Million Dollar Replicator Review: Can You Earn 7 Figure in 30 Days?

Million Dollar Replicator Review

Welcome To My Million Dollar Replicator Review

If you landed on this page, you must be looking for Million Dollar Replicator Review to find out whether this program really deliver what was promised inside its sales video.

I've seen so many low quality ClickBank product that promises quick money with only a few minutes work a day.

And sadly to say, most are hyped-up black hat marketing tactics used by unethical marketers to lure innocent people into buy their product.

Million Dollar Replicator uses the same tactics in the sales video with some typical hyped-up content as below.

  • Hyped-up sales video that shows high income statement;
  • Deliver quick and easy income without technical skills required;
  • Only little time and effort required a day;
  • System is a secret that's never revealed before; 
  • Some pathetic story of the spokesperson with his turnaround success story
  • Just copy the success formula and you can be successful too
  • Emotional trigger to to give you hope
  • Limited time offer;
  • Low upfront price strategy; and
  • Identity of product owner is never disclosed

Seriously, I am really frustrated seeing so many such low quality products sold on ClickBank.

Don't feel like reviewing this but in order to prevent more people from felling prey to such scam, I decided to continue writing Million Dollar Replicator Review.

What is Million Dollar Replicator?
How Does Million Dollar Replicator Works?
The Fake Things About Million Dollar Replicator
Is Million Dollar Replicator a Scam?
Ethical Way to Build An Online Business


Product Name: Million Dollar Replicator

Owner/Creator: Michael Sachs (real owner unknown)

Product Type: Continue reading to find out

Price: $37 one-time + downsells + upsells

Best For: Owner and unethical affiliates

Rating: 1/100

Recommended: No

What is Million Dollar Replicator?

Million Dollar Replicator is another low quality ClickBank product, launched in November, 2018 with nothing but full of BS.

I am not saying that all ClickBank products are not good, there are high quality program like CB Passive Income, WP Profit Builder and Super Affiliate System too.

Just that those products that I reviewed recently happened to be very low quality such as the list below.

Million Dollar Replicator was created by a person named “Michael Sachs”, who claims he and his team has made over $38 million with this system.

And he's now willing to share his system with a few lucky people who have been specially selected.

Furthermore, Michael promises that you'll get rich without having to do any real work.

Do you believe this?

I am so sorry to reveal this to you but there's no business where you can make money without putting in real work.

And after you finished watching the entire video, all you can see are testimonials from people who claimed they have succeeded with this program showing sales proof.

There's really limited information about this product that I can find on the internet at all. None of the review show the member's dashboard at all.

How Does Million Dollar Replicator Works?

Seriously, I just can't review a product without knowing anything inside member's dashboard.

Since I can't find any information on the internet, therefore I decided to buy Million Dollar Replicator to give you my honest review.

Below is proof of my purchase.

Sadly to say, immediately after I completed my payment with PayPal, I was promoted by ClickBank into buying other products as below.

Unlike the price advertised at $37, I got this Million Dollar Replicator at $17 only. That's because, I was offered a 30% discount upon exiting the sales page, as expected.

You must have thought that I got a great bargain. That's not entirely true. So, what's inside member's area of this secretive Million Dollar Replicator?

Upsells, upsells and more upsells!

Immediately after I login, I was asked to watch another video that offer me an upgraded product at $147.

Inside the introductory video, without even revealing what is Million Dollar Replicator, this upsell video recommends to buy Million Dollar Replicator PRO, that promises to deliver quicker results that can help anyone make up to $2 million dollar!

Seriously, up to this point, I really think this product is a total scam!

However, since I am doing this review, I decided to spend my precious time exploring the member's dashboard to find out for you what exactly does his product offers.

After finished watching the upsell video (you can find on YouTube), nothing was revealed at all!

And the most frustrating was I can't even access to the basic system without being forced to buy into the upsell of $147!

I've clicked the “NO Thanks – I don't want the upgrade, please take me to members area!” so many times but the next page that Million Dollar Replicator brought me to is their PayPal checkout page.

Up to this point, I decided to ask for refund from ClickBank. There's no meaning to further look into this product that has nothing but more upsells.

As expected, the owner will try to find all ways to coax you into keeping this product so they can avoid refund you the money.

They are offering me all the 3 free upgrades that cost up to a few hundred dollar shown below.

Up to this point, I've wasted so much time looking into Million Dollar Replicator.

No doubt this offer to upgrade is very tempting but I don't think there'll be any value for me to continue spending more time on this useless piece.

Therefore I decided to proceed with the refund.

The Fake Things About Million Dollar Replicator

Fake Owner: Micheal Sachs is not a real owner! In fact there are no real information about owner of Million Dollar Replicator at all.

Micheal Sachs is just a made-up character to shield the real creators from getting a bad name. Here's what I found out about Michael Sachs.

He's just a character taken from image stocks!

Fake Testimonials: Not only the owners are fake, even testimonials are “bought over” from Fiverr spokesperson.

Here's the proof.

These are all the common tactics used by black hat marketers to coax you into paying for products that can't make you any money.

If even the product owner and his team is fake, what else can be real?

Is Million Dollar Replicator a Scam?

Million Dollar Replicator is an obvious scam! How can a product not be a scam when after you pay, there's still no product given to you?

I've reviewed so many similar products in the past but none is as outrageous as this one that can't even let members access the basic product without buying into the upsells.

Program that contains the word “system”, “millionaire”, “cash” and “limited slots” are mostly red flags to me.

And I can safely confirm that a product is a scam when it promises to make you rich in a few days or even few months time without you having to do anything.

Million Dollar Replicator promises to help you earn 7 figure income in less than 30 days. Can this even be real?

These are the scam program that give affiliate marketing an extremely bad name causing people to shy away from this great opportunity to earn money at home.

If you really want to learn affiliate marketing the right way, I advise you to get my free guide on how to start a small affiliate marketing business.

I would strongly demand you to stay far away from Million Dollar Replicator.

Ethical Way to Build An Online Business

I never believe there is quick way to make money online. Anything that's quick is mostly scam and anything that's simple can never be long-term.

Here are more legitimate ways to earn money online but all of these legit methods require you to put in some hard work.

Seriously, there's nothing wrong to find a quicker way to earn money online. But there're still work involved.

No one can really earn a decent income without putting in hard work.

Even Warren Buffet needs to learn the trade about stock investment when he first started this business.

Despite he is a multi billionaire now, he still needs to learn the skills to employ the right person who can do the task for him. That's already work involved!

Unless you have lots of money where you can pay others to do the work, otherwise hard work is inevitable.

I make money from affiliate marketing too. And let me tell you, there're lots of work involved.

You need to first find the right program to learn affiliate marketing before getting yourself a few mentors to follow.

I started my small online business with a program that has enable me to quit my 9 to 5 job and work at home.

Yes, the journey is tough but it's legitimate, long-term and proven to help many people make 6 to 7 figure income.

Here's how I make 6 figure income with this program.

If you want to give this program a try, you can register for a free starter account absolutely no credit card required.

Alternatively, do check out my honest review about this program.

I hope you enjoy reading Million Dollar Replicator review and please share this with your fiends so they can be spared from falling prey into another scam program.

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9 thoughts on “Million Dollar Replicator Review: Can You Earn 7 Figure in 30 Days?”

  1. It appears to me that anyone advertising a product with million dollars in the title is a trying to scam people. In my opinion there is no short cut to success and anyone promising to make a lot of money in a short time frame is over promising and will under deliver.

    Internet business should be viewed the same as other brick & mortar business. It takes time and commitment to build and to earn decent income. The claim inside Million Dollar Replicator that you can make 7 figures income in 30 days is completely unrealistic.

    Thanks for debunking this scam.


    1. You are welcome Richard. In fact there are few similar tactics used in the sales video of these low quality programs. Here are some if you can spot.

      Hyped-up sales video that shows high income statement;Deliver quick and easy income without technical skills required;Only little time and effort required a day;System is a secret that’s never revealed before; Some pathetic story of the spokesperson with his turnaround success storyJust copy the success formula and you can be successful tooEmotional trigger to to give you hopeLimited time offer; Low upfront price strategy; andIdentity of product owner is never disclosed

      I hope more people will be aware of the black hat tactics used so they will be spared from scams. 

  2. Hi Florence,

    I want to appreciate you for taking the time to review this site so others wont fall a prey to their scams. 

    I have been a victim of these GET RICH IN 7 DAYS kind of scams, most even reduced theirs to 1 day, funny how i fell for them until i got to learn about reviews and sites like yours doing all the good reviews.

    I must admit I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Ayodeji. Initially when I write product reviews, I somehow or rather feel that people should be able to smell any scam without even reading any review. But I was so wrong. There are still so many innocent people out there who lose money to these scam products. 

      Now, the more I write product reviews, the more motivated I find myself into continuing this mission. Really interesting to discover all the methods used by scammers to make money from innocent people especially newbies who want to start a small business online. 

      I would advise anyone who want quit their 9 to 5 job and work from home to learn from Wealthy Affiliate. At least this program is a legitimate one that successfully produced many 6 to 7 figure income earner and helped me to quit my c-level job. 

  3. It boggles my mind how the creators of this product would put so much work into such a low-quality product, only to end up using a free stock photo to represent the owner and fake testimonials from Fiverr. I guess that these “black hat marketers” know that people with little knowledge of the online marketing world will buy them if they make it look “real”. It’s nice to see that you have exposed this scam in so much detail! With some luck, people will view this article and save themselves money and aggravation. Any system that promises you to make that kind of money with little to no work cannot be considered a legit business.

    Thank you for the heads up I will definitely stay away from this one!

    1. Hi Denis, thanks for reading my Million Dollar Replicator review. Initially, I really don’t feel like reviewing this product knowing it’s definitely another scam. But in order to let more people stay away from being scammed, I therefore decided to spend my time and money producing this review. There are just too many such product sold on ClickBank. I’ve tried to get a refund but everytime this vendor keep changing my “refund ticket” to “technical ticket” until I told them that I’ll report this case to Clickbank, only then they stop offering me upgrades and process the refund. A typical scam but one that’s outrageous.

  4. Thanks for this important review, I have happened to stumble upon this platform before but I haven’t purchased the membership as I was scared to do so, but I must say this review is really an eye opener, I was already preparing my mind towards purchasing their membership and it would have been a sad story entirely. Thanks for making a review on this site and helping others like me not to fall victim. Much appreciated 

    1. You are most welcome Seun. Until now, I’ve yet to receive my refund. Every time I clicked “refund” inside ClickBank Customer Service platform, the owner of Million Dollar Replicator will change my request for refund to “tech support”. That’s really frustrating. Seriously, ClickBank is really losing credibility by allowing its vendor to do this to me. 

  5. You pay a specific amount of money without an product being given to you? That’s the number two red flag. The first red flag is promise to earn when you did not do any work to deserve it. Only thieves have such expectation. Where online or offline, this trick is similar.Where in the world can $127 turn to $2m? Only scammers give that kind of promise. The other recommended programs in your post, I will try them out.

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