Earn Money with Motor Club of America (Is it a Scam?)

Motor Club of America Review

Can you Earn Money With Motor Club of America?

Motor Club of America provides vehicle assistance service with 80 years of experience in the industry.

The company offers a wide range of vehicle assistance services such as roadside assistance, vehicle repairs, vehicle compensation, insurance, and much more.

However, since the introduction of its affiliate program, many people join as members not to use their services but rather to earn money online.

The company promises to pay members between $40 and $80 for each member recruited.

When I look at the number of years MCA was established, this company looks reputable, despite some negative comments lurking on the internet (I’ll explain why later).

The affiliate program seems like an excellent work at home opportunity for people who want to make extra income.

To be very frank with you, I am not an affiliate of Motor Club of America. But I promised you an honest review of MCA so you can decide what is best for you.

There are just too many similar opportunities out there, and this creates the question; can anyone really make money with Motor Club of America or is there better alternatives?

What is Motor Club of America?
MCA Membership Plan
MCA Work at Home Opportunities
What I like about MCA?
What I don’t like about MCA?
Is Motor Club of America a Scam?
Is MCA Suitable for Beginner?
My Best Strategy to Start Online 


Product Name: Motor Club of America

Founder: Founded by William W. Green in 1926. Current leader is Steve Hanebaum (CEO), David Kircher (President) and Lynn Havener (Associate Services)

Product Type: Vehicle Assistance Service with MLM-Affiliate marketing model

Price: $39.90 + $19.95 per month

Best For: Road users in USA and Canada

Summary: Motor Club of America is a well-established Vehicle Assistance Service company. However many people are given the false impression that earning money with the company is easy, thanks to the misleading advertisement promoted by their affiliates. It becomes more difficult for new affiliates to earn money as there is limited training provided by the company

Rating: 45/100

Recommended: No

What is Motor Club of America?

Motor Club of America is “widely known” as a multi-level marketing company that offers vehicle assistance services to residents in the USA and Canada.

Despite heavily known as a MLM Company, Motor Club of America denies this misconception through a statement made in its website.

In its statement, it clearly stated …

“Motor Club of America Enterprises Inc, is not a Network Marketing business, pyramid scheme, Internet scam, or multilevel marketing company. MCA is strictly a Motor Club that is partnered with various corporations including insurance companies that allow its independent Contractors to share in the companies’ profits by selling memberships from satellite branches or from the comfort of their living spaces”.

Motor Club of America also posted an “income disclaimer” page on its website that strictly emphasize on its’ affiliates’ income.

“The average affiliate earn no money or less than $100.00 USD annually, if any”

This means those claiming to earn huge cash amount from promoting MCA services is either untrue or misleading with only a few with such earnings.

Established for 80 years, Motor Club of America was founded in 1926, older than companies like Amway (1959), Mary Kay (1963) and Legal Shield (1972).

Direct competitors of MCA include American Automobile Association (AAA), Good Sam Roadside Assistance and Allstate Motor Club, just to name a few of the popular ones.

I’ve included an explainer video about MCA if you're considering to join them either as member or affiliate:


MCA Membership Plan

Motor Club of America membership starts at $19.95 per month with three types of membership plans as follows:

Total Security ($19.95/month), Total Security Gold ($29.95/month) and Total Security Platinum ($49.95/month).

However you are required to pay double on a first month subscription.

Unlike what was widely reported whereby you need to pay for subscription to be eligible as an affiliate, in fact becoming an affiliate is entirely FREE! 

Here is the list of benefits becoming a member. 

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Reimbursement Planning and Travel Reservations
  • Arrest Bonds
  • Attorney Fees
  • Credit Card Protection
  • Prescription, Vision Care and Dental Discounts
  • Emergency Reimbursement Benefits
  • Daily Hospital Benefits
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Stolen Vehicle Reward

Motor Club of America, Work at Home Opportunities

With an average affiliate earning of “zero amount” or “any amount less than $100.00 USD” per annum, is Motor Club of America still a good work at home opportunity to pursue?

As mentioned earlier, I won’t review about the product as I believe after so many years in the industry, there must be something good about MCA that keep the company growing.

Hence, I will only review their work at home opportunity aka their affiliate program. 

Affiliates of MCA are given commission from $40 to $80 for each member they recruit.

I would say MCA gives a decent commission rate and pay affiliates consistently on every Friday (never missed).

However there is one downside with this opportunity.

People who are new to affiliate marketing will find it difficult to start. There must be some step-by-step training to start with, particularly for beginner.

Sadly to say, Motor Club of America only provides a list of possible marketing basics to promote their products. No step-by-step training on what tool, resource or strategy best to start with.

In short, the company does not provide adequate training for its affiliates, which makes it even more challenging.

In MCA, I would say literally anyone who is a beginner to affiliate marketing is on their own to find out the best way to promote MCA services.

Unless you are an experienced marketer, otherwise cashing out from this company can be a long journey.

In my opinion, Motor Club of America may not be the right affiliate program you want to start with if you are still a newbie trying hard to figure out ways to earn money online.

What I like about MCA?

Reputable Product MCA offers reputable vehicle assistance services with 80 years of experience in the automobile industry.

The only reason I can think of that enables a company to continuously grow is to provide continuous high quality services to its customers.

Simple Commission Structure Anyone can become affiliate (associate) of Motor Club of America by registering for free.

No purchase is required to qualify as affiliate. You can start earning commissions immediately for each member recruited.

What I don’t like about MCA?

Misleading Websites Seriously, if I didn’t do my own research, I won’t even know it is Free to start as affiliate with Motor Club of America.

It is only recently when MCA decided to create an official website that I found out the truth.

There are just too many “unofficial websites” created by existing affiliates to make you believe the “untrue fact”.

Let’s be frank. Many affiliates only care about commission and therefore not wanting you to know the truth about MCA.

If they had told you that becoming a MCA affiliate is free, they won’t be able to earn any commission from your subscription.

Unrealistic Promotion To make things worse, many people are fed up with misleading information on social media platforms that show images of how easy it is to make money with MCA.

But in actual fact (as published on MCA official website), an average marketer earn “no money” or “lesser than $100.00 USD” commission per year.

Do you still think it’s as easy as ABC to earn money at home promoting MCA?

All these misleading and untrue information is tarnishing the reputation of Motor Club of America.

Limited Internet Marketing Training The truth is, getting people to buy is never easy.

And many affiliates just want to earn commission from their direct recruits but not willing to train them.

Therefore, most recruits quit and stop paying when they don’t know what to do, neither do they see any result.

How can the new recruits see result when there is no proper training for them to start with?

I don’t’ really have to say much about training provided by MCA. You just need to browse the training menu on their official website and you will understand what I meant.

There's a obvious lack of training!

If you are really serious to start a small affiliate business, then I suggest you to get my free guide below.

Is Motor Club of America a Scam?

Despite many negative comments about MCA lurking on the internet (mostly because of affiliates failed to earn money), Motor Club of America is NOT a Scam.

Like what I mentioned earlier, a company that can keep growing for the last 80 years definitely had consistently produced good track records that satisfy customers’ expectation.

Regardless, this does not mean MCA affiliate program is worth your time.

Not for me, at least.

Is Motor Club of America Suitable for Beginner?

You might ask, is Motor Club of America worth joining for beginner who just started affiliate marketing?

In my opinion, it all depends on you.

If you are determined to start an affiliate business, there is definitely ways you can become successful.

The truth is, there are many people who make decent income from this company, but there are more who couldn't make enough. 

And again I want to mention this, even MCA’s “Income Disclaimer” clarifies that an average affiliate earn “no money” or “lesser than $100.00 USD” per year!

It is a strong disclaimer by MCA and a reminder to all new affiliates that earning money through MCA is not easy as what many people claimed.

So, I strongly think Motor Club of America is NOT for Beginners in online business.

If you don't even have the basic affiliate marketing skills, how can you compete with those experienced marketers who are also promoting the same product?

In fact, it is really you who can decide whether MCA is worth your time and effort.

Well, if you can join for free, and get a few paid customers under you while only doing a few hours of work a month, I think that might be worth a shot.

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, choosing the right program to start with is more important than promoting popular program that other experienced marketers do.

At a bare minimum, you must choose one program that can help you get started for free.

My Best Product to Start Online

I agree that Motor Club of America is legit and pay decent commission, but this does not mean it is a good program to start with if you want to make money online.

For me, I prefer to start with a program that provides comprehensive training and support, that even a beginner without any skills can start with.

And that’s what I did to land me with this small online business of mine.

To help you get started, I would suggest you to get my free guide that shows exactly the steps I take to build my online business. 


Inside this guide, I will lead you to get 10 free affiliate marketing lessons, 2 free websites and other tools to start your first online business.

Many beginners managed to make 5 to 6 digits using the proven step-by-step strategy that I shared in this guide without paying for any advertisement. 

But if you want to start immediately without have to read everything inside the free guide, this is what you can do next. 


Your Next Step

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18 thoughts on “Earn Money with Motor Club of America (Is it a Scam?)”

  1. I agree with you that there are better ways to make money online other than MCA. But I too think MCA is a good affiliate product to promote online, provided you already have experienced in internet marketing. I started to learn affiliate marketing with wealthy affiliate too. After reading multiple reviews of wealthy affiliate, I joined premium and haven’t looked back . I would urge all MCA members to also join WA so they can successfully promote more affiliate products.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about MCA. Some flash piles of cash around on Instagram saying how “easy” MCA is to make money. And others call it a flat-out scam and a pyramid scheme, etc.

    In the murky waters of the “online money making” world, it’s hard to know what to believe anymore.

    But in my opinion, MCA is a legitimate opportunity to earn extra cash.

    I think many mlm opportunities are vague when it comes to internet marketing strategies. That’s why member end up spamming social media because they know no other way to promote.

    It seems MCA is suitable for the “RIGHT” people who know their stuff. But newbies will definitely struggle, in my book.


    1. You are right. When join any mlm, one must make sure the sponsors are willing to share their knowledge with you. Otherwise, it will be very tough to earn money. 

  3. Thanks for clearing up some misconceptions. I always thought MCA was a MLM.

    If they are indeed an affiliate program, I believe things are all fine and dandy, since we don’t actually have to pay to be an affiliate. To me, the fact that they have minimal training makes sense, since they are a motor company, not really an Internet marketing company.

    Based on your review I think MCA would be a good affiliate income source for blogs in the motor vehicles niche.

    1. Yes, MCA does give pretty decent commission. It all depends on the marketer who promote the program. If he/she is an experienced marketer, that shouldn’t be any problem. Otherwise, the learning curve can be pretty tough. I would recommend anyone who are new to online marketing but want to promote MCA to first learn affiliate marketing from a trusted program. One that I can recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. Many members are able to earn a decent income promoting stuffs online. You can check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate, if interested. 

  4. Nice job breaking down MCA…I’ve heard of it before but never new they had a business model like that. Very confusing with all the different websites trying to explain “what they do and how it works”  Just seems too easy.

    You mentioned that the affiliate program you recommend has a free trial? I was wondering how long the free trial lasts?…does this require a credit card to sign up to try and see if this option is a good fit for someone?

    Thanks again for another great post…i wouldn’t say MCA is a scam….but that doesn’t mean that its a good ROI…thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate does provide free trial and it is for life if you prefer to maintain free membership. This free membership includes 2 free websites, 10 free training, free domain and free tools for you to start affiliate business. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here. 

  5. Hi Florence,

    As someone who has participated in at least two MLM programs, I don’t trust any program that follows this model. I’m sorry, I’m so biased when I hear about anything that uses this business model and Motor Club of America is definitely not a program that I would personally recommend to a friend, relative, or acquaintance.

    Although the company is well established, I would lean more towards programs like Wealthy Affiliate that teach you how to build an online business from scratch. Nevertheless, this was a great and insightful review.

  6. Thanks for posting,

    I see the affiliate opportunity with MCA as strictly a side gig in every sense of the word. I might even call it a side-side gig. On the upside there is no fee to become an affiliate, and if you know how to incorporate their offering into your own online or face to face marketing, it could bring in some extra cash…just no king’s ransom. For that kind of potential money, nothing I’ve seen comes close to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  7. This was a really great review of MCA.  I have seen this advertised many times and have wondered how easy it was to make money with them. After all, what they sell does help people.  We have a program here in Canada that is similar (but I don’t think it has an MLM or affiliate program) it’s called CAA which is roadside assistance I’m glad that I came across this review. You mentioned about WA, does it really help? 

  8. Hi

    The title of this article got my attention, so I thought let me see more and here I am. I had never really thought of the Motor Club as an affiliate platform.  I am glad that you explained how this works and recommend to learn affiliate marketing prior to promote MCA. 

  9. Hey Florence,

    Thank you for sharing your review on MCA.

    MCA is definitely a legit company that provides an opportunity to extra cash to work at home via its affiliate program. But there much misleading information about joining MCA as an affiliate, and l am great you have cleared up some the misconceptions.In spite of their lack of training support, it’s very difficult for the beginner to promote the product and making some money. Can Wealthy Affiliate really helps?

    1. The answer is yes and no. Yes, if you can be consistent in learning and posting high quality content. But no, if you think there is no effort involved. Like any other business, effort and hard work is really required. Here’s one Wealthy Affiliate Review to let you have better understanding on how WA can help beginners start promoting MCA.

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