Landingi Review: Best Landing Page Builder For Small Marketing Agency in 2019

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Welcome to My Landingi Review

To successfully promote any business online, you’ll need to have reliable and engaging landing pages that can convert visitors to leads and sales.

That’s the reasons why many marketers take so much effort to research for the best landing page builder to get this work done.

Landingi is among the most popular landing page builders preferred by marketers and agencies around the world who want simple yet efficiency delivery.

What is Landingi
Inside Landingi
Who is Landingi For?
The Truth about Landingi
Things I Like About Landingi
Is Landingi The Best Landing Page Builder?
How I Start a Small Business Online

This tool offers a code-free page building feature that consists of more than 200 professionally designed landing page templates to increase the chances of getting more conversions.

To let you know upfront, despite I own online business and earn a commission from promoting affiliate products, however, I am in no way associated with Landingi, and neither am I receiving any benefits from them.

That's why you can be assured to only get the most honest, impartial and unbiased review from me.

If you want to know how I start my online business and ultimately able to quit my c-level job and work at home, I suggest you check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Now, let’s find out what’s Landingi and whether this is the perfect landing page builder for a small marketing agency to start an email marketing campaign for clients.


Product Name: Landingi

Founder/Owner: Blazej Abel, CEO and Founder

Product Type: Landing Page Builder

Price: Business & Agency packages starting from as low as $11/month to as high as $245/month depending on number of monthly site visitors, landing pages and feature selection.

Best For: Beginner and small marketing agencies

Summary: Landingi is an affordable, features-packed landing page builder to create landing pages without the need for anyone to have programming skills.

However, if you want to get more out of your marketing and design needs, you must invest into its most expensive business plan to gain access to A/B testing, analytics reports and autoresponders.

Compared to other competitors, Landingi has a set of impressive specifics tailored for small marketing agencies.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Yes, for beginners and small marketing agencies but not for people who need more automation & testing features.

What is Landingi?

Landingi is a cloud-based landing page builder created by its Russian founder and CEO, Blazej Abel in 2013 to help non-programmers build high converting landing pages to meet their marketing needs.  

Other than serving marketers and small businesses, Landingi also comes with a set of impressive specifics tailored for small marketing agencies.

Some features inside Landingi include mobile-responsive templates, drag-and-drop landing page editor, A/B testing and team feature that allows page owners, agency teams and clients to access to the same project.  

The video below shows a quick introduction about Landingi.

Landingi Pricing

Landingi pricing is based over two price categories comprising of the Business and Agency Category.

Business Category: For the Business category, you can choose from Basic, Core, Create or Automate plan.

Price range from $11 to $59 per month, depending on which plan you subscribe to, with a special discount if you pay annually.

The Basic and Core plan would be ideal for starters of 2 users. However, popup is not available for the Basic plan.

As popup is very crucial to get leads, therefore if it’s not feasible to exclude this in your conversion strategy. That’s why not many people will opt for the Basic plan, despite it’s so much cheaper.

If you are a solopreneur like me who only need 1 to 3 domains, then I suggest you try Leadpages without restriction on the number of leads or Lander App that comes with A/B testing even with the cheapest plan. Both come with popup feature.

Whereas, Create and Automate plan allows 10 and 20 account users respectively with unlimited popups, lightboxes, image library, and top-notch support.

A/B Testing feature is only available to subscribers of the most expensive Business category Automate plan. 

Agency Category: The Agency category, on the other hand, works with three plans namely Consultant, Agency, and Agency Pro.

Depending on your preferred number of custom domain, subaccounts or whether there’s a need for Landingi platform to be branded under your business, you can opt for $145, $149 or $245 monthly subscription.

New marketing agencies will most be suited to Consultant or Agency plan as they can host up to 10 subaccounts with access to advanced customization such as custom templates, custom image library, and priority support if you opt for Agency Plan.

Agency Pro, that cost $245 a month allows you to use Landingi technology with your own domain and brand to impress your clients.

This means Landingi page builder will be viewed by your clients as your own technology.

Whether you are an individual marketer running your own affiliate business, a solopreneur providing freelance services to local businesses or even a small business agency that prefers full customization, Landingi can cater for all needs.

Now, let’s find out what’s inside Landingi and what you can expect when subscribing for their plan.

Inside Landingi

Here are some of the features you can access to when subscribed to Landingi based on your chosen plan.

Drag & Drop Landing Page Editor

This feature makes it easy for you to pull up elements such as texts, image, videos, forms, boxes, call-to-action, social shares, countdown timer, and many other elements by drag & drop to your desired page location. That’s the reason why no coding skill is required.

While you can simply choose any design template to create your page, you can also make further customizations and adjustments to satisfy your design needs.

One element that I find super useful is the ability to easily copy elements between different landing pages.

There are more than 200 mobile-responsive templates to choose from. They include homepage, opt-in page, webinar training, sales page, blog roll, review page, testimonial section, thank you page, and many more.

This platform also comes with a range of available images, icons and 800 Google fonts to use in your design. You can even upload your own font if there's none that suits you.

Each image comes with optimization recommendation from Landingi platform so you can be assured of faster page loading time.

Once you are happy with your page, you can publish it to WordPress, Facebook page or even host the page inside Landingi in your own domain, with just one click.

Popup Triggers

The capability of creating popup was already offered by the platform since it was launched, termed as Lightbox. Lightbox is the popup that you see when clicking on any button, image or text on a page. The trigger is user action-based.

To meet more marketing demands, Landingi introduces more advanced popup triggers and brand this feature as Popup.

Now Popup inside Landingi can be triggered based on pre-set time, page scroll depth, when user intends to exit a page, or when you click on an element just like Lighbox.

Mobile Readiness

Most site visitors view your page using their mobile devices. That’s why ensuring that your pages are mobile-responsive is important to get ranked on Google and enhance user browsing experience.

Some fundamental rules to encourage user’s engagement on a mobile-responsive page is by keeping the page content short, simple, and fast loading.

With the mobile-readiness feature inside Landingi, you are can design mobile pages separately from desktop view.

This feature is also available in Thrive Architect, a basic landing page builder that I am using for my site.

Seamless Integrations

A landing page has better chances of acquiring high conversions if integrated with other websites and third-party platforms. Landingi has a seamless integration feature to help you with just that.

You can integrate Landingi with major email marketing platforms such as AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimps and many more.

Should you decided to go for a more expensive business plan, then integration with CRM tools such as Hubspot, SalesForce, Zoho and many others will be possible. Here’s a full list of integration offered by Landingi.

Team Collaboration

If you want to invite your co-workers, partners or clients to view, edit and manage your landing page, you can simply give them access through the user team feature.

Team access can be categorized into owner, accountant, administrator, user, designer, agent and client depending on either Business or Agency category.

This is a page that explains about types of users.  

Team feature is ideal if you are working on larger projects and need people from multiple expertise to complete the work – the best feature for a small marketing agency.

Fast Loading Time

A slow page load normally caused by poor hosting, browser incompatibility, and the large image file can obstruct healthy conversion rate.

Landingi works with AWS cloud hosting so you can be assured that your page is securely hosted, delivering the best performance.

Furthermore, all pages are automatically adaptable to browser updates without the need for manual configuration.

As mentioned earlier, should there be any image that can cause slow page load, Landingi will make a recommendation for compression.

Effortless Lead Management

Landingi offers an effortless way to manage and organize your leads by identifying potential clients and sort out their data based on your preference.

Some functions inside lead management include the followings.

Lead notification allows you to monitor any activity from your leads. You can quickly take responsive action once received a notification of your leads activity.

Autoresponder takes away the hassle on the need to individually create follow-up emails every time you received a message from your leads. Set up your autoresponder to quickly responds your leads 24/7 with pre-determined email.

Lead Export allows you to download all your leads data to a CSV file. At the same time, you can integrate your data to other third-party platforms with this tool.

Google Analytics

Another great feature to behold in Landingi is its Google Analytics Integration and Custom Scripts feature.

Google Analytics is a highly reliable analytic tool offered by Google to assist website owners track their site traffic and performance.

Having this function, users can have convenient access to the accurate traffic performance reports of a page.

A/B Testing

With this tool, you can monitor how your page performs by creating multiple variants of landing pages.

Some of the variants you can test include headlines, subject lines, text copy, click-to-actions, images, audios, videos, color, design and many more.

A/B testing is an important feature to ensure optimal conversion. Oftentimes, audiences love shorter content but this can only be accurately determined after a test is made.

There are also designs or color that are more appealing to specific audiences that you must determine before launching any campaign.

By performing A/B tests on your page, you’ll be able to optimize the use of resources to achieve best conversions.

Agency Management

Like what I mentioned earlier, Landingi has specifically created subscription plans for marketing agencies.

With this plan, agencies can opt to convert Landingi platform to be branded as their individual business brand using a customized domain to impress their clients.

Some other important agency functions include the ability to create teams with individual access, multiple subdomains, and finally, receive the privilege to priority support.

Who is Landingi For?

Landingi is affordably priced at a starting price at $11/month. It's ideal for beginners who want to build landing pages without the need for coding knowledge.

Its Agency category plans are also suitable for small marketing agencies that serve customers who have lesser needs for advanced A/B testing and analytics reports.

For clients that need rigorous A/B testing features, then Unbounce will be a better choice.

However, if you’re only eyeing for a basic business plan that offers 1 custom domain without any pop-up, then I believe Thrive Architect will be a better option.

At least it’s way cheaper with only one-time payment yet offer similar features with additional benefits to be used on up to 5 domains.

The Truth About Landingi

Landingi is truly tailored for all types of marketers, however, there’re some weaknesses that you need to be aware of before deciding on this platform.

Truth #1: Weak Basic Business Plan

Although the starting price of its basic business package is highly affordable, you don’t get many features out of it.

For $11 per month, you are restricted to 1,000 monthly site visitors, 2 active landing pages and without any popup option.

While this could be ideal for starters who only want to create professionally-designed landing pages, it’s not really practical if you need to get leads.

Without popup, the potential for getting leads is greatly reduced. Furthermore, restricting to 1,000 visits per month may not produce the best conversions either.

Truth #2: Tricky to Choose The Right Plan

Probably the most obvious challenge in using this platform is to select the right plan to meet your needs.

As this platform has up to 7 plans for you to choose from, it can be quite tricky to make the right decision if you are not familiar with features offered inside Landingi.

That’s why you need to be extremely careful when deciding which plan to get.

The good thing, however, is that you can always try any of its plans through the 14-day access without the need to log in your credit card details.

With this free trial, you can more accurately determine the plan that most suits your needs.

Things I Like About Landingi

As a solopreneur who provides digital marketing services to local businesses, one thing that I like about Landingi is that they offer enough features such as additional subdomains, branded platform, advanced permission settings, and priority support for small marketing agencies to add value to their clients.

In addition, users can insert any scripts or codes into landing pages to extend the functionality of each page such as conversion pixels, tracking scripts, animations, sliders, chatbox and many more.

This can greatly meet the high demand of some clients that need advanced customization.

Unlike its competitors, Landingi published its strategic roadmap so users will know what to expect from this landing page builder in the future.

Some of its future plans include introducing funnel management to easily sequence each page into a funnel, folder option to keep your files more organized and lastly a smart section feature to allow for easy copying of one section of a page to another.

I would say that this company is very visionary and has set a strategic direction to continuously add value to its customers.

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Is Landingi The Best Landing Page Builder?

Landingi is definitely a trusted, affordable and one of the best landing page builder used by marketers, businesses and small business agencies from around the world.

Among them is Olga Szmigielska, a Digital Marketing Project Manager for Sony Music and Rafal Krzyzanski, Head of E-Commerce at TVN Player.

These professionals love Landingi because it makes the process of building a page simpler and quicker as mentioned in one interview with Olga.

Furthermore, it’s also highly recommended by Neil Patel, one of the most well-known entrepreneurs and angel investors who started his career as an SEO specialist.

Landingi takes a lead when it comes to meeting agency needs compared to its competitors such as ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, and Instapage.

This landing page builder is certainly worth considering and is one of the best landing page builders for a small marketing agency as value-added to clients.

How I Start A Small Business Online

A good landing page builder that helps to create pages without much effort is indeed a must-have for every business.

Although I find Landingi quite impressive and affordable for any marketer to start with, I’m not ready to use it on my business as for now.

This is because I am already using Thrive Architect to build pages and at the same time integrate with AWeber to provide lead generation services to my existing clients.

Furthermore, my focus is to earn passive income from promoting affiliate products on my site, and not to grow my agency business.

If you want to learn more about how I generate passive income from my affiliate business, feel free to check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Once again, thank you very much for reading my Landingi Review. If you have comments, suggestions or recommendations of better landing page builders, do message us through the comment box below. We always love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Wow! Finally, I can create my landing page. So happy that I found your Landingi review.  I have heard quite a lot about it and how efficient it is for affiliate marketers to build their landing pages but just not sure how it really works. All the features seem just right for me to make use of this platform. Well, I would say it’s quite costly to start with the plan with popup. Well, I’ll just do the free-trial and see how it works. Thanks. 

    • Yes, just try it out. Many landing page creators offer free trial. Try it and only decide with one that you’re comfortable with. 

  2. I was trying to find an affordable landing page builder and that’s how I landed on Landingi. At first glance, I feel that this tool is quite affordable but later realized that the cheapest plan of $11 doesn’t come with pop-up which is the best way to get leads. Do you have any alternative to suggest? I mean anything that’s affordable yet comes with unlimited pop-up? 

  3. I like the fact that Landingi has various price points to serve marketers of all levels. I guess it’s perfect for beginners too with such affordable starting price. All the while I only heard about Leadpages and ClickFunnelst. Never heard of Landingi until I found your site. Will definitely check it out. Thanks for a great recommendation. Yes, before I forgot, can I know what theme you use for your site? It looks very neat. 

  4. Hello there, I have actually set up a small business for about 3months now and have been looking for a program that is quite affordable and easy to understand its process, so friend suggested Landingi to me. Reading through this post I quite understand the fee aspect, but the way at which this program operates its quite confusing to me. Can you please explain with simpler words?

    • It’s can be pretty straightforward. First you build a single sales page that promotes your product. This page will consist of information similar to what’s available in my free guide. Then you’ll drive site visitors to your page with the hope that they will read your content and take action such as buy your product. Landingi has good tools that can help you quickly create the page, so you could start promoting. It’s just so simple. 

  5. This is a really in-depth and comprehensive review. One of the basic requirements that are to be considered when starting a small ads agency is getting the right page builder that would handle the page and display professionalism. Thanks for shedding light on this Landingi platform. I once heard this brand from my colleague but wasn’t given good details about how it works. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  6. Thank you for this great article. I was wondering about the best software for landing pages, so I landed on your site. Landingi sounds like a good option but the basic plan doesn’t come with many features. Too bad they don’t even offer pop-up. Is there any affordable option that offers lead generation features and visual editor? 

  7. I was not aware of Landingi until I came upon your review. After reading through your post I can see that it is a very comprehensive product, but for me I like some of your other suggestions. My intention is not to offer agency services but rather just use for my own purposes. You mentioned that you sue Thrive Architect to build your own landing pages and Aweber as a lead generation tool. Would you say these are the most cost effective as well as best tools for the money?  

    • Yes, that’s enough for a complete beginner. However, if you need to double your effort and accelerate list building, then you might consider subscribing to Leadpages. With its new $15/month subscription that comes with more lead generation features, it’s indeed a good deal for beginner. 

  8. Landingi sounds super rad Florence,

    I think the $11 monthly plan is great for beginners but it could definitely be lower since new blogs would take several month before even reaching that 1k web visitor mark. Out of curiosity, how do they know if you have hit that 1k visitor mark? Do you think Landingi’s popup will stop redirecting our web visitors if it exceeds the 1k mark?

    • It’ll just stop showing the pop-up, but your existing list will still be intact. However as I mentioned here, for $11 plan, you won’t be able to access pop-up. What you get is only its visual editor to create landing pages. That’s why its basic plan is not feasible for marketers who need to build a list. 

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