LifeVantage Review: Observation From A Third Party

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Welcome to My LifeVantage Review

I appreciate you dropping by to read another review. Today, I’m going to give my honest review about LifeVantage, a multi-level marketing company that helps you earn money by selling products and recruiting members.

What is LifeVantage ?
Inside LifeVantage
Who is LifeVantage For?
The Truth About LifeVantage
Things I Like About LifeVantage
Is LifeVantage A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

The aim of this review is to expose the truth about LifeVantage. Will this company really help you reach the dream they are selling? Is it really worth to become one of their distributors?

Just so you know I am not affiliated with LifeVantage and any MLM company. My goal is to help you find legitimate business opportunities online.

If you really want to earn a full time income that can possibly replace your regular job, please feel free to check out my My #1 Recommendation. 

Meanwhile, if you’re ready with my LifeVantage review then let’s get the ball rolling.


Product Name: LifeVantage

Founder/Owner: Darren Jensen

Product Type: MLM

Price: $50 for starter kit + upsells packages up to $1,200

Best For: Individuals who are passionate about selling products and recruiting members to join their sales group.

Summary: LifeVantage is a multi-level marketing company, selling healthcare and wellness products backed by science. Although a legit company, it has product credibility issues, complicated compensation plan, and low income potential which doesn’t make it a good substitute for your regular income.

Rating: 5/10

Recommendation: No, which I ‘m going to explain below.

What is LifeVantage?

LifeVantage is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that claims to help people become rich from commissions earned through selling their science-based products. Consist mainly of health supplements and skin care, LifeVantage products basically aim to reduce “oxidative stress” to human’s body through their Nrf2Science formulation.

Founded in 2003, it is headquartered in Utah with Darren Jensen as its present leader. In a nutshell, LifeVantage provides distributors compensation by selling their products which include bonuses, pools, and royalty commissions.

If it’s your first time to hear about MLM, it is a legitimate business model where distributors earn money through the products they sell and get a percentage of the sales their downlines make.

Please do not misinterpret MLM with Pyramid Scheme. MLM is a legit business model, but pyramid scheme is not.

Pyramid scheme is a carefully orchestrated investment scam where members of a purported sales organization earn money out of a portion of the amount spent by the recruited members. In short, this ponzi business model focuses on recruiting members more than creating value for customers through its products. Here’s how FDC define pyramid scheme.

At first glance, LifeVantage products seemed to have promising effects but let’s take a look inside of its products and learn more about their compensation plan.

Inside LifeVantage

LifeVantage has 4 product range with Protandim as their flagship product. I have made a summary list of the products, what they do, and the cost for each.

LifeVantage Product Range

  • Protandim (Nutritional)– dietary supplement which is believed to reduce the effects of aging  which $40.99 – $85.99 monthly.
  • TruScience (Beauty) – an Nrf2 infused skin care product  which is $25.99 -$140.99 monthly
  • Petandim & Axio (Pet Supplement) – a supplement for dogs which is $25.99 monthly and Axio, an energy drink that costs $50.99 monthly
  • PhysIQ (Physical) – a smart weight management system that helps individuals lose weight naturally that costs 25.99 -$140.99 monthly.

LifeVantage product range is pretty simple and focuses on anti-oxidation with NrF2 science. For those who don’t know, NrF2 science is technology designed to reduce body toxins and improve overall health. Here’s more about NrF2 if you want to learn more.

LifeVantage Compensation Plan

Anyone interested to become a LifeVantage “preferred customer” can fill up the online application form and sign up for a monthly subscription.  As opposed to ordinary customer, preferred customers can have 20% discount off any product from LifeVantage and earn profit by selling it at the suggested retail price.

You may also sign up as a distributor by filling up the distributor’s application and purchase $50 starter kit, which includes 30-pack of presentation tear-off pads, a 25-pack of newspapers, 10 opportunity DVDs, a company decal, and audio discs.

Distributors have the opportunity to earn bigger income but are required to maintain monthly PV (Personal Volume) in order to get bonuses.  This means you need to spent money to buy products every month in order to earn bigger commission.

PVs are earned by purchasing the more expensive packages as shown below. 

  • Platinum Pack – $1,200
  • Gold Pack – $600
  • Silver Pack – $300

Now, let me explain the company’s compensation plan thoroughly. 

Inside LifeVantage sales video, you will learn that there are 8 ways to earn with the company.

  • Retail

Retail sales might be best option to make money in any MLM. You can earn retail margin of 20% from LifeVantage when customers purchase either directly from you or through the company’s website.

  • Smart Start Bonus

The Smart Start Bonus is given to you for the first calendar month as reward for successfully enrolling a person to sign up as a preferred customer or distributor.

Depending on how much PV you have generated, you can earn a bonus of either 30% or 40% on all LifeVantage products purchased by new preferred customers.

Distributors will need to maintain a monthly PV of 200 in order to earn FULL commissions and only ½ if your PV is between 100-199 PV.  Below 100 PV will disqualify for bonus.

  • Launch Bonus

Also known as “trickle up” bonus, it is paid to preferred customers and distributors recruited by others in your downline organization. There are 6 levels of launch bonus paid to the next eligible LifeVantage rank in the upline.

Depending on your rank, and which package the new distributor buys, you may earn between $2.50 to $50. But to qualify for the launch bonus, you and your customers must buy enough LifeVantage products to generate at least 200 PV per month.

Here’s an example, if you have PRO 3 Rank, and you enrolled someone who signs up for the Platinum Pack you will earn the $400 Smart Start Bonus + $50 Launch Bonus out of the person you recruited.

If the person signs up for a Gold Pack, then you get $400 Smart Start Bonus + $25. If the person signs up for silver, then you get $400 Smart Start Bonus + $12.50.

  • Royalty Commissions

The Royalty Commissions are monthly income you can earn from all your product sales within your sales organization.

You need to obtain higher rank level in order to get more royalty commission, which is achieved by recruiting more people to join your downline. This is where MLM strategy comes in. 

The amount of commission which you can earn at each rank and the qualification criteria is shown in the image below.

As you get higher in rank, your commission also becomes bigger. In this case, you must have a very good marketing strategy to invite more people to join your downline.

For example, if you are Pro 1 and your sales organization has reached 100 PV, 1000 Organizational Volume (OV) per month you will qualify for the Royalty Commission under PRO 1 with 2% and 5% on the first and second unilevel respectively.

The logic is that as you recruit more customers to sign up your PV and OV gets higher, allowing you to earn more royalty commission.

  • Generational Matching Bonus

Once you reach the LifeVantage Rank of PRO 3 or higher, you will qualify to earn a generational matching bonus which is paid monthly. This amount is calculated based on royalty commissions earned within the 5 level of people in your downline.

Here’s an example. You are rewarded 10% for the first person you enroll into LifeVantage. If that person buys products worth $10, 000, you get $200. Then you get 5% bonus on the succeeding downline.

  • Elite Pool Bonus

Only those who have reached PRO 7 rank and higher are eligible for the Elite Pool Bonus. Every month LifeVantage takes 4% of all sales made in all organizations in the MLM, and rewards this as an Elite Bonus Pool to those who have reached the highest ranks. 

Each person with rank PRO 7 to 10 gets 1% bonus from the share of 4% global sales.

  • Achievement Bonus

This is a one-time payment given to those who have reached the Pro 10 levels with LifeVantage. Master Level can get $100,000 and $500, 000 for Presidential Level. In order to reach the Presidential Level.

  • Business Centers

Reaching the rank of Premier Pro 5 makes you eligible for a business center, which allows you to sponsor your own LifeVantage business in your own downline. Consequently, you can earn commission at two levels on any sales made under your business center.

Similar to Neways International, the compensation plan offered by LifeVantage might seem generous enough but it is very difficult to earn money through MLM. The problem is not unique to LifeVantage but a common occurrence in most MLM companies where distributors struggle in selling products while manufacturers reap the most profit.

I usually do not recommend MLMs because earning big income out of it is almost impossible. Only the people on the upper line make the money while newbies are left with table scraps.

There are many other legitimate business opportunities that can help you earn a satisfactory income. One good example is affiliate marketing, a business that gives you the option to promote products from multiple companies while MLM limits you to only one company.

If you would like to learn how to start affiliate marketing, then get a copy of my free guide below.

Who is LifeVantage For?

LifeVantage is only for people who are passionate about the products, love to sell and enjoy building teams.

As building and nurturing downlines require much more effort than selling, having patience is critical for the person to sustain in this business.

Having said that, patience alone still can’t guarantee that you will get rich with LifeVantage. There’re much more to do in order to succeed as a MLM distributor which I’ll explain later.

The Truth About LifeVantage

After much research, here's the truth about LifeVantage you must know.

Truth #1: Tarnished Reputation

LifeVantage has faced several lawsuits in the past makes selling their products more difficult. Of course, people couldn’t help but wonder about whether LifeVantage is worthy of trust.

In 2009 LifeVantage was sued by Zrii, a nutritional fruit drink company, on the claim that it had conspired with its Zrii’s former executives to ruin the company. To settle the lawsuit LifeVantage paid $400,000 to Zrii.

In 2011, LifeVantage distributor Burke Hedges filed a lawsuit against the company for alleged wrongful termination but which result wasn’t revealed.

In 2012, there was recall for possible contamination of metal substance inside their product Protandim and this issue has since been resolved.

In 2018, LifeVantage faced a nationwide class action lawsuit claiming that the company is a pyramid scheme. LifeVantage hasn’t commented on this matter yet.

Truth #2: Low Earning Potential

LifeVantage is only good for people who are good with selling and able to convert customers to become distributors.

In MLM you need to be constantly recruiting new members in order to reach a certain rank and earn bonuses. Otherwise, it is very difficult to maintain a sustainable income solely by selling products.

But in actual fact, many members failed to recruit enough distributors in a given year, which consequently make them quit. Here’s the LifeVantage earning disclosure that shows less than 3% of its distributors managed to earn $1,425 per month.

Truth #3: Too Complicated for Beginners

Honestly, I believe after you read the compensation plan I describe earlier, there’s still no way you can understand completely on how it works.

There is just too many complex structure in the program and it will take a long for beginners to understand. Seriously, I doubt anyone will fully grasp such complicated MLM plan, not even those who’ve been in the industry for long.

What the company doesn’t tell you is that earning PVs to reach a certain rank level will be time consuming. If you’re beginner, you still need to learn a lot of strategies to climb higher, which can be overwhelming.

Truth #4: Limited Products to Sell

Unlike Affiliate Marketing, once you are an MLM distributor, you are limited to only promote products from the same company. You’ll be labelled as unprofessional if you join more than one MLM company and  can impact negatively on you.

This type of industry stereotype prevents any MLM distributors from expanding their business to include promoting other MLM products and indirectly result in limited income potential. 

That’s why I choose affiliate marketing over MLM, at least it allows me the flexibility to earn commission from multiple companies.

Things I Like About LifeVantage

LifeVantage gives back to the community through charitable support, which is the main thing I like about the company. At present, LifeVantage partners with different organization to help support children in need. 

Furthermore, despite there are some controversies about its products, I still can’t deny that this company does have good products that can help people improve their health.

If you look at various online feedbacks, there’re still many good comments from various review sites.  On product wise, I guess it’s good. But if you’re looking to join LifeVantage as a business, then I suggest you to think twice.

Is LifeVantage A Scam?

LifeVantage is a legit multi-level marketing company that lets distributors earn money from selling products and recruiting members. It’s definitely not another pyramid scheme with lousy products.

However, to succeed in MLM, there’s a lot of convincing to persuade customers not only to purchase the product, but also to enroll them into the MLM system.

Without converting customers to become distributors, it will be very hard to earn a full time income with MLM. Solely depending on selling will not work for long-term. You’ll get tired eventually.

Managing a team with people coming from all walks of life can be very challenging. There is too much work involved in MLM while the return is relatively small. It might not even be worth your time spent. There are just too much risks involved.

Therefore, I do not recommend MLM to be your only source of income. Although it will help you earn extra income by selling products to earn commission, the flow of money is not stable and consistent.

If you are looking for an opportunity to replace your current income, I suggest that you carefully examine LifeVantage before deciding whether it’s best for you.

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How I Start A Small Business Online

As I’ve said, only a few people make money with MLM and they are those who have reached the top level.

For many people, recruitment schemes are a waste of time.

Like you I used to search for legitimate income online until I found a way to my first 5 to 6 figure income by creating good content and promoting affiliate products.

If you are looking for a reliable income that can replace your day job, I suggest that you check out my free guide or invest in the correct training program. 

Just a simple reminder, there is no magic formula in the guide that I am going to share with you, but if you’re ready to make a difference in your life then I suggest that you click the button below.

Thank you so much for reading my LifeVantage review.

If you find this review useful, please feel free to share this in any of you social media channels and help others make an informed decision.

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6 thoughts on “LifeVantage Review: Observation From A Third Party”

  1. I agree that LifeVantage is quite a good MLM business. But If you had got to know about the company in its early days, you would’ve been able to make that $1,000 per month easily but now the competition is getting more intense and it’s too difficult to earn money doing MLM. 

  2. Great review on LifeVantage. I guess many people already heard about this company. That’s why I really don’t like MLM and everything about it. Other than promoting its products, you’ll still need to use them in order to sell and earn overriding bonus. Beginners definitely find it hard to sustain in this business if they need to spent so much to buy distributor kits before even making any income. I’ve heard of affiliate marketing from my friend. But am not sure how does it works. Can you share with me your experience?

    1. Affiliate marketing is the process promoting another person’s product to earn a commission. You can normally find thousands of products to promote from a single affiliate marketplace like ClickBank, Amazon, ShareASale, Rakuten and many more. Do check out an article I’ve written on how a complete newbie can start affiliate marketing. Hope this helps. Do contact me if you need any help. 

  3. Kevin And Jade

    Thank you for your thorough review.

    I am happy to see that you were able to write a balanced take on an MLM company. Most people hear “MLM” and immediately start running for the hills or accusing others of aligning with pyramid schemes designed to ruin others.

    I hate it.

    Yes, there is stigma and some companies are scams but that’s true for every industry. You need to do your due diligence before signing up as opposed to just jumping in with both feet whilst your eyes are closed. With the right company and teammates, people could very well make a success of MLM.

    PS. Like many people, I’ve tried MLM but I haven’t made a success of it. But it’s simply because I’m not really keen on retail and my heart really isn’t in it…and not because I was scammed by an unscrupulous company designed to ruin me. 

    Anyway, affiliate marketing is where my heart is and I agree with your recommendation 100%. 🙂

  4. Thanks for providing us with such a detailed review and the suggestion are perfect, as part of the search for a reliable source of income I come across one MLM company ( well I don’t want to mention its name and it will look like am cutting down their market ) and I spent more than $100 on their starter pack( the minimum order ), I could not top-up for the full pack and the duration period was over and I lost all the points I accumulated during the period and I had to start all over again. It was highly painful when I lost all the point and I was not able to become a full distributer. I had to use the products. 

    1. That’s the common type of compensation plan in most MLM companies. You have to keep on buying in order to maintain your ranking and qualification to earn overriding bonus. That’s why it’s very challenging to do this business. Not that MLM is not a viable business, but putting in so much effort and money yet end up with little return is just not justifiable. That’s why I rather choose affiliate marketing. I suggest you to try too. Here’s how affiliate marketing works for a complete beginner.

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