Jaaxy Review: The Keyword Research Tool For Niche Website Owners

Welcome To My Jaaxy Review

Keyword research is a must-do step prior to creating any content in order to get organic traffic. However, with so many SEO tools out there, it’s very challenging to identify the right one that can help you grow your site traffic.

Just for your information, apart from providing online marketing services to local businesses, I am also a blogger who build niche websites to earn passive income at home, focusing on SEO traffic strategies.

That’s why subscribing to a good keyword research tool is important to ensure business success.

What is Jaaxy?
How Does Jaaxy Work?
Who is Jaaxy For?
The Truth About Jaaxy
Things I Like About Jaaxy
Is Jaaxy Good For Niche Website Owners?
How I Start A Small Business Online

One of the SEO tools that I use every day as part of my content strategy is called Jaaxy.

This tool has managed to help me rank my blog pages on Google with a list of more than 100 keywords.

That’s the reason why I decided to write this review so you can discover this infamous yet powerful keyword research tool.

Although I am promoting Jaaxy to earn an affiliate commission, you can be assured that I’ll not only be sharing with you the good of Jaaxy, but also how this tool should be improved to add more value to users.

Now, without wasting too much of your time, let's find out how Jaaxy works and whether this keyword research tool is suitable for people who need to build niche websites.


Product Name: Jaaxy

Founder/Owner: Kyle & Carson, owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Product Type:  Keyword Research Tool

Price:  Free plan with 30 keyword searches, Pro plan at $49/month and Enterprise plan at $99/month. There’s also a hidden Jaaxy Lite plan which is similar to Pro plan, but it’s FREE!

Best For: New bloggers or people who build niche websites

Summary: Jaaxy is an easy-to-use, keyword-rich, and awesome keyword research tool created by real affiliate marketers who started online creating niche websites as a business. This simple yet affordable tool helps users to discover high traffic, low competition keywords quickly with only a few clicks.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: Yes 

What Is Jaaxy? 

Jaaxy is an easy-to-use, keyword-rich, and awesome keyword research tool created by real affiliate marketers and owners of Wealthy Affiliate University, Kyle and Carson.

This simple yet affordable tool helps users to discover high traffic, low competition keywords quickly with only a few clicks.

The uniqueness of Jaaxy lies with its Alphabet Soup technique that helps users brainstorm for ideas of potential keywords.

It’s perfect for beginners who want to leverage on long-tail keywords to optimize their content and get ranked on the search engine result page (SERP) of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you are new to the term long-tail keyword, it refers to keyword with a combination of three and four words that are highly targeted to whatever you are promoting.

More and more marketers are using long-tail keywords as part of their content strategy because these types of keyword phrases are highly targeted and tend to convert into sales better, compared to short-tail keywords.

With Jaaxy, almost everything about keyword research can be done from within a single dashboard, and this includes buying SEO optimized domain.

Jaaxy Pricing

One of the factors that make Jaaxy a great option for new bloggers is the affordable price range. Jaaxy has three plans you can choose from. 

Starter Plan: The starter plan won’t cost you anything at all. You heard it right, once you sign up and create an account on Jaaxy, you get 30 keyword searches, 20 search results and 30 SiteRank analysis scans.

However, if you are serious about creating content optimized with keywords, then Free plan is not sufficient.

Jaaxy Pro Plan at $49 per month: In the Pro plan, Jaaxy gives you unlimited keyword searches. That’s slightly expensive compared to KWFinder but cheaper than Ahref, both are popular keyword research tools in the market.

The most valuable aspect of this plan is that you get access to unlimited keyword searches, 15 Alphabet Soup search results for each keyword, 2,000 keyword scans for specified domains, and comprehensive page search analysis on SERP.

Jaaxy Enterprise Plan: Just like the name suggests, this plan is tailor-made for frequent content producers or large teams.

In this plan, other than the unlimited keyword searches for paid subscribers, you’ll get 50 Alphabet Soup search results for each keyword, 10,000 competitor’s or your own keyword scans on specified domains.

The best is most results such as keyword difficulty score (SEO), the number of competing for website for a particular keyword (QSR), keyword quality indicator (KQI)  and domain search will be shown automatically without the need for click-to-display.

In fact, there’s another upgraded Free plan called Jaaxy Lite which offers great features for people who are trying to build niche websites. However, this plan is only available to Wealthy Affiliate Premium members and not for any regular Jaaxy users which I’ll explain to you later.

How Does Jaaxy Work?

There are multiple features inside Jaaxy which are essentials for keyword research, competitor keyword analysis and brainstorm ideas for long-tail keywords.

I’m going to explain to you each feature inside Jaaxy including some comparison with other tools.

Quality of Keyword Results in Jaaxy

For a keyword research tool to be effective, the keyword results must be of good quality, particularly the metric on SEO difficulty must be accurately presented so users will know which keyword to target for.

As I’ve previously written a review about another keyword research tool named KWFinder which has high credibility for its keyword quality, therefore I am going to use this as a benchmark to assess the quality of keywords results in Jaaxy.

Before I continue, I would like you to take note that compared to other keyword research tools, Jaaxy keyword difficulty indicator is slightly different.

Despite the fact that, the color red is seen as keyword with greater SEO difficulty, its numerical indicator shows that level 1 is hard to rank and 100 is easy to rank.

On the contrary, most other tools indicate the other way around – 1 is easy to rank and 100 is hard to rank. It’s really important to get this right before continue reading.  

As I did a search on the keyword “What is SEO” on both Jaaxy and KWFinder to find the level of keyword difficulty shown on each tool, the results indicate that both agree the keyword is difficult to rank.

This affirms that Jaaxy does offer high quality keyword research results, comparable to industry standard.

Now that we know Jaaxy can be trusted, next we’ll see whether Jaaxy’s dashboard is user-friendly.

Keyword Search Tool

Many keyword research tools like Ahrefs or SpyFu show keyword results that are complicated and difficult to understand for a beginner.

If you’re new in the market, you’ll need a page that only shows you important metrics but not overload you with too much unimportant information. Fortunately, Jaaxy has everything in place.

It has a clear, straightforward and well-organized keyword results dashboard arranged in six different columns (Avg, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO and Domains) so you can get the results you need at one glance.

Here’s an explanation of what each of these metrics means so you can get some insight. 

Average Searches (Avg): This indicates the number of monthly searches for a specific keyword. In short it indicates how many people are searching for this particular keyword.

Traffic: The number of people visiting your website if the keyword gets ranked on first page of search engines.

Quoted Search Results (QSR): QSR is one metric that set Jaaxy apart from all its competitors. This column shows you how many sites are targeting the exact phrase you’ve searched for.

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): This column indicates the quality of the keyword. While they’re denoted with words such as great, normal and bad, the words appear in green, orange and red colors. This makes for easy interpretation and saves your time. 

SEO: This score, calculated based on traffic and competition tells you the level of difficulty for each keyword. The higher the score is, the more likely you can rank for this keyword. Long-tail keywords normally will have a score more than 80.

Domains: Domain search results are hidden treasures for content creators who’re looking for profitable domains. In this column, you can find domains that’re relevant to the keyword you searched for.

There are 2 ways you can do a search for keywords.

One is by typing the exact keywords to optimize results of your content planning and another is by doing a page URL search as shown below.

I normally do a page URL search when I need to find the list of keywords other sites are ranking for.

This is particularly useful if you want to know what keywords your competitors rank for so you could improve on your keyword decision.

Alphabet Soup, The Unique Technique Created by Jaaxy

As we mentioned before, this is the unique feature of the Jaaxy tool. By using Alphabet Soup technique, you are able to discover other relevant keywords people are searching for on Google.

When I do a search on the keyword “What is SEO” on Alphabet Soup, the results returned a total of 3,345 other relevant long-tail keywords, whereby KWFinder only shows 25 relevant keywords.

The Alphabet Soup feature taps into this data and brings you the exact keywords people are searching for. This means, you can easily find a long-tail keyword that can convert to sales.

Jaaxy List And Search History

Jaaxy gives out a plethora of keyword results when you search for your niche. If you wish to use only some of them at the moment, you can save the others for future reference in the list saving option.

What’s more, if you wish to refer to these lists offline, you can download them in TXT or CVS format and save them on google sheets or Microsoft excel. 

Furthermore, even if you forget to save your lists, if you ever need to look back to the best keywords you used for SEO, you can look through the saved search history. This helps you get the maximum benefit from a profitable niche keyword. 

Jaaxy Search Analysis

Jaaxy search analysis lets you look deeper into each URL that's listed on the first search result page. Information you can get include word count, links on site, backlinks, Alexa ranking, Adsense and meta description.

Out of all the metrics shown, I find that both the word count and backlinks information are most useful for me to plan for my next content to out beat my competitor.

Unfortunately, the search analysis I received only shows 9 pages. To maximize effect, you’ll need to combine both results from Search Analysis and Site Rank to accurately make better SEO decisions.

Jaaxy Site Rank

It is very time-consuming when it comes to locating yourself on search pages. However, sometimes you need to know if you’re on the right track for sure and that’s when Jaaxy gives you the solution. 

The site ranking system shows you where your content stands on the first twenty pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo with the function to auto-track keyword ranking on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. This way will save you the hassle to open multiple tabs for each search engine.

For instance, when I search for the keyword “opportunities for the unemployed” which is one of the keywords that I’m targeting, the result shows that my site ranked 3rd on Google, 27th on Yahoo and not ranking on Bing.

In order to improve my ranking, I’ll check on the first few URLs before mine and see how I can enrich my content to outrank them.

Here's how to do keyword research to find long-tail keywords.

Jaaxy Video Tutorials

This is the best part for new bloggers who have just stepped into the world of keyword research. Unlike blogs and guideline articles in other keyword research tools, Jaaxy offers video tutorials to help newbies with keyword research.

Besides videos, there are PDFs of essential aspects such as website research, niche research, and basic keyword research. 

This is the ultimate resource for new bloggers as there’s a lot to learn when it comes to SEO and keyword research.

Also, if you’re paying for the tool, you should know how to use it, or else you’ll be wasting your investment. 

For more tips about SEO, I highly recommend you to get this Beginner's Guide to SEO by MOZ. This guide is definitely one of the most comprehensive guides I ever read about SEO best practice.

Who is Jaaxy for? 

Jaaxy is for new bloggers or people who build a business around creating niche websites. As these groups of people require massive amounts of content, long-tail keywords will do the magic. This is where Jaaxy is good at through its Alphabet Soup feature.

However, if your focus is to monetize using search advertisements such as Google Adwords, then you might need to subscribe to alternative tools such as MOZ or Ahref that can give you more metrics like cost-per-click and pay-per-click keywords, and can double or triple the price of Jaaxy.

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The Truth About Jaaxy

Even though the tool seems almost flawless from the outlook, it has some hidden truths that make it a little less effective compared to others in its league. 

Truth #1 Too Simplified Keyword Difficulty Formula

According to Jaaxy, its SEO difficulty score is formulated based on both traffic and competition score (QSR) which I think is too simplified.

There’s a need for Jaaxy to include domain authority, site age, page authority, inbound links and backlinks to deliver a more accurate SEO difficulty score.

Regardless of this limitation, the quality of search results in Jaaxy is still relatively good compared to credible keyword research tools like KWFinder.

Truth #2 Local SEO Is Almost Impossible

Jaaxy does not provide localized SEO results. This is a major drawback as regional businesses and niches need specifying research. Therefore, if you are serving clients that require local SEO, Jaaxy will not be able to help you.

Things I Like About Jaaxy

Jaaxy does have some disadvantages, but overall Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool for new bloggers. To establish my point, here’s a list of things I like about the Jaaxy. 

First of all, it’s beginner-friendly. The user-friendly interface makes it beneficial even for the person who has only just landed on a keyword research website. 

Secondly, it sieves out the irrelevant data, making the tool less complicated, thus able to only let you see important metrics that you need. This increases efficiency in achieving your SEO goals.

Lastly, being a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, I get to use Jaaxy Lite for free!

This upgraded free plan serves almost the same as a Pro plan member except I have lesser Site Rank scans which are not really that important. At least, I am still able to do unlimited keyword searches, 10 letter alphabet soup results, 25 keyword results and affiliate program search.

And the best is should I want to upgrade to Pro plan, I’ll be given up to a 60% discount off the normal price. That’s only $19 per month compared to $49 per month for non-member.

Is Jaaxy Good For Niche Website Owners?

Yes, Jaaxy is definitely one of the best keyword research tools for niche website owners thanks to its rich keyword search data and Alphabet Soup feature.

Jaaxy has a lot of good stuff to offer and the biggest strength is how well it does in keyword research. It might not offer tons of keywords like Ahref, but the keywords that it provides are unique and hardly available in other tools.

At least its long-tail keywords come with buying intent. I guess, Jaaxy might be one of the tools that let you discover the most unique keywords out of any tool that I’ve tried before.

If what you are doing is to create niche websites, then Jaaxy is definitely one of the best tools you must try.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I started my small business online by creating a niche website too. That’s the reason why Jaaxy is one important keyword research tool that I use on a daily basis to create my content.

Just like learning how to use Jaaxy, I started my business following a step-by-step guide. There’s no short cut to achieve success at all. It’s all about willingness to learn, put effort and consistently take action.

If you too want to start a small business online with creating a niche website, then I suggest you try My #1 Recommendation that shows you the exact method I use to successfully earn a decent income.

I hope you agree with me that Jaaxy is suitable for new bloggers and people who build niche websites. However, if you have different views or anything to add on, do leave me a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review: The Keyword Research Tool For Niche Website Owners”

  1. Nice job on the Jaaxy report. I like your website as it pertains to building good websites. It is very informational and very thorough. You hit on everything well. I like the way it is put together a step at a time. You seem quite knowledgeable and are a very interesting person to listen to. I really like your review.

  2. This is great information! 

    I have recently started a website but have found that I get little or no traffic for my content. Now I know why!!

    I have been writing content with titles that I think sound appealing to the people I am trying to reach. Looking at this it is evident I am not using the right method in trying to attract people to my website through google.

    I will definitely have a look at the free option of Jaaxy before I make the leap.

    Thank you


  3. It’s true that Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools suitable for bloggers and affiliate marketers who need to create massive content. I’ve tried that and it’s really so easy to use, the price is affordable too. Unfortunately, it’s not really known to many people. Guess the owner should put in more marketing dollars to promote this awesome too.  

  4. Thanks for posting. I’m using Jaaxy and I’m pretty happy. I can say that everything you said about Jaxxy is confirmed. Just one thing I do not understand: it tells me that my site is not ranked on google, but on google I see it on the first page. You know why?

    1. Well, I do have the same problem sometimes as well. it’s the same if you use other keyword research tools. But one thing for sure, Jaaxy definitely give quite an accurate keyword results that are pretty decent to be used as part of any SEO strategy. 

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