Lander App Review: Build & Publish Your Own Landing Page in 2019

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Welcome to My Lander App Review

A landing page can be very powerful when it comes to marketing your business to online customers.

It is able to tells story about your business, get leads and grow sales. Therefore, it's necessary for every businesses to have own landing pages as part of their conversion strategy.

Fortunately, there are many choices of landing page builders in the market that you can chose from.

One particular landing page builder that allows users to build highly converting pages quickly is Lander App or more commonly known as Lander.

Before I explain further about this platform, I’d like to congratulate you for making the right decision to do your own research before investing in another digital product.

There're just so many great conversion platforms in the market and sometimes it's confusing to choose which fit your marketing needs the most.

Having years of experience in running a small business online, I have developed skills and techniques on how to discover the uniqueness of each digital product, including determine who is best to use it.

What is Lander App?
Inside Lander App
Who is Lander App Best For?
The Truth About Lander App
Things I Like About Lander App
Is Lander App A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Personally, I think that Lander is an excellent page builder thanks to its affordable entry price and cool features like A/B testing, drag & drop visual editor and free clean & neat templates.

Nevertheless, every business has different needs when it comes to creating landing pages.

In this Lander App Review, I'll share with you all I know about this platform so you can decide whether this is the right platform for your business.


Product Name:
Lander App or commonly known as Lander

Founder/Owner: Ignacio Caldentey

Product Type: Landing Page Builder (conversion tool)

Price: From $16/month up to $99/month depending on the plan and payment mode, either monthly or yearly payment.

Best For: Small businesses and people who just started to become online marketer.

Summary: Lander is among the most popular and affordable landing page builder, suitable for small business.  With more than 100 design templates to choose from and simple A/B testing features on all its plan, it’s able to cater for basic needs of landing page requirement. To sum it up, it is a platform that offers almost everything but nothing exceptionally outstanding.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Absolutely YES if you focus on conversion strategy to earn money online.

What is Lander App?

Lander is a landing page builder with affordable starting price point that is commonly used by small businesses, new digital marketers and in-house marketers who focus on conversions strategies to grow their business.

By using Lander, you can create and publish a good number of landing pages depending on the plan that you select.

Just like LeadPages, another popular conversion tool in the market, you don’t need to have coding nor designing skills to use Lander.

Founded by Ignacio Caldentey in 2012, Lander is currently being used by more than 1,500,000 users from all around the globe.

Users can choose from two plan options consisting of Basic Plan at $16/month for up to 5,000 monthly site visitors and Pro Plan at $83/month for up to 25,000 monthly site visitors.

This price is provided if you pay annually. For monthly payment, expect to pay higher with reduced benefits.

Below is the different price points of Lander and respective features. There’s a 14-day free trial if you decided to give Lander a try.

Inside Lander App

Whether you want to design pages to promote your products, launch an event, conduct a webinar, or to get leads, Lander is here for you. Here’s detailed explanation of each feature.

User-Friendly Visual Editor

Lander is proud of its visual editor that lets users build and create highly converting landing pages without being bothered about any coding requirement.

It's a widget with many elements that you can drag and drop each element to create your ideal landing page.

With the visual editor, users can incorporate elements such as text, image, video, embeds, countdown, social shares, etc over to any place in the page without causing any confusion or clutter.

Simple A/B Testing

As mentioned earlier, A/B Testing is available in both plans offered by Lander. However compared to Unbounce, A/B Testing inside Lander offers lesser comparisons dimensions. This is justifiable by looking at the price point of Lander which is way cheaper compared to Unbounce.

With A/B Testing, you can test headline, calls to action, colours, testimonials, images, video, structure and even different kind content, thus it becomes easier to decide which page can convert better and make adjustment for those that need improvement.

Auto-Fill Forms with Capture Data

Lander also makes available an auto-fill form and capture current data so the page can store and use data from its existing subscribers.

Whenever a site visitor fills out a form on your page, the data that's captured will be stored and remembered by the Lander. When the same visitor visit the page again, his/her data will then be auto-filled without the need to sign up again. Lander automatically fill the form using the stored data of existing subscribers.

DTR or Dynamic Text Replacement

Another feature not offer by most its competitors is the Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) that allows user to customize text content.

DTR is a feature that allows personalized landing page content to match your Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads keyword.

This means, you can easily match any headline or text of your PPC campaign to your content.

Whenever a user types in a keyword, there are higher chances that your page will show up in the keyword results if your page is incorporated with DTR.

DTR helps in getting more conversions, lower cost per acquisition, get higher quality scores by Google and finally you can save time when your PPC keyword can be inserted onto your landing pages, automatically.

Here’s more information about how to use Dynamic Text Replacement.

Build Landing Pages On Facebook

Among the best features in Lander that you can hardly find in competitors’ platform is the ability to publish your landing pages on Facebook.

Facebook is among the top social media websites today where many potential clients hang out. This makes Facebook an important platform to reach your targeted audience.

Lander allows its users to conveniently integrate their landing pages inside Facebook, provided your page has a minimum of 2,000 followers.

Like any landing pages, you can collect leads and grow sales from Facebook subscribers. Here’s a video from Lander on how you can create a Facebook landing page.

Aside from Facebook, you can also integrate your landing pages to other platform such as Mailchimp, Zapier, Analytics, Email, Aweber, Salesforce, and many others. Of course, for Basic plan, the choices are limited.

Who is Lander App For?

Lander is a great for small businesses and people who just started to become online marketer. It’s also good for those who focus on conversion strategy to earn money online but do not have a flair for design.

With drag and drop elements inside its visual editor coupled with more than 100 free professionally designed templates, even a person with zero knowledge about coding and design is able to create landing pages that convert.

Deciding on a landing page platform highly depend on individual needs. Therefore with the 14-day free trial offered by Lander with no credit card required, users will be able to try out and decide for themselves whether this platform can cater for their specified needs.

With its advanced features such as the Dynamic Text Replacement, even advanced marketers might find this platform useful.

Therefore, Landers can best be used for a complete beginners up to advanced marketers.

However, if you want more comprehensive A/B Testing and Data Analysis, then Unbounce will be a better choice.

The Truth About Lander App

Certainly Lander is a great landing page builder, however you should also be aware of some aspects that are important before you make any decision.

Truth #1: No Free Membership

Unfortunately, most of the popular landing pages do not offer free membership, and this is the same for Lander.

Although it has a 14 days free trial, all pages created will be put on hold or unpublished once the free trial has expired. This forces the user to subscribe to any of the 2 plans in order to keep their page published.

Of course, this shouldn’t be much of a problem if you’ve already budgeted to include landing pages as part of your conversion strategy.

Truth #2: Limited Plan Options

Lander only comes with 2 types of plan which is Basic and Pro plan. It’s undeniable that the basic plan at $16/month is highly affordable for small businesses. However, once their monthly site visitors hit 5,000 people, these businesses will be forced to upgrade to the expensive Pro plan that cost $83/month.

That means on average, they’ll have to pay additional $804/year ($83 – $16 x 12 months) even if their monthly site visitors is more than 5,000 people but way below the maximum number of 25,000 people for Pro plan.

Lander should offer more plan options to cater for the different needs of each customer segment, so it can be more affordable to suit the growth stage of every business. 

Limiting the number of monthly site visitors can become a disadvantage for you if you choose to use this platform. That’s the reason why I chose Thrive Architect that does not implement such limitation.

Things I Like About Lander App

To be very frank, I am very impressed with the affordable price Lander is offering on its Basic plan. With such affordable price, they even allow up to 3 domains and complete features of A/B Testing.

This a real bargain which is not even available under the newly introduced Starter package of LeadPages that’s only $1 cheaper than Basic plan of Lander.

The only disadvantage is that they limit your monthly site visitors that might pose an issue when the business grow. Nevertheless, Lander is still one of the most viable options for people who focus on conversion strategy to grow their business.

But for me, I choose to use Thrive Architect because my current focus is on SEO marketing. Thrive Architect only cost $97 one-time payment and can install on up to 5 domains. Similarly, this landing page builder also comes with free template.

Is Lander App A Scam?

Lander is a legitimate landing page creator and is definitely not a scam. It’s a trusted brand by global marketers and used by more than a million users.

Among the top users include successful entrepreneurs such as Boris Bauer, the CEO of TEMPO Strategic; Andrew Apanov, the CEO of Dotted Music and many more.

I highly recommend new marketer who focuses on leveraging landing pages to promote their products use Lander as part of their conversion strategy.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I started my small business online by focusing on SEO strategy to drive traffic and sales. Therefore, investing in a cloud-based landing page creator like Lander, LeadPages, and Unbounce is not necessary at this moment.

That’s the reason why I only stick with Thrive Architect, a landing page builder that offers SEO-optimized speed and professional designed templates to build my blog homepage and some simple conversion pages.

If you want to learn the exact strategy that I use to earn a full time income by working at home, do check out my free guide and follow through.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step method on how you can start your first online business without paying monthly for expensive page builders.

I hope you enjoy reading my Lander App review. If you have questions or comments about the best landing page to use for 2019, do reach out to me by putting in your comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Lander App Review: Build & Publish Your Own Landing Page in 2019”

  1. Hi Flerence!
    I totally agree with you that a landing page can be very powerful when it comes to marketing my business online. Initially I thought building a landing page is difficult. So very glad to found this product review. Didn’t know it can be so easy to build one. Will definitely subscribe for this app since the price is quite reasonable. Thanks!

    1. You are welcome. If you need any help with building landing pages, do let me know. I’ll try to help as much as possible. 

  2. Hello Flo, 
    So very glad to know about your lander app. I always thought building a landing page requires some sort of coding. I guess that’s how I landed on your page while searching for a solution. Apart from your review, I’ve also learned there are other landing pages like Unbounce, LeadPages and Thrive Architect. Can you share with me what’s the difference between these two? 

    1. Hey, I use Thrive Architect too. So far, it’s good for me as I only need that to build my homepage and simple opt-in page. Quite good price though compared to other brands. If your marketing strategy is not about building multiple landing pages to promote a product, then Thrive Architect is good enough. Otherwise, better opt for Lander App if you need many pages yet has tight budget. Hope this helps. 

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