Legendary Marketer System: MAKE $20,000 a Month or SPEND More in 2019

Legendary Marketer Founder David Sharpe

Welcome to my Legendary Marketer System Review

There are many EARN while you LEARN program mushrooming nowadays, leveraging on the power of online marketing.

One that I found recently is Legendary Marketer whereby its charismatic successful owner David Sharpe is allowing you to clone his entire cash-generating system to make money for yourself.

It is said that this proven system has generated hundreds of millions of sales online in the last 10 years and created countless 6 and 7 figure digital entrepreneurs.

In short, the Legendary Marketer system is a SHORTCUT for anyone who wants to ….

1. Fire your boss
2. Pay off your loans
3. Take charge of your life
4. Quickly earn between $2,000 to $20,000 a month

What is Legendary Marketer?
How Does Legendary Marketer Works?
How To Make Money With Legendary Marketer?
Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?
What I Like About Legendary Marketer
What I Don't Like About Legendary Marketer
A Much Better Way To Start An Online Business

If you want to enjoy the freedom of buying things that you can never afford before or going anywhere at any time that you want, then Legendary Marketer might be your game changer.

Despite this type of marketing proposition sounds very similar to a scam, but I can guarantee you that Legendary Marketer is not only legit but offers value-packed training to help a complete beginner and intermediate marketers to grow their online business.

The method that this program teaches is about funnel marketing whereby members will create numerous landing pages to get leads and sales after running paid advertisement campaigns to these pages.

This also means you need to understand how to place an advertisement on Facebook, Google, Bing and ads network; how much money to invest for each potential sale you get; and which landing page builders you should subscribe for in order to maximize results.

If you're ready with this method of monetization, then I suggest you check out some very good landing page builders such as ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Wishpond and PageWiz.

Before I continue, I would like to let you know upfront that I'm in no way associated with Legendary Marketer, neither am I promoting this program to earn an affiliate commission.

That's why you can be assured to only received the most updated, unbiased and honest review about Legendary Marketer from me.

To tell you the truth, I am also an affiliate marketer earning a full-time income at home. However, the program that has helped me quit my c-level job to work at home is not Legendary Marketer.

It's called Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing program that focuses to train members on SEO tactics to earn money online. Using these tactics, you don't need to pay additional for advertisement nor expensive landing page builder.

Everything is provided inside Wealthy Affiliate including training, tools, and resources you need to start your online business.

This program is way cheaper than Legendary Marketer but it takes a longer time to see results too as SEO takes time to build.

At the point when I am writing this review, Legendary Marketer has released its version 3.0 system with some significant upgrades.

Let's find out what is Legendary Marketer, how this program can help you start your online business quickly and things that you must know before deciding whether this is the ideal program you need.


Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Founder: David Sharpe

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: From $7 up to $30,000 upsells

Best For: Beginner or intermediate marketers who are ready to invest in paid advertisement as part of its traffic strategy.

Summary: Legendary Marketer is a complete affiliate marketing training program that's made up of several low, medium and high ticket products developed by David Sharpe.

This program focuses to teach funnel marketing strategies mainly through diferent video trainings and live events like their Masterminds, depending on the subscription that you enrolled in.

The uniqueness of Legendary Marketer is that every member will be assigned a business coach where they contact for help.

Rating: 8/10

Recommended: Yes, if you are ready to invest in paid advertisement

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a complete affiliate marketing training program that's made up of several low, medium and high ticket products developed by David Sharpe help people make a commission by following his proven system

This program focuses to teach funnel marketing strategies mainly through the different video training and live events like their Masterminds, depending on the subscription that you enrolled in.

The uniqueness of Legendary Marketer is that every member will be assigned a business coach where they contact for help.

Dave's philosophy in business is exactly what Tony Robbins believes in, that is if you want to become successful, then what you need to do is just copy exactly what successful people do. 

He's encouraging people to follow proven systems rather than trying to reinvent the wheels.

Here's why.

Statistics show that the failure rate of new startups in online marketing is as high as typical brick and mortar business with only 10% success rate.

But if you invest into a profitable franchise and follow the exact system, success rate can go as high as 90%.

That's what Legendary Marketer is all about.

It is a cloned marketing system that Dave has perfected over the years that has helped him and his team makes hundreds of thousands dollars in income.

This system works in a way where Legendary Marketer affiliates lead its prospects into a funnel by starting with promoting a low ticket product, thereafter follow-up with upsells into high ticket products.

That's how you can earn big commission.  

So what you need to do everyday is to login your emails, send out a few and start seeing commission in your Paypal account.

And it can be done within 30 minutes a day.

The sales page makes it seems so easy to make money with Legendary Marketer with 2 disclaimers that clearly stated this program is not ..

1. Get Rich Quick Scheme
2. A MLM

In fact, it is a real business, with real employees, real website, real products and real customers that can give you huge commission.

So I guess there must be real work involved.

Let's find out…

How Does Legendary Marketer Works?

Like other online marketing system such as My Lead Pro System, Power Lead System and Elite Marketing Pro, inside Legendary Marketer system, you can also find a lot of online marketing and social media courses, video, live training and webinar training every month.

All these high quality training is to convince you that Legendary Marketer is a premium program that only delivers the best so you will promote their club membership

When you become member of Legendary Marketer Club which is a monthly subscription membership at $30 per month, you can gain access to 1-on-1 coaching that handheld your business journey, provide you with step-by-step coaching and keeping you on track with the business.

There is also a Marketing Mastermind event held in beautiful places around the world to let members connect with like-minded successful entrepreneurs and spend time together to share secret of success.

Because Dave wanted to make Legendary Marketer the best online marketing education platform in the world, therefore he makes huge improvement in his Legendary Marketer 3.0 that was launched on Oct 18, 2018. 

In this new version, the existing 15 Step Training Series will be updated with new content and turned into a 15 days challenge to help beginners move into earning a 6 or 7 figure income faster. 

There are also upgrades to webinars, existing training videos and sales funnels with introduction of new products. 

I would say the most significant improvement is made on its affiliate system that allows all marketers to promote Legendary Marketer without buying into their products, which I'll explain later.

How To Make Money With Legendary Marketer?

There are many ways you can make money with Legendary Marketer. Of course one most significant way is to become their affiliate.

With their unique product strategy that continuously introduces high ticket product, members have the opportunities to make huge affiliate commission.

One product strategy that they implemented during Q4 of last year is to breakdown their Legendary Builder Masterclass program that initially cost $2,500 one-time payment into 4 different lessons to be sold separately.

I would say this is a huge transformation of their best seller to maximize profit.

You can find details of Legendary Marketer products here.

The 4 new lessons include…

  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint: How to become ultra successful affiliate marketer with any program
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint: Ways to create your own digital products
  • Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint: Step-by-step guide to build your consulting business
  • Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint: Become project manager to host events and Mastermind workshops

Rather than selling these products at $625 each, each individual lesson will be sold at $2,500 which is the same price as Legendary Builder Masterclass.

Isn't David Sharpe a brilliant entrepreneur?

Unlike before Legendary Marketer system version 3.0 were released where only customers can become affiliate, now this business opportunity is open to everybody including those who didn't buy into any of their products.

However if you are not a customer of Legendary Marketer, the commission that you are entitled to earn is much more lower that those affiliates who are members.

In general, affiliates of Legendary Marketer are categorized into Basic Affiliate and PRO Affiliate.

Basic Affiliates are people who promote Legendary Marketer without buying any of its products, whereas PRO Affiliates are their paid customers who also build their online business surrounding Legendary Marketer program.

To become Basic affiliate, you just need to create a free affiliate account and earn 10% commission on product sales on your referrals, except their Legendary Marketer Club membership where you can earn 30%.

You will automatically become PRO Affiliate when you sign up for Legendary Marketer Club membership and earn from 40% to 60% commission on product sales on your referrals and enjoy the advanced affiliate features and training.

Is Legendary Marketer A Scam? 

No, Legendary Marketer is not a scam and some members do make money using this system.

In fact, like Patric Chan and Adeel Chowdhry, Dave is a very generous person and always give surprise bonuses to his members.

For example, before he introduces Legendary Marketer version 3.0, those members who purchased Legendary Builder Masterclass at $2,500 prior to the release date will automatically gain access to Legendary Leader Masterclass worth $5,000 for FREE.

On top of that, they will also be given the newly introduced 4 lessons under Legendary Builder Masterclass absolutely FREE.

Dave is indeed a real entrepreneur who continuously reinvent its products to help members maximize profit and reward members who took action.

However, this is a premium program where anyone who want to invest must be ready to continuously reinvest their income into the system.

Are you ready for this? If you are not ready to invest thousands of dollars into a business opportunity, then I suggest you grab a copy of my free guide to start a small business online.

Furthermore, not all members are going to make $2,000 to $20,000 a month as advertised in their sales page.

Their income disclaimer stated very clearly that on average, affiliates are earning a annual gross income of $500 to $2,000 based upon company projections.

I believe there are more work involved if you want to build a profitable online business with Legendary Marketer.

And that's hard work + more financial investment.

It can never be as simple as a 30 minute day work as what David Sharpe claims to do.

What I Like About Legendary Marketer

High Quality Training: Despite it is not as easy as advertised in their sales page, I still think signing up for Legendary Marketer Club is great.

By just gaining access to its high quality training videos, monthly webinars and access to 1-on-1 coaching is already a real deal, even if you decide to unsubscribe later on, the amount of training you get is worth the money paid.

Powerful Done-for-You System: Its powerful Done-for-You system is indeed great for people who do not want to go through the hassle of mastering skills to create sales funnel.

If you are new to the term sales funnel, it's actually a marketing term whereby a lead goes through as series of planned process to become customer. Here's an image that illustrate this process.

In order to create simple sales funnel on your own, you'll need to use tool such as Thrive Architect or Lander App and if you want more complex funnel, then LeadPages and Unbounce will do the trick.

Simple Affiliate Compensation Plan: Legendary Marketer has a very straightforward compensation plan without any MLM element in it.

Like Wealthy Affiliate, even people who are not members stand equal opportunity to promote this program.

What I Don't Like About Legendary Marketer

Too Many Expensive Upsells: Despite you are not forced to buy into any of the expensive upsells, anyone in this business will want to see quicker results.

That is going to tempt you into buying more with the HOPE to earn your first pot of gold faster.

I've done simple calculations and to tell you the truth, if you are really going to buy all the upsells, it can easily cost you more than $30,000 INVESTMENT. That's crazy.

Pay to Earn: Legendary Marketer focuses to teach paid advertisement. I know investing in paid advertisement is the fastest way to see results. But I am just not a fan of making money with PAY to EARN method.

Just like many people out there who are not risk-adverse, I am not too.

If you are not ready to invest more into this system, I suggest you not to start at all.

Pay $2,500 to Learn Affiliate Marketing: The lessons inside Legendary Marketer Club are geared towards helping you to promote their products.

There is obvious lack of training to become successful affiliate marketer of other programs.

In order for you acquire this skill sets, you need to buy into Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint at $2,500 which is very expensive compared to my favorite program.

A Much Better Way to Start An Online Business

Being a person who do not like to be tied up with any business opportunity, I always believe in mastering the trade than to solely depend on third party platform.

I choose to start my online business with Wealthy Affiliate, which is one of my favorite legitimate program that has helped me quit my C-level job and still earn 5 figure income, working at home (read my story here).

Inside this program, you can learn all about affiliate marketing which includes the following

1. Create authority blog
2. Find profitable niche
3. Select affiliate products with high commission
4. Paid advertisements on Google, Bing and Social Networks
5. Email marketing & sales funnel
8. Ecommerce, & many more

The good news is this program is FREE to join and you can even make money without paying for any form of advertisements.

If you are serious to start a small business online, I highly recommend you to give it a try.


Head over to Wealthy Affiliate now and register for a FREE Starter Membership where you'll get:

    • Step-by-step affiliate marketing training
    • 2 free websites & hosting
    • License to promote WA

Wealthy Affiliate Signup for Free Starter Member


I believe by now you already understand what is Legendary Marketer and how can this program help you generate $2,000 to $20.000 a month.

If you find this post valuable, I hope you can share on your Facebook and Twitter too.

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7 thoughts on “Legendary Marketer System: MAKE $20,000 a Month or SPEND More in 2019”

  1. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this informative review on Legendary Marketer System.The world we are living in is very expensive that’s why we need to work hard to afford it.

    Making money online is one of the answer to our financial problem but it depends on platform we are using to earn that money.

    Legendary Marketer System is helping many people to change their life but it is very expensive with many upsells.If I gat money,I could start my business with this system because it works well.

    1. Yes, Legendary Marketer is indeed a great one if you have capital to invest. But at this moment, I don’t. That’s why I opt for a more affordable option like Wealthy Affiliate. It’s equally good but the difference is you need to do everything yourself without any Done-for-You system like those offered by Legendary Marketer. 

      However, if you are just looking for high quality training that can help you achieve online success, then Wealthy Affiliate online course will do just as good. 

  2. Hi Florence, This is an excellent product review about the Legendary Marketer. After reading your article, I understood that this product is not scam but not perfect for beginner also. This is too much expensive and upsells to start for new members. Comparatively, I like your alternative recommendation of joining in the Wealthy Affiliate marketing. I have already joined there as a premium member and purchased a domain. I am going to follow you to establish my site. I found that your site has useful information for me and going to bookmark it for my future use. Thanks for sharing it. 

    1. Great to know that you found Wealthy Affiliate too. Hope you didn’t pay for any expensive program before joining WA. In fact, I’ve been scammed so many times before I found WA. 

      Did you also started with Wealthy Affiliate as a free Starter member before joining Premium? 

      If you are, then we are lucky. In fact there are 10 countries that can’t join for free. Residents in these countries need to pay Premium to gain access.

      But I found one way where people from restricted countries like Philippines, Bangladesh and Nigeria are able to gain same free access like us. If you’ve any friends who have problem joining as free Starter member, then here’s the only method to break that restriction

  3. When you first join Legendary Marketer, you join something called the Legendary Marketer Club. The cost is $30 per month. Every member has to join the club. That’s where your core training is done. That’s also where you’ll gain access to your personal coach. And, this is where you’ll go through the 15 core steps. Very easy, after you join in the coaches make the sales for you.

  4. This is such an expensive program. Didn’t know there’s such high ticket program that can cost up to $30k if you buy into all upsells. I think only people who have much more budget can invest in Legendary Marketer. But if you have so much money, isn’t investing in stocks and forex will stand higher chances to earn more? Despite this program is good, but I just can’t afford. 

    1. Me too. Anyway, I am already satisfied with the program that I am following now. Despite not earning that much, at least I still managed to earn enough to quit my job. That’s good enough. 

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