Modere Review: Is It A Unique MLM Business?

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Today I will share with you the opportunity offered by Modere, which is one of the most intriguing MLM businesses that helps you earn money by selling science-based, safe and eco-friendly products.

Modere is currently trending in Facebook and Twitter, thanks to its unique MLM model, which is called social marketing, and that’s the reason why I am very curious about this business.

My aim for this review is to give you a deeper look into Modere and explore how this MLM business can help you earn a full-time income and achieve the freedom to have time flexibility.

What is Modere? 
How to Make Money With Modere?
Who is Modere For?
The Truth About Modere
Things I Like About Modere
Is Modere a Unique MLM Business?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Does Modere have the most profitable compensation structure? Is it worth to join this company considering the unique promotional model it is following?

I know most of you are searching for a legitimate way to earn extra money during your free time. I too have ventured several opportunities until I have found a proven way that works for me to finally able to quit my c-level job.

If you want to learn how I earn a full-time income at home, please feel free to check out My #1 Recommendation.

Meanwhile, if you are eager to know whether Modere is the answer to your financial endeavors, let us get the ball rolling.


Product Name: Modere

Founder: Robert Conlee

Product Type: Health & Wellness MLM Company

Price: $29.95 + $399 to start as Builder

Best For:  People who are highly persistent, can self-motivates and have a passion to build teams and nurture people to become successful. He or she must be good with social marketing too.

Summary: Modere is a legitimate MLM company that promotes the concept of safe, eco-friendly and wellness through social networks. This business provides anyone the opportunity to earn a full-time income by promoting products, recruiting new members and nurture them to become leaders.

Despite it requires lesser face-to-face interaction, however, the success rate of their social marketers are still low as many do not have the skills and knowledge to engage in online marketing.

Rating: 8/10

Recommended: Yes, if you can brace through the complexity of an MLM business

What is Modere?

Founded by Robert Conlee, Modere is an MLM business that sells safe, eco-friendly and science-based skincare products. It claims to help you earn an extra living through its multi-tier income opportunity.

Just a bit of history, Modere is actually a re-branded company from Neways International, which was founded in 1992 but was later on acquired by Z Capital in 2013. In February 2014, Modere was launched with new ownership, management, and branding.

If this is your first time to hear about MLM, it is a legitimate business model wherein members earn money through a multi-level income structure.

However, it is often mistaken as a pyramid scheme as it involves the traditional recruitment system, whereby in order to unlock commissions and bonuses, members also need to invite people to become their downlines.

The only difference is that while MLM focuses on promoting valuable products to customers, a pyramid scheme merely relies on recruiting people to receive monetary incentives.

In most cases, it’s hard to bust a pyramid scheme because it uses products to hide behind its true intention. If you want to learn more about what is a pyramid scheme, please fee to check out the FDC explanation about pyramid scheme.

Moving on, let us learn more about Modere as we dig deeper into its structure in the following sections.

Modere Most Popular Products

One of the most popular Modere products is called Modere CellProof. It’s a skincare product that contains a variety of collagen-enhancing ingredients to promotes radiant and youthful skin.

Modere CellProof range of skincare products claims to help you achieve your desired skin-focused result in just 90 days.

Its package that includes a facial mask, moisturizer, serum, and liquid biocell costs approximately $222.21 and can be used for 2 to 3 months' time. To see the full list of other Modere product, do check out here.

How to Make Money with Modere?

In Modere, you need to promote products, recruit new members and build multiple teams of social marketers in order to earn commissions and bonuses respectively.

To start earning with Modere, you must first register as their “Social Marketer” by paying a $29.95 startup cost and start selling to earn retail profits.

However, if you are serious to make a full-time income with Modere, then it’s preferable to buy the $399 Builder Collection Package to move up the Builder rank.

At this rank, you can start to participate in their multi-tier commission scheme, on the condition that you must join their Smartship program (also known as monthly autoship) to qualify for monthly sales volume commission.  

In the following sections, I will explain to you the various ranks in Modere and how you can truly make money via their MLM compensation plan.

Two Types of System to Advance in Rank With Modere

Just like any MLM business, Modere rewards members based on the ranking system. This means the higher you rank the more money you can earn.

In its Promoter ranking system, the commission is calculated based on the number of active customers you have. Active customers are those who subscribe for their Smartship program and make monthly purchases.

The compensation rate is called bonus starting from as low as 5% at the lowest of Promoter up to as many as 30% when you reach the highest rank of Platinum 3 as per the image below.

This is a pretty straightforward and simple compensation plan which focuses to make members promote its Smartship program.

Whereas another set of the compensation plan is based on how well you can build your teams of social marketers following the Builder ranking system.

Under this system, members are required to transform existing customers to become Builders aka people who are willing to create and build teams.

The Builder ranking system is more complex as calculation of commission is based on a point system whereby there’s a need to have a basic understanding of how to maintain both legs of teams at the initial stage.

As the Builder moves up higher ranks, he or she will have to focus on building the depth of focused teams based on Unilevel MLM system in order to earn unlimited over-riding commissions from as low as 8% up to as much as 43% in total.

People who truly want to earn a full-time income with Modere should consider joining as Builder but not Promoter.  

Retail Profits

Regardless you are a Promoter or Builder, all Modere Social Marketer will earn 15% retail profits on products when selling at suggested retail price.

I can’t say that this is the fastest way to earn money considering the tough competition in the health and wellness market. However, you can increase the chance of generating more sales if you leverage some affiliate marketing tactics to promote products online.

If you settle with the traditional face-to-face selling strategies, or holding home parties, it might not help you earn enough money to quit your job in the long run.

Loads of Bonuses

On top of a Promoter earning up to 36% bonus on all customers’ first order for the month, he or she is also eligible to earn $10 to $300 Promoter Development Bonus when managed to help team members develop a solid customer base.

In Modere, Builder focuses to earn a commission but there’s still a list of bonuses they are eligible to unlock. Here’s a list of attractive bonuses a Builder can make.

First Order Bonus: 30% bonus for a new Builder based on the first order that his downline makes

Monthly Team Bonus: Up to $3,000 each month if you reach the highest rank as a Team Builder

Generational Bonus: 4% to7% on pay when you build 8 generations deep

More Elite Bonuses: Addition 4% commission if you reach the Elite level

Leadership Development Bonus: 10% the total Leadership Development Bonus plus the portion of Team goes to you if reach the Director and Elite ranking

MLM compensation plans offer a variety of ways for members to earn unlimited income.

However it’s highly confusing but with the same principle – the higher rank you move up, the more commissions you can unlock.

Regardless, this does not mean you can work lesser as you move up the rank because there's a constant need to continuously motivate inactive members and recruit new members.

Who is Modere For?

Modere is best for individuals who are highly persistent, can self-motivates and have a passion to build teams and nurture people to become successful.

Just like other MLM businesses such as Isagenix, Juice Plus and Usana, Modere is not the easiest route to earn a full-time income that can possibly replace your regular job.

It requires a massive amount of investment in time, effort and to certain extent money in order to get the income you dreamed of.

This is because before you can start this business, there’s a need for you to try out the products in order to promote convincingly and that’s a lot of money involved.

Although Modere has a slightly peculiar compensation plan and offers generous bonuses, progressing through this career path can never be a smooth sailing process.

Not only will you need to be more hardworking than other people, but you must also be ready to face lots of rejections and disappointments, which can be quite stressful.

That is why not all people who invested in MLM have become truly successful.

The Truth About Modere

It’s undeniable that Modere is a great company that offers generous bonuses, but there’re still things you need to know before deciding to invest in this business opportunity.

Truth #1: Insufficient Online Marketing Training

Although Modere focuses on social selling, the training provided is still not as comprehensive as those provided by reputable online marketer to help those who are complete beginners in promoting products online.

This makes it difficult for people who are not tech-savvy to compete with their market and earn more sales.

Unless your upline is good with online marketing skills and willing to provide you one-on-one training, otherwise, it might be more challenging to make money from this business compared to other traditional investments.

Truth #2: Saturated and Competitive Market

Just like some of its competitors such as Essante Organics, Jeunesse, Optavia, and Rodan+Fields, Modere is selling skincare, health and wellness products which are already a very saturated market.

This business generalization is making it more challenging to convince people why they should choose you and not the others.

A much better way to capture the untapped global market is to use an affiliate marketing strategy to promote products online from the comfort of your home.

Here’s how you can start affiliate marketing a complete beginner.

Truth #3: Predecessor Company Has a Negative Background

Although Modere claims to be a brand new MLM business, its founder Robert Conlee is an ex-CEO of Neways International that was closed down after its founders were charged with six counts of income tax evasion and a conspiracy to defraud the IRS.

There were also controversies regarding the effectiveness of Neways health and wellness products, which can potentially tarnish Modere’s reputation.

Truth #4:  Only A Few People Have Succeed

Only a small percentage of Modere’s members have earned a decent income.

In their 2017 Income Disclosure, more than 70% of the Social Marketers earned less than $1,000 a year while 31.67% did not even earn a single cent.

You can’t even pay your annual bills with this amount, let alone making a full-time income.

While it is possible to earn money with Modere, its latest income disclosure proves that you’ll need to exert massive effort in order to earn with MLM company.

I would say by looking at its income disclosure, Modere might be of no different from other MLM companies as most members can't make a decent living.

Things I Like About Modere

Modere produces eco-friendly and safe products, which is one of the few things I like about this MLM Company.

Natural products ensure safety from harmful chemicals and allow users to avoid risky health consequences.

This is also backed by positive customer reviews, which you can see on Better Business Bureau (BBB) making it quite an impressive brand.

Furthermore, Modere doesn’t pressure members to sell products face-to-face as it places emphasis on promoting products through social media. That’s the biggest plus point for this MLM company.

However, despite Modere offers quality products and promote social selling, I still do not recommend joining this company if you are not that kind of persistent person and have limited knowledge about online marketing.

Is Modere A Unique MLM Business?

I would say that Modere is a unique MLM business because it has an unusually generous compensation system with members eligible to choose from two separate compensation plan – as a team Builder or as product Promoter.

However, based on its income disclosure there’s no guarantee that you will earn a big income to subsequently quit your job. There are just too many examples of failures in most MLM companies.

If you want to take advantage of its multi-tier income opportunity, I suggest you leverage affiliate marketing in addition to your existing social marketing to accelerate sales generation. To enable this, the best is to use ClickFunnels that allow 2-tier based affiliate recruitment system.

This way, you don’t have to depend on social media alone. With the affiliate marketing system in place, you can promote products online and reach more people with fewer resources required.

Below is the comparison between an MLM business versus an Affiliate Marketing business.

 MLM Business Affiliate Marketing
Restricted to products from a single company Sell multiple products from many companies
High product investment No product investment
Complex commission system Simple commission system
Face-to-face rejection No rejection
Team effort required No team is required
Endless member recruitment No member recruitment
Active income Passive income

There are just too many benefits of investing in an affiliate marketing business compared to an MLM business. That’s the reason why MLM is never a good option for me.

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How I Start A Small Business Online

I know you’ve been swayed by how social marketers have promoted Modere in different social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

I used to do MLM for a short while but the need to invest more time in recruiting people made me quit.

That is how I ended up starting a small business online promoting affiliate products, which is a much cheaper and simpler business model compared to an MLM business.

Unlike MLM, affiliate marketing doesn’t restrict you to a single brand. It lets you promote multiple products from different MLM businesses via your own website, therefore allowing you to earn passive income from selling various products.

If you too prefer a simpler way to earn a full-time income from home, I suggest you get a copy of my free guide to start a small business online and follow through the process that I took to make this work for me.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my Modere Review. If you find this information useful, feel free to share it on any of your social media channels.

However, should you decided to join Modere or you’re already in this business, do share with us your experience by leaving a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Modere Review: Is It A Unique MLM Business?”

  1. Hello Florence, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am not a big fan of MLM but this might be worth. Most interesting is that you mention MLM folks immediately think it is a scam or fraud which is not the case. You intrigued me with this review about Modere, it is not expensive to start so I might give it a chance.

  2. Wow I was nearly interested to look further after reading into your Modere MLM Review until I got down to your FDA complaint. Once bitten twice shy, and I agree that a tarnish like that can involve unseen risks. 

    I tried a couple of MLMs but too much effort and hard work involved. Chasing up leads was like standing on a corner begging for pennies.

    Thought Modere might be different but it seems the same too. Maybe I should really try affiliate marketing instead.
     Thanks for the great review. 

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