside their main server which is quite secure. However, if you are in a business that requires high level of privacy, you can opt for “Lead Bypass” offered to customers of Enterprise Plan. This means, all your leads will not be stored inside Instapage server, instead will be stored into your selected storage. Instapage is just a conversion platform and therefore on lead nurturing activity such as sending auto-responder, you’ll still need to use email marketing or CRM service such as AWeber, Hubspot or GetResponse. 

  2. Wow… I heard about Instapage but didn’t know that it can be so expensive to use this conversion tool. It’s great to be able to integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords but don’t think that I need this feature as I’m just starting out. Is there any cheaper option where that can create some basic conversion forms with simple A/B Testing? 

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