Learn with Kim Garst – Facebook Ads Launch Pad Review

Name: Facebook Ads Launch Pad
Website: http://kimgarst.com/facebook-ads-launch-pad/
Price: $17 (Lifetime)
Owner: Kim Garst
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Final Verdict: Very suitable for Beginner to Intermediate

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Today is the first day of 2016 and I’ve no clue what to share with you on this special day. Then I remember purchased a Facebook mini course few weeks ago which I’ve yet to start learning. And I decided to challenge myself to start and complete this mini course today and write a review on this.

This course namely Facebook Ads Launch Pad is developed by @KimGarst, an influencer in social media marketing. I’ve been following her on Twitter and she gave very good tips for people who are interested to run a business socially. Therefore I decided to try her mini course for the very first time.

As most of you are aware, I’ve been learning content marketing from a pool of internet marketers in Wealthy Affiliate whereby its courses also include social media aspect. You must be wondering why I still need to purchase Facebook Ads Launch Pad.

No doubt Wealthy Affiliate (read my review here) is a great platform to learn how to turn your passion into a profitable internet business. However, its model focuses on creating good content to rank on search engine using keyword research and pay per click campaign. It does not cover in-depth enough on social media marketing. Therefore courses in this area is pretty limited which made me decide to give Facebook Ads Launch Pad a try.

This mini course teaches everything you need to know on how to create successful Facebook ads including telling you all the tools and practical strategies for your ads to convert.

Let’s get straight to the review now before I go for my new year’s dinner with my family. Here’s the proof that I’ve purchased this tool.

Facebook Ads Launch Pad Review 1

There are many who have spent large amount of money on Facebook ads without good return. I am one of them too. You must be wondering why many Facebook experts are able to optimize every penny they spent on Facebook ads and earn thousands of dollars in just one day! With this mini course, I have confidence that we can improve on our Facebook journey.

Facebook Ads Launch Pad offers simple techniques and tools to create your ads that can convert based on real case study by @KimGarst. With this mini course, you DO NO need to spent

1. Spent thousands to attend physical Facebook workshops (better save the money for advertisements)
2. Waste your time looking for other solutions to Facebook Ads (which you will normally be disappointed)

Facebook Ads Launch Pad really saves me a lot of hassle to search for reliable and genuine courses on Facebook marketing!

How Does It Works?

Facebook Ads Launch Pad mini course is hosted under a cloud-based platform whereby I am given a login and password via email upon purchase. This platform host many other courses by @KimGarst and you can opt to make your purchase anytime at your wish.

This course comes with 6 mini video courses with duration of about 30 minutes each whereby it provides you step-by-step formula to create a great converting Facebook ad.

  • Start The Course – Introduction to Facebook marketing
  • Facebook Ad Basics – The 4 important elements in a Facebook ad and @KimGarst personal ad strategy.
  • The “Likes” Campaign – How to get the right likes for your fanpage at reasonable price
  • Boosting Posts – The importance of selecting the right post to boost
  • Running A Basic Ad – 3 proven strategies to apply when running ad
  • Bonus Module – Ad result analysis

For me, it took me only 3.5 hours to complete watching the 6 videos and I do not even feel overwhelmed with the massive information and tools recommended in this course. This course is just so structured and easy to follow.

@KimGarst really shows me everything her REAL behind the scene Facebook strategies. Below is screenshot images of her real target audience and you can find many more other insider secrets in the video.

Facebook Ads Launch Pad Review 2

You should try this high quality and value for money mini course where you will discover real ways to earn money online.


Overview of FB Ads Launch Pad

Trust me, I’ve attended many internet marketing workshops and also purchased a number of online learning programs – nothing beats this mini course (another program I purchased is CB Passive Income, you can read my review here).

Despite the satisfaction, there are definitely pros and cons in every course. Here’s how I feel about this mini course.


  • Money back guarantee (60 days)
  • Come with simple and easy to follow video training
  • Transparent with what’s happening at the backend on @KimGarst real work
  • Take only 2 to 3 hours to complete (it’s good to refer again when you are putting this into action)
  • Excellent support team


  • There is one upsell mentioned in the videos (if you want to learn tracking pixel)
  • Training is not downloadable therefore you can only access with internet connection


Summarized overview

I think I’ve found a very valuable and high quality Facebook mini course at super reasonable price. Don’t be surprise if you ever see me buying another of @KimGarst course. It is indeed value for money.

I can guarantee if you ever attended any Facebook marketing workshops physically, nothing can compare to this in terms of transparency and quality of course at such reasonable price.

I strongly recommend you to learn from Facebook Ads Launch Pad if you are at the beginner or intermediate level to Facebook marketing.

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If you have any experience learning from Facebook Ads Launch Pad or even @KimGarst, please do share with us by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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8 Comments on "Learn with Kim Garst – Facebook Ads Launch Pad Review"

  1. Florence,
    You have shared something interesting to me. I thought Facebook is too crowded with so many people sharing their food, places to visit etc. $17 lifetime is an easy decision for most of us. I am wondering how effective is this tool as I thought Twitter is a more engaging social media than Facebook these days. What is your view on this?

    • Actually, this is a mini course and not a tool. It consists of 5 short videos on how to create Facebook ads. In these videos, Kim Garst share with us her strategies on FB ads. There are different people who view Facebook differently. I am not actively promoting on Facebook yet, therefore thought of exploring. That’s why I decided to learn from Kim Garst.

      Currently I am using Twitter to drive traffic to my site. You can check out my twitter @ClickWebSuccess. But Facebook is definitely something we cannot ignore. Its traffic is just too massive. If you are really interested to work on Twitter, do check out my post on how to effectively market via Twitter. Here’s the link. http://clickwebsuccess.com/7-tips-to-effectively-grow-your-local-business-with-twitter

  2. Hi Florence,

    I see that you say that you recommend it to beginners or intermediate levels, but at what time of your internet business will you suggest it?

    If you start this while not having decent amount of content, I think that can be a waste?

    I am looking to starting something like this and your article helped a lot!

    • Hi Cj, I am currently focusing on content, SEO, Twitter and email marketing. I have yet to start massively on Facebook. In fact, you can start with Facebook anytime you like. Just need to find ways on how to increase your fanpage likes to a maximum of 10k and then you can start converting your fans into your own email list. Here’s how you can do it. http://clickwebsuccess.com/5-ways-to-turn-facebook-likes-into-email-subscribers

      In fact you do not need to have decent amount of content in your own webpage to start with FB. You can easily share other people’s content to build your fans. If you are really interested to start Facebook marketing, then Facebook Ads Launch Pad will really be something worth looking at.

  3. Hello there Florence, nice review you got here.

    Like you I have spent so much with Facebook ads and haven’t had any conversions at all. I’m still trying to figure out the ins and outs of Facebook advertising.

    I’m considering purchasing that Facebook Ads Launch Pad. But for now I’m still in a very tight budget.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. I must admit that I haven’t had much success from Facebook ads because I guess I’ve been approaching it from the wrong angle. But I guess we live and learn!

    The Facebook Ads Launch Pad sounds like the ideal platform for me, so I can see where I’ve been going wrong with my advertising campaigns and how I can improve them to make money with my online business.

    This product is extremely cheap, and I like that! 🙂

    I could certainly benefit from studying the 6 videos, so I’m gonna give this Facebook ad training course a try.


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