Internet Business Is Not A Choice

There are lesser career opportunities for the unemployed nowadays as thousands of employees especially from oil & gas industry were laid off due to the plummeting of crude oil price. It is affecting oil producing countries such as Malaysia, Nigeria, Iran, Russia and Venezuela. Its adverse effect is wide spreading and many companies are withholding their investment which resulting in slower economy growth.

The current difficult economic condition is worrying and always on top of everyone's mind. This situation is adversely impacting individuals especially those under employment who face the risk of being laid off. Many especially the unemployed are seeking money making opportunities online with the hope to earn extra income. So what can internet business do for you?

1. Create Security For Rainy Days

Admit it, the easiest way to start a business is to start an internet business. It can be started immediately with minimal investment. You just need to buy a domain name, create a website, drive traffic and start promoting products without the need to pay upfront for stocks. Well, doing internet business is competitive. However it is a way of business with lowest risk to create security for rainy days and you can start anytime you want to.

Well, you can also choose to invest in physical business too. But I am worried you may face additional stress of managing your employees, spending thousands on rental and even need to juggle between your time spent on employment and your business as both need to be done during weekdays. Therefore, if you want to create security for rainy days, internet business is the best choice. You can start by creating a Free Website here.

2. Free Yourself From Rat Race

If you currently have a good income from employment, you might want to consider earning extra cash by starting an internet business. Why waste your time working until wee hours for a company that does not belong to you? You might as well spent your spare time earning extra cash and get ready for rainy days.

If you start an internet business while still under employment, you can stop working for others once your business starts to earn you sufficient income for you to live comfortably. You have a choice then to quit your job as and when you decided to do so. By then, you can freely work from anywhere without the need to report to anybody except yourself. You will be free from rat race in no time!

3. Plan for your family and your retirement

I am sure you have heard that many elderly are not able to retire comfortably due to the rising inflation. Lets face it, with the current rate of inflation most people cannot retire without having other sources of sustainable income. You will reach a stage where employers chose to bring in younger talent to replace you. This is truth where you and I cannot deny.

Look at your parents. Are they able to retire comfortably? I am sure some of your parents turn to invest in shares, mutual funds, forex, or properties with the hope that these can yield some returns for them to retire comfortably. However, investments come with certain degree of risk and not all will yield returns.

Whether you are planning for your family or yourself, having main income from employment and investment income are not safe anymore. You need to add another source of stable income. A sustainable passive income is the way forward. It is the internet business that is the ultimate choice to ensure continuous security for you and your family.

4. Internet Is The New Economy

Internet users are increasing rapidly every year.  More and more people are adopting to buy online, from buying simple grocery to buying big size products such as furniture or electronics. So why are more people choosing to buy online?

Online shopping helps to save time as going out shopping in stores consumes a lot of time. Other than that, you can easily buy at a cheaper price as e-commerce does not incur cost such as rental, salary, etc.

On top of that, an internet business enables you to enjoy the flexibility to earn money from anywhere you want without having to worry about rent or the stress of dealing with employees. It also comes with minimal risk to start a business. It can also be run on an automatic mode where you literally earn money while sleeping with no limit to income as this is a global business.

With so many benefits having an internet business, it can be considered a perfect business for anyone who wants to have a 2nd income as security. Internet business is never a choice anymore, it is a MUST to have.

Nowadays, Internet Business Is Not A Choice Anymore

I start to build my internet business by learning from Wealthy Affiliate. And it really earns me some extra income. For those who wanted to learn real ways to earn money online, you can leave me a comment below or find me inside Wealthy Affiliate (here's the link) and I'll reply as soon as available.

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25 thoughts on “Internet Business Is Not A Choice”

  1. Hi Florence,
    Great write-up and fully agree with you on the present economy and situation we have now. Keep it up. Cheers

  2. Hey Florence,
    You did a great job in writing this article! I enjoyed reading it. Internet business is indeed not a choice it is a maner of life! be succesful in this business and be succesful in life.
    I hope your internet business is going good and keep up the great content!

  3. You’re right that you say that Internet business is unavoidable and ever growing. That’s why it makes sense to start an Internet business – your potential online audience is ever growing. Plus as you rightly point out, starting an online business takes minimal financial investment. How long have you been running your business online? Is your goal eventually to do it full time?

    1. Hi, I have just started this business. In fact when I first started, I treat this as a hobby. But as time passed, I realised this can be a sustainable business. Yes, hopefully one day I can quit my employment and live the dotcom lifestyle.

  4. I totally agree that internet is a great opportunity to start an online business and make money. It’s not an option anymore. We have to plan for our families and retirement. The good part of internet is that you can start your business with minimum investment and achieve serious results and the best proof is a plenty of success stories online. Yes, it takes time and effort but it gives you a hope for a better future vs doing nothing and having no hope at all.

  5. Hi Florence, I must say that this is a very informative post and has certainly provided enough material to whet one’s appetite for started an online business.
    As someone who also owes an online business, I too will encourage anyone who is looking for another source of income that they can’t go wrong with setting up an online business. As you say the benefits far out weight that of traditional sources of income, one of which is the continuous stream of income.

  6. I do agree that career choices are becoming very limited these days, and especially as we are heading towards a new digital future where a lot of offline jobs will disappear, but this creates new opportunities online instead!

    So, the internet is becoming a way of life!

    Thanks for highlighting the ways for starting up a new online business, and having my own website would sure be an awesome way to start.


  7. There are many great benefits to earning money online. One is you get to set your own hours. Another is you get to be your own boss. Also, theoretically, the sky is the limit in terms of what you could possibly earn.

    There are things to be wary of though when venturing into earning money on the internet. Firstly, you will need to be self-disciplined. Without a boss looking over your shoulder all the time, you will need to be your own boss. It will also probably take you a while to build up your online business, which is where the self-discipline and staying power will really come in handy.

    How long have you had your website?

  8. Hi Florence,

    I believe that anyone that is lacking job security or isn’t satisfied with their current income could benefit from an internet business. I personally believe there are too many pros to having an online business. Whether you are looking for a new source of income, or just some extra money, I agree with you that the start up costs of an internet business are pretty low to not give it a try.

    Great post,

  9. There was a time when internet marketing was a choice for me, but once I realized the potential it turned into a must. I realized that there are countless opportunities to make money online and that new opportunities are being created every day.

    The internet also allows me to work from home or any place where there is an internet connection.

  10. Internet business is not a choice – Its a MUST!
    I find your post very very personal and it hits on our common goals and reasons to win this “9-5”. You really kick in the pans with the headings and the content, it means alot to me and all of my reasons to create a successful busines online is inside yor content. It was motivating and powerful, so thanks again and I wish you a successful journey!

  11. Simon Crowe in Asia

    I agree with you completely, we are definitely in the information age and we have left the industrial age behind us for good.

    With that comes the need for a new skill set and a new way of doing business. I think more and more people are waking up to this and creating online business through the Wealthy Affiliate training that means they can create the kind of life they want for themselves, become their own boss and provide the security their families deserve.

    My advice to anyone would be to act now and not wait, because you could get left behind!

  12. Low start up capital, no need to lease office/warehouse space or hold inventory. You don’t answer to anyone but yourself. All you need is an internet connection, some creativity, and persistence. Everything can be pretty much done on the internet, so an online business is definitely the way to go.

    Thanks for the info Florence.


  13. Hello Florence,

    Thank you for sharing with me this article, Indeed, I agree with you that there is high rate of unemployment as a result of poor economic problems. And this is a common problem facing almost every country.

    Moreover, even those who’re under employment still need some additional income to add to their salary.And this is because their payment may not be enough to satisfy their needs. That is why an online business is the best choice you can think of.

    As you read, there is no risk of starting an online business, since most of them are free and easy to join. You do not run at any risk of loosing your invested money.

    1. I believe to successfully create a sustainable online business is time and determination. Nothing is impossible if anyone is willing to sacrifice time in exchange for constructive activities. 

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