LeadPages Review: Is It Still The Best Landing Page Creator in 2019?

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Welcome to my LeadPages Review

A landing page is extremely important to any business that’s either trying to improve its brand image, get leads or sales through the web.

If you are new to the word landing page, in simple term, it's the page you landed on the web. It can be a site homepage, sales page, lead generation page, webinar registration page and many more.

Creating a landing page should form part of a business strategy but unfortunately, most small business owners do not have in-house talent, effective tool and the know-how to create one.

What Is LeadPages?
How Does LeadPages Works?
Who is LeadPages For?
The Truth About LeadPages
Things I Like About LeadPages
Is LeadPages The Best Landing Page Creator?
How I Start A Small Business Online

They ended up engaging a web developer who knows nothing about conversion strategy, thus create landing pages that can't get leads nor sales.

The good thing, however, is that there are a number of conversion tools on the web that can help you create the best sales page without the need to understand a single line of code.

Among the most popular landing page builders is LeadPages.

To let you know upfront, despite I promote Leadpages as an affiliate, I'll still be revealing to you some of the shortcomings of this tool you must know before subscribing as a user.

That's why you can be assured to only get the most honest, impartial and unbiased review from me.

If you want to know how I start my online business and ultimately able to quit my c-level job and work at home, I suggest you check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Now, here's everything you need to know about LeadPages and how this leading landing page creator can help to scale your business.


Product Name: LeadPages

Founder/Owner: Simon Payne and co-founders, Clay Collins, Tracy Simmons

Product Type: Landing Page Creator (conversion tool)

Price:  $25/month for Standard, $48/month for Pro, $199/month for Advanced Package. A new Starter plan at $15/month was introduced recently suitable for complete beginners.

Best For: Small & medium sized businesses

Summary: LeadPages is among the highest ranked page builder today with more than 40,000 small businesses using it to connect with their audience, collect leads and close deals.

This landing page builder allows you to design website homepage, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars and customize design based on your chosen niche or industry.

It comes with a smart drag and drop builder and professionally designed templates to aid inexperienced page developers and marketers create highly-converting web content.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: Ideal for small businesses given the affordable price of $25 per month with the right number of features

What is LeadPages?

LeadPages is a popular landing page creator used by businesses around the world to connect with their audience, collect leads and close deals.

Its drag and drop builder allows anyone to create professionally designed landing pages that can convert your hard-won traffic into more leads and sales.

Founded by Simon Payne, Clay Collins and Tracy Simmons in 2010, this company has been building a good brand within the industry.

Its array of templates created from extensive research and analysis on more than 40,000 site visitors’ behavior, is known with the potential to create highly converting pages.

With a 14-day trial, you can opt to try their Standard plan at $25/month, Professional plan at $48/month or Advanced plan at $199/month.  

Most people will go for their Professional plan as it offers a very important feature called A/B testing not available in Standard plan, which I’ll explain in detail later.

One new feature introduced by this awesome landing page creator is the free custom domain you’ll receive once you pay annually. This additional benefit is not available in other similar platforms.

Unlike OptimizePress, another conversion tool preferred by experienced marketers, LeadPages comes with weekly group coaching so even a complete beginner can easily learn how to use this platform.

That's why LeadPages is much more popular compared to its competitors in the market.

How Does LeadPages Work?

In a nutshell, LeadPages acquired most of its popularity through its intuitive drag and drop builder, design templates that convert, powerful A/B testing and tracking system that offers ease of use to any type of user.

Below are some of the most useful features offered by LeadPages.

Intuitive Drag and Drop Visual Editor

There are two ways for users to start creating their page designs using LeadPages visual editor.

It’s either starting with a standard design template that allows you to customize almost everything inside this template, or use design elements or widgets to start designing your page from a blank template.

On its visual editor, you can find preset elements such as headline, text, button, countdown, image, video, HTML, form, social shares and many other buttons commonly used in most landing page creators.

But if you choose to start designing from a blank canvas, then you must really ensure that you have a flair for designs and in-depth understanding of the various elements offered on this sidebar editor.

Some other core features of LeadPages includes.

More Than 200 Free & Paid Landing Page Templates

Existing design templates are tested to produce high conversions and what you need to do is just to choose one that fits into your marketing needs, edit the text & image, and finally hit the publish button.

This makes it easy for marketers who prefer to focus on the content but has a little flair for design.

Some of the pre-designed templates include sales page, opt-in page, webinar page, tutorial page, eCommerce, website home page, and many more.

Complete Marketing Integrations

LeadPages allows users to install their LeadPages plugin so users can easily create pages within their content management system dashboard such as WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace and much more.

This landing page creator can also integrate well with most email marketing, CRM and payment gateway too. Below are some of brands LeadPages integrate with.

Host Your Landing Page With LeadPages

Similar to other landing page creators such as Wishpond and PageWiz, LeadPages provides hosting to its users.

To add more value, as I mentioned earlier, LeadPages started to give free custom domain for members who opt to pay annually.

This means you can save some money from buying domain names from the registrar.

Simple Yet Powerful A/B Testing

Users can run their very own super-accurate split test that includes A/B tests and multivariate tests on any LeadPages landing page to boost conversions.

You can split-test headlines, copy styles, two entirely different templates, call-to-action button, long-form page vs short-form page and many more.

Detailed Analytics

LeadPages does not only provides in-house analytics, but it also makes it completely easy to integrate with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and other applications to create richer data for analysis.

Here's a quick video on what's inside LeadPages member dashboard.

Other than the ability to create various landing pages, LeadPages offers few other core products for marketers to create high conversions that are listed below.


Leaddigits is an advanced feature that enables you to collect a list by using text messages. It’s a mobile-messaging lead-generation tool created to grab lead-generation opportunities whenever and wherever your leads are.

With LeadDigits, this means you’re not only reaching your leads who sit in front of the computer but also those who’s constantly on the move.

A user who sees your promoted text code or phone number can opt into your list through SMS messaging, which is the same short-text messaging people use every day.

This is a great tool to use since users have access to their phones most of the time.

Instead of creating landing pages for opt-in, Leaddigits enable individual leads to provide their details through SMS as displayed in the image below.

To use this tool, simply choose the number which you want your leads to sends texts to, then add them to any email list (most service providers can capture phone numbers).

Once they are inside your email list, you can sign them up for webinars or send them resources using Leadpages own lead-magnet delivery system.

Here’s a detailed explanation by LeadPages on how Leaddigits work.


Leadboxes is also a great feature where users are able to design a page that popup whenever viewers click a call-to-action button, text or image in a page.

Some common call-to-action include “download now button”, “click here to get your ebook text” or an image with a link asking people to click so they could land on your strategic landing page. 

This popup message or page will contain an opt-in form where site visitors can provide their details in order to download e-book, video tutorial or even participate in the webinar.

Some site visitors may find pop up boxes annoying, however, if done the correct way, it could lead to higher conversion.

Below is an example of a pop up created using Leadboxes.


Leadlinks enable your “existing subscribers” to join new offers or list without having to sign up to a new opt-in again. It’s basically a one-click signup page or link.

There is no need for them to register again for they have already opt-in previously.

LeadPages system will be able to recognize them and immediately allow access to the new registration with just a single click on a link or page as shown on the image below.

This allows seamless opt-in to new offerings thus improve user experience, bypassing the hassle to key in your details again.

Who is LeadPages For?

LeadPages is for everyone where you don’t need to understand complicated coding at all. It’s pretty much tailored to any kind of businesses that need to get leads and grow sales.

With its awesome landing page builder that comes with powerful drag and drop feature and professionally designed templates, even someone who has no experience with WordPress can have the ability to build and design pages like a pro.

I would say it’s most suitable for a complete beginner since it comes with video tutorials and also affordably priced at a minimum price of $25/month.

For advanced marketers, Unbounce, Instapage or ClickFunnels will be a better option since it comes with more complex features.

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The Truth about LeadPages

By now, you may have realized that there is a lot of great stuff offered by LeadPages. However, there are also some small “flaws” that I found out which I think it’s important for you to know.

Truth #1: Not All Landing Page Templates Are Free

The good thing about the templates provided by LeadPages is their huge numbers. They have a wide array of templates to choose from to match your design needs.

Unfortunately, the majority of free templates have a standard layout. This means, if you want more advanced or better designs, you’ll need to pay.

Adding to this is the fact that some more sophisticated templates do not come with drag and drop option. Thus, it requires users to learn coding before able to do editing.

There’ll be more work to be done if you want to more customization. Regardless, I still feel its drag and drop builder is good enough to create conversions.

Truth #2: A/B Testing

A/B testing is not available for Standard plan members. Only member who subscribed to Pro and Advanced plan will be given access to this feature.

This means for a price of $25/month as Standard member, you’re only be given access to very limited features to support your lead generation activity.

The only advantage I can see other than its drag and drop builder is the weekly group coaching, which is not available in other similar products.

If your intention is just to take advantage of its landing page templates, then I suggest you try Thrive Architect which only cost a one-time payment of $97.

This page builder can be installed as a plugin inside WordPress and comes with various free landing page templates that are proven to convert.

Compared with LeadPages Standard Plan where you can only use on 1 website, Thrive Architect allows licenses to install on up to 5 websites.

Truth #3 Content Lock-in

LeadPages is a web-based application and will require a continuous subscription in order to continue using its features.

If you ever decide to stop your subscription, you must export existing landing pages in full HTML and host on another server which you’ll incur a new hosting cost.

All analytics data will be lost including your image library.

Adding to this, not all integrations will function properly on your WordPress site if you decided to discontinue LeadPages subscription.

However, LeadPages does provide superb tech support, to the extent of customizing step-by-step explainer video when questions get complicated.

That's what differentiates this landing page builder with their competitors.

Things I Like About LeadPages

LeadPages is indeed a great marketing conversion tool which is affordable yet come with a powerful Drag and Drop Builder.

Two additional features that I love most are Leaddigits and LeadPages weekly coaching program.

Leaddigits offers convenience to existing subscribers by eliminating the need for them to opt-in to another list.

Weekly coaching on the other hand train new marketers to create highly converting pages using LeadPages to improve leads and sales. Inside this coaching program, they also provide practical tips to accelerate your business growth.

Recently this amazing company introduces an even more affordable package for marketers who just want to use very limited features of this platform.

There's a new Starter package cost $15/month, whereby you can create limited numbers of landing pages on a single domain without limiting the number of traffic and leads allowed on any page.

This means, if you managed to create a highly converting page, the number of leads you can get is unlimited.

With this new plan, LeadPages is indeed one great conversion tool for new marketers.

However, if your strategy to earn money online is not focused on creating lead generation pages, then LeadPages might not be necessary.

Lastly, LeadPages provides 14 days free trial period if you want to test out full features of this tool.

Is LeadPages The Best Landing Page Creator?

LeadPages is definitely one of the best conversion-focused landing page creator in the market recommended by many renowned marketers such as Neil Patel, the founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg and Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream and CEO of Mobile Monkey.

With more than 40,000 global users, high-quality knowledge-based resources and its top-notch conversion technology, I highly recommend anyone to try its 14-days free trial, particularly marketers who want to optimize conversion.

How I Start A Small Business Online

As a small business owner that earns a living through blogging, having the right tool is very important to efficiently complete every task to grow my business.

To be very frank, I didn’t use LeadPages as of now not because this product is not good but because I am currently a satisfied user of Thrive Architect, an alternative page creator WordPress plugin that caters for my business needs.

Furthermore, the business model that has helped me quit my c-level job and earn a full-time income at home does not require the use of an advanced tool like LeadPages, at least not for now.

To know my strategy, you can check out my free guide to start a small business online.

I hope you find my LeadPages Review helpful. If you like this review, please share so more people can make the wisest decision to invest in the best landing page builder in 2019.

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18 thoughts on “LeadPages Review: Is It Still The Best Landing Page Creator in 2019?”

  1. Excellent review Flo. I’ve heard of Lead Pages but have never checked it out. This is a very thorough review so thank you for making it so easy to understand and laying it all out. Does Lead Pages offer good training and support? For someone new to landing pages I just want to make sure I can get the help I need when I get stuck. 

    1. You come at the right place. LeadPages is the most affordable cloud-based platform that offers the best training and support in creating sales funnel and landing pages. If you already have a website and only need a plugin (without hosting) to create landing pages with good training, then  Thrive Architect might be more feasible.

    2. Hey Mason,

      I work at Leadpages and can assure you we provide *truly exceptional* tech support. Our help agents go way above and beyond to help our users be successful. They even make custom, step-by-step explainer videos when a question gets complicated. You can interact with them via chat/ email/ phone/ and Twitter at @LeadpagesCares.

      I could keep raving about them, but you can also see for yourself when you start your free 14-day free trial of Leadpages: https://www.leadpages.net/free-trial

      1. Thanks Madeline for giving us additional information. I am amazed to know that your support team would go to such extent up to creating explainer video. That’s totally awesome!

  2. A very thorough and insightful review on the landing page. I am one of that small business who didn’t understand how to create landing page. Luckily I landed on your page.Thank you for explaining in details about Leadpages and additional features they offer. I will definitely consider this tool. Can you also recommend me any training course I can enrol online to learn about digital marketing? 

  3. Hi Florence,
    LeadPages is really useful for small business owners who have no knowledge on coding to create their sales page. Didn’t know it’s so simple to create one until I found your page. I’ve been procrastinating to create my homepage as I can’t find one suitable tool. After reading your review, now I am considering whether to get LeadPages or Thrive Architect. 

    1. It all depends on what’s your strategy to promote affiliate products. If creating multiple landing pages is what you plan to do, then I suggest you to use Lander App if have tighter budget and only require simple A/B Testing. However if you have a little bit more budget, then LeadPages might be good for you.

      But if your strategy is like me, building blog to drive free organic traffic, then I guess Thrive Architect will be a better choice. At least it only requires one-time payment and still provide very good free templates. 

  4. LeadPages sounds like a real bargain to start with. My mum runs a small business and she might need this as she wanted to bring in online sales. I really hope LeadPages is beginner-friendly so she can learn easier. Do you think she needs to enroll in any training to use this tool? 

    1. if your mom is a complete beginner to web building, then there’s really some learning curve involved. However, do rest assure that once you sign up for LeadPages, you’ll get lots of free training to use the tool. So no worry, there won’t be additional cost involved other than the cost of paying for ads to drive traffic to your landing page. 

  5. Wow! Leadpages is truly the best landing page builder. I have heard quite a lot about it and seeing the information you have provided on it above here, I truly feel that  this could really help me get started with my affiliate journey since I have started to use email marketing, it is only germane to start to make use of this landing pages too. Thanks for giving so much information on it and how it works. Thanks

  6. Hi Florence, I have always thought that landing pages consist of specific blog posts that you want people to land on when clicking on your link. But after reading your LeadPages review, only then I realized it’s more than that.  Apparently it can be used as lead generation, sales or webinar page. Seems like LeadPages is quite affordable to start with. I have bookmarked your website and I will be coming back when I have more time so I can read further into it, thank you for sharing.  

    1. Yup… if done well, landing page creator like LeadPages can be used to create effective sales funnel to grow your business. Good to give it a try. 

  7. Hello there, thank you for taking your time to put up this wonderful post. I have only recently opened my own web page and from training I got about this business, I’ll need a good landing page for my site and that’s why I’m looking for a good platform that can help with it. From what I have seen here so far, I’m pretty impressed with the services this Lead page had to offer and looking at the fee, its quite affordable. I’ll love to give it a try. Best regards.

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