Internet Business Is A Myth

For many  there, we have all been there. Driving in massive traffic to go to the office that we hate, then sitting for 8 hours waiting for 5 o'clock and be jam again in the traffic before we reach home tired with no energy to do anything except dreaming that one day these will never happen again.

Hey, but it is just a dream. If you are not taking action to do something different, nothing is going to change. Many resort to start a business online with the hope to get out from this rat race. But how many of us really succeed?

Let's look at internet business model. Many perceive internet business as something sustainable, easy to earn money and most importantly does not require huge investment. Well, I would say this is not entirely true.

Myth 1: Internet Business is Sustainable

Sustainability of this business depends on how your run the business. Are you running the business with a heart or without one. If you are promoting a product that is lousy with the sole intention to sell and make a profit only, your reputation will be gone. In no time, you will be famous all over the web when people search your for your name.

Famous not because of success, but because you are a SCAM.

As a saying, bad reputation spread faster than anything else. You wouldn't want that to happen to you right? Try to search for some self-acclaimed internet marketing guru who is said to made millions. You may be shocked with your findings. More than 50% are scams!

Myth 2: It's Easy To Earn Money Online

Next, who says it is easy to earn money online? This may be true 10 years ago but now it is the entirely different scenario. Internet adoption is increasing rapidly in the last 10 years. There are millions adoption every year which means, consumer now have a choice or should I say many choices.

In the early days when internet was just started, there's no e-book available for free, you need to buy. Any marketer who promote e-books back then earn a lot of money. But now, everybody can download e-books everywhere. So if you are promoting e-book as your internet business, make sure it is of the highest quality if you want returning customers and earn more. Again, it is all about reputation.

Myth 3: Internet Business Requires Low Investment

Here comes the biggest myth of internet business. Low investment? I do not agree with this. Do you understand what type of investment you need to be ready with to do a business online? Before we start, we need to learn all the marketing and technical stuffs like buy domain, host your website, find good plugins for your WordPress, create video, setup all social media accounts, learn SEO techniques, Facebook marketing, learn how to become affiliates and deal with various tools or software needed to build your online business platform. All these learning require both money or time. You also need time to find good mentor. Scams are everywhere.

Then you need to buy good content if you do not want to write yourself, subscribe to autoresponder like AWeber or Getresponse, buy statistics to make sure your campaign targeting is right, invest in Private Label Rights, invest in keyword research tools, and the list can go on just like that. With such competitive nature on internet, you need to constantly drive traffics to promote your products. Driving traffic is cheap online compared to offline business but we are talking about millions of traffic. It will not be any cheaper. The list can go on just like that. There is NO ending!

Online Business Evolved Just Too Fast … Is Lightning Speed

Try and ask around your friends who started online business, who has actually become millionaires? I bet out of 1,000, you may not even find one. Many gave up, thanks to the 3 misconception about the BIG Internet Business.

Despite these, I am not saying that internet business is a lousy business. What I am trying to say is do not be tempted to start internet business with all the myths which are too good to be true.

Internet Business Is The Same As Conventional Offline Business. The Only Difference Is the Medium It Uses

choose internet marketing to run away from Rat RaceTo succeed you need to put in effort and be consistent. For anyone of you who wanted to jump out from rat race and start an internet business, be prepared to face the challenge. You will need to put in more effort and hard work than what you are doing now… and maybe 10 times more. But I can guarantee, if you are doing it right, the results are amazing.

I started my internet business journey by paying lots of money learning from various marketing gurus before finally landing and sticking with Wealthy Affiliate. It really teaches me real ways to earn money online. And it's sustainable.

If you are interested to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review here.

For those who wants to know more on how you can start learning internet business, do leave me a comment below. I will be most willing to help. Alternatively, you may want to find me inside Wealthy Affiliate (here's the link) and I will respond as soon as available.

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6 thoughts on “Internet Business Is A Myth”

  1. Hi Florence, i was already interested in internet business since i was in high school, but never had the chance to build an empire out of it.
    Now, since i already have a steady income from my work,i am starting to get into internet business to build my passive income. All i can say is that i agree with you that internet business without any investment is a myth. i have invested some cash in buying a domain, hosting places, marketing my business in facebook. so yes, you are spot on.

  2. You have made some excellent points regarding internet business being a myth, I think that far too often people look at internet business as being easy money, but it’s so much more that must be accounted for before the “easy” money comes.

    You have provided great examples of what to expect and look out for. Great post and write up.

    1. You are right. For those who want to venture online, really need to manage expectation. Or else, is easy to give up.

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